East or west, sis cunt is the best

My sister, Sarita, who is now 20, is one very tall girl. At 5’11”, she towers over most girls her age, and even a few guys. All of her height is in her sexy legs. She has the longest and sexiest legs I have ever seen. As her older brother, I never used to think of Sarita in a sexual manner. But several years ago, one only had to look at her to tell she was going to be model type material. She had the long black hair, blue eyes, and the body most young girls die for. She had firm breasts, a gorgeous face, a tight little ass, and those legs. Whenever she wore one of her short skirts to school, everyone looked forward to it. Teachers, co-students, and even Mom and Dad started commenting about her exposing her long legs while attending School.

Stacy just laughed it off as usual and really didn’t give it much attention. Evening during the coldest winter months here in Pune, she would brave the elements and display those legs while others would be bundled up from the top of their head to their toes.

It was during one of those winter days last year, when she had braved the elements that I remember best. I came home early from school, and went straight to bed, as I was sick with the flu. While I was in bed, thoughts of my sister’s sexy legs came to mind. As other young males my age often do, they turn to the worn panties of their immediate female family members to seek masturbatory relief.

In my case, it was my sexy sister Sarita’s previously worn panties. I proceeded to her room, rummaged thru her hamper, to find several pair among her dirty clothes. A yellow cotton brief, simple with elastic around the leg openings, was found first. Second pair, g-strings, again yellow in color, was also found. Both have damp stains and noticeable residue from her self-pleasuring and there were some indications she had dripped some pee on the crotch area of her panties.

Before returning to my room, I decided to lie on Sarita’s made bed and play with her panties. As was my usual method, I started by inhaling the female scent from the crotch area. Present usually was dried or damp female juices along with a few drops of her urine. I would then usually lick the damp areas, tasting her combined fluids, all the while jerking my usually hard cock off to eventual eruption all over my flat stomach.

This has usually satisfied my peaking fascination with my sister’s (or on a few occasions…my mom’s) panties. On this one occasion, I was so engrossed with my self pleasuring; I failed to hear the front door open. Unknown to me, my sister and her friend, shamita, another sexy gand, had also come home early to study and proceeded up to her room. Not expecting anyone in her room, she was somewhat startled to hear moans coming from her room. She carefully peeked around the doorway, only to find me lying on her bed stroking my hard cock, and two pairs of her panties wrapped around my nose and mouth. She watched, at first upset, but with growing interest as I slowly stroked my penis, picking up speed as I inhaled and licked her now moist again panties.

She motioned to Shamita to see what her horny brother was up to. Both girls stayed partially hidden behind the doors sot hey could not be observed but clearly could see my actions. Sarita looked at Shamita, who returned the look of surprise then astonishment. Both girls, as if on cue, placed one hand down and then up their short skirts, freely and uninhibitedly stroking their pussies thru their now moist panties. Sarita, then Shamita as if twins, both reached under their blouses and began playing with their nipples, further exciting them both as they continued watching me masturbate.

As I neared my orgasm, I hear two muffled moans coming from the doorway. I looked over and saw my sister and her friend both masturbating while standing looking at me. Not sure what to do next, I did what I thought off, and that was to finish beating off my hard cock. I continued stroking in front of the two girls, who now moved inside Sarita’s room, and approached the bed. Both girls sat on the edge of the bed and without saying a word, continued watching me as I came close to ejaculating. They continued their mutual masturbation, and even started feeling up each other in front of me.

Re-gaining my composure, I now beat myself off in earnest, leaking pre-cum as I watched the girls mutually masturbate each other’s soft pussies. My sister broke the silence by saying for me to cum on her panties while she fingered off Shamita. She sped up her fingering of her friend’s pussy as I shot my first string of warm cum into her panties. I heard both girls moaning louder now, as they each brought each other off to a great shuddering climax.

Shamita moved closer to me and while I was still spurting cum, took one pair of panties, brought them up to her mouth, and licked off my cum from the saturated crotch area. Sarita said that is so hot and took her other pair from me and also licked off my cum, also tasting her dried juices. I lay back exhausted as the two girls continued licking my cum off Sarita’s panties.

The girls returned to their mutual self pleasuring, and placed their fingers back into their now dripping wet pussies. As if on cue, both girls removed their slick fingers and placed them in my mouth, saying they had tasted my cum and it was only fair that I savor theirs. I eagerly licked their creamy cum from each of their fingers, which seemed to please both girls. My sexy sister then told Shamita to place her dripping wet pussy on my face and cum on my face. I laid back to see Shamita placing her sexy body right over my face.

Sarita was playing with Shamita’s luscious tits, and Shamita was now fingering herself off again, only this time directly over my nose and mouth. I literally could see her juices dripping out of her pussy. I licked every sweet drop from between her legs, my tongue flicking around, in and then around her swollen lips. My sister Sarita, while Shamita was cumming on my face, had straddled herself over my cock, her sexy legs on each side of me. She lowered her wet pussy on my cock, grabbing it and gently inserting the tip just inside her pussy. My own sexy sister was fucking me-how incredible!!!

As I began moving my hips up to meet her movements, I saw Sarita reaching over and licking and kissing Shamita’s now rock hard nipples. Like a pro, Sarita brought Shamita to a thunderous orgasm, which filled my mouth with more of her warm vaginal fluids.

Seeing these two sexy girls getting me and each other off was all I needed to not only get rock hard again, but ready to fill my sister’s sweet pussy with a load of thick brother cum. I grabbed on to her firm ass and pumped her for all I was worth; savoring every move in and out of her like it was the last pussy I’d ever fuck.

As if on cue, Sarita screamed out for me to cum inside her pussy, and fuck her good. Not needing any further incentive, I spurted my first load of cum into her waiting womb, filing her with shot after shot of my creamy warm sperm. She said she wanted it all and pumped my cock with her fist, milking me like a cow’s cud. I emptied myself in her pussy, completely drained of any energy I had.

Seeing she had briefly lost my attention, Shamita now began fingering herself off yet again, making sure I was watching as she brought herself to another flooding orgasm. Of course my mouth was her willing receptacle, licking in all of her heavenly tasting juices. She looked across at Sarita, and said I was ready for dessert. Not sure what that could possibly entail, I was surprised to see Shamita had started pissing into my mouth, a small squirt at first, then a flood of golden nectar covered my whole face, filling my mouth as I swallowed as much as I could. It tasted bitter compared to her sweet nectar I had been enjoying but was not unpleasant once I got used to it. Not being able to swallow all of her pee some dripped down my chin, warming my shoulders and belly. Sarita, seeing my situation, began licking Shamita pee from my hard stomach, licking and sucking in her juices.

After gathering a mouthful, Sarita grabbed my softening cock and bathed it in Shamita’s still warm pee, directly from her mouth. My cock began regaining its hardness, which seemed to please my sister.

Thinking my sexual experience was over, I was surprised to see Sarita stroking my now piss covered cock. Her soft hand stoked me back to my full seven inches, and she said to Shamita that it was her turn to get fucked by her brother’s cock. Sarita dismounted me and Shamita immediately replaced her, with Sarita guiding my rigid cock into Shamita’s waiting pussy. Sarita stroked my while pushing my cock into Shamita’s waiting pussy.

I heard Shamita moaning as Sarita continued to jerk me off while I was inside Shamita. Shamita didn’t take more than a minute before she orgasm, squeezing my hard cock with her young vaginal muscles. Once again I emptied my cum inside a waiting pussy, this time with less force that my prior eruptions.

Sensing I hadn’t given Shamita the same treatment as I gave her, Sarita then rose up and straddled Shamita’s head. She bent down Shamita, and began peeing on her hair, flooding her face, piss dripping down Shamita’s sexy body, paddling up on my groin. I could feel the warmth of Sarita’s pee dripping on me and yet again, began pumping Shamita’s pussy with my cock.

Shamita said she loved the feel of Sarita’s pee running down her body, and how hard it made me yet again. I humped her for a few minutes, and gave up the last of my cum in one last shuddering orgasm. All three of us then collapsed on Sarita’s bed, kissing and licking each other.

Sarita saw a pair of her discarded panties on the bed, and used it to soak up the combined pee and cum from all three of us. Sarita, smiling, said I could have this pair to keep, as long as I returned them to her filled with my cum and pee. I took the wet panties, inhaled them and heard Shamita say to Sarita that we would definitely have to do this again sometime. Sarita looked at me and asked me what I thought of that. I just nodded and said anytime.


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