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tagIncest/TabooDiscovering My Little Sister Ch. 03

My sister's lips touched mine and suddenly I was wide awake. I looked around. Polly hadn't been kissing me, that was a dream. Payton and I had separated during the night. She was bundled in the covers while I was naked on the opposite side of the pullout. Polly and Joy were snuggled as close as ever. I heard footsteps upstairs. "Shit!" I cried.
Payton stirred and Polly bolted up. "Shit!" Polly echoed.
"What's wrong?" a sleepy Payton asked.
"Our mom's up," I said, diving under the pullout for my clothes.
"Doesn't she like bike or something?"
"Those aren't her bike shoes," Polly said, pulling on her pajama bottoms. "She's probably going out, but that doesn't mean she's leaving now. Or someone could be coming over."
Joy was rising and also challenged our sisterly panic. "It's not like she's ever walked in on us in the morning."
"Well now would be a bad fucking time to start!" I informed her as I stood up with my clothes in hand.
Polly was clothed and shooing Payton off the pullout. As we scrambled to find our perplexed friends' – lovers' – clothes, we heard the front door. "I think that's Ms. Alstrom," Polly said to me as we heard the voices.
"Shit, you're right," I agreed. Ms. Alstrom was a neighbor down the street. She was single but extremely social and would probably turn coffee with my mom into a whole morning.
"Chill guys," Payton said, tossing Joy's bag to her. "Putting on our clothes from yesterday is the most suspicious thing we could do. Your mom's not going to ditch her friend to spy on us."
"She's right crazies," Joy said. "Payton and I will put on our extra clothes and while we're doing that, let's talk about doing this again."
"Why not tonight?" Polly asked.
"Mmm, I'd like that honeybunch, but I have work tomorrow." Joy was working full-time filing papers at some construction company during the summer.
Payton agreed. "Let's meet next Saturday and do things right. A shopping trip that's actually fun, then dinner, then stay out a little before we let one thing lead to another."
Polly complained about the wait, to which Joy cooed about anticipation and Payton pontificated about secrecy. Polly agreed and we silently packed everything up. I stowed my dildo under the blankets, just in case. With chatter upstairs, there was nothing we could do to top last night, so we basically decided not to do anything.
The next week dragged on. Polly and I avoided each other. We had never been very close, so avoiding each other wasn't unusual, but I felt a lot of tension anywhere in the house. We were each taking a summer class at different community colleges, and I stayed on campus longer than necessary. So did she – a few times I got home before her. We created a group text for the four of us that, while mostly silent, was the majority of my communication with Polly.
Finally Saturday afternoon came around. I was in the bathroom putting on makeup when Polly came in and reached for her toothbrush. The fug of tension entered with her, but as she spoke, I realized she was purposely trying to break it. "What the hell are we doing?" she asked me as she started brushing.
I laughed. "Fucked if I know."
"Just so you know, I think you're getting fucked either way."
We both lost ourselves in laughter at the crude joke. Polly made a mess of toothpaste over her sink. When we finally calmed down, I spoke up again. "I dunno, it's pretty weird. I mean, when we fooled around in high school, it was just practice. This is different. It's like we're going out just as a prelude to another orgy."
"I know, I just want to skip to the good stuff." She spat out her toothpaste.
I looked at her. "We're not men or porn stars. We have to butter ourselves up a bit," I winked.
She smiled back. "Joy didn't seem to need any buttering up."
"I don't know her deal. It's like she's in love with you."
"Yeah it's weird. Don't get me wrong. I want those tits tonight. And that tasty pussy. But I also need to taste Payton's shaved snatch."
I tried to keep my cool as my sister coldly sexualized my friends with the remnants of toothpaste around her lips. I must have been staring at her. She spoke up again. "I mean, unless you're calling Payton."
I forced a laugh. "No, I mean, she's beautiful, but she's not my girlfriend or anything."
Polly rinsed and gave me a quick hug from behind as she left the bathroom. Why was I still so uncomfortable? Nothing she said was outside of the bounds of what we had done the previous week. As I walked downstairs to meet Joy, I realized. I had gotten wet when Polly talked about Joy and Payton. Not wet because of the idea, but wet at the images of Polly. I looked at her as she came to the door. She was wearing what must have been the sexiest outfit she owned, even though it was just a lavender tank top and bootcut jeans with Vans. She wanted everything from last week and more, and she was doing her best to show us. And I wanted it too, and finally had to admit to myself that I wanted it more because I was with my blossoming sister.
Polly and I filed into the back of Joy's truck where she and Payton were waiting. In the mall parking lot, I finally got over myself and decided that we were going back to the store where Polly had tried on the short cutoffs – and that I was buying them for Polly. "Oh my God," Polly responded. "I felt like I couldn't bend at all in those or the world would see my ass."
Payton laughed. "Oh we didn't need you to bend to see your ass in those," she teased.
"Look," I said. "You looked hot in those. You don't have to wear them out, but I know a certain someone will enjoy seeing you in them. And I want to show that someone that I am not the same cranky sister Carly that I was last week."
"Damn right you're not," Joy said.
"I made sure of that," Payton boasted.
"Not cranky, not cranky…" I chanted.
Polly even tried on the cutoffs again, but despite – or because of – our encouragement, she chose not to wear them out. Even her sexiest clothes were plain, especially compared to us. I wore a jean miniskirt with a tight t-shirt that my boobs stretched out, and Payton wore jean shorts with a very low-cut top. Joy had paired a flimsy sundress with black lace-up sandals to match the dress's subtle black polka dots. We had a much better time shopping, lightly flirting instead of bickering, even Polly and I. I was still uneasy about the impending romp with my sister, but I was able to force myself to lighten up. Polly lightened up too. Joy and I bought a few things for ourselves, but Polly came out with several new outfits, some to spruce up her everyday style, and some sexy ones for Joy to ogle.
Payton had made a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants at the mall, then we saw a movie to kill time so that our mom wouldn't hear when we jumped each other's bones in her basement. We didn't watch the movie. Joy and Polly were making out before the trailers ended, and by the time the movie started, Payton and I were too aroused to keep our hands off each other. I don't think our lips parted for the entire movie except for when I held Payton's breast. She pulled back then whispered in my ear that she was too turned on to let me touch her in public. But she let me grab her ass and at some point slid her hand under my miniskirt, which I had worn for her. But she wouldn't go further. Her hand just rested millimeters from the panties she was ruining.
We were all surprised when the credits rolled. I had never believed that people could make out for so long, but I was completely lost to time. "We have to get out of here," Joy mumbled.
We didn't need further information. We hurried to Joy's car and this time Payton made Polly sit up front so she could join me in the back. Joy looked back at us. "You two better keep it together," Joy said. "I am way too horny to drive while others get some."
Payton and I giggled. Polly touched Joy's bare leg and told her "Just drive, we'll make sure you get yours."
"Sadists," Joy grumbled and pulled the car into gear. But Payton and I didn't do anything, we just smiled stupidly and tried to decide whether to stare at each other or out the car. Maybe one of us goody two-shoes should have thought to take off our seatbelts.
It was only about 9:30, but we crept into my house. Payton's house was too small for our activities and Joy's parents were far too nosy. Our mom had already shut down and moved upstairs, so we were safe. We filed into the basement and Joy immediately moved toward Polly. Polly held her back, saying "We need to put out some blankets, you ladies will get rugburn if I get you on the floor."
"Mmm, I like the sound of that," Joy cooed.
"Ladies? Plural?" Payton asked, sitting on the sectional by her bag.
"Damn right sexy," Polly said to her. "You know I love that firecrotch, but I've gotta taste that bald cunt tonight." The blankets were set – that is, thrown on the floor – and Polly moved toward Payton. "In fact, I want you first."
Payton smiled and turned as Polly joined her on the couch. Joy spoke to the air. "It is not hot to be called a firecrotch."
I took Joy's hand and pulled her to me. "Then how about I just call you my sexy goddess," I said. I kissed her and felt her body relax.
Joy quickly took control. Polly had charged her up for two hours in that movie theater, and I knew she did not want to wait. I had barely touched her tongue when she broke away to pull me to the ground. I looked over at Payton and my sister. They were still sitting up but I caught Payton pulling off her shorts. "I know you've been wanting to touch this again," I heard her say to Polly as I joined Joy.
Joy was a strong kisser and far more experienced than I, but I was determined to stay on top, even as she tried to flip me several times. Joy needed to get off, and I was becoming overwhelmed with the need to taste pussy again. I hadn't even thought about whether I enjoyed eating a woman, but now, kissing Joy, knowing she was already on the edge, my mouth could not be satisfied and cried to me for pussy. I pulled at the straps of Joy's dress but I was too excited, so Joy moved my hands to expose her own chest. "You do my bra," she whispered, and I lifted her to free her tits. I then pulled off my shirt and Joy immediately went to my bra while we resumed kissing. I pressed my bare nipples into Joy's and felt the shudder of erotic contact.
My bliss broke when I heard a moan from Payton. The sweet sound of her pleasure threw me into a tizzy. My mouth still ached to eat Joy, but my eyes wanted to see what Polly was doing and my body wanted to touch Payton. Joy seemed to notice. "What's wrong baby?" she asked with a nibble to my ear.
"Nothing, is it OK?" I planted a few kisses on her neck.
"Yeah hun, but I can tell you're thinking something."
"I want to eat you so bad, but I also want to watch Payton and Polly."
Joy gave a groan then a laugh. "They are fucking hot, aren't they."
I smiled and sat up. Polly was on top of Payton with a hand between her legs. It looked like Payton was wearing the same blue panties from last week. Polly moved from Payton's lips to her neck and elicited another moan.
"Hey girls," Joy said, rising and putting her weight on an elbow. "Carly needs you guys join us if she's going to get me off."
They both smiled and Payton reached into her bag. She rolled her vibrator to Joy and said to her, "Why don't you get Polly off while the sisters show us how much they love pussy."
"I was hoping to get that tongue inside me," Polly mused.
Joy laid back and turned on the vibrator. "Baby, if your sister licks half as good as you, I'm not going to be able to do anything but hold this inside you."
That was my cue. I dove between Joy's legs and ripped off her black panties. I made a beeline back to her sex and shoved two fingers in. "Ohh!" she cried. I had no intention of giving the sensual pleasure that I had tried to give Payton. After hours of flirting with then making out with my sister, Joy needed to get fucked.
And part of me was pissed that Polly would be spitroasted by my best friends before me. The rest of me was too horny to care. I pounded Joy with my fingers, stopped and sloppily licked her clit, then went back to my fingers. Joy screamed with each move, panted as I assaulted. The other girls must have been watching because soon Joy exclaimed "Fuck! Polly, get that sexy ass over here." Another scream. "I need to fuck you before…" She screamed again. I knew she was holding back an orgasm.
I held three fingers inside Joy and focused on licking her to completion. Joy's cries were coming with every breath she took. Payton's softer moans began to join her. The singing of my friends' pleasure and the sloshing of my tongue and fingers with Joy's juices made my pussy beg for a release. I lifted my head, slowly rubbed Joy with my fingers, and whispered to her "You need to stop holding back and cum."
She was holding the vibrator inside Polly, who was on all fours eating out Payton. I gave her a hard thrust with my fingers, leading her to relax into the floor, just a finger holding Polly's vibrator in place. I pounded her several more times before lowering again to finish her with my tongue. As I made contact with her clit, she began singing, then convulsing, then squirting, coating my fingers with her sweet juices. I kept licking, making love to her feminine sex as long as I could, until her melodic screams became deep breaths and her body fell still.
I stood up and tossed off the rest of my clothes, needing my own turn. I licked Joy off of my fingers, savoring the last tastes of my delicious friend. The vibrator had fallen out of Polly, Joy still dazed on the floor. Polly and Payton had not moved. Payton had her back against the couch, her long blond hair cascading down her shoulders. An urge came over my inflamed pussy to sit on her face, impossible because of her position. I could have sat on Joy, but she was still recovering and my desires were for Payton. So I pulled my dildo out of the closet and sat on the sectional where I could see Payton's nude body on display.
As I was sitting, Joy rose to her knees. I watched her take the vibrator, knowing she would soon resume pleasuring my sister. I needed to get fucked, even if by myself using a piece of plastic, but I also needed to savor Joy's entrance into my little sister. I slowly rubbed my clit as Joy teased at Polly's. When Joy pulled back the vibrator to insert into Polly, I slowly stuffed my large false penis into myself. Oh the release! The stretching of my walls was momentous like the lowering of a weir, my body was being filled like water flowing into a spillway. I slid the cock in and out, in and out, delighting in the sight of my best friends taking my sister from both ends. Polly looked divine, completely in her element. How had I never noticed her before? She was so unassuming, but my friends had brought her out, shown me what a goddess she was. I pumped harder to the images of Polly both in front of me and in my head.
A little part of me said to stop, stop masturbating to my sister, that it was incest. Right there was beautiful Payton, brought so close to orgasm. Joy's incredible tits were on full display for me. Then another voice zipped through my mind: I had never noticed anyone before except Payton and Joy. "Polly's only the third person you've checked out," the voice said. I looked at Polly, her ass in the air, Joy alternating the vibrator between her clit and her hole. A loud groan escaped me. How I wanted to fall to the floor and stuff this dildo into my sister's anus, double-penetrate her with Joy. I could see the pucker as she widened her legs. I groaned again, louder than Payton was moaning from oral sex with my sister. I could not kill the image. At that moment there was nothing hotter, nothing better, nothing more perfect than the idea of fucking my sister in two holes while she ate out the most beautiful girl I knew. I began to scream, I was cumming. "Cum with me Carly," I heard Payton shout, but her voice felt distant. We were cumming at the same time, but I was cumming with my sister, alone on the couch yet violating her in my dreams. I was out of control, the neighborhood probably heard me screaming. And I didn't care. I wanted my sister, I wanted my best friends, and I wanted to cum.
That moment might have been my longest orgasm ever. Must have been. But when I came to again, Polly was just releasing from Payton and Joy was just removing the vibrator. "Wow Lala," Payton said to me, using my old pet name. I crashed off the couch towards her. "You really know how to get yourself off. It was so hot getting off with you. I had two during your one."
I snuggled up next to Payton. "If you guys could have seen the three of you… wow," I said.
"You need some baby girl?" Joy asked Polly.
"I came like three or four times," Polly said. "I watch a lot of porn with people in the house, I know how to be quiet."
"You don't have to be quiet for us," Payton said, head resting on my shoulder.
"I do if I'm going to get you off," Polly smiled.
"Fuck, you girls are amazing," Payton cooed.
"Yeah they are," Joy agreed.
"But who's better?" Polly asked. Apparently I wasn't the only one running a sisterly competition in my head.
"That's cold," Joy told her.
"Yeah, but you say she's the better kisser, I want to be the better pussy licker."
"I dunno, it's close" Joy said. "That was pretty incredible just now. And don't get me wrong, you're probably the hottest girl I've been with, but Carly's got those sexy lips, those things were made for oral."
My vagina clenched. Earlier in the day such objectification from Joy would have made me panic. Now it just turned me on. Joy was obviously in love with my sister, but needed me for oral.
"OK," Polly said with a hit of anger, "but just remember I made out with you for two hours then let her take you. So I did the hard part."
I laughed. "Polly, it doesn't matter. We're just having fun."
"Besides," Payton said, "I couldn't tell who was better."
Polly laughed and took a deep breath. "Sorry, it's just I'm really horny. And I'm not part of your group so I don't want to be cut out of the fun."
"I think you're part of our group now," I said.
Payton agreed. "No one said you couldn't be."
Polly smiled and Joy spoke up. "Well still, we don't want anyone feeling down. We need to find a way to prove you both lick great pussy."
"Honestly, we're not going to know unless we get a lot more data," Payton said.
"Like a lot more," Joy said excitedly.
Payton's voice lowered. "Or maybe they should go down on each other."
I was sober now, and even though I knew deep down how badly I wanted Polly, the idea felt wrong. "Oh my God, Payton!"
"I think it'd be hot," she said.
Joy chimed in. "I mean, I've already done both of you at the same time."
I collected my breath; I couldn't look at Polly. Payton broke the moment of silence. "Or maybe for now Joy and I will keep switching between you two, and eventually we'll decide who's better."
"Or maybe I should decide."
It wasn't one of our voices but a voice we all knew. Our heads snapped to the door where our mother stood in her Louboutin pumps, black thigh-high nylons, and nothing else except a landing strip of pubic hair. She began to walk toward us.

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