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I 26 was away working in construction and my father decided to divorce my mother 48 took her by surprise. But nothing she could do to change his mind, I’m their only child and a disappointment my father. I wasn’t a good student and didn’t go to university, that was his main reason for the divorce blaming my mother for a stupid son. Also, she couldn’t have any more child due to problems with my birth. He had found himself another woman and so he settled quickly, leaving my mother well off and with the house. On my return I stayed with my mother, and I found a very depressed woman. A few days after I had returned, she was shifting some furniture, I was out at the time, and she strained her back. On my return she was in some pain, and I told her to take hot shower and let the hot water run on the injured area. After which she was still sore, and I offered to give a massage and see if that eased it. She laid face down only in her bra and panties and I started from the top and work my way down to her feet. I returned her injured area and gave it more treatment, anyway she said it felt better and I asked did she want me to do her front. Might as well was her replied and rolled over, again I started at the top and went down to her feet. I returned to her top and proceed to fondle her breasts, she didn’t try and stop me, and I removed her bra. Still fondling her breasts with one hand I used the other to massage her vagina thru her panties. Again, she didn’t stop me and so I put my hand under panties and started to finger her. With no resistant from her I removed her panties and started kissing and caressing her. Finally, as she was letting me do anything I wanted I mounted her and fucked her. From that moment on I slept with her and fucked her anytime I want. She does anything I want, I asked her to suck my cock she did and as she done that. I decided to fuck her ass and she let me; she lets me do anything I want. We’ve gone camping so I could fuck her in forest. I fucked in our local park, and she just lets me do whatever I want. She is very willing to please me and I think I could anything I wanted with no matter how weird it is. But I love my mother and anal sex is the limit of pain I would do to her. She still lets me fuck her ass and seems to enjoy as well. One thing she isn’t depressed anymore, seem to want me to stay with her forever and is helping me find a wife. But the woman would have to be very special and want to join me and my mother in bed before I would marry her.

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