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(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)
This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.
Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.
Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth's
Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, Elizabeth's teacher and master.
John Wills, retired engineer, tantra adept, Elizabeth's lover and teacher.
09 Worshipping The God.
Elizabeth became aware of voices around her, movement, sensations, odours. She move in the warm comfort of the light duvet that covered her, slowly becoming aware of her body, of the tingling of her breasts and the sensations of languor still diffused through her body, A hand crept down to the feeling of fullness in her pussy and she cupped the warm dampness as she relived the waves of pleasure. She rocked a little from side to side, then opened her eyes as Sunitra said: "I think she is back with us. Are you here, my chela? Can you sit up?"
She sank down behind Elizabeth, held her tight, and offered her a mug of fragrant tea. The warm spicy brew brought life back to her body and she leant back into the comfort of Sunitra's body.
"You had an enormous orgasm, my chela, that was good. You must not forget to thank your god for his worship."
Elizabeth looked shyly at John and reached out an arm, drawing him closer. She pulled his face closer for a kiss, then said: "Thank you, it was… I don't know what to say. It was just phenomenal. Can I do the same for you?"
Sunitra smiled. "You can, my chela, but not just yet. You need to move, to drink something, to eat, then we can resume the worship."
Five minutes later they sat down again, and a new chant came from the sound system. Watching Sunitra closely Elizabeth reached and started caressing John's hair, enjoying the crisp feeling of the short cut under her hands, He caressed downwards, fondled his ears, cupped his face, and asked softly: "May I worship you? Would you be my god?"
He nodded, and she kissed his forehead on the sixth chakra, then softly on his cheeks and lips. She absorbed his fragrance, darted a tongue between his lips to taste him while her hands roamed over the strong planes of his shoulders, his neck and his back. Then she leant closer, nibbling his ears, nuzzling his neck, kissing her way down to his chest. She asked him if she may continue, slid his shirt off his shoulders and felt his chest muscles, caressed them, kissed his nipples. She could tell that he enjoyed her actions and she caressed his stomach muscles, then reached around to move the shirt off his back, caressing his flanks. He leant back under her pressure and she kissed her way down his stomach, copied his action of dipping a tongue into his umbilicus.
Looking up she admired his body, the face in repose, and asked: "May I worship further? May I touch your lingam?"
He nodded, and Sunitra whispered: "Slowly, my chela. Worshipping the lingam is the worship of the forces that engender life, that creates and destroys."
She nodded, and kissed his belly, unaware of the sensation caused by her long hair trailing over his sensitive skin, but acutely aware of the bulge under his loose trousers. Her hands roamed against his back, up his chest, and over his face, before moving down again. She looked up and caught the small nod, then slid her hands into the waistband, moving the trousers down. She gasped when his cock appeared, already hard and yearning for her touch. For a moment she looked at it, then caught Sunitra's encouraging smile where she was caressing Bill's chest.
She slid the trousers down and off John's legs, and the feeling of her long hair training over his cock was like a delicate whiplash, causing his cock to jump in anticipation. She slid her hands up his legs, feeling the texture of his skin, the movement and tightness of his muscles under her hands. She watched him react, then bent her head and breathed softly on the unknown cock before her. Beside her Sunitra had now uncovered Bill's cock, and Elizabeth watched, then followed her example. Softly she brought her hands up, caressing the inner thighs, circled around and them felt the warm weight of his testicles. She caressed, discovering them, and heard Sunitra whisper: "Gently, chela, gently."
She breathed again on the cock, making it jump again, then took it between her hands, feeling its hardness and strength. Her hands moved, feeling the soft skin slide over the hard shaft, uncovering the purple head. A drop, of fluid glistened in the opening, and she watched, entranced, as the organ pulsed in her hands. She saw Sunitra slide Bill's cock between her hands and followed suit, still breathing on it.
John's face was a study of concentration, and a moment of naughtiness crept up on her. Leaning forward she grazed the head with a pink nipple, hearing him gasp and feeling the pulse between her hands. She looked at him, noticing hie breath becoming faster.
"Like it? Want more?" Taking his expelled breath for an answer she slid the cock between her breasts, pushing them together, feeling the sensation of his pulsing against her sensitive flesh.
She cupped the tight scrotum in one hand and caressed the shaft with the other, noting once again the appearance of a few drops at the opening of his cock. She touched it with her tongue. The taste was strange, yet exciting, and she lapped again with a questing tongue, then followed his reaction and licked around the head. Remembering what she had read, she touched the sensitive frenulum with the tip of her tongue, then with a broader brush of her tongue. He tensed beneath her hands, and she smiled at him. Her hands now caressed his balls, and scratched softly on his perineum, until one finger touched his anus. He jumped, thrusting his head between her lips, and she reacted, taking him between her lips, caressing him with her tongue while a finger slid between his cheeks, caressing, seeking the sensitive nerve endings.
He tensed beneath her hands, and she looked up as he groaned: "I am going to come. Do not stop, but …."
The next moment his body spasmed, his belly muscles rippled, and she felt the shaft between her hands tensing and contracting. A burst of semen shot forth, on to her lips and then her averted cheek as he came, again and again. Elizabeth was fascinated by the reaction she had been able to provoke, and licked the salty fluid from her lips, then swiped her tongue over the still pulsing head. He gave a long sigh, then relaxed. Reaching a hand to her face, he said: "Enough, now, it is very sensitive,. Thank you, my goddess, that was great. Come and rest against me now."
They lay there in companionable silence, watching Sunitra playing with Bill, teasing him with her fingers, her lips, her tongue, bringing him to the brink and letting him slide down, bringing him to the brink and letting him slide down, until he begged: "Please…"
She cocked her head. "Please, who?"
He groaned. "My goddess, please let me come, I am going to burst!"
She grinned at him and said: "Just for you. Come now, as an offering to me." With that she engulfed his head in her mouth, sucking softly while her hands stroked his shaft. He held his breath, his face blushing, then he thrust into her mouth, his whole body bucked, pumping his semen into her. She held him there, her hands, mouth and tongue working to keep him on the plateau of his climax until he collapsed, totally spent.
He pulled her up against his chest and hugged her. "Thank you, my goddess, that was great."
Elizabeth must have dozed off, and she was not the only one. The late afternoon light was golden on the trees outside the apartment when they began to move about. Sunitra joined Elizabeth in the shower, but refused to talk about the experience, only saying: "Later, my chela. Later. Now let me wash you clean and fresh, let me loosen the tense muscles, and you can do the same for me."
There were complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste for them, and then they put on the two silk robes, and joined the men where John was preparing some snacks.
The chilled white wine Bill had opened was nectar and the snacks, although John apologised for their simplicity, a treat. Then Bill refilled their glasses, and Sunitra held up a hand.
"My dear fellow adepts, I need now to ask your opinion on the performance of my chela. She has learnt much, she has much to learn. I will talk to her later, in private, but I need to hear your opinions. You have seen her in her worship of the god, you have seen her being worshipped. I may tell you that I have shared pleasure with her, have enjoyed teaching her, and have derived much comfort from her as well. Her body, unschooled as it is, yearns for new experiences, yearns for male attention. She has need for men to worship her, in order for her to grow to the next level. What is your opinion? Would you judge her ready for that step?"
Bill answered first. "I know your chela, Sunitra. I know how she came to be with you. I marvel at the growth she has undergone over the past months, but I must caution. It has been a mere three months or so since she embarked on this path. It is far too soon to consider her a fully fledged adept. She may yet suffer much damage, should she get the wrong instruction. She may yet be harmed, hurt. I would be hesitant to let her loose, to let her go the way most people go, become the limited people they are. My advice would be that she has need for instruction under strict supervision, with selected partners, both male and female. John, what do you say?"
John sat with his elbows on his knees, his steepled fingers against his lips. "Sunitra, I can see much of you in your chela, as is only to be expected. I found her a delightful and inventive lover, but still very unskilled in the arts, as would, again, be expected. I sense in her a fear, a withholding, which, again, would agree with what you had explained. Your chela is in many senses of the word still a child, eager to learn, eager to please, eager to trust. All of which are good characteristics, but she must learn that not all people are good, not all people are to be trusted. I agree with Bill, she is ready to begin to learn, but not without guidance. Should she be guided well I am certain she would exceed our expectations in time to come. I judge her worthy of being taught, and I would offer to teach her what I can when I can, as long as I can. May I address her directly?"
Sunitra dismissed his request with a wave of the hand and a "Later." She continued: "I am proud of her, she learnt well, she has shown maturity and a sense of responsibility. I am also reluctant to let her go, and I admit the fault in me, that my feeling is tinted by personal pride in her, by personal concern for her and by love that has developed between us. I know that I must teach my chela dispassionately, and I hope to achieve this in time. And you, John, you dirty old man, wanting to corrupt a girl young enough to be your daughter! Shame on you! If she agrees I will allow you to teach her what a man needs, to be aware how she can control your orgasm and let you wait. She is still far too impatient, too eager to please. That is my decision then, my chela. You may come to John to be taught, we will arrange times and frequency. You may not see other men or allow them to pleasure you. Is that understood? Good. Then I want to tell you that I am proud of you, and happy that you have passed this test. Now you may respond and tell us what you think."
Elizabeth blushed. "I must thank you, teacher, for having guided me, for having taught me, and for having loved me. I hope our love will remain. I thank you, Dr Bill, for having set me on this path, and I hope to show you my thanks one day. And I thank you, John, for having shown me what worship means, what I can mean for someone else, for giving me an unbelievable orgasm. I also thank you for allowing me to experiment with your body, to try to give you as much pleasure as I have received from you, even though I know I have failed. I thank you all. Namaste."
John looked at Sunitra for permission, then took Elizabeth's hands and looked her in the eyes. "Thank you, my dear, for having tried and succeeded wonderfully in giving me pleasure. I look forward to teaching you, with your permission and cooperation, as much as I can. What Sunitra said is true, I have daughters older than you, but that should not preclude a productive learning experience."
He looked at Sunitra, then rose and produced four small glasses, which he filled from a small bottle. "Allow me to toast our newest follower of the way. May she bring happiness and receive happiness."

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