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After having a satisfying round of sex with my driver on that fateful day when I came back home, my looks were sufficient to raise some doubt in my sister-in-law’s mind and I could not have continued to have regular sex with driver as long as she was there. I thought about this and finally came to conclusion that she also has to join us. I knew that she was also sex starved due to her husband being too engaged in business. We used to watch porn sex video together at home during the day time when our husbands were away.

Next day onwards while watching porn stuff I became more open and started rubbing my and her pussy and succeeded in exciting her but me when I asked her whether she will go outside her marriage to have sex she replied in negative. This did not dampen my spirits. I discussed with Naresh (our driver) and we came out with a plan.

One day when we were watching porn video with my sister in law, I opened her saaree (An Indian Dress) and petty coat making her fully naked from below and did the same to mine and we were rubbing each other’s pussy frantically, I let Naresh walk in the room (as part of our plan I had left the door open). Now my sister in law was shocked and very afraid.

She started pleading to Naresh saying “Naresh please don’t let any one know about this”

Naresh came back quickly “okay madam, but only if let me touch and play with your lovely boobs and choot” and turning to me he said “of both of you …madam”

I let the issue being decided by sister in law.

She came back after some thought “okay all right, but only licking and play with them – ‘lund andar naheen daaloge’ (you will not insert the cock)”

I was happy that so far the plan was going right.

He turned to me and asked “madam what have you decided?” I just raised my hands to convey the agreement.

Naresh first proceeded to my sister in law (Kamlesh). Hugged her tightly and his hands grabbed her full boobs and gave a long French kiss to Kamlesh. There was some resistance from kamlesh but after a minute long kiss her tongue was also exploring Naresh’s mouth. Now Naresh opened her blouse buttons and asked me to do the same. After our bras were removed he asked us to stand side by side and took one nipple at a time in his mouth and started sucking one by one. My excitement was rising. I was eager to open his zipper of his pants and take his lund (cock) in my hot choot (pussy). But had to contain my feelings for some more time otherwise our plan would have blown away. Now Naresh was pressing two boobs with two of his hands and sucking two nipples one by one. His hand was going time and again in between our thighs and this was increasing the fire burning there.

I could notice Kamalesh’s nipples getting hard and her choot becoming wet with the foreplay. I just prayed that my plan should not fail. Naresh then lifted Kamlesh and put her on sofa. Widened her legs and inserted his mouth in between the thighs and went in. His tongue was now in the pink lips of Kamesh’s choot. The lips were very wet and were getting wide.

“madam, your body is so sexy…it can make dead people come alive, your husband must be fucking you whole night” Naresh was almost hissing in excitement now.

After a few licks Naresh increased the speed of licking and now he was licking the whole length of the opening like a hungry dog. Kamlesh was fully enjoying and her body was in rhythm with the licking. Naresh asked me to open his pants and remove the undies from back. His cock jumped out like a steel pole and was red hot. He then asked me to rub his cock and balls. This made him hotter and he was now wild. This increased the pressure in Kamlesh’s choot and tongue was now going deeper in her choot and exerting more pressure on the clitty.

Excitement in Kamlesh’s body was rising and just before she was to explode in ultimate sex pleasure Naresh removed his head and grabbed me and put me on sofa (as per plan). This left Kamlesh high and dry and she quickly came after Naresh and grabbed him back towards her thighs. She was trying the press his head over her choot. Now final moment had come. As Kamlesh widened her legs to take Naresh’s head, Naresh rose up and held his throbbing cock and slammed in her choot. No resistance came from Kamlesh. She welcomed the action by widening her legs further.

I was very excited on seeing the Naresh’s lund penetrate my sister-in-laws choot and chastity. Before I could overcome the feeling, I saw Naresh pump her choot deep and deep. It was a hard ramming action. Juices were flowing from her choot and Naresh was like an animal. His pumping and making sounds from his mouth. The fast pumping also raised sounds of fuch fuch fuch fuch……. It was great. Finally we had found a stud to satisfy us within our house. In minutes Kamlesh started cumming. Naresh pumped her faster and faster as her body went into violent rhythms she was inserting her claws in the back and was taking the lund deep and deep. After she became some controlled Naresh took our his now cumming cock and sprayed the cum all over her body. Kamlesh enjoyed cum bath. After all she had undergone first cumming in her life.

After completion of the cum spray on her body also Naresh inserted his lund in my mouth. I licked it with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the cum juices over it.

My vigorous licking and sucking made his cock hard again and now he asked me to be a doggy like on sofa and stood by the side of sofa. He inserted fingers on my choot lips and widened them and in one stroke inserted his whole length in my love tunnel. My pussy was ready to welcome it so it went in to deepest of my throbbing love hole. Now the animal in Naresh was on me. He was pumping, biting, and pressing my boobs perhaps enjoying the success of plan. Today I was not behaving the way I should have still trying to maintain cover over the plan but I enjoyed the fuck like a bitch being fucked by a dog. It went on and on and my sex habituated choot cummed twice before Naresh was spraying his hot and tasty cum over my body. After taking the cum bath I went to Kamlesh who was still lying and seeing me fucked. In fact she had started fingering herself. I took out my tongue and started licking the cum over her body. She responded back by licking my body. I went down to her choot and cleaned it up. She also did the same.

Naresh said “come on you both … Clean my lund also”

We did that happily

Then we all lay on sofa and watched porn and were playing with each other’s body freely. As evening was approaching I said “how about a bath together?”

Both Naresh and Kamlesh agreed.

We had a bath together and let Naresh’s lund play with our boobs with water flowing all over. We soaped him and then let his cock slide in to our choots turn by turn. When he was ready to cum I opened my mouth to let the first shot in my mouth. Even before second shot could erupt, I was pushed aside by Kamlesh and she said “hat randi mujhe bhee apane yaar ka maal peene de” (get aside you slut, let me also drink the cum of my fucker.