Emily Goes Abroad for a Semester


The following story is done as a series of emails. The participants are:

Peter Larson – a middle aged man living in the US. He is married to Julie and has two children, Sarah 17, and Lori 16.Emily – a college student from the UK who comes to stay with the Larsons while she does a semester in the US. She is engaged to be married. Pastor Andrew – Emily’s pastor at her church in the UKAunt Rachel – Emily’s aunt in the UKPastor James – The Larson’s pastor in the US


First, from Pastor Andrew to Peter:


Dear Peter


Finally we’re there, and I’m sure Emily will have a wonderful experience while she stays with you, and I can also assure you that both her father and her husband to be are happy to leave the arrangements in our hands. Once more therefore, let’s reiterate.



Emily’s discipline is handed entirely over to you, and you have the rights and duties that any disciplinarian has. She accepts that she will submit to whatever discipline you decide to impose as well as she is able. She is a lovely girl, but is used to very firm discipline and you agree to impose that discipline in the form of corporal punishment very regularly. 


It is worth noting that like all girls who wish to be good submissive wives to loving Christian husbands, this is a time in her life when discipline needs stepping up in both regularity and intensity, both emotionally and physically. She is used to hard spankings, and severe punishment with a tawse on occasion, please do not underdo her spankings.  She is also used to bare bottom spankings, and has often had to strip topless or naked as part of her spankings too. She has also been spanked in front of me and my wife, and family members including aunts and uncles.



Emily and her husband to be have been very open and honest about their emotional and sexual experiences together. They are both virgins, though their petting has gone as far as partial nudity, him fondling her bare breasts and using his fingers to enter her vagina a little and play with her clitoris.  He has not yet induced an orgasm in her. Emily has, however, masturbated since she was a teenager and has had orgasms often, and her fingers have been used on her clitoris, labia and in her vagina, and anus. Interestingly, when she masturbates she usually thinks about being spanked, often by an older authority figure or her father. She has masturbated him to orgasm, and in her words ‘kissed his thing’ but not pleasured him properly using her mouth, breasts, or crack of her bottom; he has not properly worked her clitoris properly to bring about orgasm, she has not learned to submit nicely to fingers working hard in her bottom. She has not yet submitted her bottom to any form of penetration. 


She is however, used to sexual activity in her life short of full vaginal sex and it is my belief she will still need the emotional and physical release that brings. It would also do her good to learn, from a loving wife and husband, as much as possible about men and how to submit to them and pleasure them.


Of course, she has much to learn, but I believe she is a naturally submissive girl and will learn well in the hands of a kind, loving authority figure such as you, as long as your discipline of her is regular and very firm, and any marriage preparation comes in the context of corporal punishment (ie before, during or after a spanking).


Therefore, I entrust you, with your wife’s help, with the task of preparing her properly for marriage, with the obvious limitation that she will remain a virgin, defined by her not having penetrative sex with a penis in her vagina. I would hope that when she returns to marry she will know how to submit as a good submissive wife when she marries shortly after.


Lastly, both you and her have kindly agreed to email me (separately), detailed accounts of the discipline and training you undertake.


Thanks, once again, for agreeing to this loving and important task.


Yours, Pastor Andrew



Peter responds:


Dear Pastor Andrew,


            After all the preparations it was nice to finally have Emily here with us. She arrived on schedule two weeks ago and she has gotten settled both into our home and into the university. My wife and I have been looking forward to this and will do all we can to follow the guidance you provided. As you know we are I total agreement with the discipline and training you have outlined. Our oldest daughter is 17 now and our hope is that Emily’s father may provide some similar assistance when she is older. Let me get you up to date on what has transpired since Emily’s arrival.

            First let me say that Emily is really a delightful young woman and has quickly become a part of our family. The girls took to her right away and still seem to delight in her British accent. For the most part she has been well behaved but a few incidents have led to some correction and punishment. Let me add that I have spoken to her advisor at the university who has agreed to share with me any problems that might arise there.

            Emily arrived midday on a Friday and my wife and I met her at the airport as the girls were in school. Things had gone smoothly on the flight over but I was concerned when I saw Emily speak rudely to an airline worker when she thought one of her bags had been misplaced. We straightened out the misunderstanding but I felt I could not let the behavior go unaddressed. When we got to our home I told her I was disappointed and decided to spank her right then in our family room. I felt it was important to set the right tone from the start.

            With my wife in attendance I took her over my knee, lifted her skirt, lowered her knickers and gave her a sound hand spanking. I’m sure she was mortified and she protested quite strongly but I know it did her good. It was strictly discipline and there was no sexual aspect to it other than my wife and I getting a good look at her ample, yet still lovely, bum.

            Things proceeded smoothly for the next couple of days until we left Emily with the girls while my wife and I attended a dinner engagement with a business contact. We had set up some dinner for them at home before we left but were surprised to see that the cleanup had not been completed when we arrived home. Recognizing the error, the girls quickly finished the work and then assembled together in the family room. I wanted them know there would be no special treatment so I told all of them to strip completely for a spanking. There was a lot of complaining but all complied. It was a bit funny to see the three of them naked together, nervous and embarrassed, but curious about each other too.

            I gave each a spanking in turn and instructed my girls to stand in the corner as is our custom after a spanking. Instructing my wife that they could dress after fifteen minutes I took Emily to her room to finish her punishment and begin her training. Standing naked before me I told her, that as the oldest, I held her the most responsible and proceeded to give her some additional spanking with a hairbrush as she bent over the edge of the bed. She was quite upset and her bottom was very red. I gave her a hug to comfort her and told her that her punishments would also involve some training.

            Pastor, I’m sure you know how attractive young Emily is and you can understand how seeing her naked, spanking her, and then holding her naked body against me would naturally lead to my arousal. I had he kneel in front of me while I undid my trousers and took my erection out. She was nervous and uncomfortable but with my encouragement and direction proceeded to first stroke me with her hand and then take me into her mouth. She did well considering her inexperience and I soon found myself coming on her very beautiful breasts.

            Knowing that spankings can also be arousing to her, I had her lay on the bed after and took the opportunity to touch and caress her labia, vagina, and clitoris. I find her to be very sexy and loved the full, dark bush she has. My touching caused her great embarrassment at first but she did relax a bit and begin to enjoy the sensation of my fingers on her. I was not able to bring her to orgasm but I am sure she was able to do that after I left her alone. I think she has a very strong sex drive and with proper training will be able to give much pleasure to her future husband.

            There is just one more incident I want to share with you. Two days ago I got a call from her advisor at school who said she was doing well but had missed one assignment in a class. I told her I would deal with it and asked Emily about it when she returned home. She tried to give me an excuse but finally admitted she had forgotten to do it. Again, wanting to make sure these things were dealt with promptly, I took her to her room, this time alone.

            Telling her she needed to show more maturity and responsibility, I undressed her myself which was very humiliating for her and I’m sure made her feel like a little girl. I instructed her to get on all fours for her spanking. She presented quite a picture in that position with her breasts hanging down and all of her “charms” fully on display for me. I spanked her hard, first by hand, and then with a belt. Her bum showed the effects and she was crying almost uncontrollably when I stopped. I got her onto the bed but kept her in the all fours position. Once again I began to caress her clitoris and vagina which were wet from her arousal. She responded to my touch and not long after I pushed a finger into her tight anus her body shook with orgasm. I was happy to bring her the relief. Keeping her on all fours I rubbed my erection against her anus between the cheeks of her bum. I was pleased when she moved her bum against me in rhythm with my movements until I came.

            All in all I am pleased with the first couple of weeks and feel this will be an interesting and successful training session for her. There is much work to do and I do want my wife to begin to share what she has learned in our happy marriage. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.


Yours,  Peter



Emily writes to Pastor Andrew:


Dear Pastor Andrew


Its been great here and the Larson’s are really nice and have all made me so welcome. I really like the girls and Mr and Mrs Larson have been very kind. I rally like the area and college is good.


Since my last email its only been a a few days, but on Sunday afternoon, Mr Larson asked me to go to my room and wait.  In a little while he came in. and asked me a couple of questions about the sermon. Sorry, I couldn’t remember either. He made me stand in front of him and he lifted my dress off, then he put his hand down my bra and pulled each breast out; then he pinched my nipples, it hurt. he then pulled me across his knee, pulled my knickers down and he spanked me, quite hard. He put his fingers in my bottom, and told me to offer it up; he moved them, it hurt, in a way.  He kept doing it though. why?


Mrs Larson came in. She asked if I’d done well, he said good so far; she asked whether I wanted to say thank you.


Sorry, have to go, she’s calling me!




A short note from Pastor Andrew to Peter:


Dear Peter


I’m glad Emily’s settling in.  I applaud what you are doing, don’t be afraid to be firm. I love the way she is getting to know your girls.


She feels you were a bit harsh with her first spanking, I would challenge her on that. She will, I promise you, train well.


Great to hear





Peter responds:


Dear Pastor Andrew,


I appreciate your correspondence and recommendations. Emily is a very interesting girl. I do think at heart she is submissive and will ultimately prove to be a wonderful wife to her fiancé. However, she can be stubborn at times and tries to express her independence by not doing everything she should. Let me highlight a few recent events.

I found Emily asleep in her bed one night. It was late and I had noticed her light was still on and thought she might have fallen asleep studying. To my surprise I found her asleep with her night gown hiked up, no knickers, and her legs spread. It was obvious she had been masturbating. I spoke with her and since that night I am requiring her to get my permission before masturbating. My objective is to reinforce her submissive tendencies and for her to realize that as a loving Christian wife the sexual needs of her husband must be met first and he will have some control over her sexual needs. I do think masturbation is a natural and healthy outlet for our sexual urges and we have let our daughters know it is acceptable but I believe this will help Emily in her training.

Unfortunately Emily was resistant to this new requirement and I found her two days later touching herself in the shower without my permission. I was quite angry and took her naked and still wet into my bedroom where I positioned her on all fours on the floor. She was chilled from being wet but I waited a good time before beginning the punishment. I spanked her quite severely with a hairbrush and then a tawse which I had not used before. The tawse left some very ugly and I am sure painful welts on her bum. I think the punishment not only caused great pain but really broke her spirit. She looked totally defeated after and I noticed her sitting very gingerly for days.

My wife, Julie, made some errors in our home finances and I decided she needed to be punished. Thinking this could demonstrate to Emily how a good wife submits and accepts punishment I brought her in to observe. Emily sat in a chair in our bedroom as Julie stood before me and told me her errors, how sorry she was, and how she deserved to be punished. She then undressed completely, handed me the hairbrush, and took her position on the bed. I spanked her firmly and her bottom showed the effects. Julie did her best to control herself but she did cry. When I finished the spanking I asked her what else she deserved and she offered me her bum for my pleasure.

With Emily still sitting and observing I undressed. I was aroused from the spanking and after applying a little lubrication to Julie’s bum hole I got behind her and pushed myself in. For Julie this really is an act of submission and I think she was happy to show Emily how a wife submits. I gave it to her with some vigor and enthusiastically ejaculated in her beautifully tight ass. I could tell Emily was aroused from watching so I cleaned up quickly and led her to her room. I explained that I and her future husband would be expecting similar things from her.

I put my hand under her dress and could feel that her panties had become damp from her excitement. I asked if she wanted to masturbate and she nodded yes. I instructed her to undress which she did. I pinched her hardened nipples and rubbed her between her legs and then told her to lie on the bed and finish. She hesitated but I could see she wanted to relive herself. I watched as she lay on her back fingering her vagina and anus and rubbing her sensitive clitoris until she reached her climax.

A couple of days later I was home with Emily and my oldest daughter Sarah. Julie had taken Lori shopping. Sarah had done a series of small things I was unhappy with and decided to spank her. Again I felt it would be a learning experience for Emily so I had her observe. Sarah came into the family room and undressed while I lectured her and explained what I expected in the future from her. Sarah is 17 and a pretty girl. She has dark hair, brown eyes, and is slender with small breasts. I spanked her by hand across my lap and then had her stand in the corner naked at the far end of the room facing the wall.

Whether it was the spanking or that Emily was watching I’m not sure but I was again aroused after the spanking. I brought Emily over to the chair I was sitting in and as she kneeled in front of me I took my erection out and told her to take it in her mouth. She glanced at Sarah but I said she will not look and Emily proceeded to do her best to give me oral pleasures. I held her head on me as I came and forced Emily to take it in her mouth. She did her best but clearly will need some more practice with that.

I look forward to any comments or advice you have.


Yours,   Peter



Then Emily gets a surprise email from Sarah:




I am so happy you are staying with us. I feel like you are a big sister to Lori and me. I wanted to ask you something but was kind of embarrassed so I thought this could be easier. I am always embarrassed to be spanked but it was easier with you watching the other day. Dad didn’t spank too hard and maybe it was because you were there. I know what you did for dad while I was in the corner. I didn’t look but I knew what was happening. I know spanking can make Dad get an erection. It has happened before. What I wanted to ask was if you ever get excited when you are spanked. It is kind of hard to admit but it happens to me a lot. The other day I wanted to touch myself as I stood in the corner and listened to you. I think Lori gets these feelings too. Maybe we can talk sometime. Thanks.





Another note from Pastor Andrew:


Dear Peter


I’m pleased to hear you are all getting on well, and thanks for everything you are doing for young Emily. I wholly agree with your approach and I am sure her husband will reap a fine harvest in turn. I have often found that young ladies in her situation can learn a great deal from a loving husband and wife. I also agree that when she is stubborn or tries to be independent you must punish her, severely if need be. I know her father has always said she is a girl that needs regular spankings. I also feel it would help her if you further test her willingness to submit.







Emily writes to her Aunt Rachel:


Dear Aunt Rach


I’m still enjoying myself here, and getting on great with them all; well, when I’m not being spanked (you’re right though, I have deserved them). The thing is though, Mr Larson is starting to expect more and more of me. I told you how he made me suck him after he’d spanked his daughter. Mrs W said to me the next day that he thought I have a lot to learn about doing that. He also seems to like my boobs a lot, and he is quite often uncovering them and fondling them. Sometimes I have to even stay bare up there, even when the girls are at home. He also visits me in my room sometimes, and feels my boobs or my bottom.


This morning, after breakfast he came into the kitchen and made me take off my top and bra. He then spent ages fondling them, pinching them and kissing them. Suddenly he then bent me over the table. He flipped up my skirt, gave me two sharp smacks across my knickers and then told me to kneel. he pointed to his trousers and I had go get his thing and out take it in my mouth. Mrs W then came in and said it made a lovely sight, and she then started telling me what to do to do it better. She said I was doing well, but when he finished I couldn’t keep it in and she said that was naughty.  I was then put over the table again, this time he pulled my knickers down and he spanked me. I don’t think that was fair, and the girls saw me in the corner after.


She said next time I musn’t spill any, but she’ll teach me more about how to do it nicely. 


Sorry must run now.





Aunt Rachel responds:


Dear Emily


Glad its going well but you are a silly girl sometimes. Of course he’s going to be baring your boobs, men love doing that, and when you’re married you’ll do it a lot. And you must learn to swallow. And you must not play with yourself unless he lets you. If you want pleasure, try and tempt him to give it to you; many men like to use their fingers after spanking a girl; arch your bottom nicely, show him, he may take the hint.


Learning to suck a man off nicely is a key to keeping a husband happy. They are right to expect you to do it properly, and practice often, and very right to punish you harshly if you don’t improve. 


You are a very lucky girl





Peter writes to Pastor Andrew:


My Good Pastor,


I do appreciate your support and feel things are going well here. This has been a lot to take on and it has had an effect on the whole household but I know it is the right thing to do. Emily is learning slowly and this may take much of the school year to get her to where we want her. She is a lovely young thing and I must say I am quite taken with her large breasts. My wife has is a pretty woman and has lovely breasts but not the size of Emily’s. After spanking her once a few days ago I put my erection between them and showed her how she could push them together to satisfy a man. I’m sure her future husband will get much enjoyment from that.


I have tried to focus on a few things recently. First, I have given her regular and sometimes quite severe spankings. I can see she needs this regular attention and the spankings are a reminder of her need to submit to me and to fulfill the obligations she has. I spank her both in private and in front of either my wife or the rest of the family. The severe spankings have been done in private and I have used the hairbrush, belt, and tawse. I know that she has a habit of masturbating after many of her punishments so I generally make her wait to reinforce her submission and my control. I fund that this heightens her need for a release and makes her respond more readily to my touch. As I remember she had not achieved orgasm from her fiancé’s touch and I wanted to correct this and make her more responsive to a man’s caresses.


One evening I spanked her in our bedroom with Julie watching. I left Emily naked on the chair with instructions not to touch herself and proceeded to have sex with Julie in front of her. It both showed her what a good wife does for her man and forced her to delay her own satisfaction. After Julie and I had finished, I had Emily lie on the bed and told her I wanted to bring her to orgasm much like her husband would do for her. I found that she was very wet with excitement and I touched, caressed, and then licked her until she experienced a strong and surprisingly long orgasm. Julie sat with her, giving her encouragement and even fondled her breasts and nipples as I brought about her climax.


The other thing we have worked on is her ability to satisfy a man properly with her mouth. This is, of course, a fundamental skill in any marriage. She is doing better and Julie has been a big help showing her all of her little tricks to provide me pleasure and how to swallow a man’s ejaculation. I have added a punishment if it is not completed without missing some. I know at some point we will have to begin working on anal penetration. She has used her own fingers there and I have done a little with my fingers during some spankings. She has a nice tight butt and I will enjoy taking her that way. I do have a butt plug I am considering to use to help her get used to something larger than her fingers.


As might be expected, it has been impossible to keep all of this away from my girls. We told them about Emily’s stay with us and they have some knowledge about what we want to accomplish while she is here. Lori has been busy with school and her soccer team so she has not seen too much but Sarah has been home for things more often. She is a smart girl, sees a lot, and I’m sure has a pretty good idea of what has been happening.  I think in some ways this is good as I want both Sarah and Lori to be loving and submissive wives when they are older too. I believe Emily is talking to Sarah but I do not know how much she has shared.


 Interestingly I had to spank Sarah a few days ago. It was not serious, just a hand spanking which I did privately in her room before bed. After spanking, I gave her a short corner time and then sat on the bed and held her to reassure her. Both Sarah and Lori like the hugs and cuddling that normally follow a spanking and it is a time we can usually talk about anything. We talked a little about Emily and then Sarah asked if it was normal to have feelings after being spanked. I asked what kind of feelings and she kind of hesitated so I asked if she had sexual feelings and she admitted she did. I told her many girls do and asked if she masturbated after being spanked. Again she hesitated but admitted she did. I told this was normal too. She seemed a bit relieved. As I left her I asked if she was going to masturbate and she just smiled and I said I would leave her alone.


Let me know if you have any feedback on what we are doing. I hope all is well there.







The Pastor responds:


Dear Peter


I’m delighted to see things are going so well, and I so appreciate the commitment you have taken on. I have faith that you and your family will all benefit a great deal. I’m so glad your wife is getting involved too.


It seems to me you have exactly the right approach, and I wholeheartedly agree that regular and sometimes severe spankings should be at it heart. Emily is used to being spanked well, and it is at the heart of opening up her womanly submission. She cane be stubborn, and that must be well punished.


I know you will know the right time to begin the next stage, and how to accomplish that. My wife makes one suggestion, you can also help Emily by small acts of submission: baring her bosom, for example, for a short while (and you are right, she has lovely breasts).


I know Emily well, I’m sure she won’t tell your daughter too much, nor make her afraid, but I believe her example will help your daughters too.


God be with you all in this important task





Peter writes again to Pastor Andrew:


Pastor Andrew,


Thanks again for the kind words. I have become familiar with Emily’s stubborn streak. At heart, I do believe she is a true submissive and does feel comfortable in that role. But there is a part of her that still resists. My hand and hairbrush have become quite familiar with her bum. It seems that the effects of one spanking have barely had time to fade before I am adding some new ones. However, I might add that Emily has very healthy sexual desires that also seem to need regular attention. Knowing she may not be able to masturbate after a spanking, she sometimes will try to get my attention by positioning herself to expose her beautiful private areas. I’m sure you know the effect a young woman can have on men like us and I admit sometimes I give in to the temptation and will fondle and caress her to give her the orgasm she needs. It is very enjoyable to see her climax and I have her take me in her mouth after. Her oral skills are improving and she seems to take some pride in the pleasure she gives me and her ability to completely swallow my orgasm.


I have been pleased that Julie has been able to play an integral role in this process. She seems to be as determined as I am to teach Emily and I do enjoy seeing the two of them together. I think Julie also takes some pride in the progress Emily has made in oral sex and feels some of that is due to her tutoring. Most recently she has been introducing Emily to the butt plug to get her used to anal penetration. Julie feels that all wives should be willing to make their bottoms available to their husbands when they desire it and wants Emily to be comfortable with this. I’m sure her future husband will be appreciative. I’ve let Julie use the butt plug on Emily a few times after I have spanked her. She still shows some apprehension about it but I think Emily really does like anal stimulation. The last time Emily seemed to relax a bit and Julie even helped to masturbate her to a climax.


Your wife’s advice on using little things to make Emily submit is a good one. We have been making her bare her breasts quite regularly even when our girls are around. I like to give them a quick feel or pinch her nipples. It is a good lesson for all of them about Emily’s place here although we still have a few things to work out. In our family a nice Sunday dinner is still a tradition we try to maintain. Julie and I enjoy wine with these dinners and usually let the girls have a glass too. Last Sunday we had a nice dinner and some wine. I guess we were not paying a lot of attention and Emily apparently drank more than her share. With her inhibitions loosened she proceeded to remove her blouse and bra on her own saying she thought it was her place to do so. I may have been able to excuse this but she then encouraged Sarah and Lori to do the same who I guess in the spirit of solidarity removed their tops and bras too.


It was amusing at first and I did enjoy the display of the three girls but I realized I had to do something when Emily began to take her skirt off. I led all three into the family room and decided they all needed to be spanked. All three undressed completely and I spanked in turn from youngest to oldest with the others watching. I took some time lecturing Emily on the importance of taking her training seriously and gave her a more severe spanking than the other two. I did not fondle her but, once again, with my girls doing their cornertime I had her take me in her mouth and then required her to remain naked for the rest of the evening.


As always, I value your input and sharing anything you hear from Emily. Are you keeping her father and fiancé up to date on our progress?






Emily writes to Pastor Andrew:


Dear Pastor Andrew


Life is very busy here, college is going great and I am happy here. Mr W keeps me very busy in other ways too. he certainly believes in plenty of spankings, and has lots of energy in other areas too!


Take this week. On Monday, he said I’d been a bit abrupt, and he took me up to my room. There he undressed me, took me over his knee and spanked me with his hand, quite hard, before making me kneel and say thank you. On Tuesday he spanked his youngest girl in the living room with her nightie up. When her sister went to bed and she was in the corner her took my top and bra off, fondled me, and then had me give him my mouth again. On Wednesday I came home early to find Mrs W stood naked in the corner. He told me to take off my top and bra, and watch. He had her bend over, legs apart, and he gave her a beating with his belt before making her lie on the table on her back, legs open. He then took her lying there in all three places, before finishing over her belly. That night he came into my room and turned me on my tummy , lifted my nightie back and smacked me a few times. Then he used his fingers to make me happy. 


On Thursday, when he came home he came straight into my room and stripped me to my waist, slapping my boobs a few times, then he made me kneel. I had just got to work, when Sarah burst in to chat without knocking. She went straight out again, but he pulled away, removed his trousers and went and fetched her. He stripped her and spanked with his hairbrush, while I watched. He felt all over her bottom for a minute of two before telling her to stand and face the wall. He had me do my job, but pulled out and finished over my boobs. When he had put it away, he told her to turn around and she could see his stuff on me.


And then, this morning, he came into my room, pulled my covers away and lifted my nightie off. He used his fingers until I was happy. He then turned me over, slapped me a few times and put his fingers in my bottom as far as he could. Mrs W came in.


“About ready.” He said.


As they left I heard her say I’m sure you’ll soon get a chance, dear, she’s bound to need a good whipping and then, I think you should then…


I’m uneasy, but curious.


Love Em



Aunt Rachel write to Emily


My dear Emily


You can be a silly girl sometimes! Mr W has been given permission by you, and your pastor, and his wife to take his pleasures from you in pretty much anyway he wants, bar one, of course he’s going to. And there’s nothing wrong with you finding it all strange. Of course its scary sometimes, of course its often painful and even humiliating in a way, but it’s also entirely natural for you to feel excitement sometimes, as well as a growing love and trust too.


Of course you can offer to do things for him, but he has every right to punish you if he feels you have got it wrong. That way you’ll learn!


And yes, it seems to me he is looking to, when he feels it right, to take that last step.




Aunt Rach



Peter writes to Pastor Andrew:


My good Pastor,


We have been busy here and I am sorry it took me some time to get back to you. It is becoming more and more comfortable to have Emily in our home and she has really become one of the family. I think she is making very good progress. As you know she came to us with strong submissive tendencies and we have just been building on that, trying to limit some of her stubbornness, and teaching her the things she needs. Her ability and her willingness to satisfy me orally have both improved markedly. I think she understands how important this is to a successful marriage and feels some pride in her ability now. She knows it is her place to do this for me when I ask and I think she gets some enjoyment out of it too. As I am sure you know some women have difficulty with the swallowing aspect of it but this seems to be no trouble for Emily.


Emily has also adjusted to not masturbating and relying on me for her sexual release. There is no doubt that she is a very sexual girl and I try to make sure she is taken care of in that area as much as I can. She now readily responds to my touch and I enjoy bringing her to a climax. Even though I’m sure she is still a little inhibited with me she can have very enthusiastic orgasms and is always thankful after. Withholding masturbation does seem to be an effective reinforcement of her discipline and submission. I had to spend a night in New York on business and Emily called me late in the evening asking if she could masturbate. Giving her permission,  I kept her on the phone and she described her actions as she gave herself pleasure. As I said she has a very strong and healthy sexuality.


I have mentioned this before but the education of Emily has also led to the furthering of Sarah and Lori’s education too. It is pretty much unavoidable with everyone in the same house. For example, several days ago Sarah walked in on us while Emily had me in her mouth. I wasn’t so upset that she saw us in that position but that she did not knock first. I stopped what we were doing, brought Sarah in, stripped her, and gave her a spanking. Many times after a spanking I will rub the girl’s bottoms to comfort them. As I did this to Sarah and she began to relax I moved my hand lower and found that she was wet with sexual excitement. I know that many girls, including Emily, respond this way to a spanking.


I put Sarah in the corner and let Emily continue with the oral sex she had started. She was topless and rather than letting her swallow I finished on her breasts. I told Sarah to look and she saw the result on Emily. I then sent her to her room. When I left Emily’s room, I slowly opened Sarah’s door and found her still naked, face down on her bed with her fingers between her legs. She was fully occupied with her masturbation and unaware of my presence. I continued to watch until her body shuddered with orgasm.


A few days later I had to spank both girls and again had Emily watch. I lectured while they undressed and I took both girls across my lap. Sarah was first and after spanking I rubbed her bottom and then once again found that she was sexually aroused. Lori followed and after rubbing her bottom I found that she showed signs of wetness  too. Since I knew they were both aware of what Emily was doing for me after their spankings I let then watch while Emily pleasured me orally and then sent them to their rooms.


Our pastor here is a wonderful man named James. He is in his late 30’s, married with two young boys, and has been in our church for about five years now. I have gotten to know him quite well through the men’s group in the church and the golf league. Emily has been receiving some more traditional pre-marriage counseling from James and the two have become good friends. I have confided in James about the arrangement we have with Emily. He was very supportive and he has offered his help if we need it. I mention this because as a fellow pastor I would value your judgment about this.


My last bit of news occurred yesterday evening. We had scheduled a dinner with some friends to introduce them to Emily. She had a meeting with a study group at school and ended up getting home late. This caused us some embarrassment and delayed the dinner. After the guests had left Julie and I took Emily to her room to deal with her tardiness. I admit I was upset with her behavior. I undressed her myself and put her on the bed on all fours. I spanked her quite hard with a hairbrush and belt. At this point she was crying and saying she was so sorry. Leaving her on all fours I told Julie it was time and she applied some lubricant and fingered Emily’s bum hole while I undressed. Emily was saying no, no as I pressed my hardness against her butt. I paused a few seconds before Julie told me to give it to her and I pushed myself fully inside her.


For a woman to give herself to a man this way is really an act of total submission. With all the work we had done I don’t think I caused her very much physical discomfort but I knew I was affecting her in other ways. I think part of her hated me and part of her had wanted this for some time. She was never really able to relax but that will come with time. I gave it to her pretty good and finished inside her. Julie held her after and comforted her. More and more this will become a part of our discipline and training. I will admit I got great pleasure from taking her this way and I’m sure her future husband will enjoy it also. 





The Pastor responds:


My Dear Peter


Thanks for telling me so much and it seems to me you are doing a fine job. It seems to me Emily’s coming along very nicely.


I often assume a similar position as your pastor with young ladies before marriage.  Some men in your position want to keep the whole business to themselves, some want me to play a role. I spank quite a few of them. I often use a lexan paddle, which has the great advantage of being hard but leaving no marks, thus enabling their guardian to spank them as much as they feel is right; many pastors nowadays use them for that reason.  I do think it would be good for Emily to experience being disciplined in the presence of boys, often younger teenagers who would never be likely to marry a girl that age can be ideal.  I have quite often had girls live in with us too. Of course, some things should be your alone, but some guardians have been happy for their girls to say thank you when I discipline them, using their hands (an important skill to learn). Perhaps your pastor could get in touch and we can talk about it.


Meanwhile, keep up the good work and give young Emily a big hug from me.





Emily writes to her aunt:


Dear Auntie Rach


He finally did what you said he would, and it was horrible. It hurt a lot, it was humiliating, and he’d already beat me hard too. I hate him and I want to go home. Why would he do something like that to a girl? It’s not right.


More later





And Aunt Rachel responds:


Ahhhh My Dear Emily


You can be a silly girl sometimes.  You knew this was coming, and you knew it wouldn’t be nice. He wants you to submit totally, and its very nice for him too. Just go with the flow, and see what happens. It does get easier.





Emily writes back:


Dear Auntie Rach


You were right, he came into see me and cuddled me, before doing very nice things with his fingers and then holding my naked body nicely for a long time.  He was very nice to me today too.


More soon,





Now, an email from Pastor James:


Pastor Andrew,


I appreciate your resent correspondence regarding Emily, who is staying with one of the families in my parish. I have also spoken with Peter and his wife about Emily and have agreed to become more involved in her discipline and preparations for marriage. This apparently comes at an opportune time as Peter is doing some traveling for work.  Emily is a lovely young woman and I have enjoyed getting to know her in our pre-marriage counseling sessions. Like you, I often play an active role in these situations and I think Peter and I have worked out the details of how I will be contributing with Emily.


Emily came to me last week for our session totally unprepared. I had given her a worksheet to complete and she claimed that she had too much school work to get it done. I was very stern with her and explained the importance of what I was doing and how she needed to give it her full attention. I then told her that a spanking was required to emphasize the point. She immediately protested but I assured her that any resistance would only make matters worse. I can see the independent streak that both you and Peter have talked about. It is important to get that as much under control as we can prior to her marriage.


I had to chuckle when you mentioned the lexan paddle because I have used one for several years now. Emily was in a skirt so I had her stand before me, lift the skirt, and lower her knickers to her ankles. I was pleasantly surprised by her dark and quite abundant pubic hair. So many young women I spank these days seem to either trim or completely shave and I do much prefer the natural look. I took her across my lap and gave her a sound punishment with the paddle. I know she was both embarrassed and in some discomfort when I finished. As she once again stood before me after the spanking I asked if she was thankful for the spanking. Emily quietly said yes and I told her I expected her to show her gratitude when I punished her.


I could immediately see Peter has been training her well because I think she was prepared to take me orally as she knelt down before me. I stood her up, unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra to see and feel her breasts before instructing her to use her hands on me which she did quite well.


Prior to the next session I got a call from Peter who informed me that Emily had been late with a school assignment and he asked me to discipline her for it. My sessions with her have to work around her school schedule and this day I was meeting her in the late afternoon. She arrived as I was finishing up with the junior youth group comprised of about six 16 year old boys. I sent them into the recreation hall so that I could speak with Emily. She gave me some backtalk and I realized I needed to make a bigger impression on her with my punishments.


I got the lexan paddle out and as she stood before me I instructed her to strip completely. Again she started to protest and I said I was in no mood for it. When she gave me a response under her breath I told her to stand still and called the boys into my office. I wanted them to observe thinking that this would not only increase her embarrassment but also give the boys a good example how a proper punishment is done. Emily realized she had pushed me too far as she slowly undressed before me and the boys. Once she was nude, I bent her over a chair in fill view of the boys and spanked her with the paddle. The boys got quite a show. I’m sure several of them had never seen a girl her age naked and I think they were all sporting erections by the end of the punishment. I’m sure you remember how it is to be that age.


After letting the boys go, I remembered Peter’s comment about Emily getting excited by her discipline and, as she was still bent over, I reached between her legs and found that she was indeed very aroused. I asked if she wanted relief and when she nodded I fondled her until she orgasmed and she then used her hands to thank me. I had to wonder if the presence of the boys made the punishment worse or better for her. Part of me thinks she enjoyed being exposed in front of them knowing she was arousing them.


Peter’s older daughter Sarah is preparing for her confirmation this year and I have been spending some time with her also. She is comfortable with me and I think it helps her to talk about some of the things that she has observed and experienced since Emily arrived. The other day she stopped in after school and I could see some concern on her face. We sat and after talking about school and some other things I asked what was troubling her. It turns out she was feeling some guilt about the sexual feelings she was experiencing during her spanking sessions.


Sarah shared with me that being spanked had been causing her arousal for some time and that she frequently masturbated after. I think that for her it is a combination of the act of undressing for her father, submitting to his punishment, and the close physical contact that leads to her arousal. She went on to say that the feelings have intensified since Emily’s arrival. This seems to be due to her increased awareness of Peter’s excitement during the spanking sessions and observing Emily giving him relief after. I did my best to reassure Sarah that her feelings were normal and something that was experienced by many young women but she still said it made her feel guilty. When I asked what I could do to help her she surprisingly asked if I could spank her.


As I am sure is the case in your parish, most of the families give me quite a bit of latitude in how I deal with their children and I have spanked many of them during my years here. I told Sarah that if it would make her feel better I would be happy to spank her. As I got my paddle Sarah quickly undressed completely and I took her across my lap and spanked her. I held her there when I finished and asked if she felt better. Through her tears she said yes and asked if I could rub her bottom like her father did. I softly caressed her for a few minutes and then out of curiosity reached lower and found that she showed obvious signs of arousal. She responded positively to my touch so I continued the touching until she climaxed.


I gave her a minute to relax and asked if she felt better. She got off my lap, nodded, and then asked if spanking excited me like it did her father. I was pretty sure the answer was obvious by the bulge in my trousers but I admitted that like most men I did get aroused by it. Sarah proceeded to kneel in front of me and tell me she wanted to do what Emily did. I was taken a bit by surprise but soon found my trousers undone and my full erection in this lovely young woman’s mouth. Her inexperience was obvious but she did her best and before long I found myself filling her mouth with my ejaculation. It appears Sarah has decided to begin her premarital training too.




Pastor James



And one from Peter:


Dear Pastor Andrew,


I hope you are well. We continue to make progress with Emily in her training. I have taken your advice and enlisted the help of Pastor James. I think he will update you in a separate note. Taking Emily anally turned out to be a bigger milestone than I thought. I knew it would be painful and humiliating that first time but I think she really felt defeated after. I visited her later that evening and she needed a lot of reassurance and comfort. She was naked and I masturbated her to orgasm and then she just wanted to be held which is not usually the case.


Her behavior was much improved for a few days and I found very little to be unhappy with. I think she was trying to avoid a punishment and seemed to go out of her way to want to please me. I went into her room one evening and asked if she wanted to masturbate. She nodded and asked if I needed pleasure too. I agreed and lifted her nightgown off so I could feel her breasts and nipples. She then lay on her back and masturbated while I watched and gave me her thanks orally after.


Most good things don’t last and that was true with Emily’s behavior. She came home from class one day apparently frustrated with something that had happened and snapped at Julie which is, of course, unacceptable. When I got home later that evening Julie let me know what had happened and we went to Emily’s room. She knew she was in trouble and apologized immediately but I told her she needed to be spanked. With Julie’s help we undressed her and I spanked her as she bent over the edge of the bed with my hand and the hairbrush.


She was crying and upset after the spanking and I let her know we were not done which only upset her more. I had Julie lubricate her bum hole and position her for me. I pushed myself into her and once again pleasured myself with her bottom. It seemed to go a little better while still emphasizing her submission to me. She knows that I can take that liberty with her when I want. I must admit it feels very good to take her that way and I know her future husband will enjoy it too.


Not too much to report about my girls. Their behavior has been good for the most part. Our pastor let me know that he has been counseling Sarah and I gave him my thanks and support. I know Emily’s visit has been a change for all of us. I think the only spanking I gave was to Lori and it was during a weekend afternoon when just she and I were home. She undressed and I spanked her by hand across my lap and gave her a short cornertime. After she sat on my lap for quite some time as I comforted her. It is always nice to share those close times.







And one from Emily:


My dear Pastor Andrew


I suppose its a new chapter, Yes Mr Larson is still disciplining me regularly, but Pastor James is now fully involved. I like Pastor James a lot, and I know it’s right he disciplines me, but it is hard sometimes.


Last Sunday I let my attention wander during the sermon again, and Mr Larson sent me up to see Pastor James in his office. He made me undress, and preyed over me as he felt my breasts. I then had to lay over his knee for a spanking with that horrid paddle.  Just when he had finished, he was comforting me and I heard the door open. It was one of the elders, and he and Pastor James had a chat about me, and the elder said I looked lovely. Pastor James made me get up, and the elder looked me up and down all over. The phone rang, and Pastor James just went into the other office taking the call. It felt strange to be talking to a man of about sixty, who was asking me about being spanked, when I was naked. He had just asked me to turn around and stick my bottom out a bit when Pastor James returned. He complimented Pastor James on a job well done, and patted my hot bottom.


When he left, Pastor James smacked me hard, grabbed my breasts roughly and I said thank you to him.


When I got home Mr Larson had me strip and bend over the dining table, then he gave me a few whacks with his belt. Then I had to kneel and say thank you too.


Be in touch soon




From an email to Auntie Rachael


….When he had finished, he was working his fingers in my bottom when I heard the door open. It was one of the elders, and he and Pastor James had a chat about me, and the elder said I looked lovely. All the time PAstor James kept moving his fingers in and out. Pastor James made me get up, and the elder looked me up and down all over. The phone rang, and Pastor James just went into the other office taking the call. It felt strange to be talking to a man of about sixty, who was asking me about being spanked, when I was naked. He fondled my breasts, and asked me to turn around and stick my bottom out and he let his hands run all over and between. When Pastor James returned. He complimented Pastor James on a job well done, and smacked my my hot bottom.


When he left, Pastor James smacked me hard, grabbed my breasts roughly and indicated that he wanted me to pull him off.  Near the end he pulled me to my feet, pushed me over the desk, and put his thing in my bottom crack, thrusting along it until he came over my red bottom.


He then put me against the wall, until he let me dress.


When I got home Mr Larson had me strip and bend over the dining table, then he gave me a few whacks with his belt. Then I had to kneel and he thrust himself into my mouth and held me head, making me take him in and was quite rough, until he finished like Pastor James and, again, I stood in the corner with his stuff still all over me.  The girls saw too. I thought he was going to do it in my bottom again…..



My dear Pastor Andrew


At Church on Tuesday, two boys and one of the girls had got into trouble at school and their parents had sent them to Pastor James.  I was helping him with some paperwork, and when they came in he asked me to go and fetch the elder’s wife. By the time we returned, the three were facing the wall, hands by their sides, naked.


All three were called to stand in front of Pastor James, and he indicated that we should stand where we could see. Each had to bend over in turn and take a hard paddling.


I ‘m glad to see boys get spanked like we do.





From an email to Auntie Rachael


…All three were called to stand in front of Pastor James, and he indicated that we should stand where we could see. I was fascinated to see the boys.  Both are 16. One is very well built, and his thing was quite impressive. The other smaller and younger.  Before he paddled them, he prayed over them like he does us, but instead of talking about shame and submission as he does with me, he talked about manly pride and courage. Both still bent over in turn and got paddled very hard, and both did cry. The girl is 18 and he fondled her breasts and bottom he does with me. She was spanked hard too, and made quiet a show as she was made to open her legs for it.


What I suddenly did notice was both boys had full on erections. Pastor James then sat down, and put the girl over his lap and worked his fingers until they were damp, and slipped his fingers into her bottom hole.  As he worked her, the boys erections just grew. Suddenly, the elder’s wife went to the bigger of the two boys, who was very impressive when fully up, and began to pull him off as if conducting a medical procedure. It didn’t take long and when he finished she caught in in her hands and smeared it over his bottom. She did the same for the other boy who took even less time.  The elder’s wife then put the boys in the corner, and the girl knelt and used her hands to thank Pastor James, who finished over her breasts….



A note from Pastor James:


Dear Pastor Andrew,


I would imagine that discipline is as big a part of your work there as it is with mine. Some parents are just more comfortable having me handle the punishments and others feel it carries more weight coming from me. At any rate, it has been a busy time here. With Mr. Larson’s more frequent travels I have taken over more of the discipline for Emily and Sarah. Last week Emily came to me one evening just as I was finishing a meeting with some church deacons. Knowing that the embarrassment and humiliation aspects of a spanking need to be greater to have an effect on her these days, I invited the three men to stay for her punishment.


Emily undressed and all three admired her naked body as I lectured her. I instructed her to bend over a chair with her legs slightly spread to give the men a good view as I paddled her. They enjoyed not only the look at her private area but the swaying of her breasts as I spanked her and all three were erect by the time I finished. Emily was upset and crying at this point but I kept her in the position and allowed the men to touch and fondle her breasts, bottom, and private area. I told Emily she needed to thank the men for using their valuable time to help with her spanking and she proceeded to take them one at a time into her mouth.


Deacon Smith was pretty quick and finished his thank you in her mouth which she was able to swallow. Next was Deacon Wright who took a bit longer and left his thank you on Emily’s lovely breasts. While she worked on Deacon Quinn, who is quite well endowed if I do say so, my wife, Mary, came in and she was able to see him decorate Emily’s face with his very ample thank you. The men said their goodbyes and I asked Mary to help me finish with her. Mary bent her over the couch and fingered her bum hole making sure she was ready and then helped guide me into her tight bottom. I must say I appreciated all of Peter’s efforts as she took me easily and I very much enjoyed the feel of her bum. I gave her a steady rhythm for a couple of minutes and then with Mary’s encouragement deposited my thank you deep into her bum. Mary actually fingered my bum hole just as I got close to finishing which really heightened my pleasure.


The next night was confirmation class and was disappointed when Sarah and three others disrupted the class by talking among themselves as I was trying to cover some material. I asked them to stay after class and led Sarah, Susan, Zack, and Tom to my office while the rest of the kids left. I was quite angry and let them know in no uncertain terms what I expected from them during our classes. I grabbed my paddle and told them all to strip for a spanking. They hesitated, looking at each other, until I yelled and they all proceeded to undress. I could see they were self conscience but I got right into it and paddled the boys as soon as they were naked.


I took a little longer with Sarah and Susan, showing the boys how a young woman should be punished. After spanking I fondled them and played with their bum holes. I’m sure both were embarrassed in front of the boys but they showed some arousal. Zach and Tom both had full erections at this point and I told Sarah and Susan to take care of them. Sarah knelt in front of Zach and started stroking him with her hands and Susan followed her lead with Tom. As Zach’s excitement grew Sarah took him in her mouth where he soon climaxed and Sarah was able to take most of it. When Susan attempted the same with Tom, his sudden release gagged her and most of it ended up on her face and breasts.


I kept Sarah behind as the others dressed and left. I felt her breasts and fingered her bottom before having her take me in her mouth. She is getting better at it and before long I gave her another thank you to swallow. As you can see things have been busy here. I hope you are well.


Pastor James



And another from Peter:


Pastor Andrew,


Although I have not been able to provide as much guidance to Emily as I would like do to some travel I can assure you Pastor James has done very well filling in for me. He is also working with Sarah which has been good. Emily is doing well and I am happy with her progress.


I returned home on Friday and found that my wife and I had dinner plans with some friends. Lori had gone to a friend’s house for the night leaving Emily and Sarah alone for the evening. When we returned around ten we found that Emily had opened a bottle of wine and shared it with Sarah. Both girls were more than a little bit tipsy. I was angry and quickly ordered both girls to undress for a punishment. They both got on all fours and I gave them my hand, the hairbrush, and a few smacks with the belt. Still angry, I pinched Emily’s nipples and used her wetness to push my fingers into her bum. Julie was watching the whole scene and encouraging me. I was erect and I could tell she was excited by it as well. I told Sarah to sit the chair and watch.  


Wanting to increase Emily’s humiliation I had Julie remove her panties, hike up her skirt and sit on the couch with her legs spread. Emily knelt in front of her and I told her to pleasure Julie with her fingers and tongue and give her an orgasm. As Emily got into it I pushed into her bum from behind. As Julie’s arousal grew I pumped a little faster and when Julie began to cum I let myself go in Emily’s bum. Sarah was rubbing herself as she watched the three of us.


The next morning, to show that all was forgiven, Julie took Sarah and Emily shopping. Lori got home after they had left and I was disappointed that she had not slept much since she had a soccer game that afternoon. I sent her to take a shower and to come to my room after. She came in wearing a robe and I told her she needed to show more responsibility and a spanking might help to remind her. She slipped the robe off and positioned her naked body across my lap. I spanked her firmly by hand and she was soon sobbing and telling me how sorry she was. 


Being my youngest I’ve always had a soft spot for Lori and I think she knows it. After I finished spanking her she climbed into my lap and gave me a hug while I comforted her by rubbing her back and bottom. As her crying subsided I checked to see if she showed signs of arousal and found once again some wetness. I could feel her responding to my touch so I continued and was a little surprised when I felt her body shudder as she orgasmed. I continued to hold her and we talked. She actually asked if I wanted her to do what she had seen Emily do for me but I told her that could wait.







And finally Emily’s reflections after returning home:


Emily had plenty of time to think on the plane ride home. She was going back after her first term and she reflected on all that happened during her stay in the US . It had been an educational experience to say the least, both in school and at the home of her hosts, the Larson family. The question of what she would find back in the UK also made her think. Emily knew she was different but she wondered how it would affect things at home.

            Her parents were waiting for her and the welcoming at the airport was warm with lots of smiles and hugs. The ride home went fairly fast and soon Emily found herself in the comfortable and familiar home she had grown up in. The first few days were quiet as Emily got some much needed rest. The end of the term had been hectic and the time difference from the travel took some time to get used to. Her mom cooked some of her favorite foods and in some ways her time in the US seemed almost like a dream.

            Good things never last forever and it did not take too long before she found herself on her dad’s bad side and she knew she would be spanked. Some things do not change. As she went to her room she felt a mix of anticipation and apprehension. There was some comfort in this routine she had experienced her whole life yet a part of her wondered if things had changed. She knew her father was aware of the things that had happened at the Larson ’s.

            Emily’s dad entered the room as he usually did, quickly explained what he was unhappy with, and directed her to undress. So far, nothing different. Emily felt his eyes on her as she slipped out of her clothes and she glanced up several times to see if there was anything different in his look. She felt embarrassed as always when he saw her but there was that level of comfort too. In spite of all that had happened she knew she was still his girl just as she always had been. She knew what pain lay ahead but there was also the beginning of another feeling in that most private area between her legs.

            Her dad got her positioned across his lap and it all felt so familiar. The feel of his clothes, the way he smelled, his voice, and the one hand resting on her bottom. She knew she was exposed to him but there was not too much time to think before the spanking started. It was harder than Mr. Larson had done it and before long tears welled up in her eyes and she felt the stinging pain all over her naked bum. It did not last as long as she had expected and then she heard the familiar voice telling her it was over as he lightly caressed her bottom. Emily stood and then he was gone and she was alone, naked, and fully aroused. 

            Emily crawled into bed and wondered how many times she had done this as her fingers reached down to touch herself. There was no need to ask if it was ok. She thought about being across her father’s lap, how safe and secure it was. His strong hands holding her, knowing she was on display for him. Before long the wonderful waves of pleasure washed over her as she climaxed. So good to be home.