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"Oh, fuck James, Donnie, fill up my glass," I whined, putting it out.
"Gwen, I know you're hurting," Donne pointed out, slanting the bottle down and pouring the wine. "I'm just saying, don't go nuts."
"I'm not going nuts, I'm getting drunk, there's a huge difference, Donnie," I groaned before turning my head. "You get me right, Eric?"
"He kind of has a point. We're on our third bottle now, and you've drunk most of the first two," Eric reminded me, rubbing my arm.
Then they both sat down, but only sipped their drinks.
"Trust me, you'll feel a lot better when you get the alcohol in your stomach. Now, not thinking about James, just…" I muttered before I lied back. "Crap, I don't know what went wrong, guys? He loved you two, but maybe I just wasn't enough for him. I mean if a guy can overlook that a woman has two male roommates, then what the fuck?" I let out before I sighed.
"Well, shit happens, Gwen. Sometimes things just go wrong. You can't control everything in life, but you can take this break up with a grain of salt. You might have spent six months with him, but it's not like it was a horrible time. We both saw you with him, and you were happy. Don't fret, going overboard with the wine. You still have your two best friends here, you don't need to drink away the pain," Donnie made clear, keeping his eyes on me.
I lay back and let the alcohol rest for a moment. Although, I still managed to finish my glass once again before them. No one said a word for a few minutes, but, of course, James remained on my mind.
"Will you two at least attempt to keep up with me? I mean, I know I can't walk a straight line by now, or even speak clearly for a second, but if you two don't drink, I just feel like I'm pitying myself."
"Well, you kind of are, Gwen. We don't mean to be disrespectful, but that's what is going on right now. It'd be one thing if we went through one bottle together, but this is our third one. We're not going to deny you to get it all out, because we need to let you release it and make yourself feel better, but just downgrade it a tad, because you're sprinting now. You'll crash if you sprint for too long," Eric explained.
"Fine," I whined, prior to downing the rest of the wine in my glass.
It took me a few seconds, but then I threw the glass. "Happy?" I slurred, shooting them a mean look. "What the hell is it with you two? I get drunk in our apartment we rent together, and I'm just some pitiful woman? As you said, I was happy with James, then that fucker broke up with me. I tell you what, I blew him constantly."
"Whoa," they both protested, putting their hands up.
"We don't need to hear about your sex life. Trust us, Gwen, we're on your side, and feel for you, but even right now, you're not really you," Donnie mentioned, coming to me and getting down on his knees and taking my hands. "That's okay because we're your best friends, and we'll never judge you, but we're not going to let you just drink yourself to death."
"Dude, I might be drunk now, but I'm not a drunk. I'm not about to get behind the wheel of a car, call James up or do anything else stupid, I'm just, you know?"
He nodded and smooched my cheek. After that, Eric came to me and did the same. I couldn't help, but grin at them, and they did the same. No one said a word, but they stayed on their knees with their hands on mine.
After a minute, I leaned to Donne and hugged him. He, of course, hugged me right back, and we stayed close for at least a minute. Shortly after that, I leaned into Erik as well and encased my arms around him as well.
"We're here for you, Gwen, through thick and thin," Eric consoled me, rubbing my back.
"Thank you, thank you both so much," I muttered, smiling. 'Holy shit, my panties are soaked.'
Then another minute later, I backed away from Eric, but kept my arms on his back. I slathered my lips and just examined his whole face.
"What are you doing, Gwen?" Eric pondered.
I slowly moved my head right towards his with our lips lined up perfectly.
"Whoa," Eric objected, placing his hands on my chest. "No, Gwen, we can't do that."
"He's right, besides you're drunk," Donnie added.
"I know, you two," I whined, letting my head back and forth. "I just want…"
"We know, but not only are we best friends, but you're also on the rebound. Even if by some miracle one of us decided we should get involved, how long would we even last? We're all emotional being so close already. You understand, right?"
"Oh, I'm sorry it would be a miracle for one of you to fuck me," I bitched, shooting them a dirty look. "I know I might not be a supermodel, but I still know some guys still want me. We're best friends, Eric, and I would suck your cock until you came in my mouth. I'd suck yours too, Donnie. What's so hard about fucking your brunette best friend with B-cup tits? Would either of you have any issues if I had C or D-cups? I would suck both of you off and let you finish right on my jugs, don't either one of you want that?"
"Maybe, but you're still drunk and on the rebound, though," Donnie answered.
"Bro," Eric whined, turning to him. "She's our best friend, so we can't have sex with her, even if she wasn't tipsy and just getting out of a relationship. Best friends don't get involved, because it's just a recipe for disaster."
"How do you know, shit happens. If one of us did hook up with her, we could wind up marrying her, and the other would be the best man, don't you think? It wouldn't matter how it started."
"You know, once again," I added, reaching for the bottle. "I think this situation calls for you two to drink some hard alcohol."
Donnie took it, and they both sat down on the couch. I smiled again as I finally saw them drinking a bit. I lied back and just let the thought of me down on my knees in front of them sink in for the time being.
'I might be slightly intoxicated, but I still know my way around a dick. I'd suck them both so damn much that I'd milk them and have them fill up buckets.'
"Oh, this one is empty now, Donnie. Maybe we should open up one more. We just shouldn't let Gwen drink anymore," Eric mentioned, getting up and walking to the kitchen.
"I'm not that plastered, I might sound like it, but my pussy and mouth are still working just fine. You're not walking too well either," I giggled.
"Your parts are getting contact buzzed though since they're connected to you," Donnie made clear, taking the bottle.
"I guess you're right," I laughed, coming towards them.
I still managed to walk a few feet and sit in between them. We all seemed to be happy, as we all continued to consume wine together. All the while, I felt myself shaking almost nonstop with a drenched twat.
"You were right, Gwen, I do feel better now," Donnie pointed out, glancing at the bottle.
"Care to share, jackass?" Eric whined.
"Here, whiney," Donne groaned, handing it back to him.
"Don't fight, you're just loosening up with me now," I muttered, letting a hand go on their arms. "Let the wine get in there and throw caution to the wind."
By then, they didn't even share the bottle with me, they just traded it off over and over again for a few minutes.
"Damn it, these bottles go so much faster when you get drunk," Eric let out before tossing it.
"You didn't need to throw it, fucker," I giggled, hitting his arm lightly. "Only I'm allowed to do that."
"Fine, I won't do it again." Eric groaned.
"Thank you," I slurred before smooching his cheek.
"What about me?" Donnie asked.
"Sorry," I apologized, prior to pecking his cheek too. "Happy?"
"Ecstatic," Donnie answered before his head angled down to my rack.
I watched his face for a moment and kept a smile on my face. "Enjoying the view?"
"Yes, and those are only B-cups?"
"Yeah, do you want to feel them? Keep in mind, I'm not wearing a bra under my tank top."
He licked his lips for a few seconds, but as the alcohol found a place in his stomach, he certainly did say 'Fuck it,' in his head and let his hand come onto my right bosom.
"Oh, you must like it, I feel you vibrating like my vibrator, only you aren't even in my pussy right now, and you're cheesing too."
I wasn't peeking at Eric, but I was sure he was eyeballing me. Although, after another minute, I slanted my head to Donnie's and brought my lips towards his. He didn't close the gap, but I did feel his grasp on my melon tighten.
'Fuck it,' I thought before I pressed my lips onto his.
He failed to oppose and even kissed me back, all the while, his hand grabbed my even harder for a moment.
"Hey, did you not hear me a little while ago, we can't get involved with her," Eric complained, pushing me slightly.
Then I turned to him and stole his hand. "Feel my other melon then, Eric. It may not be a watermelon, I think you'll like it," I assured him, putting on my free hooter and right before I covered their hands with mine. "There might a thin layer of fabric there, but those are my boobs," I informed them, fondling their hands.
Even as I was still tipsy, I could still be sure they liked the newfound feelings. I rotated my head every twenty seconds or so and saw them smiling.
I also couldn't resist the urge to glance at their crotches too. "Oh, do I see you both have hard-ons? Do you like feeling my knockers, even though they're somewhat small?"
Neither of them answered, but drenched their lips frequently. I kept my hands on theirs for a few minutes as neither of them let a word drop, but I was sure their schlongs were getting as hard as rocks.
They both still managed to move their hands somewhat, which made me jiggle right along with them. My feet tapped the floor a whole lot, and I even felt some of my juice get onto my legs a bit too.
"Oh, wow, you do have some nice jugs, Gwen," Donnie moaned.
"I'm glad you like," I added, peeking at him.
"No, this is wrong, Gwen," Eric balked, taking his hand back. "Whether if we're all drunk or sober, we can't do this. Maybe you're beautiful, and I'd fuck you in a heartbeat, but this is still wrong."
I turned back to him and pulled down my tank top, just a tad. Needless to say, despite his little outburst, he still couldn't take his eyes off my rack. I placed my hands right below my tits and lifted them a bit too.
I leaned to him and kissed him. "Would you like to see them, Eric?"
He slathered his lips yet again and failed to answer. I was also sure that Donnie was watching as we all felt the couch shaking from his side. Without speaking a word, I grabbed the end of my tank top and calmly took it off myself.
I kept my body turned towards Eric so that Donnie couldn't get a good look, but for the time being, Eric did help himself to see a somewhat small, but sexy set of bosoms. I failed to move, and just let him soak them in as they stood still.
"You may feel them if you want to, Eric, I won't protest. We might be buzzed, but I think my boobs just sobered you up a tad, didn't they?" I asked, leaning towards him and grabbing his hands. "Now feel them," I commanded him, placing his palms on them. "Oh, you already look like your dick is going to explode, even after two seconds. You like them, don't you?"
"Yes, they're quite elegant, Gwen," Eric let out, rattling a bit.
I grinned, but then I angled my figure back to my back was to the couch. "Go ahead, Donnie, take a feel," I offered as Eric freed one.
He swallowed, but after twenty seconds, his hand did indeed make the trip to my other hooter. "Holy crap, you have nice tits, Gwen."
"Thank you," I mentioned as I lied back and placed my hands over both of theirs.
I reveled in the physical and emotional spikes of the situation, even though alcohol played a critical role. I just allowed them to cherish the feel for a few minutes as no one spoke. I didn't know what to say, so I just let my knockers do the talking.
Although, I still couldn't resist yet again to check out their crotches. "I think you both still have monster erections, may I see them?" I asked, letting my head go back and forth.
"What, no, I'm not taking my wood out in front of Donnie," Eric protested, failing to take his hand away.
"Why not, you got to see my jugs, and feel one of them. Can't I see your cock? Maybe I'll suck on it for you. All three of us know you would love that, despite what your head says."
He failed to speak, and I felt Donnie breathing on my shoulder and neck, so I surely knew he was trying to get a peek at my boobs. I could certainly tell that Eric wanted to proceed, but his head got in the way.
So, I just turned to Donnie and calmly let my hands onto his crotch. "What about you, Donnie? I'm a white brunette, but you're a black man with a big one, right?" I asked before I turned back to Eric. "Oh, is that why you don't want to show me your pecker? Are you afraid of being embarrassed because his is bigger than yours?"
"No, but we're already on dangerous ground, we don't need to do anything else. We should just go to our bedrooms and forget this ever happened."
"No, party pooper, I need some cock," I whined before twisting myself back to Donnie.
Both of us failed to speak, and I brought my hands back to his crotch again. Only this time, I undid his pants and he took the liberty of pushing them down with his boxers.
I instantly grabbed onto his rod with both hands. "Oh, I like this, Donnie, damn it must be like eight inches long, I can barely get both of my hands around it," I praised him, stroking it slowly for a few seconds before I brought my face towards his. "Give me a kiss."
He pressed his lips onto mine immediately and helped himself to my jugs. Needless to say, he applied some pressure to them right away and even moved them ever so slowly too. All the while, we kissed each other, and I rubbed his pecker casually also.
I couldn't see Eric yet again, but I was still confident that his eyes stayed on us. I was also sure I blocked the sight of Donnie's member. I also felt some real feelings surface as the alcohol made the trip past my stomach.
After a minute, I parted my lips from Donnie's, and we just looked at each other for a few seconds. I could only figure he wanted to say something, but he opted not to in order to keep the sexy mood even hotter.
Without speaking, I smooched his cheek and slanted my head down to his johnson. I instantly felt him jolt a bit, which made me smile all of three seconds before I let my tongue out and allowed it to land on the head of his cock.
He responded by placing a hand on my head, but failed to talk. Then I kissed it a few times, which got him to laugh. I had to glance back at Eric, and I saw him biting down on his bottom lip. I surely knew he still had his moral objections, so I decided to tempt him.
I got on my knees and lifted my butt towards him. "Feel free to bring up my skirt, Eric, and get a feel back there, I don't mind," I let him know before moving my head back to Donnie's prick.
"Oh, holy shit, that's good, Gwen. Suck that black dick for me," Donnie moaned, scrubbing my head with both hands.
I promptly began thrusting my lips on his long schlong and felt the veins in it pumping hard. That alone wooed me and got me closer to sober, but of course, I still knew the wine led us all to let everything happen.
Even with his words on record for his pecker feeling so good, Donnie didn't speak, and just relished the joy of having my lips around his member. Although, I still failed to feel Eric touch me, which really only fueled my lust for Donnie.
"Fuck me, Gwen, you've been at it for only a minute, but you're already a sexual queen in my eyes. You know how to suck a dick, that's for sure," he complimented me before a pause. "What are you just going to stare at her ass, Eric? She's sticking it right in your face, have some fun. Maybe your manhood will make it into her mouth, take it out too and let her see it."
I couldn't see any expressions, but I failed to hear a zipper, and I just kept sucking the life out of Donnie's big schlong. I paced myself and made damn sure I did it right to the best of my abilities even while still drunk.
'Judging from his moans and moves, I'd say I'm pleasing him, but still, Eric isn't taking the invitation to have fun with us. Too bad, he's missing out, Donnie here does have a big one, I know I can't deep throat him, but I can still have fun,' I thought, prior to letting it out. "Wow, it's so big, I can barely fit it in my mouth, but I still like it," I alerted him before kissing him and peeking at Eric. "Come on, my cherry is wetter than a waterfall, help yourself, we all know your johnson wants you to, dude," I made clear before went back to Donnie's dick.
Although, before I could open my mouth back up, I shook around a bit myself. "I feel fresh air on my butt now, go ahead, Eric, move my thong to the side and expose my snatch. Look at it and then touch it if you want. Do it with your shaft if you desire, I don't mind," I made clear, shaking my butt a bit before I took Donnie's cock back into my mouth.
I knew he didn't do that, but I certainly felt his whole palms on each cheek back there. I felt the thrills going throughout my body as it seemed I could start pleasing both of them at that point. Eric caressed each cheek ever so slowly, but also grasped them.
I picked up a little speed on Donnie's wood which made him shake a bit more and pressure my head. Although, he left his left hand over onto my back and thigh. He massaged them both nonchalantly as well for a moment, but I did, in fact, feel his lips come onto my left cheek.
I giggled somewhat, but kept my gratifying up as much as possible for Donnie. I couldn't imagine that Eric was looking towards Donnie's pecker, but I did hear him moaning a bit too as I never let his member out again.
"Oh, you have a soft ass, Gwen. Softer than fluff in fact, that makes you the sexiest woman alive," he endorsed me before I felt him press his face on my butt.
He brushed it from side to side a few times and took a deep inhale before letting off my butt again. "Shit, I'm already a little wasted, but I feel like I just snorted a line of coke off your butt."
"Well, enjoy her, dumbass, quit protesting, and just feel her for the first time."
"Fuck you, but thanks," Eric added, pushing my thong to the side.
He let a few fingers on my slit and immediately began rubbing it slowly. So, from one second to the next, I was actually pleasuring them both, just with different holes. I couldn't see if Donnie was checking out my work, but I knew he was glad to let my mouth on his schlong.
Eric licked my lips once back there. "Yes, that's tasty juice, Gwen," he moaned, fondling my cheeks some more.
He began licking my pussy ever so slowly as I kept blowing Donnie, letting his veiny cock all over my lips and the inside of my mouth. My hair went down with my face, but it didn't distract me at all; in fact, it made it hotter.
Everything seemed to be so much sexier with each passing minute. I felt Eric's tongue all over my twat, even with my thong still on, for the time being, so he did please me as well. I surely knew there'd be some uncomfortable times coming afterward, but I still reveled in the pleasure of the moment.
Even with my masterful dicksucking, Donnie still brought my head up with him and kissed me. "Shit, you're much sexier than I imagined."
"And you can't even see my beaver, but don't worry, you'll get your chance," I assured him before looking back at Eric again. "You may take that pesky thong off me, dude, I won't scream."
He quickly did just that, and in the process, Donnie helped himself to my boobs again, but invited his tongue to them as well.
"Oh, yeah, get that nipple as Eric attacks my slit lips back there and I stroke your slick dick. It's covered in my saliva now, but you want some of my pussy juice on it too, right?"

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