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Elizabeth Defrosted 01 Elizabeth and the Doctor
Elizabeth Defrosted.
(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All appropriate safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)
This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.
Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.
Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth's
Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, Elizabeth's teacher and master.
John Wills, retired engineer, tantra adept, Elizabeth's lover and teacher.
A strawberry blonde. Dr. Bill Ogden looked at her tense, focused face and smiled to put her at ease.
"Sit down, miss…"
"Elizabeth Frost." He nodded to the nurse to write that down. "My nurse is going to take your details and vitals, and then we can begin the examination…"
She sat forward, twisting her hands in her lap. "Is this necessary, doctor? All I want is a prescription. I wouldn't want to waste your time."
He smiled again. "Don't worry, miss Frost. We have to get all the details of a new patient for the file, you know. Let us have your blood pressure, and temperature now."
He watched her as the nurse went through the motions, noting her nervous gestures, her tense, self-conscious expression.
"So what is the problem today?"
She looked at the nurse, blushed, and asked: "Does she have to be here? I would like to talk to you privately."
"Miss Frost, regulations require that a nurse be present when I examine you. Do not be shy, we are medical professionals."
She frowned, bit her lip. "No, I… Don't I get a say? I can't…"
He stopped her as she began to rise. "Calm now. If you are sure, if you express a clear desire to consult me privately I can ask the nurse to leave. Are you sure that is what you want? Nurse, note that on the file, then excuse us please."
Her grateful smile was lovely, and he asked: "So, what is the problem?"
"I… that is, can you prescribe the pill for me? Would my parents need to know?"
He glanced at the file. Well over eighteen, able to make her own medical decisions. "No, they need not know. Why? Irregular periods? Menstrual pains?"
She shook her head, making the long hair swirl. "No, it's just that… well, a boy asked me out, and…"
"So you decided to become sexually active? That is a wise decision to come and see me."
She rushed to answer: "No, it's not that I have decided, it's just that he asked me out tonight, and it might happen…"
He tried to sound reassuring, smiling at her shyness. "It is a good decision to take precautions. Now, the pill is not going to work by tonight, you know. Still, maybe nothing happens. Look, I am going to have to do a full examination before prescribing birth control. Are you sure you don't want the nurse to be present? You will have to get naked…"
The girl shook her head violently. "No, I don't want a woman…"
"That is fine. Undress behind the screen and put the gown on, then get on the table there."
He felt himself getting aroused as he palpated her firm, pale breasts, explaining how she should check for lumps. It was clear that she had never had a proper gynaecological exam or sexual education at all. For a moment he considered referring her to a specialist, then decided that as a young General Practitioner he was qualified to handle the basics.
"Now we are going to have to examine your genitals. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Just scoot down and lift your legs into the stirrups there."
He snapped the examination gloves on and started talking her through the procedure. "First I palpate your pelvic area to be sure there is nothing untoward. All in order here. There is your uterus, where the babies will grow one day. The ovaries are here, all feels normal. There I feel your bladder is a little full, nothing to worry about. Now we look at the rest."
His hand stroked over the soft, reddish fur. She gasped as he touched the clitoris, and he went on: "This is the clitoris, what the old Greeks called the trigger, it starts off your sexual responses. Sensitive?"
Her eyes were tightly closed, and she gave a small nod. He decided to be bold: "Do you ever touch yourself down here?"
She shook her head, eyes still closed. "No, Mother said its dirty. But sometimes when I wash I have to, see? It feels good, but it's sinful."
He smiled to himself. "I'm sorry to disagree with your mother. Nothing about the body is sinful or dirty, only the use we put it to may be. You have a beautiful body that was made to give pleasure, to serve you, and you should not repress that. This is where your pleasure is centred, and you should find out how it works. People feel good sensations when they stroke it like this. Is that good?"
She grunted and he saw a teardrop escape from her vagina. He stroked the clitoris and then moved the finger down. "Here are the smaller lips, and the urethra, where you urinate."
She gasped for air, and he touched the opening to the vagina. "Here is the vagina, and that's…"
She shuddered and gasped: "Ah, don't… Oh my… Oh, please…"
He kept his hand on her heaving body, feeling the pulsation of an orgasm, watching the contractions of her muscles. When she had relaxed, and the orgasmic blush had faded a little from her pale skin, he continued: "That felt good, didn't it? Was that your first orgasm?"
Her breathing was still a little ragged. "Is that what it was? It was… great. I once felt almost like that, in the shower, but that is sinful."
His voice became a little stern. "Nonsense, everybody has orgasms, or rather they wish they can. A few women are unable to orgasm, so count yourself lucky to have had one so easily. It is an important mechanism to bind couples closer together, sharing pleasure, you know."
She nodded. "I can understand that. So maybe you are right. How do I do that?"
He swung a small mirror so she could see, and traced the outlines of the vulva. "Here are the major lips, see, they are a little swollen? And inside them the minor lips. Here at the top is the clitoris. It has a hood that you can pull back to expose the very sensitive tip, like this. Inside here is the urethra, where the urine comes out. Here is the opening of the vagina, and here is the anus. Now we need to open the vagina, so. And there is the hymen, which proves that you are a virgin. Your hymen is very full, and you may have pain when it is broken. Do you want me to cut it? I can do that easily."
She smiled up at him. "Please. I don't want it to hurt."
He did the procedure, then helped her get up.
"Now you can get dressed, and I will give you a script for the birth control pills. Read the instructions and follow them carefully. When is your next period?"
"It should be next week, maybe Tuesday."
"Good, you start then. But that is not going to help you for the first month. So you have to use a condom, ok? Insist that the boy use one."
"Condom? What is that?"
He took a packet from his sample drawer. "Here, it is something to stop the boy shooting his semen into you, and maybe making you pregnant. This is how it works." He broke open one foil and demonstrated on a finger how it should be put on.
"You have to insist, ok? It will also protect you in case the boy has some disease. That is very important, even when you are on the pill, to always have the boy use a condom unless you know that he is clean and has no other sexual partners."
Her eyes were big as she stood up and greeted him.
"Good luck, Miss Frost, and if you have any problems, come and see me immediately."

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