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Author's Note: This is a prequel to my other story – 'Wife's Incestuous Family Ritual' and chronicles the origins of the ritual. This is a standalone story and doesn't require prior knowledge of the events described in the aforementioned story. Although I invite you to read that as well.
This story takes place in India and all the characters are Indians, above the age of 18. Some elements of the story are taken from actual Hindu mythology blending it with the fictional incest element.
Hope you enjoy this story. I'll look forward to your votes and comments.
Year 1910 – Somewhere in the Himalayas, Indian subcontinent.
Urmi sat on a rock near the gurgling stream, her feet in the water. She looked on sadly at the funeral pyre burning on the other side of the stream.
A lone man in his early 60s stood beside the pyre, tears streaming down his cheeks. The man could not see Urmi; she was a Yakshini, after all. Mortal eyes could never perceive the celestial beings, even though she was always around him and his mother. The mother was now gone, having passed away peacefully in her sleep the previous night.
Urmi felt a rift, in the dimensional fabric of the world, behind her. She turned back and saw a sliver of bright light coming from a thin line suspended in the air. The light grew brighter as the rift widened and another Yakshini came through it. The visitor sealed the rift behind her, closing the portal, and walked towards Urmi. The grieving man, on the other side of the stream, saw nothing.
"Chandrika! Glad to see you. I hoped you'd come," said Urmi, getting up from the rock.
The two Yakshinis embraced each other in greeting.
"Of course, I came. There are so few of them left anyways. These two were one of my recent favorite couples."
They watched the burning pyre in silence. "I am done, Urmi. I am ready to go back to Swarg Lok," said Chandrika.
"How can you say that? I thought, we both agreed to stay and continue the task, like Lady Rati had assigned us."
"And how is that task progressing? Huh! Once there were thousands of us here. Now it's just the two of us that still linger, like fools!"
"I still have hope."
"Hope! What hope is left? Look around. Humans no longer act on their incestuous desires as they once did. Everything is taboo for them now. It's over Urmi. Accept it."
Urmi was well aware of Chandrika's frustrations. Every time a member of an incestuous couple died, Urmi would hear these angry outbursts from her. They missed the old days when humans were more expressive with their sexual desires, sans boundaries.
Chandrika calmed down and said, "I am going home, Urmi. I urge you to come with me."
"I can't. I have to try."
Chandrika nodded as if she expected this reply. "Farewell then, old friend." She embraced Urmi. "Until we meet again."
Urmi watched as Chandrika's essence started sparkling and disintegrating in the air with the last rays of the setting sun. Within few moments, her last friend disappeared from the mortal world. Urmi stood alone near the stream, contemplating her next move.
Year 1914 – The village of Vrindavan, Western Ghats, India.
The collective mood in the council meeting was gloomy. All five members sat on the floor in a circle with somber expressions on their faces.
"What about the other crops? Can we save them?" asked Shakuntala. She was 40 years old and a teacher at the gurukul.
"I have no answers at this point," said Sharad. He was 45 years old and an experienced farmer, who also dabbled in botanical studies. He assisted other farmers in the village with fertilizers, pest control and better cultivation methods. "Could be some new type of pest we've never dealt with before. But I can't see the actual pest itself, only the symptoms and the damage."
Sharad had just come back from visiting farmer Jayant's farm on the outskirts of the village. The plants had decayed suddenly in a matter of days without any apparent reason. The entire crop in the farm had been destroyed and the disease was spreading quickly to the other farms. The farmers had called upon the village council to assess the situation and suggest a solution.
Shakuntala looked at Acharya and Yashoda who were deep in thought. The 75-year-old man was the head of the council and ran the gurukul with his 70-year-old wife. In addition to being the village school, the gurukul also served as the council's office.
"See if you can find some cure for this new pest. Losing entire crops like this is disastrous," said Acharya.
"Yes sir. I am already on it," said Sharad.
"What else do we have on the agenda?" asked Yashoda.
"I have another troubling matter to report," said Omkar. He was 46 years old and served as the village doctor. "When I visited Jayant's farm earlier today with Sharad, I noticed the farmer looked unwell. I went with him to his house and checked him and family. They all seem to be afflicted with some strange ailment. I pray it's not some kind of plague. I have given them medications for now but will monitor them regularly."
"Our village in secluded and cut off from rest of the world. Getting help from the villages on the other side of the mountains would be difficult," remarked Yashoda
Shakuntala looked at the idol in the corner of the room. Oh, Lord Ganesha, what's happening?
The events discussed in the council meeting still weighed heavily on Shakuntala's mind the next morning. Her reverie was broken by a sudden splash of water on her face. She recoiled with the sensation and heard laughter from her friends.
It was early morning and she was in the waterfall, bathing with her friends. Omkar's wife, Rukmini, was 42 years old and a fellow teacher at the gurukul. Sharad's wife, Narmada, was 39 and a home-maker. They were her closest friends and confidant.
The three friends, along with other women, bathed together every morning in the small waterfall upstream of the river which flowed beside the village. The spot was secluded and offered the women much needed privacy and an avenue for womanly conversations and gossip.
The women were mostly unclothed except for a strip of cloth tied around their chest, covering their breasts and a loincloth covering their nether regions. The three friends were of the same wheatish complexion and had long hairs, but their body types were very different from each other.
Shakuntala had an average height and medium build, like most women in the village. Her round breasts were just the right size and sat firmly on her chest without any sag. Rukmini was the thinnest of the three and the tallest woman in the village. She had smaller breasts which didn't jut out too much from her chest. Narmada was a bit shorter than Shakuntala, a bit more voluptuous and curvier, with breasts larger than the other two women.
"Daydreaming already, Shaku?" asked Rukmini, laughing after having splashed water on her.
"It's nothing. Was just thinking about the meeting we had yesterday."
"Yeah, Sharad told me about it. Really worrying. He left today at daybreak to collect herbs from the forest for the pesticide," said Narmada.
"Everything will be fine, girls! Stop worrying. Come closer, I want to share something interesting with you," said Rukmini.
Shakuntala waded through the shallow water and the three friends converged, away from the other village women.
"Lately, Angad has been behaving strangely around me. Have you noticed anything strange with Sanket and Vatsal?" asked Rukmini.
Shakuntala's son, Sanket, Rukmini's son Angad and Narmada's son Vatsal were best friends, like their mothers. The three boys were all 18 years old and inseparable.
"What kind of strange?" asked Shakuntala.
"He's been trying to spy on me and Pushpa whenever we change our clothes. Omkar told me that he caught Angad the other day." Pushpa was Rukmini's 20-year-old daughter.
"I am not sure if Vatsal's done something like that. You know how shy he is, more reserved than the other boys," said Narmada.
Shakuntala looked at Narmada and said, "Well, I am not sure about spying, but Sanket's been ogling at me since last few weeks. I feel weirdly conscious under his stare. It's like he's seeing me for the first time."
Rukmini giggled.
"How can you find this funny? What did Omkar say?" asked Shakuntala
"He said it's fairly common for young boys to be interested in the female body; even that of their mothers or sisters. We did speak to Angad on how inappropriate this is. I don't think he's spied on us ever since. But now, he's started being physically affectionate with me."
"How so?" asked Narmada.
"Well, mostly hugs and kisses. He tried the same with Pushpa too, but she kicked his posterior!" said Rukmini, laughing. She then lowered her voice conspiratorially and said, "But I let him. And, I might've even overlooked a few quick feels he's had of my breasts!"
Rukmini laughed, watching the look of shock on her friends' faces. "Oh, come on! It's just a bit of fun. I am sure it's only a passing phase; until he starts getting interested in girls his age."
Within the next 3 months, the sickness of the plants spread, destroying other crops, fruits and vegetables in the village. Nothing Sharad did, was able to stop the plants from dying. Even the bigger trees started showing early signs of decay.
Farmer Jayant succumbed to his illness. His family followed, few days later. Whatever new disease had afflicted them, spread across the village, leaving few dead or dying. There was no recovering from it. Once someone was afflicted, it was just a matter of time until their demise. The symptoms of the disease varied for different patients, which perplexed Omkar and made it difficult to find a cure.
The village council met regularly to assess the situation. Having exhausted all options, they finally decided to consult with the wise sages and scholars who lived in the nearby mountains.
The five council members journeyed to the mountains and met Maharishi Vedant. The Maharishi was a 90-year-old sage and considered to be the wisest and most learned among them. They discussed at length about the troubles of the village. The Maharishi asked his disciples to assist Sharad and Omkar in finding a cure for the diseases afflicting the plants and the villagers. He suggested the council to arrange for a yagna to be performed in the village, requesting divine intervention and help from the deities.
On the next auspicious date, the Maharishi and his disciples arrived in the village for the yagna. In the open space, next to the village temple, they lit a large ceremonial sacred fire. They chanted powerful mantras from the religious texts, the Vedas and the Upanishads. All villagers, who were still in good health, gathered around the fire, hands folded in prayer. The sages offered oblations and libations of ghee and coconut into the sacred fire as offerings to the deities and other celestial divinities; invoking them and appealing for their help.
Shakuntala felt the pleasure coursing through her pussy. She was lying on the ground, over soft grass, underneath a tree.
She felt stuffed, a long, thick cock filling her and thrusting into her again and again. She writhed with passion and touched the chest of the man. Never had her husband's cock brought her such pleasures before.
She placed her hands on the tree trunk and felt a vast consciousness touching her mind, opening up her senses. She heard a female voice in her head. "Help me help you."
She opened her eyes and saw her son's lust filled face looking back as he made sweet love to her.
Shakuntala jolted and sat up. It was the middle of the night. She was on her bed, with her husband, Jaidev, fast asleep next to her. Oh! Thank Lord Ganesha! It was just a dream. A very strange, disturbing, but erotic dream. She felt her pussy with her fingers; it was soaking wet. She eyed her sleeping husband longingly. It had been a while since they had made love.
It had been a long and tiring day for all of them due to the yagna. She got up from her bed and peered into her son's room. Sanket was asleep on his bed wearing only his loincloth. She knew he slept bare bodied due to the summer heat. A small oil lamp burned dimly in his room providing faint illumination. As she stared at his sleeping form, she realized how much her son had grown.
He was no longer the scrawny little kid he was, few years ago. He had grown taller and slightly muscular in the last year, with all the trekking and rock-climbing he did with his friends, Angad and Vatsal. With changes in his physique, he had also found a new confidence in displaying physical affection towards her.
Just like Rukmini had mentioned about Angad; Sanket too had been getting more physically affectionate with her. He regularly kissed her cheeks and hugged her, sometimes from behind; his hands on the bare skin of her waist above her saree. Though she didn't encourage those actions, she also never rebuked him for the same. She felt that maybe some part of her subconscious mind enjoyed her son's attention; something she no longer received from her husband as often as she would have liked.
But never before had she actively thought of her son in a sexual manner. And never before had she seen such a vivid and erotic dream about him. Perplexed and tired, she got back to sleep wondering about that strange female voice she'd heard.
The next morning was awkward for Shakuntala. Every time she looked at her son, she remembered her dream from the previous night. The lust in Sanket's eyes and the passion on his face as he had made love to her was priceless. It made her pussy moist thinking about it, as she prepared the morning meal in the kitchen.
Suddenly she felt her son's hands on her waist and a kiss on the back of her neck. He had stealthily crept up behind her while she was busy with her thoughts. The kiss on the back of the neck was new, he had never done that before. It sent shivers down her spine and a tingling in her pussy.
"Love you, ma," he said and hugged her tightly from behind.
"Love you too, my boy," she said, smiling but conflicted in her mind. She felt something poking into her butt and realized it was his erect cock. She quickly disengaged from his embrace and said, "Can you call your father, dear? Food's ready."
As Sanket and Jaidev ate their morning meal, Shakuntala kept glancing at her son's crotch. He had definitely been hard, but had hidden his erection in the folds of his dhoti. He looked up from his food and their eyes met, making her self-conscious. Get a grip, woman! He's your son, for crying out loud!
Shakuntala rocked up and down on her knees. Her lover lay under her, thrusting up his hips, driving his manhood into her, in sync with her rocking motion.
She looked around her. It was a small grove. She was underneath a tree with small red flowers scattered all over the ground. The place looked familiar but surreal at the same time. She realized she was in the grove of ashoka trees behind the village temple.
She clutched the base of the tree as her lover picked up his speed of thrusting. He grunted and she felt her pussy inundated with his seeds. She looked down to see her son's face contorted with orgasmic pleasure.
She cried out as her own orgasm hit her and heard that same female voice again. "Help me help you."
Her eyes opened. She was in her bed with her fingers buried in her flooded pussy. She realized she had just fingered herself to orgasm. This was the second dream in 3 days that she'd had about her son. Looking out the window, she saw it was still a few hours till dawn. She got up and went to her son's room to check on him.
Sanket was asleep on his bed. In the dim light of the oil lamp, Shakuntala saw that his loincloth had come undone. His phallus was hard and stood erect, free from its confines. She gasped as she glimpsed her son's manhood for the first time in years. A sudden overpowering urge came upon her, to hold and feel the hard cock on display. Before she could control herself, she was inside the room, standing next to his bed. She bent down to take a proper look at her son's cock. It was as thick as her husband's but definitely longer. It bobbed slightly with his breathing. She slowly extended her hand. It was so close now, almost within reach.
Suddenly, he stirred in his sleep and she came back to her senses. Coming out of her daze, she quickly went back to her bed, ashamed at her desires but aroused at the same time.
Three nights later, Shakuntala had another dream.
She was standing alone, near an ashoka tree within the grove. Sanket wasn't there with her. She saw a column of bright light, floating in the air in the center of the grove. She walked towards it. There was a strange warmth and comfort radiating out of the column of light, which attracted her towards it. The light was so bright that staring directly into it made her eyes hurt. She thought she could detect the presence of a feminine form within the light; long hair, an oval face and a thin feminine figure which shifted every time she tried to look at it.
As she walked towards the light, she became aware that she wasn't alone in the grove. She saw Rukmini and Narmada coming out from the shadows of the trees, drawn towards the light. They all looked at one another in surprise and were intrigued with the column of light.
"Welcome, my dears."
Shakuntala heard a female voice address them. The voice seemed to come out of the light but she felt it inside her head.
"Who are you?" she asked and simultaneously heard Rukmini asking, "What's happening?" and Narmada asking, "Where am I?" Their questions echoed in her head.
She realized that neither she nor her friends had actually opened their mouths. They had asked the questions in their minds and they were hearing each other's thoughts.
"Patience, dear ladies. All shall be revealed shortly. I pray you listen to me keenly as time is short. I cannot hold this shared dreamscape for long," the female voice said.
"My name in Urmi. I am a Yakshini. I was drawn to this place by the yagna performed few days ago and have taken residence in this ashoka grove. I sense a great imbalance in nature around this place, which is destroying the plant and human life here. If left unchecked, the imbalance would end all life in this place and leave it a desolate wasteland. I can restore the natural balance in the environment and heal the diseased."
"Oh! Thank Lord Ganesha! Our prayers are heard!" cried out Narmada, ecstatic.
"I am afraid it's not that simple," said Urmi
"I don't understand. You can save our village, can't you?" asked Rukmini
"I can. But sadly, I lack the power to do so. Which is why I need all your help."
"You're a celestial being. How can we, possibly, help you?" asked Shakuntala
"You do not realize it yet, my dear, but within all of you, lies the source of my power. You three can help me replenish my energy and with that I can help you by restoring this place back to health."
"Then please tell us, how to help you? We're desperate," cried out Rukmini.
"All three of you have to make love to your sons," proclaimed Urmi.
"What?" said Shakuntala, looking at her friends in confusion, "Is that what these dreams are all about?"
"Yes," said Urmi. "Thousands of years ago, at the dawn of human civilization, I and some of my fellow Yakshas & Yakshinis were assigned a very specific task. The great Lady Rati, the Goddess of Love & Lust, asked us to spread love among the humans. Incestuous love!
"We did as tasked and the early humans reveled in their love and lust for their own kin. We are nature spirits and we derived our powers from the orgasmic energies of those incestuous couplings. We spread the love and the lust, and also kept the humans healthy and prosperous by maintaining the balance of nature around them.

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