Driver gives pleasure

Before my marriage I had enough sex through an incestuous relation with one of my nephew for nearly four long years. I had had sex with him till the day of wedding. I carried his seed in my womb to my husband’s house. As a result I was pregnant throughout the period when we were expected to be on honeymoon. Even after my son was born, my husband could never give me satisfying fuck since his business occupied his mind heavily and we lived in a joint family which had little privacy.

The sex with my husband was limited to his raising my saaree and petty coat and opening the blouse buttons to expose boobs. (I did not wear panty and bra at night). After that he opens his zipper and takes out his small thin toy and inserts in my pussy, few shakes and then discharge. This was leaving me high and dry.

Having had plenty of sex in early life and an unsatisfied married life there was a constant fire in between my legs to get a hard fuck… After my son started going to school, I started looking for someone who can satisfy my fire and the opportunity came quickly.

Initially our family had one car which my husband and his elder brother used to take to their business. After sometime their business started doing well and they bought a Honda city. Since the parking space in the market where my husband and his brother had shop was rather restricted, they hired a driver who used to drop them and come back home for any other movement required.

We had all the comforts of life and nearly all the work was done by servants. This left enough time for my mind to wander and think about naughty things. My sister-in-law was also sailing in the same boat and we frequently saw porn cds.

The driver’s name was naresh and was a young boy in his early 20s. He was unmarried and gave hungry glances over my body. His glances sent shivers in my heated body and I decided to satisfy my hunger through this boy.

I had experience of seducing men earlier. Using that, I started giving more exposure of my curves and sexy walk to this boy. The change in his was quick and he also started roaming around me.

I did not want to waste time and one day when my sister in law was in bathroom and servants were doing their tasks, I called him in my room and asked him to apply oil on my legs and knees and while he was doing so gave him good exposure of my pink pussy which I had shaved in the morning. The effect was electric and I could see the bulge in his pants. I took his hand in my hands and raised it till his fingers were touching my moist pussy lips. The boy got the message and started rubbing my pussy and soon located my clit and his fingers were giving me much wanted pleasure. The pleasure increased as naresh inserted more fingers in my wet pussy and went deeper but the time was short and I heard the door of the bathroom of my sister-in-laws room open. I pushed his hand out. He got the message and left my room. Fire in my body was now reaching the point of volcanic eruption.

Unable to withstand the raging fire in my body. I got ready and moved off with naresh telling my sister-in-law that I need to do some urgent shopping and asked her to look after my son when he returns from school.

I made naresh drive to a lonely spot. The boy now knew very clearly what was going to happen and was co-operating fully. After reaching a isolated spot I signaled him to come in rear seat and he literally jumped on rear seat (and me)

We lost no time in removing each other’s clothes. Naresh appeared to be familiar with the geography of a woman’s body and his hand was giving my boobs the much wanted kneading and was going nicely over my naval, my mound of venus and then to pussy lips, clit and inside. I too showered him with deepest kisses and nice rubbing on his steel hard cock which made it hotter and longer.

I was getting breathless now and perhaps wanted to shove in his tool in my wet pulsating pussy. I also was eager for the fuck, so took his big one in my hands and placed it over my moist lips and rubbed.

More juices erupted from pussy and eased the entry of his cock further in my love tunnel. He increased pressure on my pussy and his man hood entered my flowing love hole. I raised my legs to let his man hood go deep, he responded quickly and pushed his hard and big man hood in my wanting pussy. He started fucking me hard and every stroke of his hard meat gave me increasing pleasure. He was hissing loudly as he rammed his cock in my depth again and again. His hand was busy on my boobs and round ass. I was digging my fingers in his back and crotch. Our tongues were exploring each others mouth to increase the pleasure further.

Initially I thought that this ramming of my pussy could go on for ever but then waves of extreme pleasure started passing through my body. I sensed naresh was also close shooting his hot cum in my cunt. I raised my hips to take the load deep inside and the shot came exactly at that moment. This buried the hot lava deep in my love hole. Next three shots were also taken in. After that naresh took out his cock and rubbed over my boobs. I enjoyed the juice laden cock on my boobs.

After the satisfying round of sex we started looking for our clothes which had become mingled with each other and it was taking us time to sort out and wear them in the closed space of the car. When this was going on I could sense desire coming again in my pussy for another encounter. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked. Naresh was overjoyed to see the site of his cock going deep in my throat. He became hard again and I opened my legs again to let the fuck start again. This time the fuck was really long and naresh was getting exhausted… In order to give him relief I turned him upside down and rode his cock… The position allowed deeper penetration. I went higher and higher in pleasure and fucked hard. Soon naresh shot another punch of cum in flooded pussy.

After the sex I came back home and straightway went into my room. This alarmed my sister in law and knew she will be able to know what went during my outings with naresh without much difficulty so I decided to rope her also in these rounds.

I could do that successfully in a week’s time. Those are different stories which will come in few days.