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Hi. My name is Sangeet, I have high sex drive. I want to narrate an incident which happened in graduation year. I was living with my aunt and uncle with a single kid and it was a small house. My Aunt was around 27 years and my uncle had a business of his own. My parents had requested my aunt to stay in their house for studies for 3 years. first year went on well and aunt used to take good care of me, but after first year uncle used to come late and was expanding his business to different cities. once when my uncle used to go to different city for trade, I used to be at home for vacation, aunt used to take special care of me which was not the case a year back.

There was a window next to bathroom at the backyard and I used to keep it open as no one from house used to come and look into it few days back my aunt used to come to backyard to dry the clothes and look into the bathroom when I used to take bath. She used to glance, first I was shy and did not remove my underwear, after few days she used to come near the window and look @ me, next day I wanted to take advantage and removed my underwear and applied soap to my dick and it was enlarging thinking about my aunt watching me naked. my aunt is a typical housewife with good figure of 35, 28,and 36. After giving birth to child she was even more cute and sexy, may be she was feeling the absence of my uncle who was on a visit to other city and I wanted to take the advantage since my hormones took over the control of my brain. My aunt was staring @ my hard on and couldn’t take her eyes off since I have a considerable huge dick, her child was not a problem since he was in school and we used to be alone @ home. I came out of bathroom with only a thin towel and walked in front of my aunt was acting as if she didn’t notice anything.

I didn’t have guts to approach her for sex, so I started showing her my dick in bathroom every day and after few days she used to keep bathroom door open and used to take bath in her bra and panties and I used to watch from same window and she used to put on a good show for me. After that day she used to wear sleeveless nighties without bra and panty. When he used to serve food it used to get a good glimpse of her boobs and ass and my dick would stand up. this continued for couple of days

Then came deepavali and we were supposed to massage oil and take bath in hot water, my aunt got up early and her kid was sleeping in bed, she called me and said that today I need to take bath with oil and hot water and she said that she will apply oil since my parents had called and asked to take care of me. She went in that sleeveless nightie to bath room and called me and asked me to remove my shirt and shorts. I said that I was shy she said that no to be shy and gave me a thin towel which only covered my penis and asked to tie as langote and remove all my clothes and call her when I was ready and went to get hot water. My dick started to get erect and I thought this was change and tied langot and asked aunt to come in. My aunt came with hot water and looked at me from top to bottom with special care for my dick…

She started applying oil to my head and shoulders hands neck and then my legs and my dick was struggling to come out. She applied oil to me legs and then noticing the bulge asked that whether I wanted to pee I said yes since I wanted to get my dick out she said go ahead and I started peeing and she took some oil and started applying to my ass and asked me to turn around I said that I will apply to my dick.. She said that she has seen how her husband dick is so not to be shy and I turned around and she was shocked to see my dick and started applying oil and began to massage up and down. My dick began to grow in size and my aunt said that it was bigger than my uncle. She said that she needed to take oil bath too and started to remove her nightie…

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