Dogging Michele

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By Simon Online meet ends up with married woman taking strangers cocks.

So I met this woman, Michele, on a sex story and chat site, just larking about really with a handful of others. Pretend bars and imaginary groping etc. Just teasing.

One night, while her husband was out, (He was unaware of her online persona) we got into a personal chat and she got around to saying she really did like the idea of dogging but her other half did not. We ended up saying how I would let her and she would let me etc. Mostly in fun.

Several chats later and we knew we were about two and a half hours apart and she was really getting into the idea of me taking her dogging. Eventually I had her eager to go and we set it up.

We met about midway between homes and would you believe just shook hands. I could see she was nervous.

Tall and slim with fuck me boots, a white blouse and denim skirt, I would guess forty five, no bra but still nice tits she looked hot.

We confirmed some stuff and took her car to a site we had agreed on together. I drove from the meet point so she had the space afforded by the passenger seat.

We parked not long after dark and I put on the interior light and lowered her window, telling her to get out her tits from the white blouse she had on. I played with her tits while she fingered herself up her short skirt. She was massively nervous and that made her even more sensitive to touches.

Soon we had three middle aged guys in jeans and t-shirts watching from quite close. Two had a hand in their jeans. When I told Michele to open her eyes she gasped and came with a moan. I told her there was no time like the present, taking advantage of her befuddled and excited state of mind. When I said to step out she did so right away.

I led her to the bonnet and nodded the guys over. I lifted Michele’s skirt and sat her on the car, tits and pussy on display, no lingerie. She was shaking like she was cold. All three guys came over and the fatter one went straight to three finger fucking her pussy making her cum again in seconds. She whispered to me “Don’t let them fuck me, don’t let them!” She was obviously aware that she would be unable to object it they tried it. She then groaned and I think she came again. She soon had a mouth on each tit.

Michele seemed in a state of near orgasm all the time that she wasn’t actually coming. The guy fingering her had his dick out and was lining up to fuck her, he slid all the way in with the first thrust and Michel orgasmed straight away on a strangers dick. She howled as she came and followed it with the word no several times in a low sexy voice.

Soon the guy looked at me asking if he could come in her and I nodded yes. With a few deep thrusts and grunts he shot up Michele’s pussy with gusto, making her come again while she tried to say no a few more times.

The next guy was quick to follow and pulled Michele further forward on the car, and she lay her back on the bonnet, I took the chance to feed her my cock which she took easily while she took another strange cock up her pussy.

Lost in a sexual mist Michele quickly had more semen in her married snatch followed quickly by my load in her mouth. She swallowed some and coughed the rest down her cheek. The last guy rammed his dick into the newly minted slut and I noticed two more figures nearby looking on.

The wet sounds from the dick pounding Michele’s sodden pussy were great to here, as was her finale howl as she came along with her third cum shot that night. One of the two watchers came over to shoot a load on Michele’s face and suddenly we were alone.

I grabbed a towel from the car and wiped Michele’s body but not her face, stood her up and sat her back in her car. She was dazed and speechless as I drove back to the meet point. Her tits were still out.

When we got to my car I asked if Michele was alright.

“You let them fuck me, you let them come in me, it was meant to be just groping and playing! Oh my god they fucked me.”

I pointed out it was her body to protect and she knew what dogging could be like. I also pointed out how often she came and dared her to say she didn’t enjoy it. She couldn’t do that, nor could she say she was forced into anything. She called me some names but I kept pointing out that she came willingly, in more ways than one. She lost the argument.

I said we had best go as her husband would be home in a few hours and I would see her online. She said maybe. I wondered when she would remember her face still had cum on it as she did up her blouse and got in her car.

Well, at least MY plan went well, and my three mates were grateful.

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By Simon #Abuse #Group