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Hi folks, if u recall I am from ahmedabad and staying alone. I always thought that people who say that women read their story and met them were talking a lot of bull shit. But it happened with me also…and my apologies to all my fellow contributors for not believing them.

Well it so happened that a lady(lets call her asha) read my previous story and got in touch with me thru mail. She was very hesitant and we began chatting on yahoo. She told me that her husband almost ignored her completely and she was not at all satisfied with her sex life. She also told me that she was not very good looking or well figured. Her age was around 41 (I am 29)…she was 5.2, 65kgs and had a figure of 38-33-39. I told her that I was not interested in her figure but just herself as a person. We met at a cafe coffee day bar(in bodakdev, for those who know about ahmedabad). We talked abt her family, her husband his job, etc. I realized that she needed some tender loving care and hence decided to go slowly. We met a couple of times outside and slowly she began enjoying my company. We would chat on the net at night and once or twice a week we would meet in a public place time permitting. Finally one day I invited her over to my place. She was pretty impressed with the way a bachelor had maintained the apartment. We sat and held hands and I gently massaged her palm and wrist. She seemed to get excited with my massage of her wrist so I continued doing it. She was wearing a saree. Slowly I kissed her fingers and her palm, and then darted my tongue onto her palm making her squirm, then I stood up and started giving her a back massage real slow.

I massaged her shoulders her neck her upper arms and her lower back. All this while I ensured that not a stitch of her cloth was moved. Then I began kissing her neck and shoulders from behind, bit her ears, licked the ear lobes softly and pressed her blouse clad breasts softly. they were big but real soft and squishy. I loved the feeling of her boobs in my palms. Then I knelt down in front of her and started kissing her thighs and legs over her saree. She had her eyes closed. Slowly I took her feet in my hands and began massaging her feet and ankles. Then I removed her sandals and took her big toe into my mouth and suckled on it. By this time she had one hand on her breasts and she was massaging it. I licked and kissed her sole, her feet, her toes and her ankles. I then slowly slid the saree up to her knees and licked her to her knees, and then the back of her knees. I then asked her if she would like to move to the bedroom. There I raised her saree till her thighs. She was shy for that but wasn’t really in a mood to stop. I tongued her right up to her panty line in her inner thighs. Those thighs were massive but I was enjoying every inch of it. Then I undressed her totally and began licking her nipples and pressing her breasts. That sent her over the top and she asked me to fuck her immediately. I just dropped my clothes, entered her and with some strong pushes, fucked her for about 10 minutes. After that I lay on the bed and she took over. She asked me what to do and I guided her as it seemed her husband never really did anything. She kissed and licked my nipples, my naval and down to my rock hard cock. She massaged the balls gently and then kissed them. This made me go over board.

I then turned her on her back and spread her ass. I licked her anus slowly and then inserted my tongue deep into her anus. This made her go mad and she started pressing her breasts again. I slapped her ass gently and she loved it every inch. Then I tied her to the bed post and brought a few ice cubes. I first put them on her tits and then her armpits. She had a shaved armpit and I licked and put ice cubes alternately. Then I rubbed her inner thighs with the same again and this made her go crazy. I started sucking and licking her pussy and clitoris. Once in a while I would bite her inner thighs also and insert my tongue and finger simultaneously into her pussy. She came twice with this. (later she told me that it was her first orgasm in years).

We took rest for sometime and then we got into the missionary position and started having sex. We fucked for about twenty minutes before I had an orgasm. She had gone wild by then and in a fit of madness I came all over her stomach and tits and she did the most stunning thing I ever expected. She rubbed it into her skin and then licked her fingers. She had a drowsy smile on her face as she did it. I then fingered and licked and tongued her to another orgasm. Alternating between her pussy and her ass. By this time it was noon and she had to hurry back home. We promised to meet again. Later on chat she told me she really appreciated the fact that I was not concerned abt her looks and figure. I just told her that for me what was important was the fact that she wanted sex and loved sex. Rest all is not important. Any ladies interested for an experimental and clangorous time contact me at [email protected]. Tell then adios!!!