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(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)
This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.
Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.
Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth's
Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, Elizabeth's teacher and master.
John Wills, retired engineer, tantra adept, Elizabeth's lover and teacher.
08 Worshipping the Goddess
They had just finished an advanced class and were tidying up the room. Sunitra placed an arm around the girl's shoulders and asked: "Why so quiet, my chela? Something disturbing you?"
Elizabeth blushed. "We had a guy in class today."
"Yes, Denzil Vernon. You know him from before, no? Ah, I remember, he taught yoga at a summer camp you went to. Good looking guy, do you think?"
Elizabeth blushed furiously and nodded. Sunitra had to prod.
"Does he give you the hots? Do you want me to set up a meeting? I think it is too early, but with Denzil it might work."
Elizabeth took a deep breath. "No, my teacher, it is just that I was watching the students, as usual, and I noticed his body, his muscles and his… You know his thing shows through the yoga pants a little."
Sunitra smiled. "And you smelled his scent, his pheromones. That is normal, you know. At your age your body is looking for a mate to make babies with, and a suitable male will set your spark plugs firing. Maybe it is time for you to learn more about men."
Elizabeth sat down on a low stool and looked up at her. "My teacher, please tell me, is this not sin? I know you disagree, but I was brought up to believe that a woman and a man has congress only to reproduce, and that any pleasure a woman draws from that is incidental. And that desiring a man is a sin and will be punished. My mother…"
Sunitra smiled down at her. "Damn that mother of yours."
Elizabeth shook her hear slightly. "No, she meant well, I just think she never knew better. She believed that a man has urges and when he needs to, a woman has to be ready to…"
"Serve him? I have heard that before. That a man can insist and a wife must comply, that her needs and pleasure are secondary. It is a result of an age-old struggle between the old earth mother religion, where the man was unimportant and merely there to inseminate a woman, and the later earth father religions that still predominate, where a man owns his wife or wives and their reproductive capacity. But there is another way, and maybe you are ready to take that step. Will you suspend your judgement until I have taught you? Then you can decide for yourself. And I will give you a reading list to study, about the male anatomy.
Excitement filled Sunitra's little car. They had just finished an advanced class and Elizabeth had had to demonstrate poses and postures until she was sore and stiff. But now Sunitra had promised her a special lesson, something she did not want to talk about. Elizabeth had cleared her afternoon and evening on her teacher's instructions, and the anticipation had her all wound up.
Sunitra darted between a bus and an oncoming taxi and placed her hand on Elizabeth's thigh. "Worried, my chela? Tired, perhaps? Well, first you are going to get a long, slow massage, so do not worry, all the kinks will be worked out of your body. And then…"
Elizabeth by now knew better to question the woman whose discipline, or chela she had become. In the three months she had been her follower she had learnt much about her body, about her own ability to orgasm, to enjoy her body and to give pleasure to another woman. But Sunitra had promised something special, and she had always delivered on such a promise.
They stopped before an upmarket apartment building, and Sunitra lifted a gym bag out of the back of the car. The building welcomed them into its quiet, wood-finished interior. A penthouse door opened to Sunitra's knock, and a warm scented perfume wafted out. A tall, handsome older man greeted them, and from the settee a familiar figure rose to greet them. Sunitra introduced their host, John, and Elizabeth noted his trim figure, his grey hair and his twinkling eyes. Then she noticed the second man.
"Dr Bill!" Elizabeth flushed with surprise and the memories of the intimate examination she had undergone before her first sexual escapade, and again afterwards, after she had been nearly raped.
He smiled at her. "Just Bill. I am no longer your doctor, I had your file transferred to a colleague of mine. Still, we had better be prudent, no?"
Elizabeth nodded, remembering how she witnessed Sunitra making love to this man right before her eyes. He lifted her chin. "You look very good. Are you well? Studies going as they should? Sunitra is not too hard on you?"
She smiled. "She has given me so much, taught me such a lot of things. And my studies are going better than ever before. But I am learning much more from her."
He smiled. "I have seen that happen, when people get in touch with their bodies. And no more bad boys?"
She shook her head, grinning. "I met him a few times on campus, but I think he is afraid of me now. No, I have been off boys altogether. Sunitra is…."
He grinned. "I quite understand, and agree with her method of teaching. And you are very welcome, I hope we will be able to learn something together tonight."
Sunitra had set up a music system, and now clapped her hands.
"Enough chitchat, people. Elizabeth here is my chela, John. She is learning, and this is her next step up on the path of learning. Be patient with her if she makes mistakes. Bill used to be her doctor, so we will not pair her off with him, I think. Where do I set the incense? Ah, thanks. And now we will go and shower, I presume you are prepared?"
The men nodded, and Sunitra led the way to a luxurious guest shower. Fragrant soap lathered on their skins, and Elizabeth, as had become her habit, turned to massage her master's back, only for Sunitra to pull away.
"Not now, my chela. Tonight we are not for each other. I will be there to teach and guide you, and to protect you, but tonight you will take the first steps towards learning how a man and a woman may make love to each other."
Elizabeth frowned. "With … John? Is he not too old for me?"
No, my chela, that is why I chose him. He does not expect anything of you, he has learnt to be gentle and patient. Now, are you clean and ready? I have some perfume, and then there is a robe for you."
Two magnificent silk robes had appeared from the bag, and a subtle musky fragrance emanated from the drops Sunitra had touched behind her ears, under her breasts, and between her legs.
The men rose from the low settee where they had been sitting, and Elizabeth now noticed that they wore loose, baggy shirts and light sports pants.
At Sunitra's request a number of loose cushions were placed on the deep carpet, and they sank down on them in lotus position.
Sunitra explained in a soft voice. "My chela, we will first do a soft meditation such as you have learnt. The chant will start just now. I want you to concentrate and remove all fear and doubt from your mind. The mind must lead us to a place where the first gods and goddess met and discovered love between couples. We will consider, in our meditation, the worship of the goddess, and of the god. So let us go into the silence of the meditation and empty the minds."
Elizabeth felt the familiar chant fill her mind, wash away the stresses, set up a calmness, a resonance with the others in the room. She withdrew her awareness of the rumbling traffic outside, focusing on her breath, clearing away random thoughts. From somewhere a worry about an upcoming academic assessment sprang up and with a little amusement she acknowledged the thought, then filed it away, again reaching for stillness.
As if from afar she heard Sunitra's voice. "The first step is now for the god to worship the goddess. John, you will please undress and worship your goddess, admire and appreciate her?"
Elizabeth held her mind in the meditation but was aware of the movement around her. She felt the warmth of a body, caught the scent of someone new. John? He knelt before her and softly cupped her face in his hands. His breath was faintly musky, male, pleasant. He whispered: "Would you be my goddess?"
She nodded imperceptibly, still trying to hold on to her meditation. He kissed her forehead softly, caressed her cheeks, stroked her face, slowly slipped his hands down to her neck. He caressed her neck and shoulders, asking: "May I do this?"
Again she nodded, maintaining her breathing rhythm. His hands found the tenseness remaining in her neck muscles, her shoulders, slipped the robe off her shoulders.
Her skin was soft under his hands, fragrant and alive as he caressed his way down, along the length of her upper arms. He whispered again: "May I gaze upon your beauty? You are so lovely." She nodded, and he asked: "May I touch your breasts, adore them?"
Softly Sunitra intoned: "To worship the breasts of the goddess is to worship the mother, the giver of nourishment to all the world."
The crinkling of her nipples were his answer, and she fought to maintain her breathing rhythm. His hands moved over her body, barely touching her, outlining her breasts, bushing the erect nipples.
She felt her body warming, exuding her musky body fragrance to signal her rising passion. He was caressing a little stronger now, feeling the elasticity of her young breasts. His fingers found her nipples, teased them, then he leant forward to breathe on them. Her breath went ragged and she thrust her body into his mouth. He responded by taking a nipple between his lips, softly worrying it, sucking on it, then teasing it with his teeth. Sparks shot through her body and she moaned softly, feeling his hands on her flanks, her back.
He took as much of her breast as he could into his mouth now, sucking and teasing, stimulating and engorging the breasts until she felt like crying out at the delight of his touch. Then he released her and she sank back, feeling his hands on her hips, wishing for more. Beside her she could hear Sunitra crooning with pleasure, holding Bill's face to her breasts.
John waited until Elizabeth's breath had returned mote or less to normal. She fought to control it, to regain calm, then heard him ask: "May I now worship your belly, your yoni, my goddess?"
Sunitra whispered: "Worshipping the womb of the goddess is to worship the generation of life, the ability to create, the ultimate gift of the goddess, life itself."
Elizabeth felt his hands on her hips, her flanks, her upper legs. His lips kissed her belly, his tongue flicked into her umbilicus, shooting a spark of sensation into the already heavily engorged womb. His hands were sliding over her hips, touching on her buttocks, her thighs, her knees, caressing the back of her knees, teasing them open. The hands began to caress her inner legs, her thighs, his fingers touching her pussy. His mouth lightly touched on her lower stomach, his warm breath alternating with the coolness as he flicked his tongue over her soft skin, tracing a path downwards. She began to tense, anticipating the touch on her most sensitive places, and he whispered: "May I continue? I will be gentle, and you can tell me to stop whenever you want."
She sighed, nodded, and concentrated on relaxing, on breathing in the calmness and safety of the room. Beside her soft sounds came from Bill and Sunitra, sight and moans of pleasure. John's breath on her pussy was wonderful, the touch of his hands on her buttocks, touching on her anus, teasing her legs further apart. Then his tongue flicked on her clitoris and she tensed, uttering a groan of pleasure. He stopped, waited for her to relax and accept his worship, then licked it again, now longer and deeper.
Elizabeth felt her body flooding with warmth, her loins engorged as she had not experienced with Sunitra. She felt her pussy dripping with wetness, and she thrust softly with her pelvis against his mouth. He took the sensitive nub between his lips, softly sucking it, drawing more and more of her in to his mouth. Then his tongue joined, sending her into a spasm of pleasure as it rubbed against the engorged nub.
John changed rhythm, his fingers caressing her thighs, the sides of her pussy, and now his tongue licked the length of her pussy, softly probing deeper and deeper between her folds. A finger had found her clitoris now, and was stroking it softly, while his tongue continued drawing sparks from her interior. Sunitra's hand found hers, and her soft voice reminded: "Breathe, my chela, breathe."
But now her whole being was concentrated on the tongue probing, teasing, and one finger gently stroking her clitoris while the other touched, probed her opening. John matched the rhythm of his movements with her breath, ans kept licking as she felt the tension built, built, receded when John paused for a moment.
She gave a soft cry of frustration, and barely heard Sunitra whisper: "Enough, she cannot yet hold it."
Then John probed tongue end finger into her vagina, and her universe exploded in a chaos of pleasure, of fire and thunder. Her whole being became an immense wave joy and pleasure, building and receding as the stimulation of her pussy contained.
Sunitra and Bill watched her body arc against the power of her orgasm, and John held on to her bucking pelvis, continued his attention as her fluids gushed. Then Elizabeth collapsed, totally spent, totally exhausted.
Sunitra smiled, and Bill looked on with awe. "Damn, that was an immense orgasm. Well done, John."
John grinned and sat up, his face smeared with Elizabeth's fluids. Sunitra took him by the hand and whispered: "Thank you for bringing my chela into the world of male orgasms. Pull a cover over her, then you can help Bill bring me to an orgasm too."

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