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I was away a great deal, on my return, I saw a for sale sign with a sold bar added. It was my neighbor 57 across the street house. It was a bank sale they had foreclosed, and she was allowed to stay till it was sold. Her late husband had borrowed money and with his death, she couldn’t repay the loan. All her belongings were sold off and the furniture was being removed as I arrived home. I 33 had known them both since moving into the area 8 years earlier. I’m single and date semi regularly, but not in a great hurry to find a wife. I was told by another neighbor that she would probably end up on the streets sleeping wherever she could. That good Christian church goer wasn’t going to help as the now homeless neighbor didn’t go to Church regularly enough lately. I decided to offer a spare bedroom to her until she got a job or found her own place. My offer was accepted as she had no other offers or a place to go. Not even her church offered her help. I was a church goer at all and that’ s my life choice. That was October 2019 and as she had no work skills, finding a job to allow her to pay rent and eat was hard. To help her out financially I paid her for cleaning my house, cooking and doing my laundry. She had no close relatives, so was alone and we got on well. I like to read books, and so did she and while was away, she put all my books into their genres. I had to look for a book I wanted to read as I just put them on a shelf anywhere that had a space. It was easier to find a book I wanted after her rearrangement. Then the pandemic came and lockdown, I was away but got special permission to return citing my houseguest as old and alone. The lockdown dragged on and she caught me masturbating and we started fucking. She said it was for mutual satisfaction, but I think she wanted to somehow thank me for my help. On catching me masturbating, gave her something I was in need of, sex, to thank me. She still lives with and still fucks with me regularly.

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