Drinks With Ivy | incest story from Quil

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Warren stopped eating, and glared at me in frustration, “Ok Wesley, spill it. I know that you’re withholding something from me. You’ve been smiling continuously since you got back from your business trip!”

“I have not!” I smirked, denying my brother’s accusation.

“Will you please tell me why you’ve been so cheerful recently?” he asked gently.

“Ever since your divorce, you’ve shut yourself off from everyone. Seeing you like this brings me great satisfaction, Wesley. So, tell me!” He implored.

“Fine! But don’t interrupt me as I confide in you,” I mumbled.

“Whatever, man.”

After a brief pause, I proceeded. “So there’s this beautiful woman that I met on one of my business trips many years ago. She had the body of a goddess, a stride that screamed sex, and a mouth that was made for my cock. Her name was Ivy, and she worked for a law firm that my company does business with. At that time, she was about twenty-four, maybe twenty-five years of age. Over the years we’ve flirted and had a few cups of coffee together. However, that was where I drew the line, because of my marriage to Dakota.

Last Wednesday, to conclude a contract, I invited the employees for a company dinner that was to be held at 7 pm. To my surprise, Ivy also arrived and before the night was over, we began speaking to each other. She’s so smart and funny too.

At the end of the dinner, I invited her to my suite for a few drinks, nothing more. Her companionship was electrifying, I didn’t want it to end just yet, and, we took separate cars. When we got there, I took her onto the balcony, where we sat and had a few glasses of wine and just talked. At around 9 pm, she casually glanced at her wristwatch and exclaimed in surprise, “My goodness, is that the time already? Thanks for the drinks Wesley, but I must be going.”

I taunted her a little and whispered with a sly smile, “Does Cinderella have a curfew?”

Slowly, she stood and sauntered over to me, placed her glass on the table, and whispered into my ear, “She doesn’t,” then she licked my ear. “I’ve wanted to do this for many years Wesley, but never had the courage. However, tonight I couldn’t resist your temptation.” She leaned into me and kissed both of my eyes, nose, ears, then my lips. We bit and kissed each other before I stood and placed her on my vacated seat.

Unhurriedly, I removed her heels, gliding her stockings down each leg and lightly touching her soft brown skin. I watched as the goosebumps rose along her long legs, all the way to her arms.

Holding her hands, we stood as I twirled her around to the beat of the soft music, that was playing in the background. Gently, I brushed her curly hair to the side, before placing little kisses along her nape. Reaching up, I unzipped her green dress, letting the silky material fall to the floor. Surprisingly, the little minx wasn’t wearing a bra. I gazed in fixation over her shoulder, as her nipples stiffened and pouted for me.

She twirled her head to me as I stared back at her in question, and she mumbled, “I hate those things, they are a hindrance.”

She watched as I raised my hand, and with butterfly touches, glided my fingers along her spine, then her rib cage, striding to stand in front of her. Grasping her voluptuous breasts, I squeezed and took notice of her intake of breath, before I pushed them together and took the chocolate-colored nipples between my fingers and rolled them. This prompted her to arch her back and moan in pleasure. As her breasts pushed onto my hands, I took her nipples into my mouth and sucked on her glorious offering.

“Jesus, Wesley, that feels wonderful,” Ivy whimpered.

She grabbed my hair, pulling me in for more. Fuck, she smelt of almonds and vanilla. I glanced up from my feed and discovered that she was gazing at the way my mouth was devouring her breasts. She swallowed, licked her lips, then pleaded with me to do it again, only this time she needed me to be more brutal.

“Who am I to deny a lady such a naughty request?” She quivered when I spoke, giving her what she desired.

Kissing my way down her stomach, I stopped between her legs.

“Open your legs for me, Ivy, I want to taste you,” as I lowered my head, inhaling her pussy’s fragrance, and groaned. She was so wet. Her pussy looked perfect. Her clit was so tiny that I had to lick it a few times, just to engorge the nub enough to suck on it.

Throwing her head back, she cried out in ecstasy, grasping my hair and screaming, “I’m cumming Wesley.” I stared at her breasts as they bounced, while she fucked my mouth with vigor and squirted. Spreading my tongue, I received every drop that she delivered to me.

“Please Wesley, no more, I can’t take any more of your tongue. You’re too good.”

Chuckling, I teased, “Your pussy tastes divine Ivy, I’m not ready to stop.”

“Mmm, Wesley,” she wailed, as her movement ceased to a minimum, I slowly licked her clit and ran my tongue along her folds as she moaned, rocking her hips until her legs quivered.

“I’m not done,” I licked my lips and smirked at her as she placed her hand on her stomach and groaned.

Lowering my body onto the balcony floor, I instructed her to squat over my face. She did as she was told like a good girl.

Grabbing her butt, I licked from her ass to her clit. Sucking on her sore labia, like a nipple. “Fuck!” She tasted so delicious, that I had to rub my face all over her pussy juice.

She began moaning and rocking her hips on my mouth, whimpering and thrashing about frantically as she came again. I grabbed onto her ass firmly as I stood, placing her on the nearby table. As I lowered my head once more, I began sucking her pussy like a starving man.

“Wesley, oh God, oh God, don’t fucking stop.” before she wrapped her legs around my head and thrust on my mouth.

Glancing at her, I marveled at what I saw. She looked so fucking gorgeous with her bouncing breasts and glistening skin. She opened her legs, exposing her pink pussy to me. Just then she grabbed my hair and demanded, “Is this what you wanted, Wesley?”

“Yes, this is what I need,” I replied ravenously.

“Then take it,” she cried out, before wildly rolling her hips on my waiting mouth.

Her face glowed as she twisted and pulled on her swollen nipples.

Gently inserting two fingers into her sweet pussy, I watched as she let go of her lip and opened her mouth in an “O” shape.

Thrusting my fingers vigorously in and out of her slippery pussy, as she thrust, I ignored her sexual plea and moved my fingers faster in a “come here” gesture.

“Sorry to interrupt your story Wes, but here comes Mum.”

Before long our mother came smiling at us. “Hello boys, how was your lunch?”

“Delicious, as always Mother.”

“Thank you, Warren. Oh, before I forget, someone is arriving within the hour that your father would love for you both to meet. Can you stay until then? This is very important to him.”

We looked at each other with concern, then replied, “What is this all about, Mother?”

She seemed excited, then replied, “When your father arrives, we’ll discuss it.”

Patting our cheeks, she left.

“What do think they want to discuss?”

“I don’t know, but Mother seemed happy about it. Anyway, please continue with your story.”

“Anxious aren’t you?”

“More like eager. Your tale is making me horny Wesley!” He admitted with no remorse.

“Pervert,” I chuckled as we laughed.

”Stretching out my tongue, I rapidly licked her clit and fingered her small pussy. I knew she was staring at me, so I gave her a slow mischievous grin, then asked, “Are you ready, baby?”

“Fuck, yes Wesley,” she cried out breathlessly.

I slapped her pussy, inciting her to scream and jerk her hips onto my mouth, as she climaxed once more. “Fuck, you taste so divine, Ivy.”

I unhurriedly peeled off my clothing and tossed them on the floor along with hers. She asked, as my cock sprang free.

“Magnificent,” she whispered, as she stared at my member longingly, and instantly squatted before me.

“Damn,” I heard her say before she gave my cock a long, wet lick. She licked my balls continuously until my cock wept and throbbed on her tongue.

Smirking, she wrapped her tongue around my cock, and sucked off my pre-cum.

“Mmm. Fuck my mouth Wesley,” she pleaded. Moistening her lips, she took as much of me as she could, and sucked, as I thrust down her throat.

I felt as her throat opened to accommodate my cock. “Fucking hell, that feels so good,” I declared, honoring her throat, as I never ceased thrusting into her mouth.

Hollowing her cheeks, she gazed at me and took my size down her throat.

We both moaned at once, as my cock stiffened, making her choke.

“Stay right there, and don’t move” I begged her, as she choked on me. This got my cock more slippery as I slipped further down her throat.

Clenching her head, I thrust, hitting her uvula, causing her to gag, as tears streamed out the corners of her eyes. Yet, I continued to thrust. When I was close to exploding, I released her head and sat on the chair nearer to the railing.

She came to me and straddled my hips. Aligning her pussy with my cock, she gently lowered her body, impaling herself.

“Arrggghh, God, Ivy, quit teasing me.”

Clenching her pussy muscles around my hard cock, compelled me to thrust. The view of her bouncing breasts, had me reaching up and taking her nipples into my mouth, biting and sucking as she bounced up and down. Holding onto my shoulders, she rotated and rolled her hips on me under the night sky.

“Fill me up Wesley, please, fill me up with your cum,” she implored, losing control and fucking me rough. With beautiful tears streaming down her face, this brown-skinned woman looked so fucking gorgeous.

I held her hips as she took what she desired from me. I sucked on her nipples encouraging her to reach her peak.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

My only response was, “Aarrgghhh.” She held pumped and thrust faster, clamping her pussy around my cock as it jerked in her. We thrust in sync as I emptied my cum, deep into her pussy.

“Wow,” Warren remarked as we moved to the bar.

“Yea. She left a few hours later, confessing that she had a flight to catch.

“Wow,” he said again as our drinks arrived, and we drank them straight. Just then our parents arrived and we took back our spot at the table.

Dad spoke without hesitation. “So boys, you were aware that I had a daughter that was given up for adoption without my consent a year before I met your mother.”

“Yes Dad, we heard the story numerous times,” I answered sadly.

As Mother rubbed his back for support, he held her hand and continued. “I found her a few months ago. I didn’t want to share the news with you boys before I had a chance to speak to her and explain what had transpired all those years ago. But she has agreed to fly in and meet the family.”

“That’s good news!” I exclaimed. “We’ve always wanted a sister to tease.”

“Then your wish is granted because she’s here now.”

“Here, as in the restaurant?” Warren and I asked in sync.

“Yes. And I’d like you all to show her all the love that you have. Is that ok? Will you boys welcome your sister into our family,” Dad asked with optimism?

“Yes Dad, we will.”

“Thank you,” he kissed Mum’s cheek and went to get our sister.

“Please be kind boys, I’ve met her already. She’s a very sweet, and intelligent woman. Unique looking as well,” Mum announced with a loving smile.

“What do you mean?” Warren inquired.

“Well, she is brown-skinned and has blue eyes, just like yours Wesley.”

Suddenly, I gripped Warren’s hand under the table and he gazed at me in alarm. “What’s the matter, Wesley?”

Dad came back just then with the woman. “Boys, I’d love for you all to meet your sister, Ivy Marie Greene.”

We all sat down and introduced ourselves as I tried to hold in the turmoil that was rushing through my body. All through the questions and laughter, our eyes kept reaching for each other and my cock got harder and harder with every passing minute.

When the gathering ended and everyone went their separate ways, I sat in my jeep in the parking lot and just stared at nothing. What did we do? How could I not know that she was my sister? And I fucked her, more than once. Her pussy was in my mouth, I made her climax numerous times. What was I going to do?

“Fuckkk,” I hit the steering wheel and screamed into the vehicle.

The knocking on my window took me out of my dilemma. As the tinted window went down, I saw my visitor.

“Wesley.” She looked so lost as we stared sadly at each other for a moment.

“Get in,” I whispered.

Leaning over, I opened the door for her. I watched as her black dress, rode up her thighs, exposing the area that still held my love bites, that were placed there three days ago.

I stunned myself as a groan slipped past my lips, at the memory of how our bodies connected when that bite was placed.

“Wesley, are you okay?”

I never took my eyes off her thighs as I answered, “how can I be ok Ivy? I just found out that I fucked my sister. A sister that has been on my mind for years. Now, you’re sitting beside me, and all I can think about is removing your underwear and having you ride my cock,” I confessed to her.

“I’m not wearing any underwear!” She stated boldly.


“I said, I’m not wearing any underwear,” she repeated.

“I heard what you said, Ivy. But we can’t!”

“Why not,” she begged, as she climbed over, straddling me. “We never had that brother, sister relationship because we weren’t brought up together. So technically, we’re just friends.”

“It’s wrong, Ivy.”

“It is. But I want you in me again Wesley! Please! You’re already hard, so I know that you want me, too!”

“Of course I do. I’m not going to deny that.” I confessed as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardened member. Rubbing my cock along her wet slit, before lowering herself. She didn’t wait to get adjusted to my size as before.

“Mmm, God, you feel so good, Wesley.” Ivy rode me to perfection, as I held onto her waist, meeting her every thrust with my own.

This woman was insatiable, with her ideal pussy. Using the side lever, I reclined the seat and fucked this woman until we both screamed with passion. I don’t know how we were going to make this predicament work. But we will find a solution.

“Have you been listening to anything that I was trying to explain to you about Wesley?” my father demanded with piqued curiosity. Henry Bourdeaux was a sixty-two-year-old man, with a physique that was built for power. With the height of six-foot-two, a voice that shook you to the core when he spoke, and cold blue eyes that permeate your soul, when he peered in your direction. His persona used to scare me as a youth but he had always kept me in line. However, all of that superiority meant nothing to me today, because of my dear old distraction, Ivy.

It’s been three months since she became a permanent fixture in our lives. In my life. Three months, of us fucking like horny rabbits, every opportunity that we could spare. Her essence had evolved into an enigma to my aching body, and it had begun to become noticeable to my family.

Veering around from the spectacular view of the lakefront, which I was blinded to see, I replied with unbelievable spirit. “Of course, I heard you old man. Nevertheless, investing in that property would be the best decision that you will ever make. So, go for it,” I assured him, puffing on my cigar and then taking a sip of my brandy.

Unexpectedly, Father inquired, “tell me something, Wesley…” As he paused.

“Yes? I’m listening,” I said, glancing over to him, and waited on him to continue.

“What do you think of your sister?”

Ivy! Trying not to choke as the smooth liquid slid down my throat, I thought, she has the sweetest cunt that I’ve ever tasted. Her cries of passion sent me into a frenzy. And her breasts should be in my mouth all day long. However, I never dared to say any of that to him. As I stopped pacing, I inhaled deeply, and replied casually “what do you mean?”

I noticed that he appeared anguished, before replying. “You are the only one, well, besides your brother and mother, of course, who hasn’t cross-examined me about her skin color.”

His declaration stunned me. “Are you serious? Have folks truly been doing that?”

“Yes,” he responded angrily.

“Were you expecting us to judge her?”

“I didn’t know what to expect Wesley,” he responded grimly.

“Dad, you choose her mother, because, at that period in your life, she was who you wanted. And you both got a beautiful child from your actions. Subsequently, after spending a considerate amount of time with her, I think Ivy, is a very graceful and intelligent woman. We feel blessed that she walked into our lives. Mum got the daughter that she has always wanted, and even though she is older than Warren and I, we got a sister to spoil,” I confided to him proudly.

Grinning with gratification, he walked up to me, thumped my back then ushered us back to the Gala, that he and mum had thrown, for the entire Boudreaux family and friends, to meet Ivy.

° ° °

As we stepped out of the study, my eyes wandered the crowd, searching for Ivy. Immediately, I found her, standing next to my mum, and many other family members, smiling and having a spirited conversation. Just then, she glanced up and saw me, then smirked. She kissed my mum’s cheek, hence excused herself, twirled around, and sauntered toward the kitchen.

I managed to maneuver my body through the throng, giving minor greetings, as I hurried, without taking my eyes off her, and strutted in the direction that she had disappeared. Which was the kitchen. However, when I got there, Ivy was nowhere to be seen, except for the red bra, hanging on the pantry door. I moved toward the area with haste, as I felt my cock thump in anticipation.

As I opened the door with the eagerness of a teenager, it was to behold a glorious sight. Ivy had one of her legs positioned on a shelf, her dress had long since been discarded at her feet and her pussy lips were being spread open with her fingers, inviting me in, as it glistened. My breathing escalated, just as I heard my blood roaring in my ears.

“Oh God, Ivy, fuck! Why do you keep doing this to me? Do you want us to get caught? We can’t be doing this here!”

“Shh, come and lay your head between my thighs, and taste what you do to me, Dear Brother,” she commanded.

Her voice bade me to stride with purpose, as if I was in a daze. Closing the door, I dropped gracefully to my knees, gazed up at her, opened my mouth, and clasped onto her sweet-tasting nectar. My body shuddered in bliss, as she groaned. I began sucking greedily while twirling her clit on my tongue.

“God, yes, ooooh, just like that. Mmm, shit Wesley, suck me harder,” she pleaded, before bending her knees, grasping my hair, and rotating her hips on my mouth. She was so aggressive, but, I loved it so much. I dare not withdraw my mouth from her sinful temple. Instead, I clasped my hands on her bottom and pulled her further to meet my mouth. Nudging the skin over her clit tautly with my thumb, I twisted my head and sucked, until her knees trembled.

“Mmm,” she tasted incredible.

“Wesley,” she groaned. “I can’t hold it, I’m cumming, fuckkk. Let me ride your cock, please. On your back, now!”

I hastily unbuckled my trousers and eased them around my ankles. We scrabbled onto the floor, as she climbed over my body. With my rigid cock in her delicate hand, she slowly glided her hot cunt down, as we both groaned in satisfaction.

“Shit Ivy, your cunt feels so fucking good baby. Ride me, ride your brother’s cock,” I coaxed her as I reached up and pinched her nipples. She arched her back in pure rapture, as she held onto my knees. She began thrusting and twirling her hip, as her curly hair sprung loose.

“That’s it, baby, don’t stop. Let me feel your juice slide down my balls as you cum. RIDE ME!”

It was as if she had switched into second gear, because she released my knees, placed her hands on my chest, and rode my cock with passion. I never took my eyes off hers, as our sinful cravings, illuminated in the confined space.

Ivy’s expression twisted with intense emotion. She looked so incredibly beautiful. Without slowing her pace, she fucked me rough and brutal, until my balls tightened and I knew then, that I was about to shoot my load into her.

Her blue eyes flipped back until solely the whites were noticed, as she began to whimper, and shudder. Without any indication, she expelled a passion-filled, scream, that had me sitting up to capture her lips.

“Ivy, someone would hear you, baby, you need to be quiet,” I cautioned her between kisses.”

“I don’t care, Wesley, let them show up and witness what you do to me,” she whimpered in emotion as she wrapped her arms around my neck and continued to thrust vigorously. “You feel extremely good, shit, I’m cumming again,” she exclaimed.

As I grasped her round bottom to help her ride me, I whimpered too, “so am I, sis.”

As my cock twitched, spurts after spurts of cum, shot into her.

“It’s so hot Wesley, shit, give it all to me” she implored, riding me until there was nothing left.

“Jesus, Ivy, that was incredible,” I lamented, smiling smugly, as we struggled to get our breathing back to normal.

“It sure was brother,” she whispered, unmounting me, and replacing her pussy with her mouth. She looked up at me and slowly wrapped her tongue around my lubricated cock head, and glided down my shaft.

“Shit, you’re so good with that mouth sis, mmm, so damn good.” Opening my legs, I reached down and bundled her loose hair in my grasp as I watched her devour my cum soaked cock.

“And you taste divine brother. Fuck my mouth.”

Using her hair as leverage, I thrust into her mouth and pulled her head down to swallow my cock. “Yes, baby, just like that, don’t hold back. Lick my balls, fuck.”

She never lost focus as she withdrew my cock from her mouth, and began tickling my balls with her tongue. “Mmm, just like that baby, oh God, I’m cumming.”

She caressed them several times, before vacuuming her mouth on the head. It didn’t take long before I emptied my hot load down her throat.

“Mmmm,” she remarked in contentment. As she laid her head on my chest, I kissed her moist forehead and exhaled. Abruptly, we heard a voice.

“Wesley? Are you in here? Where is that boy?”

“That’s mum!” I whispered to Ivy, in dread.

“I swore that I saw him come this way!” Mum mumbled to someone. “Warren, call his cell and I’ll look elsewhere.”

“Ok mum, but you are worrying over nothing. Wesley is a grown-ass man. He can take care of himself.”

“Will you just call him!” She exclaimed.

“Fine,” Warren muttered.

Scrambling in my trousers pocket for my phone, I placed the device on mute, just as it showed the coming call. I looked over at Ivy, and she had this mischievous smirk on her face. I returned the gesture, just as the call ended, and I put the device beside my head.

“We better get dressed and join the family, before mum sends the search party,” I told her and helped her to stand. When I was certain that our attire was in order, I cautiously opened the pantry door, and peered both ways, before we existed.

As we arrived at the archway, I heard the unmistakable voice say, “well, well, well, what do we have here? And what, pray tell, were you two doing in that pantry, hmm?”

“Fuck!” I muttered under my breath, wondering how long he had been standing there in the dark? “Fuck!”

Glimpsing at Ivy, I discovered her staring at him with a composed demeanor. She certainly was outstanding.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” He exclaimed harshly, trying to intimidate us.

Clearing my throat, I clarified. “Ivy required a break from the family, so I brought her into the kitchen for a cup of tea.”

However, Ivy glared at him and announced, “I was riding his cock,” as she bit her lip and continued staring him down.

“Excuse me?” He asked us, perplexed.

“Do you need me to repeat myself, Daddy?” She inquired innocently.

This was the first time, that I’ve ever caught a glimpse of Henry Boudreaux at a loss for words. He simply stood there frowning at Ivy and me. Eventually, he declared, “Follow me into my office,” then veered around, and walked away at a steady pace.

I seized that moment to chastise her, “What the fuck is wrong with you? We’ve talked about this!” I murmured, infuriated.

“Relax, Wesley, it’s fine,” she whispered.

“How can you be this poised? He’s going to rip us apart. Literally.”

“No, he won’t,” she said chuckling optimistically. “Did you see how his eyes had dilated when I called him ‘Daddy?'”

“What? I…”

Before I could continue, Dad twirled around and warned us, “here comes your mother and brother. Don’t inform her about your whereabouts,” as I nodded to him. “And Ivy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Don’t you dare utter a fucking word to them!” She sniggered, then also nodded, anticipating their appearance.

“Where were you guys?” Mum questioned with concern when she neared us.

“Wesley stepped out for a smoke, and Ivy accompanied him, Mary,” Dad informed her, then leaned in, kissing her forehead. Both Ivy and I stared at him in astonishment. He recovered quickly from our unexpected news.

“Well, that makes sense. Nevertheless, in the future, please inform me, because you all are aware of my condition,” mum expressed.

“Sure, mum. I apologize for upsetting you.”

She frowned at Dad, then asked, “What’s going on, Henry? Why do the three of you appear to be so tense?”

“Something arose Mary, and I wished to discuss it with these two. Will you give us a moment, Dear?”

Mum gazed at the three of us, in scrutiny, before responding. “I’ll give you forty-five minutes, Henry, because you have a speech to deliver.”

“Thank you.” Caressing his wife’s shoulder, he kissed her lips, turned, and continued to the office.

As we shuffled away, Warren clasped onto my arm and begged quietly, “what did you do?”


“Well, he looks furious, be careful,” Warren warned, then walked away.


Pursuing Ivy and Dad into the office, he demanded, “lock the door, and someone initiate this explanation. Tell me what the fuck went on in that pantry?” He requested calmly.

Dismissing his query, Ivy asked her own, “Why did you lie to your wife, Daddy?”

Scowling at her, he shouted, “Why did you fuck your brother?” He growled.

“Temper Daddy! Regardless, when we first had intercourse, we weren’t aware of our relation.” Wesley went on to clarify how we met and what happened, henceforth. Dad listened and nodded off and on to our tale.

Abruptly, Ivy gazed at Dad, and proclaimed with amusement, “Daddy?”

“Yes, Ivy.”

“Why is your cock straining against your trousers? Does our story arouse you?”

Staring at her observation, he muttered, “of course, it doesn’t. You both are my children.”

Ivy glanced at me and smirked. Realizing what she was thinking, I stepped towards her, whilst looking at our Dad, and slowly unzipped her dress, letting it pool around her feet. Undoing her bra, it instantly followed her dress.

“What are you doing, Wesley? Stop this madness immediately. Ivy, redress, now! Mary will be here shortly,” he announced, sounding uncertain.

“Then, we better hurry then. Come and taste her pussy juices, Dad,” I coaxed him, playing with her clit.

“No! This is wrong,” again, he sounded unconvinced. Nevertheless, he began to stroke his rigid cock briskly, never taking his eyes off her pussy.

“Come, Daddy, come and taste my pussy. Please, it aches for you. See how it cries for your tongue?” as she fingered herself and withdrew a moist finger. “Come and taste what you do to me.”

Her provocative words did something to him, because within seconds, he shoved off the table, and came to her, plunging to his knees.

“Suck,” she instructed seductively, opening her pussy lips for him.

He peered at me, as I nodded. Dad positioned her leg onto his shoulder, devouring her pussy slowly. He groaned and closed his eyes in enjoyment.

“Mmm. Oh, Daddy, your mouth feels so good. Don’t stop,” as she began thrusting her hips.

“You like that, don’t you sis,” I whispered into her ear, already knowing the answer.

“Yes,” she shuddered and whimpered breathlessly.

Grabbing his silver hair, she rocked and twirled her hips to the beat of his tongue. “Bite me, Daddy; nibble on your daughter’s clit. Ooo, yes, just like that.”

Reaching up, he caressed her butt, pulling her further into his hot mouth, moaning and groaning in pleasure. Unexpectedly, his hand grazed my straining cock. He opened his eyes and looked at me, then nodded.

Unhurriedly, I presented my cock to him, and he grasped it. My hips bucked in eagerness as I began thrusting into his large, calloused hand. “Fuck! That feels terrific.”

Ivy threw her head onto my chest, groaning in satisfaction, “Daddy, I’m cumming, that feels so good. Don’t stop,” she begged.

He kept sucking on Ivy’s pussy and pumped my cock vigorously, then, without warning, his hot mouth replaced his hand. He licked off my precum before circling his tongue on my engorged cock head, then swallowed my entire shaft.

“Fuckkk.” I was at a loss for words, but my hips spoke for me.

Ivy got behind Dad and unbuckled his belt. Reaching into his boxers, she removed his large cock, and gasped. “He’s even bigger than you, brother,” she commented in bliss.

“Let me see!” I begged in curiosity as Dad leaned back and displayed his cock for us. “Magnificent,” I whispered in awe.

He smirked, then resumed honoring my cock. “Jesus, you’re so good with that mouth, Dad, fuck!”

Grabbing his head, I savagely fucked his mouth as he held on to my ass cheeks, taking all that I offered. Ivy grasped his cock, stroking and pumping him with vigor. He shuddered and groaned deeply. That was all it took for me to cum. I grabbed his head and emptied my cum down his throat. “Take it all, you motherfucker; take it all.”

“Mmm,” he mumbled.

When I ceased thrusting, he withdrew my cock, breathing heavily as he licked his lips, and glanced down, watching Ivy’s brown hand pump him.

“Remove your clothes, Wesley,” Dad declared.

As I did this, he caressed Ivy’s cheek and whispered, “give Daddy a second, would you, baby girl, I have on too much clothing.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“Good girl.”

When we were all naked, he inquired, “who’s going to be the first to sit on my cock?”

“Ladies always go first,” I stated. Getting between his legs, I grasp his cock with both hands and began to gently twist it, clockwise and anti-clockwise, before taking it into my waiting mouth.

He inhaled deeply and growled, “Shit, son. Where did you learn that? Tighten your throat muscles. Ahhh, yes,” he groaned, thrusting into my mouth.

Ivy squatted over Dad’s mouth and pleaded sweetly, “kiss my pussy Daddy, make it wetter.”

“Anything for you, baby girl,” he promised breathlessly, latching onto her pussy.

“Oooh, Daddy, yes, yes, just like that,” she screamed, grinding her hips onto his mouth with abandon. Our oral went on for a duration, until, finally, Ivy screamed with gusto, “I’m cumming, Daddy; shit, I’m cumming.”

“Cum on Daddy’s cock, baby,” as he lowered her to his waiting unit. I grasped Dad’s slick cock and guided Ivy onto it. They both sighed in satisfaction. No one moved for a moment as they both tried to regain their breath.

“Mmm, Wesley, he’s so big. I feel so full,” she groaned in awe.

Dad gazed at her and asked with concern, “does it hurt you, baby? Do you want me to take it out?”

“Fuck, no,” she giggled delightfully. She got up onto her haunches, sliding up and down on his spectacular pole.

His breath hitched as the sensation began to take effect, “fuck, babydoll, your pussy feels spectacular.”

“So does your cock. Daddy, fuck me harder, please,” Ivy begged our Dad, grinding her hips.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He held onto her hips, whimpering, “stay still, baby girl,” and began jackhammering into her tight warmth with harshness. She took his brutal thrust like a champ. Dad was like a thirsty stallion, never giving up as he fucked his daughter with devotion.

“Your pussy is marvelous, baby,” he announced, impaling her continuously. With sweaty bodies, he pulled her closer to him and began suckling each nipple.

“Mmm, bite them, Daddy,” she murmured, doped up on euphoria. “Ahhh. Daddy, right there, harder! Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming,” she screeched, accepting his thrust. I grasped her throat and kissed her sensuously.

“Mmm,” she groaned. Coupled with Dad’s fucking and my kissing, her eyes flung back. Screaming and bucking her hips, I watched as my sister, creamed our Dad’s cock to perfection.

Dad held onto her torso as he supported her to ride out the emotion. When their breathing returned to regular, Dad lifted himself into a sitting position, with his hard cock still impaling Ivy, and laid her exhausted body, on the carpet.

“Clean her up, Wesley,” he requested, as I gazed at his slick member. It oozed with cum.

Smirking with lust, I got between Ivy’s swollen and leaking pussy, hence, licked up their cum. As I performed this task, I felt Dad’s tongue lubing my asshole. Jerking my hips at the sensation, I groaned onto Ivy’s pussy.

“Oh my, Wesley,” she whimpered.

Dad got up and began to gently ease his thick cock into my virgin hole.

“Fuck,” I muttered in discomfort. Laying my cheeks on my sister’s stomach, she rubbed my hair, trying to distract my distress.

“It’s ok,” she cooed.

“The head is in, son,” Dad confirmed, thrusting slowly into my dirt track.

With each thrust, his cock entered further and further into me, and I began to receive a tingling sensation. Dad began to pound into me and grunted with each thrust. He gripped my hips for leverage and began ravaging my ass.

Subsequently, I felt his cock twitch before he bellowed, “I’m fucking cumming, fuckk,” he roared and slammed into me, emptying his cock chamber.

Feeling the magnitude of his release, my cock twitched, and I exclaimed in rapture, “I’m close.”

Ivy scrambled under me and fastened her mouth seconds before my cock erupted.

“Argh, argh,” I grunted and thrust, as both Dad and Ivy took me to a higher height.

When we all were sated, Dad removed his cock and leaned against his table whilst Ivy and I spread out on the floor. Three pairs of blue eyes stared at each other, and we began to chuckle.

“We better get dressed before Mary comes knocking on the door,” Ivy declared. We stood, and gathered our clothing. Merely five minutes after Dad and I helped her dress, a knock was heard.

“Be a sweetheart and open the door, will you, Ivy!” Dad asked.

“Sure thing Daddy.”

We watched her saunter to the door seductively and groaned in unison. She was the epitome of desire.

“Ivy!” Dad uttered deeply, as he walked briskly toward her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied in concern. “What do you need?”

“You!” As he swiftly pulled her underwear to the side and buried his face in her pussy.

“Daddy, someone is knocking,” she stated breathlessly. He placed her on the floor, unbuckled his pants, and slammed into her moist pussy.

“I… don’t…fucking…care…” He informed her. With tears streaming down his face, he confessed, “Jesus, baby, I can’t stop. Please forgive my brutishness, you feel so good” as he slammed into her over and over again.

“I love it,” she admitted to him.

They both seemed lost in their tryst. Turning to me in a daze, he exclaimed, “get rid of them,” then continued his hungry thirst.

Swiftly exiting the office, I greeted my mother and smiled.

“Are you guys finished with your meeting, Wesley? Your father needs to be delivering his speech!” She mumbled in dismay.

“Can you give us another twenty minutes, mum? You know how Dad can be when he gets started on something!” I justified.

“I know that all too well. I’ll give him half an hour, nothing more,” she patted my cheek, then left. I gazed across the dining room and saw Warren staring my way. He gestured for me to center my bow tie, then downed his drink.

Returning to the office, I discovered a beautiful sight. Ivy was again naked, on all fours, with her breasts bouncing to the beat of Dad’s thrusts, “I’m cumming, Daddy.”

“So am I, baby.” His face twisted in passion as he once again emptied his cock into another one of his offspring.

“I can never get enough of her, Wesley, what are we going to do?”

“I have no idea Dad, nevertheless, we’ll figure it out.”