Emily: Now and Then

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This is my first story on here and I hope for those who enjoy this genre that it reads well and provides some adult entertainment. I reached the stage where I needed to stop tinkering with it and get it submitted and hopefully pick up some useful feedback.
All characters are over 18 and it is a work of fiction
Emily; Now & Then
With a gentle sigh of satisfaction Emily sat down at the wooden picnic bench which Daddy had built at the bottom of the garden. The bench was shaded by a large umbrella so she took off her sunhat and unclipped her straight, sleek auburn hair, letting it fall to her shoulders. The not-so-white t-shirt and shorts which clung to her body, showed all the evidence of her hard work amidst the soil, the flowers and the shrubs.
In the summer sun the garden was looking lovely and very, very green. Daddy had said that watering the plants would never be an issue in Scotland and he was not wrong. Things grew quickly here on the west coast and the battle with the weeds was unending.
Her old garden back in Malibu may have had more exotic flowers but it could also be very dry and care was needed as untended plants could quickly die. In the weeks prior to that day when her Daddy came for her she knew she had been guilty of ignoring the work required to maintain it.
Today though, she was on top of it all and she hoped this would earn some praise from Daddy when he returned from work later in the afternoon. Being his "good girl" was important to her.
With her gardening completed she looked around, mentally checking her list of tasks and making sure everything had been taken care of. All the tools were cleaned and put back in the hut in their proper place and all the cuttings were placed in the compost barrel.
She examined her bare arms and legs to make sure there were no signs of sunburn. She had applied the high factor sun screen as Daddy had instructed and she wanted to be sure that she hadn't been careless.
Slipping off her sandals she walked barefoot across the lawn, enjoying the feel of the lush grass. She caught sight of her reflection in the full glass window of the patio and took a moment to appraise what she saw.
Standing at a little less than 5' 6" her figure had now returned to the slender, athletic build of her mid-teens. She knew that her skin had also regained its smoothness and had a healthy glow. She pivoted slightly to assess her profile and was pleased to see her bottom was tight and shapely and her perky 32B breasts sat perfectly. Not even her grubby clothes could hide their appeal.
Before entering the house she took one more look at the pretty garden. She felt a pang of guilt about her old garden. Sadly it was just one of many things that Emily had allowed to let slide before Daddy came for her.
Her Daddy had flown over to California from Scotland earlier than she had anticipated. He had found out just how badly things were falling apart in Emily's world and he decided it was time to intervene.
At first Emily wasn't too concerned about her Daddy's visit to her house in Malibu. Too bad if he was unhappy because it was Emily's life and he was just going to have to live with that.
He had stood there on her doorstep. 6' tall, medium build, short brown hair and a close cut beard with little flecks of grey. His skin was pale compared to Emily's but typical of a Scotsman unused to the sunshine that Emily enjoyed in California.
Her Daddy was a ruggedly handsome man with a warm sense of humour and an easy, confident, personality. Today however his anger and disappointment with Emily was clearly evident in his green eyes and his body language showed the rage that had been building up since he had decided to come and see her.
The fact that Emily had answered the door at 1:00pm, bleary eyed, dressed in last night's clothes and smelling of last night's booze hadn't helped his temper.
She had thought his visit would just turn out to be a quick vacation with trips to the beach; see the sights and hopefully an expensive little shopping trip to finish off before he headed back to Scotland.
She would reassure him that everything was fine since Mum had left on her tour with the theatre company and that he could go back to Scotland without worrying about her.
However, after a quick hug on the doorstep Daddy had wasted no time in confronting Emily about what had been happening.
As they stood in her living room he let loose. He seemed to know everything. He knew about her dropping out of college and her failure to find any meaningful or regular employment. He knew about the drinking and partying, the slow change in her group of friends from those she had grown up with to her new crowd. Emily thought they were edgy. Daddy said they were "a bunch of freeloading cunts."
Swearing was just a part of everyday language in Scotland and the way they used certain swear words often confused her. But that day it was pretty clear.
"This house is a fucking pig sty and you? You are a fucking mess!"
The state of the house reflected Emily's attitude over the last few months, untidy and uncared for.
Her immediate response of telling lies and making excuses to cover it up died in her throat when Daddy held up an iPad. Slowly he swiped through all the evidence from a variety of social media accounts. She had thought about trying to remove her online stuff weeks ago, to delete as much as she could. But her recent "Who gives a fuck?" attitude had prevailed and now Daddy had seen it all.
Everything was there and it wasn't pretty. She tried not to cringe when she was forced to look at the pictures. They told the story of a girl slowly losing her self-respect. Abandoning the values instilled in her by her parents. Since they separated 10 years ago they had both worked hard to fulfil their roles and her current wayward behaviour would have affected them deeply.
Emily tried to put together a case for how she would turn things around and how it was her life and she would make her own decisions. After all he had let her spend the last 10 years in the US with her Mother so he just couldn't turn up now and judge her.
But her Daddy wasn't in any mood for excuses.
"We have a flight for the UK at 11:00am tomorrow, be packed and ready to leave here at 7:00am."
"Fuck you Daddy," thought Emily. You can't come here and tell me what to do.
Then, "Fuck you Daddy," a defiant Emily said out loud.
Daddy gave her no time to even think about the consequences of her outburst.
With a few quick strides he was on her, grabbing her arm and twisting her around.
He dragged her over to the sofa and pulled her over his knees. One strong hand on the small of her back pinned her down on his lap while his other hand roughly dragged down her shorts and then her panties….
With her shorts and panties gathered around her ankles she wriggled as her Daddy started to spank her. Each smack was hard and despite Emily's squirming they landed perfectly on her bare bottom.
After the initial shock she yelled at him to stop it but her shouts were ignored as his anger boiled over.
Emily was about to swear at him again when the pain really started, and the burning of her cheeks brought tears to her eyes. She started to sob, whimpering "Stop it Daddy! I'm too big to be spanked!"
Daddy clearly didn't think so.
Then at some point Emily realised the blows had stopped. She lay across her Daddy's knee, breathing hard, tears streaming down her face and with her emotions in turmoil. She was an adult and yet here she was bent over her Daddy's knee!
Her bottom was on fire from the brutal spanking but now she was starting to feel a growing warmth from between her legs. Amid all her angry thoughts and humiliation she recognised her own arousal.
Daddy gently pulled her up until she sat across his knees. Emily kept her head down, letting her hair hang over her face, hiding her tears and her shame.
He stroked her hair as he spoke to her. Sometimes Emily struggled with her Daddy's Scottish accent but that day she heard him clearly.
"I let this go for far too long Emily. Not coming over here last year was a mistake and for that I am sorry.
But I am here now and now things will change."
Emily panicked a little when Daddy lifted her off his knee. But there was no need to worry as he gently stood her up in front of him. He lifted her chin and moved the long hair that stuck to her tear stained face. She realised that she must look terrible with last night's make-up and this morning's tears. She didn't want him to see her like that.
Any thoughts of defying her Daddy or defending the mess she was making of her life had now slipped away.
Emily attempted to pull up the shorts and panties that were wrapped around her ankles but Daddy stopped her, taking her hand and jerking her upright. Still holding her hand he led her to the bathroom. Emily shuffled meekly beside him, one hand in his and the other hand placed over her shaved pussy, trying to preserve what remained of her modesty as well hiding any evidence of the growing dampness between her legs.
As they stood outside the shower stall she was aware that she was still wearing her t-shirt and bra and she wondered if Daddy was going to watch her take them off. He had seen her bottom when he spanked her but surely he wasn't going to stand there and see her fully naked?
She got her answer when she felt Daddy's hands gather the t-shirt at the hem and then slowly pull it upwards. Emily felt she was standing outside, watching herself as she submissively raised her arms, while he pulled her t-shirt over her head.
She had to move the hand that covered her pussy but as soon as her t-shirt was off she quickly replaced it.
Keeping her head down she became embarrassed as she realised he was going to see her breasts. He had seen the sexy, slutty, outfits she sometimes wore on her social media pages. That was bad enough but now she was going to have to stand naked in front of him.
Daddy spoke quietly and firmly.
"Take off your bra Emily."
Emma slowly shook her head. "Please don't Daddy," she whispered.
Daddy lifted up the ipad that held all the pictures from her nights out.
"Clearly you're happy to display your titties when you're out at night so really this shouldn't be a problem.
You won't be told a second time Emily."
Emily knew that to obey Daddy would mean exposing her bare pussy and fresh tears ran down her cheeks. She quickly reached behind and unclasped her bra. She pulled it from her shoulders while still trying to cover her breasts but her nervous fumbling resulted in her dropping her bra on to the bathroom floor.
Leaving the bra where it fell, Emily stood up. One arm reflexively covering her breasts while the other reached to cover her pussy. She felt as though her whole body was flushed red with embarrassment.
"Hands behind your back Emily." ordered Daddy.
Emily stifled a sob and slowly obeyed. She felt so miserable, so humiliated, she simply obeyed and stood there naked in her bathroom as her Daddy looked at her. Her humiliation deepened when her body betrayed her and her nipples grew visibly stiff and erect.
Daddy's gaze moved over Emily's naked body. Yes, he took his time to look at her private places but Emily slowly realised that he was assessing all of her body and her despair grew.
She realised that Daddy was noting other things; her dry and lifeless and hair, her dull, waxy skin. Her complexion beneath her makeup was blotchy and her eyes looked tired and bloodshot
Emily hadn't been near a gym or swimming pool in months and her diet had moved from healthy and balanced to convenient and fried and the evidence of that was also there for Daddy to see.
Emily was vaguely aware of Daddy guiding her into the shower stall.
"Take a long shower Emily then get dried and dressed. In one hour I want you to be ready to take your Daddy for a walk down to the waterfront area."
"Yes Daddy," replied Emily as she stepped into the shower.
When she joined Daddy in the living room she was wearing a simple cornflower blue cotton dress. It was knee length, plain but pretty. Daddy came forward and hugged her tightly and Emily relaxed into him feeling that the worst was over.
As he held her he spoke. "It's going to be okay Emily. You might not be looking forward to going to Scotland or the changes that are going to happen to your life but I promise you that everything will be for the best."
Emily looked up at him. She loved her Daddy but she realised she was now seeing a side to him that she didn't see when they communicated online. It made her apprehensive and her bottom still ached from the spanking. She decided that a walk along the shore and maybe some food and a drink would bring back some normality to her world.
The day was a little cooler when they took their stroll. Emma took them along a route that included the boardwalk and the pier. They paused to watch people surfing, catching the last of the waves before nightfall. They passed the little market stalls and Emily bought some candles to take with her to Scotland. She smiled at Daddy's annoyance at having to dodge the skateboards, cycles and scooters.
They spoke very little. Emily knew her Daddy well enough to know that his decision was made and there was no point in trying to make him change it. If she wanted a quick return from Scotland then she would need to come up with a plan.
When the sun set the smells of the restaurants filled the night air and Emily suggested a little Mexican cantina that she liked to visit. They enjoyed shrimp and chicken fajitas which they shared and finished with some Mexican coffees. Daddy was pleasantly surprised with the whole preparation of the Mexican coffee as the waiters put on a small show involving lots of tequila, flames and flourishes.
As they left the cantina Emily looked up at Daddy and slipped her hand into his. The big hand that spanked her so hard now gently held her own.
She smiled up at him submissively and received a warm smile in return.
Yes, tomorrow they would set off for Scotland and the cottage and Daddy would help Emily sort her life out. And after about 2 weeks, she thought, you'll see how good I can be and you'll pop me back on the plane to California and I will take my life back without Daddy's interference.
That night Emily wore her white lace nightdress that was medium in length and had little pearl buttons at the low neckline. She thought her Daddy would like it.
Before going to bed she came through to the living room to kiss Daddy goodnight. She kissed him with love because she loved him Daddy deeply. They had built a bond over her 19 years and even though for the last 10 he had been in Scotland and she had been in the States there still existed a real relationship.
He held her tightly and she felt her breasts crushing against his chest. He smiled at her as he let her go.
"Good night Emily."
"Good night Daddy."
Emily climbed into her bed and as she lay there she allowed her mind to wander over the day's events. Daddy's sudden appearance, his knowing how her life was going astray and the news that they were going to Scotland in the morning had turned everything upside down.
And then Emily's mind moved on to her spanking.
The sudden violence from her Daddy; physically grabbing her and bending her over his knee making her feel so helpless, so powerless.
To her amazement she once again felt that flutter of arousal as she remembered how easily he had pulled down her shorts and panties.
Her Daddy had seen her bottom. Had he seen anything else?
When his big hands had landed on his daughter's tight little cheeks did he feel how soft and smooth they were?
When she wriggled frantically on his lap did Daddy get aroused?
Emily couldn't believe the thoughts that were finding their way into her head or the growing intensity of her arousal. She wanted to stop these thoughts and images. Didn't she?
Her right hand moved to cup her own breast, fondling it gently through the soft white lace of her nightdress. Without being fully aware of it she undid the little pearl buttons and her hand quickly slipped inside, squeezing her breast, fingers circling her stiffening nipple.
Daddy had seen her titties! He had seen her nipples!
She had stood there obediently and let him see her naked body.
Then the memory of her spanking started to take over. She could feel again the smacks on her cheeks; hear the sound his hand made when it landed.
Then the images that were running wild in her head changed from what had actually happened to what might have happened…
Emily imagined herself being pushed off Daddy's lap and landing on the floor. Her strong, angry Daddy was now standing over her as she cowered beneath him.
The images she was creating both horrified and excited Emily. She might have been able to stop them but she didn't and instead she succumbed to this new fantasy.
Lying on her back she opened her legs, drawing her knees upwards, raising her nightdress and exposing her pussy.
As one hand pulled harder on her nipple the other moved down between her legs. She felt her wetness as she slowly rubbed herself, her lips parting as her finger found and then circled her sensitive little bud.
Her imagination was now on fire and there appeared no limits to where it might go.
Emily imagined her Daddy standing over her, the bulge at his crotch showing how excited he had become when spanking his daughter. He moved closer to her as he slowly unzipped himself. Then he reached inside to pull out his cock.
It is long and thick but not yet fully erect. The tip glistened with pre-cum as Daddy stroked himself harder. His eyes are filled with the rage and lust created by his daughter.
On her bed Emily's fingers frantically molest her breasts and pussy. She tugs hard on her nipples and finger fucks her sopping wet slit. Her back arches as her orgasm nears. She has no control physically or mentally and she starts to shake.
Her imagination has one more forbidden, incestuous act to show her.
Daddy reaches out with his free hand and curls it in Emily's hair and slowly pulls her face and mouth towards his throbbing cock. She can see the veins and the glistening head! He is going to fuck Emily's face with the same ferocity as he spanked her.
In her mind Emily doesn't struggle to break free. She doesn't turn her head away. In this dark new, exciting corner of Emily's imagination she opens her mouth and as her Daddy brings his cock to her lips she uses her tongue to lick the little drip of cum gathered at the tip.
Emily's orgasm was like an electric shock. She was helpless as her body shook and her juices soaked her sheets. She came again and again as she fixed on that final image until eventually she could take no more.
Afterwards she lay there in her bed, confused and ashamed but at the same time filled with awe at how her body and mind had combined to find a level of pleasure she had never experienced before.
She was now exhausted and as her breathing returned to normal her mind slowly calmed itself and she drifted off to sleep.
In the living room Daddy had his laptop open. He quickly reviewed the travel arrangements for the next day and made sure their flight times and connections were as planned. He was tired after his journey from Scotland and his reunion with Emily had been emotional.
There was one new message in his inbox. It was from the company he had hired to explore the online presence of his daughter. "Explore the online presence" was the phrase that the investigator from the company had used.
"Find out what the fuck she is doing!" was the phrase Daddy had used.
The company had done their job and he knew what he needed to know so there wasn't any need for them to continue. However, when he opened their email, they reminded him that he had paid them in advance and there were still two weeks remaining.

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