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Our initial meetings were too public to let us reveal our passionate side, Sue was married and small town gossip spread faster than a summer grass fire. Luckily October evenings provided early darkness and her old man was away a lot driving HGV's. The first night my landlady said she'd be out until late at the bingo we arranged for me to pick her up in the auction mart car park and head back to my digs.
She'd made a big effort to impress me, heels, leather look blue dress and what I hoped would turn out to be stockings. I got a playful wrist slap when I tried a quick grope on the drive back but the smirk that went with it promised better times ahead. I offered a drink once we were inside but the need for some physical contact meant she declined and seated herself in my lap on the settee. As I wrapped her in my arms and we embarked on a major snogging session the pent up sexual chemistry at last found some relief.
Soon my erection became obvious as she squirmed on my lap. I slid a hand up her thigh, no wrist slap this time, and found that stockings were indeed the hidden bonus. My hand on the exposed patch of skin caused her tongue to probe my mouth as she hugged me tight. I ran my finger tips over the gusset of her lacy knickers, already dampened by her excitement. Her dress was sexily tight but didn't allow much wriggle room so I got her to stand up and slowly slid it up over her hips revealing the red suspender belt and matching undies.
Now able to access her erogenous zones more easily I grabbed her taut bum and pulled her to me as I kissed her flat tummy and teased her belly button. She giggled and pulled back, covering herself with both hands. I looked her in the eyes as I shook my head and gently placed her hands on my shoulders. Drawing her to me again I aimed my kisses lower, along her knicker line, and massaged her sexy butt cheeks. The thong design of her undies showed of the tan lines from her recent Spanish holiday and more sun kissed skin was revealed as I slipped her dress over her head.
The bra matched the rest of her lingerie, the cleavage showing more glimpses of pale flesh. I gently peeled back a cup and exposed a rock hard nipple, which grew even more after some oral encouragement. She ran her fingers through my hair and onto my shoulders then slowly pulled me to my feet. Taking my hand she led me into the hallway and up the stairs, giving me a spectacular rear view of her tanned body. I indicated the door to my bedroom and followed her in. She sat on the bed, feet just reaching the floor and looked at me awaiting my next move.
I hurriedly threw a pillow on the floor and knelt down, prising her knees apart as I lent forward to kiss the bare skin above her stocking tops, teasing her inner thighs. She drew her knees to her chest and I could see the feint trace of stubble around her gusset where she had trimmed her bikini line for the beach. Hooking my thumbs into her elasticated waistband I peeled her knickers off her hips and slid them down her legs. Her pussy was covered in a well groomed thatch through which her swollen labia poked enticingly. My mouth soon covered her and I tongued her clit as her lips became more moist. Soon she was grinding herself onto me, her hands again tangled in my hair as she lifted her bum of the bed and gave me full access to her pulsating pussy.
A few minutes of my titillation brought her to a thigh clenching orgasm, her heels drumming on my back as she got me in a headlock with her thighs. I tried to continue my oral stimulation but she covered her pussy with both hand and begged for respite as her nerve ends continued to fire off tremors through her pussy walls, and juices bubbled up between her engorged lips. "I've never done that before" she said breathlessly. When I raised a doubtful eyebrow she assured me that missionary, wham bam thank you mam, had been the only style on offer at home.
I sat back and pulled my T-shirt off, slipped out of my socks and stood up in front of her, my bulging trousers right at eye level. She reached for my belt and undid the buckle, struggling to release the button on my waistband but eventually sliding my zipper down so my trousers could drop to the floor. I wriggled my feet free and kicked them away leaving me with my hard on tenting my boxers invitingly. Her soft caresses soon had my bell end poking past the waistband and I slowly slid my boxers down to let my cock spring free. I thought that my position would lead to a bit of payback oral but she only wanked me and cupped my balls.
I attempted to guide my erection to her mouth but she pulled back ." That's something else I've never done" she said, " I will if you want me to but you'll have to tell me if I hurt you". Quickly assuring her that I would and that she should tell me the same, I offered my cock to her again and she tentatively poked out her tongue and licked the tip. As my cock twitched in excitement she trailed her lips down its length and massaged my balls gently. Now I was coated in saliva I aimed my cock at her mouth and rocked forward, inserting the tip between her lips. Unsure of how to proceed she opened her mouth wide like on a trip to the dentist but soon closed her lips around me as I told her the way to go.
Holding her head still I fucked her mouth pushing deeper with every thrust, she gagged as I drove too deep but soon regained her composure and started using her tongue to work my bell end as I slowed my pumping motion to extend my pleasure and hold off the eruption I could feel building in my balls. "Don't come in my mouth, I've never tasted spunk before, it might be gross". Not wanting to ruin the evening I pulled out as my climax hit, spitting a creamy load on her chest which trickled down her cleavage. My cock continued to pulse even after the fluids stopped and she took me back in her mouth, peeling back my foreskin with her hand and teasing my swollen bell end with her lips. A last dribble of spunk landed on her tongue and she grimaced as she tasted my seed, soon though a smile came to her face and she scooped a dollop of cream from her tits and sucked her finger clean.
"Not too bad after all" she said. I used my cock to gather up some more of my seed and she licked me clean, repeating the action until all my load was mopped up. I reached behind her unfasten her bra and slid it off, pushing her back on the bed and giving her nipples a good workout with my tongue. She writhed beneath as the pleasure waves built again and parted her legs so her lips rubbed on my belly leaving a damp patch around my belly button. Eager to progress to the next level I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me, guiding her mouth to hoover up the juice she had smeared on me. " Another new flavour, better than the last one" she said, grinning wickedly.
Despite my recent climax I was rock hard again and bearing in mind her "missionary only" comment I manoeuvred her to stand astride me on the bed and then pulled her into a squatting position, hovering over my erection. I placed the tip of my cock between her lips and carefully pulled her down. Her pussy flared open and my entire length disappeared into her until her lips were kissing my shaven pubis and her clit was peeping out to rub against me. Her thigh muscles tensed as she lifted herself up, revealing my juice covered cock and then sank down again, peeling my foreskin back as she engulfed me. I touched her swollen clit and her vaginal walls gripped me as she experienced wave after wave of contractions in time with my clitoral stimulation.
Her wetness increased as my caresses speeded up and she drizzled juice onto my balls. Keen to delay my orgasm I lifted her of me and turned her around, guiding her to squat again. "You're not going to put it in my bum are you" she asked. I promised her that wouldn't happen and guided my prick back into her pussy. The sight of her tight bum muscles rippling as she rode me, her sun tanned back arched to allow the deepest penetration possible proved she was a fast learner. I reached round to titivate her clit again and she drove herself down onto me, adjusting her feet to a wider stance and opening her pussy even wider. I couldn't hold back any longer and flooded her with my second load of cream, holding her still as I pumped my load deep inside her, the rippling walls of her vagina milking out every last drop.
She rested in the squatting position as my cock softened and finally plopped out, releasing a flood of mixed juices which soaked my balls and trickled down my thighs. I didn't have to say anything as she swivelled round and licked me clean, having tasted two separate loads of our fluids the mixture was apparently the nicest of all.
Thirty four years later many other scenarios have played out but that night will always be a highlight in our shared memories, not least because on the same date two years later we got married and our honeymoon first night was a rerun of our first night of passion, with a video camera thrown into the mix as a bonus.

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