Dolly’s Uncle Part 4

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By Dollygirl Dolly becomes a whore for her Daddy and strangers

Please read parts 1-3 to get up to speed.

For the next year, things continued to blossom between the three of us. Daddy used me every chance he got and loved watching Jason fuck me. He would sit in a chair stroking himself as he instructed us on how to pleasure eachother. After Jason left for his second year of college his Dad really missed watching someone fuck me regularly. He was concerned about bring someone else in that wasn’t in the family, but couldn’t resist the urge to let another man use me.

I had just turned 11 when he woke me up at 1am on a Friday night. He dressed me in a frilly dress for a younger girl that was way too short for me and no panties then told me to get into the car. He said where we’re going was a surprise.
“Dolly, you know how much Daddy loves you right?”
“Yes Daddy, I know.”
“And you would do anything to make Daddy happy right?”
“Yes Daddy”
“Tonight you are going to be a good whore for me right baby?”
“Right Daddy.”
“ when we get where we are going, I want you to sit on the tailgate in the back” he had a black suv with tinted windows. “And you will wait for me to return.”
“Ok Daddy.”
We pulled into a parking lot at the back of a truckstop. He turned to me and said “ Dolly, baby, it’s time to get into The back.”
I did as I was told and climbed into the back of the SUV. I sat patiently waiting for my daddy to return. Then I saw him walk out of the back of the building with an older middle-aged man. He was balding and extremely overweight. He had on a T-shirt with holes in it, and the two were laughing as they walked towards the car. I couldn’t imagine what my uncle had planned for me that involved this gross looking man. Finally, he reached the car and opened the back of the SUV.
“ This is my new friend Robert. And has a daughter about your age he was just telling me about. Her name is Meghan. He showed me a picture and you look a lot like Megan.”
“ Does Meghan do nice things for her daddy too?”
Robert looked at me and replied “ Sadly, she does not. But your daddy said you might be willing to help me out.”
I found myself completely confused.
“ Dolly, baby, You Are going to help Robert tonight. Show him what a good girl does for her daddy.”
I did not find attractive at all, But I knew if I didn’t do what I was told I would be punished. “ OK daddy.”
“ That’s a good girl now lean back And open your leg so he can see that gorgeous kitty.”
I leaned back and spread my legs, Roberts eyes grew so wide. “ Damn, that is one gorgeous kitty. My daughter calls it her princess parts.”
He looked at my pussy and licked his lips. “ Can I taste it Dolly?”
I looked at my uncle thinking he would say no that’s mine, But instead He said “ I’m hoping you will And keep going as far as you like.”
Robert looked at him and said “ Is she stretched out yet?”
“ Oh no, she is still tight as hell, Perfect little angel pussy. Baby, Lean back and pull your dress up for Robert.”
I did as I was told And before I knew what was happening, I could feel his mustache tickling the top of my kitty. His mouth felt very different than my uncles and cousins. He had a mustache and a goatee and they tickled in a very different way than I had felt before.
His tongue Plunged quickly into my hole, darting in and out. Up-and-down,back-and-forth Sucking, licking moaning. His heavy breathing against my pussy made me think he was the healthiest man I’ve ever met. After what seemed like an eternity. My uncle sat next to me head and asked how it felt. “So good Daddy.”
“tell mr. Robert you want him to fuck your pussy.”
“ mr. Robert will you please stick your penis in me?”
Robert lifted his head and raised his big belly over me.
“It would be my pleasure.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. My uncle quickly stopped him. “No condoms, this whore needs her pussy filled.
He grabbed hold of his short fat cock and pressed it against my kitty. I felt his head pop into me and become soaked in my sweet pussy juices.
He pushed in slowly. “Fuck, she is a tight little whore. Oh fuck” he immediately started to fuck my tiny tight pink pussy. “Oh shit, best pussy ever.”
He maybe lasted 30 seconds before he slammed into me and started to cum into my 11 year old incest pussy. I moaned feeling him spilling into me. A man cumming inside me was my absolute favorite. He went soft almost instantly which made his cock fall out of me. He stepped back to see his handy work. My uncle told me what a good girl I was and told me to lay still and he would be back.
He closed up the car and the two walked back into the truck stop.
About 10 minutes later, I was still laying there, cum dripping from and I had started falling asleep when the truck opened again. This time it was a biker who started asking questions. Like where he got me, did I like it… finally he unzipped his pants and grabbed my legs. This man had no interest in pleasuring me. His cock sprang from his pants and was bigger then any penis I had seen.
“Hold still, this is going to hurt” he said.
I felt him spit on my pussy then rub his massive cock head against my slit. He went up and down pressing it hard against my clit and it felt so good. I started to get tingly and writhe against his cock. “The bitch likes it.”
And without warning he slammed his massive cock into my pussy, and with that I felt searing pain. I was thinking he might have torn me. He started slowly forcing himself into me. “She feels like my granddaughter. Little pussy is the best.” This man kept pounding into me for about 20 minutes. Flipping me while still skewered on his cock.
My uncle pulled cock out and started stroking himself. I could tell he was enjoying my tears and pain. This man was too big for me and I continued to feel immense pain and cry.
Finally the man began growling then forced into me further then he should have and started to spill his seed deep into my little swollen cunt. He was brutal! My uncle came on my tits and was rubbing them very pleased.
Once the man left, we noticed the blood. My uncle inspected me and we noticed he had torn me a little bit.
“Baby, I need to call your other Uncle Bill.”
Uncle Bill was an ER doctor. He told me to stay in the the car while he called him. About 5 minutes later my uncle got back in the car.
“ Bill is going to meet us back at my house and get fixed up”
“ Is uncle Bill going to find out?”
“ It’s OK, baby, Uncle Bill plays with your cousin too”
“ Incest is when family members show love for one another come from a family that believes it’s OK to love who you want when you want. Some people like your mom and dad don’t agree with us. So it’s OK for uncle Bill to know but it’s not OK for your mom and dad to know. Do you understand?”
“ Yes, I understand”
“ That’s my good girl.”
We got back to my Uncle Hous and uncle uncle Bill was there waiting for us.”
“ He gave me a big hug and rub my back in a very sexual way. It was amazing how my body responded. It was touching me And I was excited to show him My kitty Even if it was injured.
Daddy had me lay down on the couch and spread my legs.
“ Oh honey, Some man sure did a number on your pussy. But don’t worry, uncle Bill will fix you right up. I need to examine you And make sure nothing else is wrong.”
“ OK uncle Bill.”
“ What a beautiful pussy you have Dolly.”
“ Thank you, uncle Bill.”
“ First thing we need to do is clean you up.”
He took a cotton swab and started to rub the small tear very gently. “ Does that hurt Dolly?”
“ No, I’m fine.”
“Good girl”
Uncle Bill continued to wipe the small tear, my clit and my asshole.
“ I need to flush out the cum So I can sanitize the area.”
“ We’re going to put a syringe of water into your pussy.”
“ OK uncle Bill.”
Then I felt him insert a large syringe into my pussy Slowly release the fluid inside of me. It felt so amazing being filled with warm water. It started to turn me on and my clit Began to swell.
Having a big clip, made it difficult to hide when I was turned on. My daddy could see what was happening.
“ Bill, did you see that clit?”
“ Oh, I saw it.”
The next thing I knew uncle Bill’s fingers were pinching as he released more of that warm water into my kitty. I Love the feeling of the warm water dripping out of me over my clip and down my legs.
“ You’re a naughty little girl aren’t you Dolly?”
I shook my head yes.
“ Dolly, I have good news for you. It looks like you will not need stitches. It’s only a very tiny tear. in my professional opinion, you only need to wait two or three days before you can put things inside of you again.”
My uncle looked extremely disappointed. “ Is her ass still OK to use?”
“ absolutely. a good girl still through the pain”
“ Dolly is the best!”
My uncle Bill sat up with his eyes still glued to my pussy. “Damn Dolly. I dont think I can leave without sucking that clit.”
My Daddy nodded to his brother and without hesitation he leaned down and started to suck my bug fat little girl clit into his mouth. And I loved it so much I quickly started to cum and the remainder of the fluid started shooting from my pussy with each pulse. And surprisingly it didnt hurt. My uncle sat up and kissed my forehead. “Thank you Dolly. That used cunt is incredible. Maybe one day we can swap.”
He left and my uncle put me bed. He held me and told me what a good girl I was. We talked and giggled.
I don’t remember how but we got onto the topic of puberty.
“Dolly when you finally get your period, Daddy is going to breed you. Would you like Daddy to breed you?.”
At the time I was so young I did not understand what any of that meant. But like a good girl I said “Daddy I want you to breed me now.”
He laughed “oh baby, that makes Daddy so happy. But we have to wait until you get your period, we can practice though.”
“Thank you Daddy.” And with that I drifted off to sleep.
Part 5 coming soon

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By Dollygirl #Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen