Driver Seduces And Making Pregnant His Madam – Part III

This is the continuation for my story please read the part I and II first:

Madam Inturrupted me and said ‘stop! She then said in a low shy voice by looking down driver. I surrender to you driver please quench the thirst in my body that you have created please do whatever you want I’m your’s. I said ‘you bitch then why did you teas me all these days and showed all those dramas of a loyal housewife. I knew you were easy lay. Madam said no still today no one other than my husband has ever touched me but from the day you had seen me in the bathroom.
The way you see my body your touches have set fire in me and it’s unbearable for me now. You scroundel driver you have destroyed my married life (driver please tum mere jism ki aggg mita do. Main tumhain mala mal kardungi mujhe) I said ‘then madam and when do you want and how will it be possible as Boss is around? Madam said by looking at me sexily for business purpose your boss is going out of India tonight for seven days.
I went closer to madam and her busts pressed against my chest and I hugged her and caught her bums tightly oooohhh what I feeling indeed two huge jel bags they were soft! She also hugged me and then she said that there is a small problem. I asked what.She said though boss is going out and but at night madam’s daughter would be staying at house. I said no problem and we have to arrange outside your house. She smiled. 
I went out of the trial room and after three minutes she dressed back in saree and came out. Probably as we both were too much excited so we did not talk to each other much.We went to the parking and I opened the door for madam and as madam was getting in the car and I slapped tight on one of her soft bums with my big rough palms.Madam yelled in pain ooooo and sat in the seat when she looked at me. I gave a wicked smile then madam also shyly smiled me back.
I started driving and left the mall and all the while driving we did not talk to each other but kept on looking at each other’s eyes frequently through the rear view mirror. I dropped her at her house and went to office to take boss untill night my exitment knew know limit. I could not believe that my long dreamt madam my sex goddess is going to be fucked by me. I can use her as I like and she is mine and I went to chemist’s shop and took high doses of viagra.
I was impatiently waiting for the night to come in our servant’s equator. Just then boss called me up and said to bring the car and be ready to drop me in the airport. It was night 10.30 pm when I was waiting with the car and boss and madam both were ready and they both were approaching the car when I first saw madam. Ohh! My dick started dropping pre cums just by looking at her sexy outfit and by the thought of getting her tonight.
She was wearing very light total transperent costly white siffon saree, white backless choli (blouse) the choli which was tied on her neck and a transparent string low on her back was exposing her whole back and was so low cut that showing more than three fourth of her huge milky cleavage by chance a string is broken then every one will see her pigeons fly. She also wore her saree very tightly over ass and much much below her navel.
She was looking drop dead heated gorgeous.I made way for her to go in front as I wanted to drink her jiggling back and bums from behind and there you are: I was walking behind Minu madam and I was going mad after seeing her madam’s milky white back and her jel filled bums vibrating by each of her steps. She indeed had hugely protuding round ass. I thought what an ass jiggling like gel bag. I thought in mind various postures to bang this slut as soon.
I opened the door for her and she got inside the backseat of her mercedece my eyes widened as I watched with awe Minu’s hugely exposed flaunting cleavage perhapes madam has worn the most lowest cut blouse today,that I have ever seen. My mouth was almost watering seeing her big globes in half exposed blouse Boss was sitting at the madam’s side but perhapes didnt paid proper attention to this beauty and kept on talking in mobile some business points with somebody.
I could not realize that when we reached airport Boss bid goodbye to madam and made entry inside the security checkings. We came back to our car and madam sat at her back seat and I started driving after two minutes of complete silence madam asked shyly where you are driving. I replied in a harsh tone chupkar saali aj se tu mera rand hae mae tujhe jaha bhi chahu lejaunga jo bhi chahu karunga na to tu mujhe kuch 
Kahegi na to tu mujhe kuch order degi (from today you are absolutely mine and I’ll take you whereever I like do whatever I like with you neither you will say anything nor you will give me any orders) Madam kept silent I took the car in a near by city by-pass,and came down from the road to deep into the side by dark fields and turned all the lights off. The night being a day after no moon night it was impossible for the passer bys of the road to see.
Besides at that hour traffic was least on that road and the mercedes had black glass and so I only switched on the light inside the car and the ac. I came down from the driver’s seat ,opened the back door and got in and locked the door from inside.I saw madam’s eyes full with lust and fear Boss had innovated the interior of the mercedes for luxory purposes. He had shifted the back seat much behind and made a great space in between the front seat and back.
The floor was furnished with costly carpet I sat on the floor and watched madam very well with lusty eyes from head to toe. She became shy and couldnt look at me. I said to madam to come down on floor and sit at my side. Madam said niche to ganda hae” (the carpet is dirty) I replied to keya hua aj ke baad tu bhi gaandi ho jaigi! (So what after today you’ll also become very dirty) Madam hesitatingly came down from her seat and sat on the floor.
Madam was was 5’.5 inches tall with milky whitish complexion, long black hairs up to her massive protruding hips with attractive face and I had a very big and well shaped boobs and ass and both her boobs and butt were abnormally large compared to my whole body structure I on the other hand was deep black in color. I was 5’10 mascular rather bulky man. Zade black complexion.
Bald and I looked exactly like those African men in blue films where as Minu looked like a sex goddess. I went close to Madam I could almost hear madam’s heart beat loud and clear in the silences of the field. I grabbed the pallu of her saree out came her ripe balls.Oh! What a scene was it inside her cleavage her mangal sutra was stuck. I was having a good hardon. I asked her to untie the saree from her petticoat.
She did it without a word her saree had a charming smell I took the saree and threw it in the front seat by that my sex goddess was sitting infront of me with only a thin tight sleeveless blouse with a huge busty bulge and her petticoat in her lower abdomen exposing her big navel. My mouth was watering I placed my two big rough palms on madam’s huge softy boobies over her low sleeveless blouse.
Madam gasped ‘sshssssss I started pressing madam’s boobies a little and she closed her eyes.Then suddenly I with one pull tore madam’s blouse apart and held it wide open. Her boobs jumped out with skinny thin black bra. Madam’s eyes were wide open and asked with terror in eyes why did i tear it was her costliest blouse. I said I did it as a punishment for teasing me for so many months. She did not reply me anything I threw the blouse in the front seat too.
Now she was only in her bra and petticoat I pulled the string of her petticoat and pulled it out from her leg and threw it in the front seat. She was silently presenting herself to me.Wow! She was a sex goddess to look at. She was only in a very thin black panty and a bra and her bulkyness added to her appeal with that dress. She was not looking at me properly and had her eyes full of shame. I sat in front of her and opened my uniform shirt and vest and pant and underware and became totally nude.
It was like those of the African mamba cocks. My cock was almost 10 inches long even when half erect. It was more than 6 inches thick with a big triangular cap on top.My penis was a cut penis,as I was a Muslim my testicles were like two large tennis balls hanging. They were big round and heavy I was full nude in front of madam Minu. Minu madam was seeing for the first time any man nude other than her husband in her life. I saw madam’s eye widened in fear by looking at the size of my cock.
She asked with fear ‘how can that go in me? I replied by destroying your vagina aaj ke baad teri ye bur aisi 18 saal ki bachchi ki tarha nehi rahegi ye kisi rand ki gandi bur banjaegi I saw fear in madam’s eyes. I stood up and sat at the back of the front seat and asked madam to come forward. Madam crawled in her knees and sat infront of me in her knees. Oh it’s a great feeling to have my own madam my long dreamt sex goddess on her knees between my legs.
I then said lo ab choos Madam refused strictly. She said its very dirty and she has never done it in life neither she would do it. I caught hold a tight grip of her open hair.In pain she said ‘aaaaah’ and as her mouth opened while saying aaaaah, I shoved my penis in her mouth at first she resisted by biting my penis. I said if you bite my penis then I’ll leave you nude in the middle of the by pass road and go away.She eased her jaws and I started shoving in inch by inch.
My dick had became so much swallowen that madam had opened her mouth to her full extent yet my dick was having difficulty getting in only a quator entered and it was not going further. I started pushing in and out and that state only. I held madam’s hair in one hand and by other hand I held her face up by her chin oooh it was a great view as madam’s thick sexy lips with red lipstick on them wrapped my black thick penis with in second madam was coughing as if vomiting.
She said she cannot tollerate the smell and she will die and I by hearing it again shoved inside her mouth and kept pumping. Madam was making sounds from her throat like gargaling ggghhrrrrrr ggghhrrrrr hhuuuaakk hhhhhrrrr. She was indeed choaking and her eyes were full of tears and she was looking at my eyes with fear in her eyes. I kept face fucking her soon she started vomiting water as I chocked her mouth totally with my penis.
I saw she was vomiting water through her both nostrils. Oh! What a feeling was it? I felt her warm vomit passing from her throat up to her nostrils on my penis tip and I just there I started cumming Madam was about to spill it out but I quickly pressed both her nostrils close and cummed in her throat by holding her head tightly with lots of choking sound and she swallowed each of my drops. I never felt like that before it was greatest of my cums as I took out my penis from her mouth
I pulled her face up by holding her chin and kept tightly kissing her thick juicy lips. Oh I had never tasted such lips before it was so thick and so soft that I within no time got a hardon. It was mesmerizing I pushed her strongly and she laid flat on the floor of the Mercedes ooooh what a sight my madam in black bra and panty lying infront of me and her thighs big fat fleshy fair with a perfect triangle in between and her flabby tummy with a big navel and huge boobs within her skinny black bra. 
I pounced on her and lay on my madam. I looked at madam’s eyes directly and she did not say anything to me but I saw her eyes filled with water. I pressed my lips on her lips and started kissing her passionately. My kisses were very hard and rough during all that time and I was slipping my rough palm on her soft inner thighs and butt and squeezing them passionately. 
I was kissing very slowly her ear lobes neck and soon I made madam moan hhoooooo ssshhh no oohh mm. I raised her arms on her head and started licking her armpits like some icecream.She was fascinated by such act.She started moaning very loudly hoo driver what no sssaaaa ooooooo mmm oooommm please aab ieee rookoo na please! While moaning like this she was arching a lot while being pined down by my body weight.
By each of my licking in her arm pits and she arched her back to her full extent with her boobs up in the air.Then I looked at madam’s swaying massieve boobs. The bra that she was wearing I had never seen such bra’s fashion it had a single button at the centre of her two tits and it clenched tightly madam’s milky jugs. I asked what type of bra is this. Madam said that this was gifted by her husband purchased from abroad. Then I just with the tip of my two fingers opened that button between her chests. 
Right there her entire bra sprang and opened wide apart on car’s floor as she had wore the bra very tightly so immediately as the bra fell,madam’s two voluptuousness boobs just jumped out and bounced freely. I gasped from my mouth wow! By looking at those huge boobs swaying and bouncing. Madam in shame closed her eyes tight. Then after almost one minute of silence I said in a evil tone madam these huge bombs look even larger without bra and by that.
I hooted and Whistler at her in shame she just closed her eyes and I saw tears rolled down her cheeks without wasting further time. I caught hold of madam’s bare breasts and started squeezing roughly. I was squizing them so roughly that by now her both melons had turned red. She was screaming in pain aaaaaa nehhii nnnaaa tears were rolling down her cheeks while roughly squizing one boobs.
I took for the first time one of her nipples in my mouth right then her screaming in pain changed to ecstasic moans of pleasures. She gasped loudly hhoooo no yeah hooo! By each of my squize at her boobs her pussy was jumping up and down from the car’s floor.  Madam realy knew how to enjoy a man’s touch. I could well realize that madam was discharging a large amount of fluid from her pussy because.
I could well smell the entire interior of the car filled with dense smell of female discharge.It was a fantastic view to see that two big hairy black hands were totally exploring madam’s fair milky busty breasts, but her breasts were so large that my large masculine palms could not totally engulf her boobies at a time.
Madam’s nipples were poking out like arrow’s heads and became solid rock hard by my passionate fondling. I found madam’s boobies by now becoming very heavy I was gradually increasing the pressure of squizing on her breasts and more the smell of female liquid was increasing in the car by it. To be continued.