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(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)
This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.
Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.
Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth's
Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, Elizabeth's teacher and master.
John Wills, retired engineer, tantra adept, Elizabeth's lover and teacher.
11. Group Experiences
The cold impersonal formality of the mansion was daunting, and the wooden panelling and arty décor did little to make it feel like a lived-in house. But then it was probably owned by some corporation or association that rented it out to clients who wanted privacy. Like the group tonight.
Sunitra led the way through the service entrance, and an effacing, efficient servant took them to the 'rumpus room' where the class was to take place. Elizabeth followed, wondering what the evening would bring. Sunitra had told her of an invitation, well paid of course, to lead a group of upper crust swingers in a group meditation and introduction to more advanced sexual techniques.
"The first part will be easy. John's training over the past months, your attendance of my classes will make sure there are no surprises. We will start with a meditation to settle their nerves, then pair them of, each couple together. Once they are undressed we will do a short version of the 'worship the goddess' teaching, followed by a 'worship the god' one. You will have to help me guide them to play with each other, to explore their bodies, to learn how to begin to enjoy their own senses. I must warn you, most of the men are senior business types, used to command, to take what they want, and in one session of an hour we are not going to change them. Most of the women are out to get what they can from their partners, again there is a degree of selfishness involved. There, I am generalising, but that is what you can expect. Let's hope we will be pleasantly surprised."
"And then?" Elizabeth found it hard to suppress a degree of trepidation.
"Well, after some drinks and chatter they usually adjourn, a few to their rooms or to the hot tub, to make out, but most will go to the red room where they will have an ever so genteel orgy."
"Are we expected to join?"
Sunitra took a hand. "Do not fear, my chela. You may, I am sure there will be invitations to join them either in their rooms or in the hot tub. I will, as usual, go to the red room and I might join in if there is someone I find interesting. You can do either. In the red room one can discreetly watch, choose a partner, or just dive into the pile of bodies and let happen what may."
"And if you want to leave and I want to stay?"
She smiled. "You have Uber on your phone. You just decide when you had had enough and come away. Should someone become unpleasant the staff will intervene, they are very discreet but very well trained. Remember, there are cameras everywhere, not only to keep a discreet watch, but also to have evidence, should someone transgress, and everyone knows that. I once got into a situation where a very influential politician got out of hand with me, and they sorted him out very nicely."
They set up the mats the house had ready, loaded the music on the sound system, and took a few minutes to center themselves. Then the guests trooped in, chattering. Elizabeth found them conforming largely to Sunitra's description: slightly overweight captains of industry, except for one younger, muscular guy who was a toy-boy to an heiress. She was a flashy type with artificial breasts, a dazzling smile, and a razor voice. Several of the other women were similar, a few were softer, more human types. She noticed Sunitra's eyes wandering to one of the women, a well-proportioned brunette who held back a little, and observed the others as if from a distance, instead of trying to compete.
Sunitra was greeted as an acquaintance, and Elizabeth found some of the men widening their eyes as they greeted her, while some of the women looked daggers at her. But all treated them as servants or professional service deliverers, not as equals.
The group settled down to some slightly tense joking and laughter, but Sunitra soon had them relaxed into a meditative mood. Then she had the women disrobe, which they did with no hesitation, obviously used to each other. Their partners were seated between their legs, and Sunitra guided them to first place a palm on their partner's chests, between the breasts, then slowly begin to massage them.
"We start out with no sexual touching. There, Elizabeth, help over there. Just feel your partner's heartbeat, feel the rhythm of life, transmit your desire and your spirit into her. Then with the other hand slowly start to caress her breasts while telling her that you find her lovely."
Elizabeth observed, sensing the communication, or lack thereof, between the partners. She heard some of the comments, saw the gestures, some genuinely seeking contact, some just making the movements required. They proceeded to caress their partners' genitalia, while Sunitra kept up encouragement, advice, and guidance. One of the women came near an orgasm, one faked it, most only felt gentle enjoyment in the short lesson. Then their partners disrobed and took their places while the women settled between their legs. Some banter took place, a, moustachioed businessman boasted about the size of his penis, the heiress showed off the size of her partner's. Elizabeth expected Sunitra to make her usual comment that it was not the size of the car but the skill of the driver that mattered, but she was silent.
The women followed instructions to first connect with their partners, then how to caress them, and finally how to play with their penises. As with the women Sunitra was ready to lend a hand, and Elizabeth followed her example. One of the men made a playful grab for her breasts as she leant over him to show her wife how to perform a difficult hand manoeuvrer, and he gasped at Elizabeth: "You can do that for me every day, honey."
She just smiled and moved to the next couple, helping the heiress to fondle her toy-boy's balls. The women clearly though she did not have to do anything, since she had already paid his monthly stipend.
Everyone enjoyed drinks as the class broke up, and some light hearted, and some pointed hints were dropped. Then the gentleman with the moustache called: "Me now for the red room. Are you ladies joining us?"
The heiress sidled up to Elizabeth and asked: "Why not join us in the hot tub instead? My Benny has the hots for you, and I would love to watch."
Elizabeth was tempted, but then changed her mind. "I think maybe next time? I need to be where my teacher can call me."
"At least then have a drink with us on the terrace. The view is magnificent." And it was. The drink was too strong, and Rex started pawing her as soon as they were outside. Elizabeth avoided him with amusement, then excused herself and went downstairs.
Laughter, low voices, red lighting and soft music underscored the sexual pheromones that pervaded. On the red plush mattresses bodies, mostly naked, were spread out. The moustache was having his penis sucked by a blonde with fake breasts, other couples were watching. Sunitra, naked, was in deep conversation with the brunette, who still had a t-shirt on. Elizabeth hung her robe on a convenient hanger that she would easily identify, and slipped on to the mattresses next to Sunitra.
Her teacher smiled at her, cuddled her for a moment, then turned back to her conversation about orgasms and control. Elizabeth thought the woman wanted to get Sunitra to one side to demonstrate, but her husband sought attention from her other side. Then he looked at Elizabeth and asked: "Would you join me? Can you demonstrate that massage technique again?"
Elizabeth looked at the wife for permission, then started massaging the half-erect penis. He reached up and pulled her into a kiss, not altogether unpleasant, and Elizabeth allowed it to continue, also when he reached up to fondle her breasts. Around them people were having sex mow, moustache mounting the blonde doggy-style, another couple copulating missionary style, with a man massaging the woman's breasts. She uttered loud squeals, egging him on to "do it harder, harder, come, give it to me!"
Elizabeth was wet now, both from the ambiance and the activity around her and the fondling and touching. Another couple had come up behind them, the man spooned into his wife, one hand caressing her mount, while she reached out to touch Elizabeth's other breast. Sunitra and the brunette were kissing, the t-shirt now abandoned. Elizabeth allowed the fondling from both sides to continue, then turned and allowed the man to kiss and nibble at her breasts. From behind a hand started caressing her buttocks, a voice drawled: "You are so pretty, honey, so cute. Bring that little butt closer, there."
She felt fingers on her buttocks, sliding down to her thighs, moving between them, and she opened to give space to the woman behind her. Now her friend moved down as well, and started fondling her pussy and belly. Sunitra and the brunette were in a passionate embrace, kissing and cuddling. Hands were probing, caressing, and another man with close cropped blond hair had approached. He leant over, cupped a breast and asked: "Can I join? May I kiss you?"
She nodded, and he kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She turned her face away in distaste and he held back. "Gentle, if you want to kiss me, not hard like that." He sat back, a little surprised. "Some women like it like that."
She shook her head, distracted by he fondling, the probing, the caresses. "Not me. If you want to kiss me, then kiss gently. Like this."
She reached up and pulled him down, softly kissing him, gently probing his lips with her tongue. He reciprocated, one hand caressing her breast. The woman behind her had a hand on the other breast, and an unknown number of hands were caressing between her legs, down her thighs. A finger was inside her vagina, probing, exciting her, but she had difficulty getting to anywhere near a climax.
Sunitra and the brunette were now in a sixty-nine, eating each other, and the brunette's husband picked up a cushion, placed it strategically, then deftly flicked Elizabeth so that her backside was on it. Her legs fell open, and he bent to kiss her pussy. "Ready for me? Here I come!" And he thrust into her. She gasped at the sensation and lifted her legs, which gave the woman a chance to push a hand below the bouncing balls and insert a finger into her anus. The blond man looked on, still caressing a breast, and Elizabeth drew his penis to her mouth.
Elizabeth felt the rhythm of the thrusting increasing, saw the perspiration on the face above her, then he came, jerking and swearing as he came. He collapsed, drew his penis from her, and wiped himself on a handy tissue. "That was a great fuck, girl. You're a good one."
He moved away and the blond man smiled, handing her a tissue to clean herself with. "May I now have the honour, my dear? I will try to be more considerate?"
She nodded and he knelt between her legs, caressing her pussy, fondling it while working on his penis. Behind her the man had come and had left, but the woman now turned her attention to Elizabeth's breasts, kissing and nibbling them, whispering how nice they were. She moved in to kiss her, but Elizabeth was not impressed with her smoker's breath, and asked her to kiss her breasts again.
The blond man eased himself into her opening, and with one hand on her clitoris he began to thrust. His eyes were intent on her, and she was barely aware that, behind her, Sunitra had climaxed, bringing her partner to a loud, sustained orgasm. Both of them now moved alongside her and the blond man, making space for a tall, dark-skinned man with silver sideburns. He caressed Sunitra and her friend in an absent-minded way, intent on Elizabeth's body. The blond man was speeding up his movements, and Elizabeth tried to slow him down so that her orgasm could match his, but he came, jerking and spraying over her body. He laughed weakly and caressed her face. "Thank you, my dear, you were wonderful. Let me help you clean up."
Sunitra leant over and asked: "Are you all right? Do you want to continue?"
Elizabeth nodded weakly, and whispered: "Just frustrated, I was nearly there."
The brunette tugged Sunitra away to join another woman, and the silver sideburns eased his cock into Elizabeth's face. "Can I introduce you to someone I am very attached to? You may kiss him."
Elizabeth smiled through the erotic haze, writing under the caressing hands, and tried to please the half-hard penis. Soon it was hard, and she played with the dangling sack, scratching it. The man exclaimed: "Damn, you are good. Can I take you doggy style?"
Taking her lack of comment as assent he lifted her hips and turned her around. The two women caressed her dangling breasts, and sideburns slid his hands admiringly over her buttocks, down her thighs, over her dripping pussy. He fingered her, drawing gasps from her as he touched her tender lips and clitoris, then she felt his penis pressing against her lips, easing its way into her. The different position brought different nerves into play and her orgasm started building anew. He sensed this and started pumping harder, playing her like an instrument as he read her reactions. Another hand was now caressing her buttocks and pussy, playing with her clitoris, and she felt the wave cresting. The sideburned man kept his rhythm going, extending her orgasm, then he grunted, sped up and came inside her. He grunted again, then slowly collapsed on her, sighing.
"You are beautiful, and delicious. Thank you, Elizabeth."
She had barely lifted her head in acknowledgement when another voice sounded, and another set of hands grabbed her hips. "Great little fuck, is she? Let's see how she likes my cock in her arse. Come on, get ready!"
The man with the moustache lifted her hips again, holding her still. She felt his penis thrusting against her anus, slipping into her sopping pussy, and back again against her anus. She cringed away, and said: "No, not now, no!"
He laughed and crowed: "She likes it, they all pretend to be reluctant. Let me show you a real man. Come now."
Again he thrust, and she felt pain scour through her body. She jerked away and screamed: "No! Don't…"
Beside her silver sideburns warned: "The lady has said no, Jerry, I suggest you stop that."
Moustache pulled her back by the hips, and tried again to find his target as she squirmed. "They all say that, but they like it. Hold still, you bitch."
Sideburns saw the tears in her eyes, and said in a commanding voice: "Stop, Jerry, she said no, and you know that means no. Stop this."
Moustache swore, slapped her backside, rose and stomped away. Emily collapsed, exhausted, tears flowing freely. Sideburns leant over her and asked: "Are you all right? Are you hurt?"
She shook her head slightly and the woman who had been caressing her said: "Leave her, give her a few minutes. She will be all right. She just got a fright, Jerry did not give her time to prepare."
She caressed Elizabeth's back, her buttocks, her hair, crooning softly. "It will be better with a woman. Let me make love to you, I will make it better."
But Elizabeth had had enough. She gave the woman a perfunctory kiss, rolled over and looked around. Sunitra was nowhere to be seen. She rose, threaded her way between copulating people and sleeping bodies, found her robe, and went out. Voices on the terrace drew her attention and she saw Sunitra, the brunette and her husband and another couple in the hot tub. She hesitated, then Sunitra saw her and beckoned her to join them.
The warm water soothed the aches from her body and Sunitra's comforting arm soothed her mind. She drifted off into a slumber, briefly felt someone groping her thigh and pussy and warded the hand off. Then Sunitra rose and pulled her up.
"People, it is time for us to leave you. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Come, dear, we will shower back home."
There was silence in the car, and Sunitra looked at Elizabeth as they waited at a red light. "Keep it, soothe it away, we will talk the evening through after Wednesday's class."

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