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The story is a work of fiction. All the characters in this story are 18+.
''Silver,'' Dylan, my eldest brother, calls me out.
I get up from the bed and run downstairs as soon as I can. I knew that the product I ordered arrived earlier than expected here, but of course, I didn't want anyone to know what was inside it. Especially my overprotective brothers.
"What did you order?" Nick, my other elder brother, asked me.
I quickly snatch the parcel from Dylan and take a deep breath, trying to act normal.
"Oh, it's nothing important. Just some girl stuff," I said, laughing it off.
Both the brothers looked at each other and then back at me. They knew something was fishy, but before they could ask me anything else, I sprint upstairs. I let out a sigh of relief as I reach my room. Closing the door behind me, I place the package on my study table and start to open it eagerly like a madwoman.
"Fuck, " I whispered to myself as the product I ordered lay in the box, waiting to be utilized.
The nine inched dildo looked so damn real. It had a pink head, balls, and it was flexible. My pussy tingled at the sight of it, and I bit my lip sensually as I think about using it tonight. Now indeed, this wasn't something I would like to show my brothers, and yet I know for sure that they'll continue to bother me with it.
At 19, I'm the youngest sibling while Nick is 22 and Dylan is 24. Having two overprotective brothers is tiresome sometimes. I can't even date anyone because, well, partly because I don't want to and partly because my brothers would be a threat to any guy I date. I do love my brothers, and it feels great to be taken care of, but, to some extent, only.
Later at night, as we sit for dinner with mom and dad, Nick speaks up.
"So, are you satisfied with whatever you ordered?"
I almost choke on the pasta at his question. I look up from my dish, and mom had a questioning look on her face.
"What did you order?" she asked.
I open my mouth to speak, but Dylan beats me to it.
"She said that it was just girl stuff."
"Oh? Well, I would like to see what it is," Mom said.
I clench my teeth as I feel the anger coursing through my veins. Nick and Dylan had sly smirks on their faces, and I just felt like yelling at them for butting into my life, AGAIN!
"It's not for me. It's for Stella," I said. "She and her family are going out of the city for a few days, and that's why she wanted me to receive the package."
Mom nodded while Dad just continued to eat dinner without even looking up, and the conversation seemed to settle down. Nick and Dylan exchanged glances with each other, and there was some unspoken conversation going on between them. First the sly smirks and now this. One thing was for sure; my brothers were behaving very weirdly.
Mom and Dad decided to sleep early while my brothers and I were still lingering in the living room, watching some random movie. I was curled up in Nick's arms with my head rested on his chest and my arms wrapped around his waist. His arm rested on my shoulder, and he would rub it softly now and then.
I felt my eyes close at the warmth, and just as I was falling asleep, I heard Dylan speak up.
"She feels closer to you," he said.
I feel Nick shake his head. "She's close to both of us."
I keep my eyes close, and I hear Dylan sigh. "I don't know. I feel like Silver tries her best to avoid me sometimes."
Well, Dylan isn't wrong in that matter. I try to avoid him most of the time because I don't want to have my own brother's wet dreams. Yes! You read it correctly. I've wet dreams of my brother. It's brothers, plural. It all started a year back when I noticed how healthy and sexy body both of my brothers had. At night, I found myself thinking about what it would feel like to have their hands on my body. Their fingers on my wet pussy as their mouths explored my body.
I try to avoid Dylan mostly because sometimes I feel this intense need to submit to him. Whenever he orders me to do something or shows dominance in his voice, it makes me wet. While on the other hand, Nick makes me wet when he whispers things in my ear and when his hands brush my nipples when he's cuddling me. Now, I can't let them know about all this stuff, can I?
I lay there, acting like I'm asleep as I secretly listen to their conversation.
"Maybe you're just overthinking," Nick said.
I hear Dylan sigh. ''Let me carry her upstairs.''
My heart makes a jump, and my body starts to heat up on its own. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I don't need him to carry me upstairs.
I can walk on my own. I screamed inside my head. But I can't say that on my brother's face. I feel Dylan's cold hands under my knee, and in one swift movement, I found myself in his strong arms. The strong manly scent of his deodorant hit my nose hard, and fuck; it made my pussy twitch. He effortlessly carried me upstairs to my room, and all the damn time, I tried my best to act like I was sleeping. I turned my body away from him as soon as he placed me on the bed. He set the comforter on my body, and I felt his lips on my forehead, leaving a soft kiss.
''Good night, Silver,'' he whispered in my ears.
I felt my heart stop when I felt his lips brush my earlobe. His voice made my body tingle with butterflies. I'm glad that it was dark in my room. I don't want Dylan to see my red face. I hear him walk here and there in my room, and in the end, I hear the door close. I relaxed. I look up at the ceiling, thinking about my brothers. I think about the dildo that arrived this morning and made a mental note of playing with it tomorrow. I was too sleepy and lazy to play with it tonight.
I was woken up with a sudden throbbing between my legs. My pussy pulsed, and my hands itched to touch my pussy. I moaned as I felt something soft near my neck, and I tried to close my legs together. But a hand stopped me from doing so.
''No, no, keep them open,'' I hear a voice whisper in my ear.
My nipples hardened as I feel a hand roam around my panty line. I suck in a breath as a tongue sucked on my neck.
''Fuck, you're so beautiful, Silver,'' another voice said.
The voices were familiar. I thought that it was just another wet dream, but when I felt a finger on my clit, my eyes popped open. It was dark, but I knew there was someone else with me as well.
''We know what was inside that package,'' I hear Nick say.
"You have us, Silver. Then why use a stupid rubber dildo?" Dylan said.
The pleasure was so much that I wasn't even able to register the thought that my brothers were here, on my bed, playing with my body.
"We have wanted you for so long, Silver. And we know that you want us too. We know that you touch yourself while thinking about us. And trust me, tonight we are not going to let you go, " Dylan said.
I moan as I feel Dylan pinch my nipple. Oh, the sweet pain. A hand covered my cheek, and I felt soft lips on mine. I knew it was Nick. His tongue tangled with mine, and I moan in his mouth as his hand play with my other nipple. Dylan pressed soft kisses on my neck, and my pussy throbbed with lust and need. I parted my lips from Nick's and turn my face to kiss Dylan. His kiss was wet and needy. His tongue wanted domination, and I just gave in.
I tried to press my legs together, but Nick stopped me by place his hand firmly on my thigh.
"You are not allowed to do that," he said in a soft tone, but the order was loud and clear.
I gasp as I feel Dylan's tongue on my nipple. Nick took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. It made my pussy extremely wet, and all I wanted was to get fucked, hard. Nick moved away from me, and I whimpered at the loss of contact. My lips part open as I feel Dylan's hand make small circles around my belly button. It gave me goosebumps, and I heard him chuckle lightly.
"You like this, don't you?" he asked.
I nod my head since I was too busy enjoying his touch. Suddenly I feel a wet tongue on my pussy lips, and I moan loudly. Dylan immediately covered my mouth with his hand.
"Shh… keep quiet. We don't want to wake up, mom and dad," he whispered.
Nick's tongue worked smoothly on my pussy, and Dylan's hand moved further down to play with my clit. Nick spread my legs even wider as he continued to play with my pussy. Dylan's hot body pressed up against mine didn't help much. I was in ecstasy. I did imagine this many times, but I never knew that my fantasy would ever come true.
And now it did. Here I'm in bed while my two brothers shared with me.
"Don't make any noise, okay?" Dylan whispered, and I nod.
Nick's tongue dipped inside me, and I grasp Dylan's arm tightly.
"Nick," I gasp.
Dylan continued to make circles on my clit while dropping hot kisses on my neck. It was torture—pure torture, which was full of pleasure. My orgasm was near, and I felt my body lifting from the bed as Nick continued his sweet torture with his tongue. And then suddenly, it all stopped.
Dylan removed his fingers from clit, and Nick got up from between my legs. Dylan got out of the bed, and in the moonlight, I saw both of them standing at the edge of the bed. Their naked chests heaving, their cocks hard against their boxers, ready to come out any moment.
And then, something unexpected happened.
Nick grabbed Dylan's face, and he kissed him. My breathing quickened at the sight, and I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. But looking at them kissing so sensually made the lust pump up and down in my body. They wanted to show me this. We wanted each other. We really wanted each other.
Dylan grabbed Nick's ass and pulled him closer to him, and Nick gladly complied by running his hand through Dylan's hair and pulling him closer.
A whimper escapes my mouth at the erotic sight. They parted their mouth away from each other and looked at me hungrily. I felt like prey ready to be hunted, but there was a twist here. Two hunters were going to hunt me, and the probability of me escaping was minimal. Not that I wanted to escape.
I gasp, as Dylan grabbed my leg and dragged me closer to them. He came closer, and I immediately spread my legs wide open to let him in. Nick walked towards me, and both of them removed their boxers. And fuck, it was a beautiful sight. I bite my lip hard as I feel the lust pooling down in my pussy. My clit pulsed as Dylan covered my body with his. I look into his grey, smoky eyes, and I see the hunger and raw lust in them. He wanted to devour me, and I wanted that.
His angry red cock nudged my clit, and my toes curl with pleasure.
"Does it feel good?" Dylan asked, rubbing his cock on my pussy lips.
"Dylan, yes," I moaned.
Nick settled down on the bed beside me, on his knees, and I immediately reach out for his hard, veiny cock. Dylan continued to rub his cock on my pussy while I started to stroke Nick's cock with my hand.
"Let's try it," Nick said to Dylan.
I got confused by what he meant, and Dylan looked at me.
"Lie down on your side, babygirl," he said in a soft sexy voice.
It made me all tingly, and I did what he said. Nick spooned me from behind, and he took my leg and placed it on top of his so that my pussy was exposed.
He rubbed his cock a little on my pussy before pushing it deep inside me. We both moan together, and Nick swears.
"Fuck, Dylan, she's so tight," Nick groaned.
My pussy clamped around his cock, and it felt so full. Nick pinched my nipples, and my pussy clenched with the movement. He fucked me with slow and hard strokes, and I tried my best not to moan too loudly. I turn my head to look at Dylan, who was stroking his cock as he watched Nick fuck me.
"Nick, more," I begged as he continued to fuck me with slow strokes.
I just wanted him to fuck the shit out of me. Dylan then climbed on the bed and laid down on his stomach with his mouth near my pussy. His hot breath moved closer, and then I felt his tongue on my clit while Nick continued to push his cock in and out of me.
And fuck, that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Dylan not only licked my pussy, but he also licked Nick's balls. The sight made my orgasm built up, and I knew I was gonna cum any moment now.
I placed my hand on Dylan's head and pulled him closer to my pussy. Nick started to fuck me with faster and deeper strokes, and I felt my mind go completely blank. There was nothing else left except for the feeling of Nick's hard cock inside me and Dylan's tongue on us.
"Come for us, Silver. Come for us," Nick whispered in my ear.
And I felt the last straw breaking as Nick pinched my nipple hard, and I felt myself cumming hard on his cock. I felt him erupt inside me at the same time as Dylan licked his balls. My pussy filled with hot cum, and it felt great.
Dylan got up and stood on his knees beside me on the bed as he was stroking his cock hard. His cock made my pussy twitch again, even though I just had an orgasm. I raise my head at the level of his cock and take his cock in my mouth. Nick came behind Dylan and started to pour kisses all over his neck while his hands were all over Dylan's muscled body.
My hands played with his balls while my tongue licked his cock. I look up to see Dylan kissing Nick. I started to play with his cock with my hand as I sucked and licked his balls. Dylan's hands went in my hair, and he grabbed them tightly as he took control.
"Open your mouth wide," he ordered, and I did.
Saliva dripped down from my chin, and Dylan groaned at sight. Nick's hand came to the front and started to play with Dylan's balls. Dylan pushed his cock inside my mouth, and he started to fuck my mouth.
I felt his cock go deep inside my mouth, and my eyes watered as he continued to fuck my mouth harder and harder. He pinched my nipples, and I moan in pleasure.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Dylan groaned.
Nick grabbed his face and kissed him hard, their tongues tangling with each other, and I feel hot cum filling my mouth. Some of it dripped down on the bedsheet as soon as Dylan removed his cock from my mouth. I swallowed his cum, and I fascinatingly watch my brothers kiss erotically. When they separated, Nick came closer to me and kissed me softly.
"Get some sleep. This isn't the end."
And that's when I thought; things are gonna change quickly.

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