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I went over to my friend’s apartment to play cards while my wife studied. My friend is a fellow student and his wife is a tall blond that I lust over. Her tits are small compared to my wife’s but she has a really nice butt. When they called me to come over, I agreed but jokingly said only if we played strip poker. They laughed at the idea, but knew there was a little bit seriousness in my joke.

I arrived and was greeted at the door by a bubbly, bouncing, Rita (my friends wife). They offered me a drink and we sat down at the table to play cards. I dealt first. I know many ways to cheat at cards and was going to use them all that night. My friend, Drew, saw what I was doing but didn’t say a thing.

I won the first hand and asked if we agreed that the person with the lowest hand would have to remove a piece of clothing. That meant Rita would have to remove something. Drew eagerly agreed but Rita didn’t really know what to think. She didn’t know if her husband was really trying to get her naked in front of his friend or just playing some kind of strange game.

But Rita agreed to play the game for a little while and took of one shoe in a playful manner. The game continued with Rita losing ever time Drew or I dealt. Rita probably lost a dozen times. She made everything on her body count as a piece of clothing, i.e. An earring counted as one piece, etc. I think Drew and I lost only once. We both took off a shoe. Finally we had her down to where the only thing she was wearing was her shirt, bra, Jeans and underwear. Something good had to come off.

The next time she lost, she just sat in her chair not knowing what to do. I told her that the last hand cost her shirt. She looked at Drew wondering what to do. He looked her right in the eye and told her to take her shirt off. She said she couldn’t. She said she was a married woman and didn’t want any one other than her husband looking at her chest. She smiled widely while she said it though, as if to tease us. She liked all of the attention she was getting, but was also scared of what might happen if she did take her shirt off. I asked her if she was wearing a bra and she said that she was. I said that it wouldn’t be any worse than being seen in bikini top. She looks at Drew again for reassurance and he told her again to take it off. She pulled her shirt out of her pants and pulled it up to expose her wonderful belly button and showed just the bottom of her bra. She stopped again and asked if we were sure we wanted her to do it. We yelled affirmations at her and her shirt came off.

I had one of the biggest hardons I’d ever had. It wasn’t like I was seeing anything I hadn’t seen before. I had looked down her shirt many times before and had seen her in a bikini. It was watching her take her shirt off in front of Drew and I that made it so sexy. That, and the fact that had she didn’t really wanted to take it off, she wouldn’t have. She’s a very independent person. I guess she had an exhibitionist trend in her. With her shirt off Drew and I just stared at her chest for a while. Her bra was made of a silky material so I couldn’t see her nipples. But I could see a lot of cleavage. She was small, but very nice looking. Her stomach was flat and a sight to behold. I told Drew that he was a very lucky guy. That made Rita blush and her checks turned a very bright red. Drew said she felt even better than she looked and reached over and grabbed one of her tits. She slapped his hand and pulled away. In turning away from her Drew, she put her chest near me so I reached and grabbed one of her boobs. It felt good, particularly because of the silky material of the bra. Rita was shocked and didn’t move. Drew had a huge smile. I held it for a second, but it felt like forever. Rita looked me in the eye to try and understand what was going on. She couldn’t believe that a friend of theirs was holding her boob right in front of her husband. None of us really knew how this would all turn out, but we all liked it. I took my hand away and the game continued in silence.

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Not surprisingly, Rita lost the next hand. She stood up and said, “no worse than a bikini right?” and removed her jeans. She twirled around to let us examine her body. That shocked both Drew and I. She was doing this with out our encouragement. Drew told Rita to hold still while her back was to us because he wanted to show me something. With out ceremony, her pulled Rita’s underwear up into her but so that her checks were hanging out. I love to see women’s butt’s like this more than anything. Drew grabbed her butt and gave a little moan of pleasure. He told me to feel his wife’s butt with him, and I did. I stuck my fingers between her checks and squeezed her butt. It was soft and her little hairs on her butt tickled my palm.

Rita said, “Enough games. Let’s get serious.” and took off her bra. I was shocked to see when she turned around with her hands above her head, that her nipples were the size of silver dollars and very light pink in color. She scooped up her tits in her hands and started to squeeze and rub them. I couldn’t believe the situation. I was sitting with my best friend, looking at his topless wife handle her tits while her butt was hanging out of her underwear. It was one of the sexiest moments of my life.

Drew told me that Rita gave a blow job that would make most men scream and would I like to try it. He said that it would bother him if I fucked Rita, but if she wanted to give me a blow job, that was fine with him. (That Drew, what guy!) Rita’s face light up like a kid at Christmas and strutted over to me and knelt between my legs. She started to undo my zipped when Drew stopped her. He told her to ask first. She looked up at me with her big eyes and a pout look on her face and said, “Please let me suck your dick.” All I could do was let out a quite moan.

Rita undid my pants got out my “Thunder Rod”. When she first saw it, she gave a little gasp, then stretched her lips wide and took it into her mouth. Drew in the mean time, moved from the other end of the table so he could see better. The sight of my dick in his wife’s mouth was more than he could take. He took out his dick and started to jack off. I leaned back in my chair and tried to enjoy Rita’s excellent work. The excitement leading up to the moment though was too much for me to last long. I let out a cry and shot into her mouth. She made a moan of excitement and swallowed my cum. Drew seeing this also didn’t last long and quickly shot his wad into Rita’s hair.

We relaxed for about thirty seconds. Then Rita said she needed to take a shower with her husband and “clean up.” She asked if I would mind if they asked me to leave. I said I understood. I mean, after that, they could use some time alone. I myself couldn’t wait to get home to tell my wife about what had just happened.