Emily and Sarah part 7

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By Blank guy Sarah is bent on finding someone for Joanna and she might just be in luck!

Sarah and emily continued having weekends with Joanna and cat. Their parents were happy they had a role model and someone to watch them on weekends as they missed their social life. Emily was distraught over being separated from cat for days at a time but Sarah would let her text her through out the week to help her make it through. Cat was equally excited to see her little girlfriend. She hated they couldn’t go out in public but she assured her one day they wouldn’t have to hide their love any longer. Ashley was able to come over most weekends as her parents were very absent and didn’t seem to care very much. Things evolved into not just sex but watching movies together playing games and genuinely enjoying each others company. For all of them it was like a secret second family. Joanna would still have a look on her face that Sarah couldn’t stand. She tried to compensate by giving her attention but she knew it wasn’t enough.

One day Sarah and Emily’s parents brought them to the mall. Emily was trying to insist on a sex pair of panties which their parents were a bit concerned about until the mother remembered wanting to stop being cute and instead be sexy. She assured the father it was normal just happening a little faster than they both anticipated. The answer was no. A store caught Sarah’s eye. It was dark and mysterious. Not unlike Joanna. She wondered inside and it was as if Joanna’s entire closet was out on display. Leather studded belts and necklaces, band t shirts and plaid skirts with chains hanging from them. Hot topic was the name of the store. Sarah thought maybe she could by Joanna something to cheer her up. She looked around trying to find something thoughtful.
Bianca: hi! Do you need help?
A girl with a pink pixie cut walked up behind her. She was very curvy and tits bigger than cats! She wore one of the same band shirts Joanna had. She said to herself this must be fate!
Sarah: um yes!
Bianca: ok… how?
Sarah: well I have this friend…
Bianca: is this friend you?
Sarah: no her name is Joanna
Bianca: oh okay. How can I help “Joanna”
Sarah: erm… I don’t know
Bianca: you’re a weird kid…
Bianca went to help someone else in the store. Sarah was trying to think of what she could do. Sarah chased after her.
Sarah: she has a pool!
Bianca: sure “she does”
Sarah: she does! And she likes the same band on your shirt!
Bianca: a huh
Sarah: and she thinks you’re cute!
Bianca stops
Bianca: ok ok quiet down. You can’t go saying stuff like this in public. You’re a kid and you’re cute but I’m an adult and this is inappropriate.
Sarah: but Joanna’s 18!
Bianca: oh. Did she tell you to come in here and tell me?
Bianca looked around the store
Sarah: no she’s too shy
Bianca: and how do you know this Joanna?is she your sister or something?
Sarah: no she’s my babysitter
Bianca: and she confesses her secrets to the kids she babysits?
Bianca once again losses interest and goes back to work.
Sarah: no! I-I- I read her diary! I know I wasn’t supposed to but she was sad and I wanted to know why and she’s too shy to tell you how she feels and she’s beautiful and wonderful and if you don’t like her too then your dumb!
Bianca: quiet down! Ok ok before you get me arrested. What do you want me to do about it? Is she here? Should I go talk to her?
Sarah: I can give you her number
Bianca: so you want me to just text someone I don’t know and be like “hey some little girl said you liked me”
Sarah: yes?
Bianca: try again
Sarah: I can give you her address?
Bianca: that seems even worse. I’m just supposed to show up at this girls house? Why am I even entertaining this?! Look I have some work to get back too. You’re very cute and I’m sure Joanna is too. Tell her I said hi and if she really wants she can come in here and speak to me herself!
Bianca went back to work and Sarah had her work cut out for her.
That weekend Sarah insisted they go to the mall, emily aHaley and cat were in on the plan too as they hounded Joanna. Joanna agreed and they all went. Sarah insisted on dressing Joanna. She set her up with her most seductive outfit in her opinion. Bright green plaid skirt to match her green hair and the same band shirt Bianca was wearing.
Once they got to the mall Sarah and emily were practically pulling her arms out of their socket rushing to hot topic. Cat bounced around behind them.
They ran into the store Sarah looking around frantically but couldn’t find her.
Joanna: what are we looking for?
Sarah: it’s a surprise!
Just then she walked in from the back room.
Joanna saw her. Their eyes met and they both smiled at each other as Bianca walked behind the register.
Bianca: can I help you?
Sarah ran up to the register
Sarah: hi!
Bianca: oh god not this again
Sarah: that’s Joanna!
Pointing at Joanna who was now mortified
Joanna: Sarah what are you doing?!
Bianca: so THIS is my secret admirer that I’ve heard so much about?!
Joanna: what?! I’m so sorry I have no clue what she told you I so sorry.
Bianca: don’t worry about it she didn’t say much
Joanna: well what DID she say?
She stared down Sarah with a look that could kill
Bianca: not much just that you had cool taste in music, nice shirt btw
Joanna: oh, thank you. I like your hair
Bianca blushed. Awe thanks!
Cat: ok Cupid let’s give them a little time and go get some ice cream.
Sarah and emily high fived as they left the store. Joanna and Bianca talked for hours until it was time to leave.
Bianca was also fairly smart, still in high school but 17 thinking about college. They exchanged numbers and kept talking for the following weeks. Joanna was having trouble getting up the nerve to ask her out until Bianca texted one day
Bianca: so… I heard you have a pool
Joanna: I’m gonna kill that girl
Bianca: it’s pretty hot out…
Joanna: would you like to come over?
Bianca: I would LOVE too
That weekend they hung out with cat and gave the 2 new loves some space. Joanna and Bianca hit it off well. Joanna was falling for her but didn’t quite know where she stood with her. Bianca was a little hard to read. Joanna made a move in the hot tub. A tried and true method. They sat next to each other, the leaned into each other, they kissed. That’s about where Joanna left it with everyone
Cat: oh come on! Tell me you slapped around those fun bags!
Joanna: that’s between us!
Joanna couldn’t wipe the grin off her face if she tried. But that’s just it she didn’t want too.
Cat: oh you totally did!!!’ Tell me everything!
Sarah: did you fuck her hard?! Which dildo did you use?! Did you wash it yet? Is her cum still on it?!
Cat: you need jesus
Emily: did you make love?
Ashley: did you finger her ass at least?
Cat: and YOUVE been spending too much time with Sarah
Joanna: I’m not telling!
Collective: awe!
Joanna: but I will tell you one thing…
Cat: ok out with it!
Joanna: she’s got a secret and I’m not going to say what it is but I might be able to SHOW it to you.
Cat: please tell me they’re tit pics
Joanna: nope! But maybe you’ll see next weekend.
Next weekend came and they all arrived at Joanna’s early. She ushered them all into her closet.
Sarah: it’s starting to get really cramped in here
Cat: shush!
Joanna came up the stairs with Bianca and they all watched as Joanna and Bianca began to go at it. They both stripped down and Bianca’s tits came out. They were massive. Her pants came off. Her ass was easily competition for Joanna’s. Joanna started fingering her and suddenly they heard the most innocent voice come out of seemingly nowhere “ yes mommy! More pwease! Lick my pwincess parts!”
Everyone looked around. They all looked at Ashley. She shrugged.
Bianca: “fuck my wittle pwincess parts mommy! I wish I was still 11 so you could rape me mommy !”
Everyone’s jaws dropped
Joanna: you wanna see mommy finger a little girl?
Bianca: yes pwease mommy! More than anything!
Bianca pleaded while being fingered hard by Joanna
Bianca: I wanna see you rape her hard in her whittle pwincess parts! And then make her make cummies all owver!”
Joanna: are you SURE that’s what my baby wants?
Bianca : more than anything in the whole wide world!
She said while clutching a plush animal and putting her thumb in her mouth
Joanna: come on out girls!
The girls all came out
Bianca jumped up
Bianca : oh my god what the fuck?! Have they been there the whole time?! It was a fantasy’ just a fantasy’ not even a fantasy! Just role play! I would never rape anyone! Why are there kids?! What’s going on!!
Joanna: calm down. Girls come here
Bianca covered herself with the sheets
Cat: jeez I can’t remember the last time I was on these sheets dry
Bianca: excuse me what?
Joanna: girls?
Sarah and emily begin to strip down
Bianca: woah! Wtf!?
Joanna while keeping eye contact with Bianca bends Sarah forward licks her finger and puts it in her pussy. Bianca watches with a shocked look on her face
Bianca: you’re okay with this?
Sarah: I love it! Do you want a turn?
Bianca: uh
Emily crawls up beside her and takes her hand and puts it on her thigh
Bianca: oh god!
Emily spreads her legs and slips a finger in her pussy
Bianca: she’s already wet!
Joanna: yeah! They’re always horny haha
Bianca letting her guard down a little plays along and starts fingering emily. Expecting her to start freaking out or crying instead she pulls her hand closer and deeper.
Bianca: woah. What about her?
Pointing at Ashley hiding behind cat
Joanna: if you think you’re ready
Ashley jumps up beside her and hops up over her other hand and shoves a couple fingers inside
Bianca: this is fucking amazing!
Joanna: do you like it?
Bianca: like it?! I fucking love it! I fucking love you!
That’s what Joanna had been waiting to hear as she dove her head between her legs and ate her pussy.
Bianca: oh god! Oh my god! You like that in your wiggle pussys girls?
Emily: a huh!
Ashley: rape me harder!
Bianca started fingering them faster in amazement and came. The girls all welcomed their new member in the customary way. Everyone had their turn with her all the while Bianca calling out “wape me mommy! Yes keep fucking me sisters! Wape my wittle pussy!”
Bianca lost it when she learned emily and Sarah were sisters. She asked if they fucked and the put on all show for her. Bianca couldn’t stop herself. She relished the little girls, she got fucked by them hard much harder than she thought would be possible. The girls thought the baby voice was a little insulting but also a little bit of a turn on. “Eat my cookie pweez Ashley?” Ashley made her cum harder than anyone. The entire time she was making the most greatful face to Joanna. Bianca couldn’t stop professing her love for Joanna through out all of it. Joanna although thinking she came on a little strong was still over the moon with her new girlfriend getting along with her other friends. Little emily loved playing with a new pair of big tits. Cat was a little jealous but couldn’t stop herself from joining in on the fun. Joanna was starting to get a little worried that Bianca was a little more interested in the girls than herself until Bianca insisted the next round just be her and Joanna. And she wanted her to take her with the magnum. Joanna fucked her hard and deep and they fucked passionately. Joanna sucked on her tits while she rode Ontop her tits slapping against her stomach. “I’m gonna make Cummies from my naughties mommy!” She screamed as Joanna gave a final thrust and she came all over. Everyone was impressed and even applauded as they joined back in. At one point Sarah brought out Joanna’s baby oil and cat and Bianca smushed little emily between them she couldn’t have been happier. The night once again concluded with everyone passed out and satisfied however this time Joanna found her home in the arms of Bianca. Everyone was couple up and happy. This didn’t mean that the group would end it there though. Joanna was thinking about a reunion or sorts…

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By Blank guy #Group #Incest #Lesbian #PreTeen