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this is Udit from Kolkata and a huge fan of this site. This is my first story that I am going to publish so please forgive me for any mistakes. Speaking about me, I am Udit, 20 years old, finished graduation and awaiting results with an average body, 5’7″ height n my junior is 8″in length and 3″ in gridth. My elder sister Jasmine Name changed got married two years back and now is a mother of a 4 month old kid.
Since we were more or less in the same age group, we were very free and frank with each other. We grew up together and during puberty, things started to change and after watching a few porn’s, my vision towards her totally changed and I started sort of lusting her. But due to strict family principles, I could never dare to approach her. Since we stay at a 2 BHK apartment, mom and dad shared a room and we shared a room.
She was an early riser and I would pretend to sleep and from the corner of my eye, I used to watch her in her undies changing from her night gown to tops n pants. That would give me a morning hard on and I would later go and shag myself thinking about her boob and ass things went on like this and I would, to my luck, sometimes find her used bra or panty or even both and would sniff them and shag my junior until it released my seeds.
Then one fine day, she got married any I was literally sad because I was the closest to her and will miss her mentally and sexually all the time. But still, as circumstances are unavoidable, she got married and went off. Jija ji is a decent guy and friendly with me, so he does not mind me going to their apartment time and again. Di’s features started developing more within two months of marriage and I sort of got more magnetized towards her and one day.
I got the news that I have become Mama of a baby boy n I was really excited but sad at the same time because I was not the one to take di’s virginity. Now coming to the story, last month Jija had to go to US for a fifteen day tour and I was asked to be with her and take care of her. I could not believe my ears when my mom gave me the news and I was so excited.
I thought that this might be a God given chance to unite brother and sister. I packed my bag d very day and reached her place in the evening. She welcomed me with a tight loving hug with a kiss on my cheek and I could feel her huge milky breasts crushing my chest and the devil inside me wanted to be like that forever but she broke the hug and started asking about mom dad n other family matters.
The baby suddenly cried and she went to her bedroom. I also followed her. But when she was preparing to feed the child and I fell shy and left the room and went to drawing room to watch TV after about half an hour she came putting the child to sleep. Kal ho na ho was going on and we enjoyed the movie and had dinner. We chatted for some time and I asked about Jiju her smile suddenly faded off.
She told he’s a workaholic and runs after money and does not take care of her. I acted simple and consoled her and told everything will be okay and fine in return, she said you will never understand unless you get married. With that, she departed, told me good night and I found myself lying in the guest room bed shagged thinking about her and slept off. Next morning she woke me up with a kiss on my forehead n a cup of tea.
I wished her good morning and went to washroom where I found her used bra and panty suddenly mu junior got hard and a flashback of the past came in my mine and I sniffed them and sucked the pussy part of the panty about my sis, 5’5″ tall, very fair, with perfect round and huge watermelons with brown nipples n big areolas and a thin flat waist with an ass to die for stats are 36d-28-38.
What I mean to say is right flesh at the right part. Now how a brother can stay calm with a sister like this? Coming back to the incident, after getting fresh up, I had my tea and went to the market and then had breakfast together. She prepared my favourite fish curry while I was surfing the net on my lappy.
Surprisingly, I opened the table drawer and found a pack of Kamasutra dotted condom in it and I got exited. Wish I could use it then and there on my sis! The morning went like this and then we had lunch, she served me and then she took hers.
After lunch we were chatting about my studies and my career plans when suddenly the child again cried and sis went to feed him. I sat in the drawing room itself when I hear me sis calling my name n asking me to come in the room just of cold ran down my spine and I went there. I sat on the corner of the bed and asked what happened and avoided looking at her. She understood the situation and told me not to feel shy with a wink!
I was gazing wide eyed on her open left boob and the nipple which disappeared in the child’s mouth. She was pressing the front part of the boob for better flow of milk. I got the greatest hard on of my life and she caught me looking at her like this. She broke the silence by saying Ki re ki dekhchis? What happened, what are you looking at?
I don’t know how I said but the words came out from me without my control Tomar mai ta dekhchi, di I am looking at your boob sis. She was stunned and asked me to come close. I went closer and she took out the other boob and asked me do you like it? I thought it was now or never and replied positive.
She said want to taste my milk in a teasing and seductive way without wasting any time, I grabbed her boob and stared sucking her nipples and the milk flowed in my mouth in juts and streams n sometimes I bit her nipples to which she moaned and I continued pressing he boobs.
After about half and thought of the act di laid the child in the cradle and asked me do you like me? And I said I can die for you then she said want to feel the warmth of your di’s pussy? I could not believe my ears but suddenly I hugged her and our lips met for the first time and I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she also responded well by wrapping it with her own. We tasted each other’s saliva and sucked the lips and after 15 minutes.
We broke the kiss and I started to lick her ear lobes and neck and also kissed there. She was breathing hard and moaning my name softly then I went does and kissed her cleavage cupping both the boobs with my hand and kissed them bad which the nipples with my fingers.
She pulled my hairs and pushed my face towards her breast and I continued sucking her nipples she pulled off my t-shirt and played with my chest hair and pinched m nipples and this drove me crazy. I pulled off her nighty and licked her tummy in circular motion till I reached her belly button and planted a wet kiss there.
Now I turned her back and kissed her from her neck, down her spine till her ass crack and again licked her up to her neck suddenly the phone rang and it was mom enquiring about me and her she told that I was very good and keeping good care of her and being a good mama to the child and hanged up the call.
This turned me on much more and with that, she pushed me on the bed and in one swift motion pulled down my boxers and my dick sprang up. She took a deep breath and grabbed by dick and said it’s bigger than Jiju’s. I said its all yours, do whatever you like hearing this, she bent down and took my dick in her mouth and started giving me the blowjob of lifetime.
I came within 10minutes and she did not waste even the last drop of my shooting sperms and asked me when I am a virgin? I replied positive and then she said she is lucky to take the virginity of dick like this. She started sucking my dick again playing with my balls. I asked her to come in 69 and I starts licking her pussy I licked her clit,
she started sucking my dick vigorously and she came twice while I licked her and now I fingered her with two fingers and rubbed the clit with my thumb. This turned her crazy and she came within a few minutes and I licked her honey.
She said that Jiju never used to lick her. This was the first time she was experiencing this much pleasure. Now I laid her down and smooch her deep and pressed her boobs while rubbing my dick head in her clean shaved pussy to and fro motion of my waist.
She could not holt further and bit my lips for teasing her too long and with her right hand grabbed my dick and guided it in her love hole ant hugged me by my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist.
Pop! In went my dick and I trusted it harder to which she aahhh mere felbiiii tooo reee aaah u will kill me then she said to rest in that position for some time to adjust the size of my dick and then asked to doit slowly. I started fucking her slowly pulling their entire 8″ out and then pushing it in and with my thumb, I teased her clit. She was moaning and scratched my back.
We were in ecstasy and then she asked me to show the animal in me and I started thrusting hard and to every thrush. She moaned uuiii uuiii uuiii udit I love you fuck your sis hard and here boobs also bounced in rhythm. We were sweating like hell and the room was filled with the aroma of our sweat and love juice.
I pumped my sister hard and harder and suddenly she clutched me tight and let out a sweet moan and lay motionless but breathing heavy and I realised she came and I got exited and after fucking her for some more time. I let out my seeds deep in her pussy and lay on her whispering her name and remained in that position with my dick in her pussy.
She was sunning her fingers though my hair and kissed my forehead and told me that this was the best fuck she ever had and also said my wife will be lucky to get a husband like me. I said thanks di, today you fulfilled my dreams and kissed her lips softly. She started stroking my dick with her hand and it was again ready for another fuck.
This time she was on top of me and imagines how the 36 d size was bouncing while I fucked her and then we fucked in doggy position but she likes missionary the most with her legs over my shoulder after that, we had sex whenever we got time and we fucked countless times in those 15 days.
We used to move around nude in the house. We fucked in the bathroom on the dining table kitchen in the next story I will tell you how my Jiju’s sister also got in our act and we had threesome but for that first I need your comments.