Dream Sex With My Chithi

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Hello everyone, this is Raju age 25, working in MNC, Chennai, I have been reading Indian sex stories for the past 2 years and now I going to post my real life experience with my Chithi  dad younger brother’s wife. I used to stare at aunties especially who are in saree, used to see their boobs, waist and their back. Let me tell you the incident which happened between me and my Chithi.
My Chithi age 38 fair in color, has one child age. She is around 65 kg, then think of her body. Her boobs were 36 with a big ass every man in this world will fuck her if they had a chance. She is Daman sexy, I started dream about her when I was in 18. She used to visit my home once in every two weeks with my Sidhtappa dad’s brother and her child. She is staying 10 km far from my home. She wears only saree whenever she visits my home.
I stare at her assets, especially her waist and side boobs, and masturbate that night 3 to 4 times thinking about her. She speaks with me in good manner and she likes me more as a son rarely did I drop her on her home in my bike, at that time I feel her thighs on me and sometimes her breasts. I wanted to seduce her and fuck her daily but I don’t know how to start and at the same time.
I was so scared because, if I take any initiate there might be a high chance of complain it to my parents 3 months back, we went to my cousin’s marriage, My dad accompanied with her brother and  I my mom, Chithi and her boy stayed in the four bedded room which is in the Marriage hall and we went there one day before, so we have to be there for the 3days in the room. I was very happy that she will be with me in all the three days and I can enjoy her beauty
First day evening we have small function and we started getting ready, I became ready and went out, sometimes later my mom also came out. Chithi alone in that room and I planned to go to room, so that I can see what she doing and I went and knocked the door she opened and I said I missed something, so that I came to take it. She was looking gorgeous and sexy in red color saree and blouse. I said Chithi, you are looking good in this saree. 
She smiled and said thank you when I was acting like searching something and looked at her, she adjusting her saree and her pallu was not on her, wow that was an amazing seen. Her boobs are inviting me to squeeze and suck, my dick got raised. I think she forgot that I m in the room. I did not see her in that position, I can’t control it, and I thought I have to use this situation or else I will never get her in my life. 
So I gained some courage and went behind her and hugged her by touching her waist, her ass touched my dick. She got shocked and pushed me back and shouted on me, what you are doing. I got afraid and said, sorry Chithi I can’t control after seeing you in that position. She said, I didn’t expect this from you. I said, forgive me aunty, I never do this again please don’t tell this to anyone.
I came out of the room and remembered the scene of hugging her. My dick got raised and went to the toilet and masturbated. Later she came out and once she was sitting with our relative I came near her and again asked sorry. She said leave it and don’t do this again, as this is bad things. I was happy that she accepted my apology once the first day function is over; we slept in the room she spoke with me normally. 
Next day, they asked me to took bath first and leave the room so that they will get ready after hugging her I m totally out of control, I was in a mind like at any cost I will fuck her. Once the wedding is over we were taking rest in the room and my mom went out for some work. I and my sexy Chithi were there in the room. She went to bathroom and came out, she was in her pink color saree and I hugged her again and kissed her lips. 
Her lips were so soft, before she reacting I pressed her ass, she asked me leave it, but I didn’t hear, I was pressing her ass and kissing her lips and then she pushed me forcedly and I said again sorry Chithi, you are looking very sexy and I am unable to control my feelings even though you are my Chithi, I can’t. I used to masturbate daily by thinking of you. She was stunned to hear this. I asked at least please allow me to hug you and kiss your lips. 
She said no way and went out of the room and she did not speak with me on that day on the third day again I insisted the same and I begged her. Instead of getting angry she simply said no and when my mom went to bath, I hugged her and kissed her lips, she did not protest and I pressed her boobs and sucked it with her blouse on and kissed her navel while kissing her navel she encouraging me by waving my hair and I got the green signal.
I went to her lips and kissed it and this time she responded and kissed my lips back and I took both her lips into my mouth. I pressed her ass and on me she would have felt my dick and moaned. I asked her how it was, she replied hmmmmmm then my mom finished bath and came we separated, and we exchanged the smile. I was very happy that I got her somewhat once we get ready for the third day function, in the function hall I came near her and said, Chithi.
I want to see you nude and kiss your pussy. She said no way, you asked only hug and we did it and don’t ask more. I can’t speak with her more as my relative are around us in the afternoon. I went to the room and slept, later my mom and Chithi came and they also slept. In the evening when I wake up my Chithi alone there in the room and she is getting ready to go back to home as the marriage function is over. I planned to use this time and removed my t-shirt and Jeans, was only in underwear.
Stood before her, she was shocked and at the same time, had a glance on my hairy chest and my fully erected dick inside my underwear. I hugged her and rubbed my dick on her saree covered pussy area. She responded by touching my back. I removed her saree and she was only in blouse and petticoat, I kissed her boobs and squeezed and about the drop her petticoat. She stopped and said, No please, anyone will come at anytime. 
I told if anyone comes then you go the bathroom and wear it. I removed her petticoat and she was in her panty and blouse. Her thighs were very fair and I kissed and licked her thighs and she inserted her hand in my underwear and touched my ass, I was in heaven then I removed her blouse and bra. Wow! What a boobs that was. It was like two mangoes hanging on the tree. I touched it, it was very soft, suddenly she removed my underwear and touched my hairy cock and told I am happy to see and touch a young cock. 
She then went down, kissed my cock head and started sucking it and massaging my balls. She did that for around 10 minutes and told me it’s enough now but I told I want to have sex with you, She replied, yes even I wanted to, but this is not the right place, will do it once we go home, I was very happy to hear this and told, at least I wanted to touch your pussy before she saying yes or no, I down her panty. She had a hairy pussy and was fully wet.
I touched it with my tongue and tasted her cum. She then suddenly put her panty on and said enough and will have it later. I said ok and asked her how she accepted to have sex with me. She said, I even thought of having sex with other men, but it is very difficult for a woman to keep it secret, once you approached I decided to have sex with you. She wearied the dress and I too did it. 
She said I will call you once your uncle goes to office. I hugged her again and kissed her lips. Later we vacated the hall and went to our own houses. Tomorrow morning I was waiting for her call. She called me at 9 and asked me to come. I went there around 10 and rang the bell. She opened the door and asked me to come in. She was in black light transparent saree.
I asked for the uncle and my cousin. She told uncle went to office and cousin went for school. I hugged her immediately she closed the door. She asked me to come to bedroom it was very big room. She did not waste any time. She pushed me to the bed and fell one me. Her boobs were crushed on my chest and she we exchanged a hot kips kiss.
I removed her saree and she removed my t-shirt before I touch her boobs she removed my pant and underwear and made me nude. She looked so hot in that blouse which made my dick standing at 90 degree. I then removed her blouse and petticoat. She was in bra and panty and sucked my dick with moan. I too moaned, she was sucking like expert.
I removed her bra and panties, now we both are nude in her bedroom and I kissed her pussy lips. We moved to 69 and both were sucking and fulfilling our mouth needs around 30 minutes. I rolled her slightly to reach her ass. Her ass was very big I kissed her ass and placed my cheek on it and kissed her asshole and she told now I can’t wait any more place your dick on me and fuck me. I told I was waiting for this for the past 7 years finally I going to have this. 
I go on her and placed my dick on her pussy dick and stated to insert, it was tight, she told your uncle rarely fuck me. I said, he is too waist. Here after I will do it. She smiled at me. I inserted my dick on her pussy and fell on her and moved my dick in and out on her pussy as this was the first time for me, it was different feeling, both our waist were touching and I rubbed my dick hair on her pussy hair.
I can’t believe that I m fucking my dream aunty. I enjoyed it and she places her hand on my back and pressed. I did fuck her for around 15 minutes and told I was about to cum. She told, cum inside, I wanted to feel your cum. I sprayed a lot of cum on her pussy. She told I never felt this much satisfaction in my 15 years sex life. I missed you all this 15 years and we slept there in nude position and after 1 hour we had another session, this time she came on me and fucked me.
I saw her as a homely girl, but I can’t believe now this girl fucking me as a slut and we both cum at the same time. She fell on me and placed her cheek on my chest and I placed my hand on her ass and we slept like that. Time was 2’o clock and had our lunch and the then we had another session intercourse. It was 4’o clock, time for my cousin to come back from the school. I was getting ready to go back to my home, before leaving she kissed my lips and told I needs you entire my life and after that we had sex, whenever we have time. Till now we are having sex like husband and wife.