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Dominant girl with cum obsession
This story happened when I was a senior college student. By that time, I already had a girlfriend Melinda and occasional sex with her when we could stay together. We both lived in dorm each with our roommates. It was pretty rare that my or her roommates were away long enough for our junction. In this case Melinda quickly raised her skirt, took out underpants and agreed only for "Doggy" position.
Melinda always reminded me about her roommates coming back soon and other people coming to visit her. So, she encouraged me to cum as soon as possible.
That girl preferred Doggy style as she told me in that position most of my juices stay inside of her body giving her health benefits. And also, it was less leaking outside making no urgency for shower. After all ended, we both used wet tissues or napkins to clean ourselves and then sat together discussing all kind of business unrelated to sex.
We got into affair with Melinda pretty interesting way. That girl was one of my classmates in many classes. Coming to university from girl scouts, she became a leader in many student activities: organizing parties, volunteering, collecting funds for charities and tons of other similar businesses.
While Melinda lived very social life, she never had any close friends. I believed that girl also didn't have a boyfriend and she might be even still a virgin in her twenties.
Melinda looked totally indifferent to sex and any special relationships with opposite gender. She treated males and females totally equal in all her activities and didn't care about which gender her peers belong too.
One day we were in the dorm room discussing next event at children's hospital, where we were going to bring some toys to give to poor sick kids and entertain them. There were few other boys and girls including Melinda sitting in the room.
Eventually they all had to go as meeting was over leaving me alone with Melinda. I was the last with that girl in her room and was going to leave too saying, "See you tomorrow at hospital."
Suddenly Melinda told me with the same tone as we just talked about volunteering, "Can I request you about some favor?"
I asked, "How can I help you?"
Melinda casually told me, "Three days ago I broke with my boyfriend and my body needs semen." Then she explained me that male hormones and vitamins in sperm are very beneficial for female body protecting it from troubles with skin, PMS, and sleep disorder. Also, they improve metabolism, immunity, raise mood and give stamina for all other activities.
Then Melinda asked if I could donate her some of my sperm for that particular purpose?
I was very surprised. While it sounded like many other of her businesses, Melinda clearly asked about sex. I couldn't believe in that and asked how and where she wants it.
Girl's answer with the same business-like tone was, "Traditional way – from your testicles through penis into my vagina. And I want it right now if you don't mind."
I asked Melinda, "Are you afraid of pregnancy?"
And she told me, "No, as I have an IUD (Intra-Uterus Device) in my body preventing me from getting pregnant."
After short thinking, I said, "Ok," and tried to hug and kiss her.
Melinda moved aside and told me with slightly raised voice, "Not needed!"
Then Melinda stood up and took out her skirt. There were no panties on her, and I saw her cleanly shaved pussy.
I realized that the girl had intention to use me from the very beginning of our meeting and she came prepared.
Melinda suggested me to take out my pants and underpants too.
I did that and we were standing next to each other both bottomless. Melinda stayed in her blouse and I still had my T-shirt on.
While seeing half-naked female body, my dick started raising. Melinda opened a cabinet and took a can of wet disinfecting tissues. Opening that can, she grabbed a couple of them and gave me saying, "Please carefully clean your genitalia. I don't want any germs in my body.". Her voice sounded pretty same way as she asked, "Can you give me some salt and pepper?" at the dining table.
Melinda watched me cleaning my penis, asked to move foreskin back and carefully clean glans as well.
When I completed, Melinda thoroughly cleaned her groin, labia, clitoris, and all skin folds around. Taking a fresh tissue, she opened her pussy wide using her fingers and cleaned inside finally saying, "We are ready now."
Then Melinda stood in "Doggy" position spreading her legs wide apart. Using her fingers on one hand, Melinda stretched her pussy wide open and told me, "Go!"
I started pushing my penis into her body feeling narrow opening, tough strained muscles, and dry surfaces inside. The girl was absolutely not aroused.
I asked her, "Please relax," and heard her, "Ok, I'll try."
Fortunately, I already produced some juices enough for both of us and doing few shallow frictions, I managed to go deep all the way.
I tried to rub girl's body with hands and touch her boobs through her blouse. However, Melinda told me raising her voice, "Stop, don't do it!" and asked if I can move more actively inside of her.
Melinda said, she expects other students in half hour to bring toys for the next day hospital event. Then she started recalling what else we should take with us for that hospital visit and how much money we collected for gifts sounding like she totally forgot about any sexual activity with her body at that moment.
Suddenly Melinda's cell phone rang. She answered and started giving directions for driving to the hospital tomorrow morning while I continued to move my dick in and out of her body.
As Melinda was distracted from her body by conversation, girl's pussy relaxed a little and even produced some juices making my frictions easier.
Couple times Melinda asked me if I'm ready to cum and then continued talking about charity. Those talks distracted me and prevented my ejaculation.
I told her about that, and Melinda answered me, "Ok, I'll be silent, but please be quick."
In order to speed up, I started massaging my balls with hand and pretty soon unloaded all my sperm deep into her pussy.
Melinda asked me if I finished and getting my positive answer, she stood straight and said, "Thank you."
Then Melinda gave me more wet tissues to clean myself and she wiped her vagina with another tissue. After that, Melinda pulled clean panties from her cabinet, placed thin female pad there and put them on, following with skirt taken from the chair.
Those were long and tight non-sexy panties that women often wear during their periods. Melinda suggested me to put my pants on and instantly began talking about charity fundraiser starting next week.
I asked her, "Can I take a shower?"
The girl's answer was that she doesn't want any males to use it in her room. Also, she will take care about herself next morning before going outside. Until then, all my juices should stay in her body soaking into her blood giving her as much benefits as possible.
Then Melinda told me she was happy with my behavior and absence of wild instincts. So, if I want, our next appointment will be at 9pm in three days. I have to take a shower with soap before it, shave my face, underarms, and all pubic hair.
Also, Melinda asked to put on fresh underpants before session as she doesn't like any male smell. Then I'll get unloaded and she'll get my hormones and vitamins for her health.
I asked the girl, how she allowed me access to her body today without all those prep steps and Melinda answered that her guts needed semen so urgently that she couldn't wait.
The entire process reminded me some medical procedure at hospital. But I didn't care too much. Finally, I had a "kind of" a new girlfriend after my old one moved to different city with university transfer there.
I didn't need to masturbate anymore to get relief and I told Melinda, "Ok, let's do it."
Then we spent the rest of evening talking about charity with friends who came with more donations.
Smell of sex was in the air and our friends exchanged covert glances with each other. However, nobody said any word about it as it was six or seven people in the room, and they didn't know for sure who of them brought that fragrance.
I met all requirements of my new girlfriend before next "sperm donation" session coming very clean and thoroughly shaved everywhere.
Nevertheless, Melinda repeated the entire procedure disinfecting her pussy with wet tissues and asking me to do the same with my penis.
When we started sex, I tried to rub her body again with my hand when I was already inside of her.
Melinda yelled, "Please stop touching me!" and then told why she broke with her old boyfriend. That's because he tried to touch her clitoris, rub her back or squeeze her breasts while his dick was inside of her body.
Melinda was very angry at him when he touched her anus with finger and then her patience was completely over when he tried to hug and kiss her before sex next time. She accused him in sexual harassment and told him to never come to her again.
So, if I want to keep using her body as a place for dumping my juices, I have to follow her rules.
Melinda told all that to me while I continued frictions inside of her body.
It looked like all her bottom part lived its own life while her head was full of thoughts totally unrelated to sex and totally distracted from what was going on with her body.
My movements inside of Melinda's body didn't produce any reactions in her mind pretty same way as she was in foot care salon taking to specialist while the latter worked on her toes.
Later I asked that girl if she ever thought about starting family and having kids. So, Melinda told me a little more about herself.
She was a single child of her parents. Her mom passed away in labor giving birth to her. Her dad was very rich guy having millions of dollars in stocks and banking business. However, he never recognized Melinda as his daughter and didn't keep any communication with her.
So, Melinda have never seen her parents in person. She lived in foster family since her birth and then in a series of boarding schools and dorms.
Melinda's father was killed in 150 mph fiery accident driving a sports car and colliding on freeway with wrong way driver few days after Melinda graduated from the High School.
According to her dad's Will, Melinda can use his heritage to pay for food, shelter, medical services, college expenses and some personal needs. However, without any luxury. In order to get full access to her fortune, she has to meet several requirements.
First to become 21. At the moment of this story, Melinda was already 23 and it wasn't a problem.
Second, Melinda must graduate from the college and she was already a senior coming close to that goal.
And third, Melinda must give a birth to at least one live child. She was not ready for that yet placing it on hold until graduation.
After all requirements have been met, Melinda and her child(ren) will be multimillionaires sharing her fortune.
Melinda lives in dorm because she enjoys student life and socializing that it gives. Also living that way, her expenses meet her allowance.
Melinda learned about benefits of sperm for female body from her friend in girl scouts and decided to try them when she turns 18. However, she was afraid of sexual intercourse. Especially of the first one as it might be painful and bloody breaking her hymen.
The idea of some boy pushing his dick inside of her body sounded scary for that girl. Her female friends told her it's painful and bloody and boys also urinate through their dicks. So, idea of sex looked like some boy was going to use her as a toilet.
Nevertheless, Melinda's friend told many times how sperm was good for her own body. And on 18th birthday my girlfriend came to the doctor and asked to remove her hymen surgically.
Doctor was pretty surprised as he saw many girls before who wanted to restore broken hymen. But nobody wanted it to be removed. And Melinda was the first.
Since patient paid cash and insurance wasn't involved, doctor didn't care much and instantly did it under local anesthesia. Then at next her period, same doctor inserted IUD in her body telling it's the best and most reliable contraceptive for unprotected sex the girl wanted.
Finding a first "sperm donor" was easy for Melinda with the same straightforward business-like approach she used with me for that purpose. There are always tons of males who want to cum into girls without spending lots of efforts for dating and winning their love.
I asked if Melinda was happy with him? She just shrugged and told that he had a big and dry penis, which hurt her young vagina. However, his testicles were almost empty. So, the girl broke with him soon and found another one.
Melinda was very happy with her previous "donor" as he called him. While his penis was not too big, he produced lots of sperm which dripped from her even next morning and the girl had to stay without shower for entire next day after sex to let all his juices soak into her blood.
Unfortunately, that guy couldn't control his animal instincts (as Melinda called them) and she had to fire him.
Melinda told me about her plans. After graduating from the university, she will take IUD out and advertise opportunity in mass media encouraging young healthy males to apply for conception of her child. Melinda will publicly refuse any of her rights for child support from potential father and clearly state there is no marriage expected.
After several men applied, Melinda will ask them all to bring certificates from doctors about their health status, genetic background and police clearance certificates showing no criminal background. Then she will interview 3-4 best candidates pretty same way as in hiring process.
Interview questions will be about him and his ancestors, psychological nature of candidate, medical and criminal backgrounds of his relatives, their health, and habits (living and those who passed away), etc.
The winner will get an appointment to come and inseminate her when Melinda is ovulating and ready to get pregnant.
If pregnancy started, their relations will be over, and he shouldn't expect to see her anymore. If first attempt to impregnate her was unsuccessful, that guy will have two more attempts. If still no luck, Melinda will switch to the next candidate after her period.
The father of her child will get fifty thousand dollars of pension per year from her until child turns 21. However, it will be one condition. He should never attempt to meet his child until that age and nobody on his behalf should help to establish such contact between child and father.
Nevertheless, if it happened, the whole deal is over regardless of who's fault and man has to pay big penalties for breaking the contract.
So, it's best for him to stay away from them to avoid any complications. There will be a legal contract about that signed by both parties.
When child reaches 21, he or she will get some fortune on the bank account from the mother and become introduced to father. Then the child can decide if to have any relationship with father or no.
To say honestly, such pragmatic business-like approach to sex, family, parenthood, and human relations in general was shocking for me.
Certainly, life is life, and many men will apply for her offer to have a child — millionaire and getting tons of free money for a couple of intercourses. However, in my opinion it was a totally inhumane hellish business.
I told Melinda about that, and the girl answered that she absolutely doesn't care. She stays with me because we are friends (in general meaning), but mostly because I'm a good producer of semen giving her a lot of it.
Melinda even gave me a printout from her doctor with recommendations for males about food diet to produce more sperm. If in the future I want more than that or cannot produce so much precious juices for her, she'll instantly tell me goodbye.
Melinda will also encourage me to apply for her offer when it comes. However, only on common basis giving no preferences over other candidates.
Leaving for spring break, that girl told me the date and time of our next appointment.
I spent a week with my parents having no sex with anybody and then I had a flat tire on the way back to dorm. When I finally had it fixed, reached destination, and then took a shower, I missed Melinda's appointment for more than two hours before I finally got to her room.
Fortunately, there were no roommates as Melinda told me they will come directly to classes in the morning.
Next her question was if I had sex or masturbated during vacation? Receiving negative answer, Melinda told me she is upset with my tardiness. However, she didn't want to miss her chance to get a weekly load of semen from my balls.
So as usually, my girlfriend suggested me to take out my pants and panties and then she took out her skirt.
To my surprise, Melinda was already in those tight gray panties she usually wore after sex. The girl took them out together with fully soaked pad on it and I saw her wet pussy with pearl droplets of fluids on her labia.
I felt that very familiar smell of sex, mixture of semen with female fluids from pussy. I asked if Melinda already had anybody before me and she nodded, "Yes."
Then the girl asked if I care?
After thinking few seconds, I answered, "No," as I always had a dream to go into woman after somebody else already unloaded into her.
This time Melinda used tissues only to wipe her groin and labia, however not insides of her pussy. Then she spread her legs in usual doggy position.
I saw girl's pussy leaking with creampie some guy left before me. I moved my foreskin back and started entering her. This time her pussy was not tight or dry. Her vaginal muscles were relaxed and semen there was a great lubrication.
It was very easy to do large frictions from taking my penis completely out to inserting it down to the end. When it came out, it was pulling out some juices from her pussy and produced loud sucking noises. And when penis went down, some cum popped around it.
Smell of her pussy, other sperm and my own juices made me very horny, and in a few minutes, I unloaded a lot of my sperm deep into her vagina inserting my dick down to the bottom and touching her clitoris with balls.
Melinda even slightly squeezed them with her hand milking even more juices into her body. It looked like she knew the limit to do it pleasant, not painful.
Once it was over and I was still inside of her plugging her pussy with my penis, girl asked me to give her panties and fresh pad from the box.
After I did it, Melinda quickly moved forward.
Penis left her with smacking sound, and she pressed pad tightly to her pussy preventing juices from leaking.
Then we had usual procedures: Melinda's panties and skirt on, cleaning my genitalia with tissues and drinking coffee with donuts. However, this time the girl told nothing about fundraising, charity, donations, etc. We just sat and silently sipped our coffee eating pastries and looking at each other.
I asked how many guys Melinda has besides me. She told me there are five total. Usually Melinda "milks" one donor every day into her vagina having it always full of sperm making pretty accurate schedule.
However, since I had "no call, no show", the girl decided to call one of her producers outside of her regular schedule to fill her thirsty guts with his juices. Then Melinda told me she was going to redo the entire schedule before I showed up.
I suggested Melinda to use me more frequently if she wants as I can produce more sperm for her and my own pleasure with our intercourses.
So, she said, "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind."
Our meetings continued and one time when I came to her on a scheduled appointment, Melinda was sitting in the room wearing robe instead of usual skirt and blouse with stiff bra under it.

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