Domination Ch. 07

tagIncest/TabooDomination Ch. 07

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All those engaged in sexual acts are 18 years or older.
I woke up the next morning and Myra was still sleeping. She looked like an angel as she softly snored. I would have felt like a creep pulling down the sheet to reveal her naked body, but she was mine now and I knew she liked the fact I enjoyed her body. As she sheets came down slowly, her perfect breasts were revealed to my gaze. Half-dollar sized areolas with wonderfully thick nipples sitting dead center were the main attraction of her mounds. She shivered lightly, most likely feeling the cool air of the air conditioner, but I wrapped my arm around her again, using my body heat to warm her.
My hand trailed down her body very slowly as it passed down her flat stomach and over her mons. Myra's legs parted slightly, as my fingers traced over her full lips. She was already soaking wet as I dipped first one and then two fingers inside of her, being as careful as possible to not wake her.
Myra let out a light moan as her lips parted. Her breathing increased, and I could feel my own erection throbbing against her pert ass. I was already leaking onto her lower back and ass, but I doubted she would mind, especially since we both knew what I wanted to do with it.
I could not bring myself to take her last night, with the event that happened, but I wanted to show her I loved her, and it was not her fault what went down the night before. She was my woman, sister and slave after all and everything I was doing in taking her was for her benefit.
My lips plucked at the skin on her neck as I watched her delicate fingers curl around the sheets as her walls clamped down on my fingers, a small orgasm going through her body. She squeaked a couple times but was otherwise silent during her orgasm.
"What a fucking way to wake up. Having my Master give me a wonderful orgasm. Have I died and gone to heaven?" Myra asked, her eyes still closed. Her voice was soft and like a whisper on the wind, pulling at my heart.
"Only if your version of heaven involves having me next to you," I replied, kissing up the side of her cheek as her face turned and our eyes met for the first time that morning.
Myra giggled, "You know it does, Master. Whether it be as my Master, my brother, my lover or my husband. My dreams and versions of heaven have always included you by my side." Our lips met and tongues danced, though there was no sense of urgency. We were enjoying each other, tasting and feeling everything we could. Myra's hand had found its way to my cock as she started stroking it.
"Not so fast, slave. There are others waiting for us and we need to get up and shower," I stated sternly.
"But, Master…" Myra whined, giving me her best pouty face as she moved me to my back and started towards my crotch.
"What did I say, slave?" I replied, adding some authority to my voice. She froze for a second but started to move slowly. I grabbed her by the hair, pulling her back down to the mattress. "Remember. I'm in charge so long as I'm your Master." Myra nodded, a little bit of fear in her eyes before I kissed her lips softly. "If you're a good girl and go let the others know we're awake, we can have some fun in the shower."
Like a bolt of lightning, Myra was up out of bed, dashing out of the room and squealing like a fool. I laughed, seeing her eagerness to not only please me but also seeing how badly she wanted to do something with me.
I hopped out of bed and was nearly tackled when she came back, launching herself into my arms. Joslyn and Allie followed closely behind her, both naked as we were and in their slave collars. "Good morning, Master," Joslyn and Allie said in unison, smiles plastering their faces as they greeted me.
I forced Myra to remove herself from me and gave Joslyn and then Allie a morning kiss and hug. My dick was hard as a rock and smeared a bit of precum on each of their bellies. Both of them giggled when I did that and Allie spoke up, "We were thinking of coming to give you your morning surprise, but…"
"Allie here stated we should not disturb the two of you, given what happened with our sister last night and I agreed," Joslyn stated, finishing what Allie started.
"I thank you for that, but for now, I have to shower, and I'll be using Myra as my personal loofah," I stated, hearing all three women giggle. I just shook my head, pinching the crown of my nose, "How did I think I could have three women to myself and not be outnumbered on a regular basis?" I sighed.
All three of them put their hands on their hips, giving me a look telling me I was in deep shit before they started laughing. "And that, my Master, is why we love you so," Myra smiled, kissing my cheek before I headed into the bathroom, following her in, swatting her ass along the way. I could use my parents' bathroom, but I still found it wrong since this was technically their house, even if Joslyn was my slave and Dad let me do what I wanted with my women in his house.
Our shower took longer than expected as once the water was hot enough, I threw her against the wall and attacked her. My lips attached to her neck as my hands mauled her perfect breasts. She moaned and whimpered as I attacked her but did not try to stop me in the least bit. She wanted this to happen as much as I did and my hunger for her pussy was driving me. It had been days since she started her period and I'd want to plunge my cock deep within her willing snatch since she started. Not that Mom or Allie were any worse. It was just that I missed having her walls engulfing my cock.
Each of my three women had distinct bodies and pussies. There was not one that was specifically better, or I preferred more than the other and if a time ever came for me to decide, I'd rather castrate myself than have to decide between them.
My hand moved down from her breast to her right leg and lifted it, setting her foot on the lip of the tub. I guided my cock, so it was kissing her entrance, "Please, Master! I need you inside of me," Myra begged, bucking her hips towards me. But I moved just in time to stop her from engulfing my cock in her sex.
"Are you trying to give me orders again?" I asked, smirking at her. Myra shook her head, trying to convince me she wasn't trying to order me around again. Luckily for her, I was just screwing with her. "Who do you belong to?" I asked, commanding her to answer me.
"You, Master!" Myra yelled out, her chest heaving as she was trying to keep herself from doing something she had not been given permission to do yet.
"And you'll do whatever I want, whenever I want, without questioning me?" I asked, running the head of my cock through her slit.
Myra moaned loudly before screaming, slamming her hands onto the shower wall, "YES MASTER! WHATEVER, WHENEVER! YOU CAN EVEN IMPRENGATE ME AND I'LL HAVE ALL YOUR BABIES!"
I was shocked to hear what she said, but smiled, "Maybe another time. But right now…" I did not finish my sentence as I slammed my cock into her, all the way to the hilt. "CUM SLAVE!" I screamed at her.
"GOD, YES, MASTER! I… I… I'M GONNA, EEEEAAAHHHHH!" Myra screamed, her orgasm hitting her right away. I loved the way I could make my women cum so easily. That was something that made my pride swell as I knew some men could not make their girlfriends or wives cum during sex, hell some women could not even cum at all. I always felt bad for those women, but knew it was just something that some people experienced.
I moved her right leg, so it was wrapped around me and my hands went to her perfect ass as her other leg wrapped around my other side, meeting in the middle right at my ass. I used the wall for leverage and pounded my slave and sister's pussy hard and fast, causing her to go into a squealing rage. Her body shook, her vaginal walls gripped onto my cock, begging me not to leave, her nails dug into my back as orgasm after orgasm ran through her body. Within minutes, she was a blubbering mess, and I could see the look of bliss on her face.
Myra, my sister and willing slave, was taking pleasure in both the pounding I was providing to her sweet little pussy along with the happiness of knowing she was using her body to bring her Master pleasure. Everything I was, was due to her bringing me into this world of Master/Slave relationships and I could not be happier I was sharing it with her. Though I may be falling in love with Allie, someone with whom I'd been attracted to for a while but recently realized we shared a common bond, I'd always been in love with Myra, even when I did not want to admit it. I loved her and my other women with all my heart, even if they stopped being my slaves tomorrow.
Just as Myra's fifth orgasm was firing off, her arms and legs shaking as she tried to help me by holding on, I grunted, mashing my lips into hers as our tongues attacked each other. Then suddenly, I pulled out of her dropped her to her knees, ever so lightly so she didn't hurt herself, and pointed my dick at her face, painting her lovely visage in my cum. My first load of the day was immense, and before I was done, I'd covered every inch of her face with my gooey cum. There was so much of it, she looked like a Krispy Kreme, twice glazed donut.
Myra smiled and giggled before wiping the cum from her eyes as I leaned back against the wall, letting me catch my breath from such an immense orgasm.
Like she still had the energy of a jackrabbit, Myra jumped to her feet, moved the curtain back and yelled, "Mom! Allie! I have a present for you!"
It took a matter of five seconds, max, before both Joslyn and Allie came bursting through the door, moving right up to Myra's face and started giving her face a tongue bath with her giggling the entire time. I gave her ass a slap, hearing her yelp as I moved under the water, getting my body wet so I could get clean.
"Master, please, wait for me so I can wash you," Myra said, almost begging, bringing her face back into the shower.
I nodded, knowing my slaves enjoyed washing me, "Can I join you, sister?" Allie chimed in, her voice with a hint of excitement.
Myra did not respond verbally but must have done something as I heard Allie squeal in delight, "YIPPIE!"
"And Mom, why don't you handle drying him off when he gets out. I'm sure you'd love to get your hands all over his body, wouldn't you?" Myra asked seductively.
"Thank you, Myra," Joslyn replied, smiling, ecstatic that her daughter would include her.
I moved the curtain back on the other side and saw Joslyn's and Allie's eyes dart to mine for a second, smiling as they both went red-faced before going back to their task. When they were done, Myra guided me closer to her as Allie stepped in behind me. There was already an extra loofah and both women soaped up the loofahs and washed me down, from head to toe, with Allie working on my back while Myra worked on my front.
When they were done, both giving my cock and balls some extra attention, they helped me step out of the shower into the waiting arms of Joslyn, my mother. She towel dried me, slowly, making sure to get every drop of water off my body. By the time she finished, she was still on her knees and I guided my cock to her lips. Her brown eyes looked up at me, like she was saddened about something and I nodded. A gigantic smile rose on her face and I saw the sadness wash away as love and pure happiness replaced it.
As always, Joslyn was a master with a cock in her mouth. She was quickly able to bring me close to orgasm before backing off and would always pay just the right amount of attention to my balls as well. Again, and again, she teased me, bringing me close to orgasm before backing off. Finally, after the fifth time of her doing it, I pushed her head against the wall, though not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to surprise her.
Joslyn gasped, but was more turned on than scared from the look in her eyes. I used her hair to keep her pinned to the wall as I slammed my cock down her throat. She gagged a bit but quickly recovered, opening her throat as much as possible so I could face-fuck her. This was my life now, face-fucking my own mother with both of us getting off on it.
Her hand was between her legs as she was playing with herself vigorously. "You may cum at will, slave," I stated, knowing she was probably close. It didn't take me long for my balls to get beyond the breaking point where I grunted loudly, "AAAHHHHH!" I yelled, feeling my cock swell in her throat as I emptied my balls for the second time, filling her belly with my seed.
When I pulled back and rested against the vanity, Joslyn smiled and opened her mouth. Some of my cum was still there and she pushed it forward, presenting it to me before she swallowed it down with pride. A round of cheers erupted as I looked to my left, seeing Allie and Myra were standing there watching and giggling.
I helped Joslyn up, but she refused to kiss me as she left the bathroom, with Myra chasing after her, obviously wanting to get a taste before it was removed. Allie stopped right next to me, her hands crossed and head down in a submissive stance. I turned to her and smiled, lifting her chin before kissing her. Then, I bent down slightly and picked her up, as she jumped into my arms. We made out for a few minutes before she pulled back smiling and holding her nose, "Master's breath stinks," she stated laughing. I set her back down, giving her little ass a slap as she left, giggling as I shook my head. I checked my breath, and she was right, it did stink.
When I was done in the bathroom and fully dressed, I met my women downstairs. Each was still only wearing their collars as they stood in front of me as instructed, legs parted just past shoulder width apart. I had rummaged through Myra's room for something I needed. Myra was taking me to meet this Ms. Ava woman so I can get my own account and not have to worry about finances, though Allie did say she had access to enough money to give me, but I did not want to rely on her finances or even this Ms. Ava eventually. I wanted to make my own way, but this would allow me to get through college in the coming years and focus on school and my women and not having to work.
"Now. I know we are going to see Ms. Ava. However, before we go, I want to do something." I picked up the little cloth bag, similar to the one you would get with bottles of Crown Royal Whiskey and pulled out three sets of Ben Waa balls. "Each of you will have to keep these in you all day long. However, since I now have enough trust in each of you, I will allow each of you to masturbate or play with each other when I'm not around. But if I want you, I expect you to be ready and willing at all times."
Each of my women nodded as they stood in the submissive stance, though they were looking right at me. I took each set of Ben Waa balls and sat each woman down on the couch, one by one, and inserted them into their pussies. Each woman was already wet and inserting them took little to no effort.
When the last one was done, I turned to Myra and Allie, "Go get dressed, but make sure not to remove what I put inside of you." Myra and Allie nodded before running off, giggling like two fools.
Then, I turned to Joslyn and smiled, "Though you are staying here, you are still permitted to play with yourself, however, I think you need something more than just your own hand, or am I mistaken?"
"I-I should be able to get myself off, Master," Joslyn replied, stuttering her words as she tried to convince me otherwise.
"I have no doubt in your ability, but these hard nipples don't lie, giving away that you're already turned on and your body is begging for my touch." Joslyn didn't reply and just stood there, practically shivering. "Well, I guess I was wrong," I stated as I went to walk away only for her to reach out and grab my arm.
I angrily looked at her and down at my arm, "P-Please, Master. You were right, I just did not want to force myself on you." she said, removing her hand from my arm.
"Why would you feel you are forcing yourself on me?" I asked, clearly not understanding what she was referring to.
"I know I am older, and your mother. Myra and Allie are beautiful and young and full of life. I am at the middle of my life and I know I am not your first choice here," Joslyn said, a sad lilt in her voice, but determined to let her son and master know she was here for his pleasure. "Please forgive this slave's decision."
"You are forgiven but let this be a lesson that when I ask you something, I expect the truth," I replied, taking her by the hand and moving her over to the couch. I looked her dead in the eyes, "You. Are. Not. A. Last. Choice." I said, making sure she understood how I truly felt about her.
Joslyn sat down slowly, a surprised, yet happy, smile on her face, and I spread her legs, showing off her mature pussy to my viewing delight. Her full lips were on display and parted like a flower trying to open up to the morning rays. I could smell her arousal and it tickled my nose like a fine perfume. "I will never get tired of looking at your pussy, Mom," I said, playing on the incest angle I knew she liked me using from time to time.
"I know it's not as tight as your sister or girlfriend, son, but I'm glad you like looking at it," Joslyn replied shyly. It amazed me how she was still a shy little girl hiding inside of this mature woman. The same mature woman who raised me, who showed me what a strong woman was. Hell, most of the time, I even thought if something happened to Dad, Mom would have taken over as the head honcho of the family and would not miss a step.
"That much is true, Mother. But you also have something they don't. You have experience and I love watching you wiggle and writhe under my ministrations," I replied with a sly smirk. It was fun adding in the occasional role play to enhance our sexual experience, but I had no intention of having sex with my slave right now. I wanted to save it until we were home later and each of my slaves was on fire, begging me to fuck each of them to the point of no return.
I ran my tongue through her slit, hearing her moan loudly. As always, her taste was exquisite, like a fine wine that only got better with age. Her hands flew to the back of my head, drawing me into her pussy even more, as my tongue plunged inside of her, running around her walls. I felt every bump, every curve of her vaginal walls, the same walls and vagina that pushed me out just over eighteen years prior.
"Oh son! Please don't stop," Joslyn moaned, her legs closing around my head as I knew she was nearing orgasm.
I pulled my tongue back and before I attacked her clit, I looked into her eyes and said, "You may cum when you're ready. Don't wait for me, Mommy-slave!" Then, I attacked her clit, my fingers diving into her pussy. I did a 'come here' motion, attacking her g-spot as she started screaming and shaking, her legs trying to squeeze around my head. She started shaking her head back and forth as she got closer and closer to the brink.
Then, her legs tightened as her head stopped moving, her eyes rolling back as she let out a howling scream and started to shake. I could feel my fingers inside of her get soaked with a torrent of her feminine cream but was more focused on trying to breathe as her legs were constricting my breathing. My only saving grace at that moment was having my hand underneath my head with my fingers lodged in her pussy. This gave me some breathing room, so she didn't completely suffocate me.

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