Double Delight

Beep Stories

Danny was the most hated boy in the school that he attended, he was known as the king pervert due to the fact that he was a flasher and peeping tom, he had been beaten up a few times and had been in hospital a few times after being beaten up, the police had warned him a few times about his behaviour but had never had enough evidence to charge him, despite all the trouble that Danny had it into he carried on flashing and peeping on people. Danny was walking through the derelict trading estate on his way home when he saw Tina who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, Danny was not quick enough to avoid Tina and the girl who was well known for being violent hit him round the side of the head telling him to fuck off out the area as she did, Danny staggered from the force of the blow but quickly regained his balance and walked off, Tina walked off in the opposite direction to Danny who kept looking back over his shoulder and once Tina was out of his sight Danny turned and started to follow her making sure Tina did not know he was following her, Danny saw Tina go into what was once a supermarket after she was out of sight Danny crept round the outside of the building and looked through an unboarded broken window from where he saw Tina snoging with Martin her sixteen year old boyfriend then with out any warning Tina’s short denis skirt fell to the ground, Danny thought nice as Tina’s naked bum came into view, Danny watched as Martin and Tina carried on snoging with Martin rubbing Tina’s bum, after a few minutes Martin stopped rubbing Tina’s bum and to Danny’s great delight lifted Tina’s tee shirt up over her head and off then dropping it on the ground, Danny could see no bra straps and realised that Tina was naked except for her shoes, when Tina moved a bit Danny saw Martin’s nine inch erection and thought very nice, Tina moved back a bit as she did Danny saw her very ample boobs come into view her nipples sticking up very erect, Danny watched as Tina knelt down then took Martin’s dick into her mouth and thought lucky sod,Danny watched as Tina obviously sucked Martins dick then after five minutes Danny pulled his dick from Tina’s mouth and squirt his cum in four long spurts, Tina stood up Martin put his dick back inside his joggers, then a row started between the two love birds, Tina was unhappy that she was not getting any satisfaction after a few minutes Martin walked away leaving a naked Tina shouting abuse at him as he went, after a few minutes Tina stopped shouting then started rubbing her love tube, Danny watched for a couple of minutes then decided to take a very big risk and walked round to the front of the building and went inside freeing his eight inch dick as he did, Tina saw Danny enter the building and for the first time ever saw his eight inch erection and was surprised at the size and thickness of it, she could see that it was thicker than what Danny’s was, Tina stopped rubbing her love tube and smiled then said ” what do you want you pervert ” Danny smiled and said ” I want to fuck you ” and walked towards Tina, Tina made no reply just stood looking at Danny, Danny walked right up to Tina reached out and cupped her boobs then started to massage them, Tina said ” do not tell anyone ” then took Danny’s dick in her hand and started to jerk it, after five minutes Danny gently lay Tina on the floor then knelt between her legs bent forward and slid his dick inside her love tube and started to thrust in and out, as Tina felt Danny’s dick slide up her love tube she let out a loud groan, Danny thrust in and out of Tina’s love tube hearing her groan as he did, he pushed in as deep and hard as he could then after five minutes Tina cried out ” fuck yes oh yes ” as she did Danny carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube feeling her cum a second time after ten minutes, Danny thought glad of the viagra I took as he continued thrusting in and out of Tina’s love tube feeling her cum three more times before she said ” no more ” Danny removed his dick from Tina’s love tube and stood up, he looked down at Tina noticing her glazed eyes, after a few minutes Danny walked away and out of the building as he walked round the building he saw Tina’s sister Amy who was four years younger than she was, Amy was stood with her jeans down, Danny looked at her smooth love tube, Amy said ” I saw you fuck my sister ” Danny smiled and said ” you want some as well ” and when took her jeans right off and lay down on the ground spreading her legs as she did and saying ” yes come and fuck me as well, Danny smiled walked over to Amy then after releasing his still erect dick from his joggers he knelt down between Amy’s parted legs and started to rub her love tube feeling it was wet, Amy said ” come on just fuck me ” Danny stopped rubbing Amy’s love tube and after bending forward slid his dick right up Amy’s tight wet love tube as he did Amy like her sister had done let out a deep groan, Danny started to push his dick in and out of Amy’s love tube hearing her moan as he did, after five minutes Danny felt Amy cum as she did Amy cried out loudly saying ” yes yes yes ” Danny carried on thrusting in and out of the heavy breathing Amy’s love tube and felt her cum again not long after he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirted his cum in five long spurts. Two hours later Danny was back in his own house when his sister walked in with handed him a note saying it had just come through the letter box, Danny read the note and punched the air when he saw the note said ” you fuck real good best ever be at my house Saturday my folk are away for weekend ” the note was signed by Tina. On Saturday Danny arrived at Tina’s house and when she let him in he went to the lounge and smiled when he saw Amy sat naked on the sofa, as Danny admired Amy’s love tube and developing boobs Tina walked in like Amy Tina was naked, Danny looked at the two girls and stripped naked thinking sure glad for viagra.

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