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tagIncest/TabooEast and West Cum Together Ch. 05

By now Raj and Sunita were in the habit of taking pictures and even short videos of their erotic escapades with Max and Paul on Sunita's smartphone. A top of the range version and a surprise gift from Raj. The phone was naturally protected by a passcode, so Sunita felt safe that nobody would accidentally get to see what was stored on it. She made sure that none of those photos was ever backed up to the cloud though, but she had also saved them on a hard disk.
AJ was becoming really concerned that Raj, and Sunita, especially his sweet little sister, was spending too much time with Paul and Maxine. He was convinced that Maxine was a bad influence on her. Was he just concerned about his sister, or was he jealous? One would never know.
Raj and Sunita had spent the afternoon shopping at the mall. Well, Sunita had shopped, Raj had paid and then carried the package. Sunita surprised Raj by saying they were going for a romantic dinner for two at a new restaurant they had been recommended to.
Sunita only discovered that she didn't have her phone with her when she tried to confirm their reservation. Raj repeatedly tried calling Sunita's number to see if they could hear the phone ringing, but it kept going to voicemail. Sunita was terrified she had dropped it while shopping. Raj suggested that they ask AJ to go to their apartment to see if it was there.
"Don't worry Sunnu. AJ bhaiya has a spare key to our apartment for emergencies. It's only a short drive from his place to ours he won't mind checking for it."
"Oh, yes. Call AJ and ask him to check for me, please."
Instead, Raj gave Sunita his phone, and she called her brother AJ.
"Bhaiya, can I ask you to do a favour for me? I'm not sure if I've left my new phone at home or lost it while out shopping. You have a spare key to our apartment, right? Can you please go over to our place and confirm that it's there."
"Yes, dear sister, I will go over right now and call you back as soon as I know."
After reaching Sunita's place, AJ soon found out that Sunita's phone was there.
"Behna, I've found it. It's here lying on the table. Looks like in your hurry to go shopping you forgot it. It's pretty low on battery, shall I put it on charge for you?"
"Oh yes, bhaiya. That's so nice of you, thanks a lot," Sunita said.
When AJ connected Sunita's phone to the charger, it prompted for some updates. So in all innocence and acting only as a good brother should, by trying to save Sunita some time he unlocked it to accept them. For some reason known only to themselves, Sunita, Raj, Madhu and AJ had all shared their passcodes. That was when all hell broke loose.
The photos app was open, and AJ saw a photo of his sister. Sunita was topless and sucking on Paul's thick white cock. From the look on her face, she was thoroughly enjoying what she was doing. AJ was shocked (and a little excited) and almost dropped the phone. He couldn't control his curiosity and began flicking through more and more photos and even some videos. Everyone was a bigger and bigger shock to him. Every image was more depraved, and to AJ's mind, perverted than the last.
Sunita was in various stages of undress, all the same time sucking Paul's cock, or worse getting fucked by him. She was staring up into the camera lens, looking as if she was loving what she was doing. There were also photos of Raj doing similar things with Maxine. Including having his head buried between her toned white thighs clearly eating her pussy. Maxine's head was thrown back, eyes closed. She was clearly enjoying what Raj was doing. Her hands appeared to be pulling Raj's head tight against her.
AJ called his wife on her mobile, "Madhu, come over to Sunita's place right now."
"Oh, dear, what's happened?" Madhu said.
"Just come down and see for yourself. It's urgent, and I don't want to tell you over the phone."
When Madhu arrived at Sunita's, AJ handed Sunita's phone over to her.
Madhu was also shocked, (and secretly aroused) to see her sweet, young and seemingly innocent sister-in-law in various degrees of nudity. At the same time performing depraved sexual acts with a man who was not her husband. What got her specifically turned on was the video of Raj's long, thick and hard cock fucking the sexy blonde Maxine from behind doggy style. He was really hammering into her. She was not complaining, and the soundtrack picked up her calling out to him to "Fuck me harder."
"Wow, Raj and Sunita! I would never have thought that! And with Paul and Maxine. I knew there was something wrong about them." AJ exclaimed.
"Ajay, it's their personal life. We can't judge them."
"No, Madhu! Sunita is my little sister and I, as an honourable Indian brother, can not tolerate this. This is simply unacceptable. I am responsible for her morals as the head of the family over here in America." AJ was furious.
"Ajay, you can't do anything, Sunita is married to Raj now. He is the head of their household. If he's happy for her to have sex with Paul, then it is no business of yours."
"No Madhu, This is a matter of family honour. I must act."
Madhu wasn't sure if AJ was so angry because hot and sexy Sunita was getting fucked by Paul (and not him), or that it was Raj who was getting all the sexual fun with Maxine. Clearly Madhu had got very excited by what she had seen. And she wouldn't mind sampling either of Paul or Raj's cocks.
On their way back to their own apartment, AJ again insisted that they confront Sunita and Raj as soon as they returned home. The atmosphere was pretty tense and disturbed for the next couple of hours as AJ and Madhu waited. Having left a message for Raj to phone them as soon as he returned, saying they had something urgent to discuss.
When Sunita and Raj reached home, they freshened up and dressed for bed. While Sunita was in the shower, Raj called AJ.
"We are back Ajay bhaiya. Please come over. But what's so important we need to meet tonight."
"I'm sorry Raj, this is too important to talk about over the phone. We'll see you soon."
Sunita had put on a sleeveless, short pink nightgown, which also showed plenty of cleavage. After a girl's favourite way of spending an afternoon – shopping- and then a romantic meal, Sunita was in the mood for some sexy fun with her husband. Raj was, as usual, in a tank top and shorts.
AJ and Madhu rang the bell and entered Sunita's home. Both Raj and Sunita were pleasantly surprised to see Madhu with AJ.
"Oh bhaiya (brother), the restaurant was very nice. The wine and the food were delicious. You two should visit it sometime. Maybe all four of us could go. Isn't that right Raj?" Sunita was bubbling with happiness.
"Oh, that's good to know Behana (sister)! All four, which four people are you talking about Sunita?" AJ was very dry and sarcastic in his tone of voice.
"Oh bhaiya, me, Raj, you and Madhu of course. Why are you so upset? What's happened?" Sunita was confused.
"Your bhaiya saw the photos and videos on your phone. We know Sunita. We know about you and Paul. And Raj and Maxine," Madhu said in a low voice.
"Oh my God, bhaiya, how could you do it? Phone is supposed to be personal thing. How could you violate my privacy?" Sunita was shocked and distraught, immediately bursting into tears.
Raj was also shocked and furious, demanding. "How could you Ajay bhaiya?"
Madhu tried to calm Raj down, taking his hand in hers. AJ went to his sister, trying to comfort her. The atmosphere was fraught, with all of them in different emotional states of distress.
"Sorry sis, it was a mistake. When I charged the phone, it asked for some updates, so I unlocked it, and the photos were there. I didn't go looking for them. I was so upset about seeing them, that's all. I can't dream of you doing all these things, especially with a white guy." AJ said to Sunita.
"Oh! So is the problem doing it? Or doing it with a white guy?" Raj retorted, anger growing in his voice. "Sunita is my wife, and I'm not objecting to what she is doing."
"Raj, it's ok. Please calm down. We can't change the past, but we must decide what we are going to do now." Madhu was playing the peacemaker role. She had put her arm around Raj and was caressing his back, trying to ease the tension she felt there. Madhu's body was pressed on Raj, and he was enjoying the warm feeling. The softness of her curves as they pressed against him.
"You decide nothing," Raj said. "What we do is our own affair, me and Sunita, not yours."
"Sunita is my sister! I must…"
"And my wife Ajay, don't forget that, please."
Seeing Sunita crying so much made AJ's heart melt, and he started to apologise to her again.
"Sorry behna (sister). I am so sorry, I should not have looked at your personal photos. As Raj says, it's your life," AJ said and took Sunita, who was by now in floods of tears, in his arms, comforting her as her brother should.
Sunita hugged her brother tightly and continued to let her emotions take over. AJ kept trying to calm Sunita by caressing her smooth back and wiping away her tears. He hugged her tightly in his arms and began kissing her cheeks. 'This was something he had done when they were children when she was unhappy. Sunita was still so upset she was sobbing uncontrollably. Her firm tits were now pressing on AJ's chest. As she had no bra on her hard nipples were poking his chest, stirring a rising passion in AJ, and his cock. Sunita noticed the hardness increasing, and the size growing. Suddenly those thoughts she had, of fucking her brother, came flooding into her memory. Sunita smiled to herself. Maybe tonight wouldn't be such a disaster after all.
Raj and Madhu were watching it all and were themselves getting excited strangely. Raj began caressing Madhu's soft hand, and she looked in his eyes.
"Oh Raj, are you OK?" Madhu asked as she lovingly invited Raj into her arms.
Raj hugged her, and in a surprise move, he buried his face in Madhu's deep cleavage. Madhu's heart missed a beat as she hugged Raj tightly.
AJ was now kissing Sunita's neck and shoulders, still trying to calm her. His arms went around her waist and pulled her closer towards him. Sunita found herself even more aroused as she was held in the embrace of her manly and sexy elder brother.
She had thought about swinging with her own brother a few days ago, but this was not how she had expected it all to begin.
Becoming bold and taking a chance, AJ put his lips on Sunita's soft and juicy ones. Both got into a heavy, passionate kiss, lips locking together. AJ had expected Sunita to break away from him, she didn't. AJ, growing bolder, probed his tongue in Sunita's mouth. Sunita moaned and responded instantly. Both knew it was wrong, but it felt so right. Sunita sighed into AJ's mouth again as her arms went around his neck.
AJ was now sucking on Sunita's tongue. He moved his right hand to one of Sunita's firm tits and squeezed. Sunita let out another soft moan from her mouth and indirectly gave her consent to AJ to keep going. In fact, she pressed herself harder against him, pushing her pussy against his leg. AJ felt the hot wetness on his thigh.
AJ was kissing her like mad, and Sunita was responding to him. He lifted her nightgown and began stroking her strong thighs. He worked his hands upwards and grabbed her naked ass, (Sunita never wore a bra or panties at night).
"Oh behna, I love you, baby. I am mad for you," AJ did not know what he was saying to his sister.
"Oh no, bhaiya. What are you doing? Please stop it." Even though in the back of her mind, Sunita wanted her brother, suddenly she was feeling shy and nervous when it was about to happen. She didn't want to seem too eager.
"Oh no behna, it's ok, I really love you, sis. I will make you very happy, even more than Paul does."
AJ was caressing almost every part of Sunita's body. His eager hands, roaming unrestricted everywhere. Sunita was torn, part of her pressing herself hard against her brother, the other part trying to wrench herself away from his embrace and prying hands. No brother and sister should touch like this. Contemplate what must be on their minds. Yet it did happen. Maxine had told her that. And told her the sex was different with her brothers than with any of the men she had known. Her mind was saying no, her body, specifically her pussy was screaming yes.
"Oh no bhaiya, please stop. What will Madhu think?"
Sunita indirectly indicated that she was not averse to her brother having sex with her but was more concerned about her sister-in-law and her reaction.
AJ was now fully fondling, crushing and massaging her bare ass. He was even gently touching and parting her pussy lips, which was getting her more and more excited. Due to all the foreplay, Sunita knew that her pussy had become a little moist.
"Oh, don't worry about her. Raj will take good care of her. I won't mind it behna."
Hearing these words from AJ, Raj was delighted and became bolder with his sexy sister-in-law.
"Oh Madhu, I want these," Raj was caressing and pressing Madhu's 38D titties while kissing her.
"Oh yes, take them, Raj. Play with them, suck on them," Madhu whispered, her breath hot and tickling in Raj's ear.
Raj had fucked Sunita many times, while at the same time fantasizing about Madhu, and now she was in his arms, ready to be fucked.
Raj hugged Madhu tightly, grabbed her ass and cupped her fleshy tits. His cock was instantly hard, and Madhu grasped it over his shorts.
"Wow, it's so thick, long and hard Raj!" Madhu again whispered in his ear. "Even bigger than in the photo's of you and Maxine."
"It's waiting for you Madhu."
Madhu got her hand in Raj's shorts and grabbed his throbbing dick.
"Oh Madhu, ahhh. So good."
After sharing Sunita with Paul, Raj did not mind allowing AJ to fuck Sunita. The fact they were brother and sister didn't worry him. He had his own dark desires about his younger sister Mona anyway. If Sunita and AJ fucked, she couldn't object if he was lucky enough to do the same with Mona. However, at the moment, his entire focus was now Madhu. The fair-skinned buxom babe who seemed to be crazy for his dick. Her hand caressed his hard cock with feather-like touches, bringing him delights he never thought he could have.
By now, Sunita was shivering with the sensation of having sex with yet another new man. Her very own brother this time. AJ had taken off his top and Sunita was caressing his broad manly hairy chest. She kissed his nipples, then nipped them lightly, just the once. AJ looked in Sunita's eyes as he lifted her in his arms. She closed her eyes in anticipation of what was going to follow. Sunita hugged him tightly, enjoying the touch of his skin against hers. Her senses were on fire.
AJ carried Sunita to the master bedroom. Madhu showed no signs of shame or embarrassment, indicating to Raj to follow them. Taking his cue from AJ, Raj lifted Madhu in his strong arms and proceeded to the same bed, where his once shy wife was going to get fucked by her brother just a few inches from him.
In a normal situation where Raj and Sunita would be swapping with another couple, the first session would be in separate rooms, but this was different. This was a family matter, and Raj was eager to see his beautiful wife fucked by her own brother.
What could be more perverted and depraved and so utterly erotic?
Likewise, Sunita also wanted to see Raj fucking his fairer skinned and big boob fantasy girl, Madhu.
On the bed, AJ had already raised Sunita's nightgown up to her waist and was kissing and licking her thick thighs and wet pussy lips. Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning loudly. She was clearly enjoying her brother's mouth on her pussy lips and seemed eager for more.
"Aah, lick me bhaiya, feels so good." Sunita wanted to feel AJ's tongue in her pussy, sliding up and down deep in her slit.
Sunita did not even bother to ask Raj if it was OK to have this type of swap. It was as if Max had transformed her from a simple, shy, Desi girl, to a horny woman ready to explore her body and sexuality to its fullest.
At the back of her mind, Sunita also knew that Raj was crazy for Madhu and wouldn't mind swapping, even if that meant Sunita would be fucked by her brother. All Raj cared for was fucking Madhu and enjoying her big boobs. Raj's big turn on was big boobs.
AJ kissed Sunita again as he lifted her nightgown even higher until at last, he removed it. Sunita was now lying naked before her elder brother. Who, driven by naked lust was shedding his own clothes in a frenzy. His muscular, hairy and manly body standing over beautiful Sunita was an intimidating yet exciting sight for her. AJ's hard, long, and thick brown dick was fully erect, ready to enter Sunita's mouth and pussy. Something she would willingly allow it to do, hopefully, many times and in many ways. Hopefully, she would be filled by the gift that would come from the end of it. She couldn't wait to taste it, either the cock or AJ's cum.
AJ took Sunita in his arms and hugged her. His hard cock was pressing and knocking on her gate to heaven. They kissed like long lost lovers meeting again after many years. He sucked on Sunita's beautiful brown breasts, repeatedly switching from one to another, chewing on her hard nipples. Each touch was sending shivers down Sunita's spine, causing her to moan more frequently and louder.
AJ kept on kissing every inch of her body until he buried his face between her thighs. She parted her legs to give him the best view and full access to her honey pot. AJ smelled the heady aroma of her pussy and started licking. Sunita's cunt began to leak love juices, and AJ did not waste a single drop of them. He kept on lapping them up, sucking on Sunita's swollen and aroused clitoris. Clit play always made Sunita very horny, right from the early days of her marriage, this time was no different.
Raj had got rid of his shorts and briefs. Now his cock was hard as an iron rod. Madhu made him lie back on the bed and took his cock in her luscious mouth. She looked up at him and then licked the tip of his cock. A soft moan escaped from Raj's mouth as Madhu began sucking on this lovely sex toy.
"Aah Madhu, you are so fucking sexy, suck me baby, make me cum."
Madhu was still fully clothed, while Raj still had his top on, which he promptly removed. Madhu's oral skills were no match for either Sunita's, or Maxine's, but she was eager and excited. Sucking his cock and balls alternatively in a way that he wasn't going to complain about.
Raj got up and pulled Madhu's top over her head. Madhu had on a pink bra which was barely able to contain her magnificent 38D breasts. She took her hands back and unhooked it, letting the puppies swing free. Compared to Sunita, Madhu had relatively fairer skin. Her breasts were slightly slagging due to their size and weight, yet they were a lovely sight for Raj's eager eyes.
Raj tried to grab on to her tits, but Madhu playfully moved back, slapping his hands away, all the while smiling at him. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Her matching pink thong hardly covering her trimmed pussy and perfectly round sexy ass. She eased it down and got into her birthday suit.
Madhu had seen a video of Raj doing sixty-nine with Maxine. So she knew that he loved to eat pussy. She loved to have hers eaten, there was only one position she was going to take.
"Give it to me Raj, lick me," she said and climbed on top of Raj, her thighs straddling his head. Her hot mouth, exploring his painfully erect cock and her wet pussy pressing on his hungry and thirsty lips.
Sunita was at the peak of her own ecstasy and shouted, "Aaah, bhaiya, fuck me now."
AJ got up, smiled at her, and spread her thighs. He wanted to make love to Sunita and had dreamt of it for years, but that could wait for another time. Right now, he just wanted to fuck his younger sister hard and wild. She seemed to be demanding it that way as well.

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