Enjoyed Summer Vacation With My Aunt

I am a regular reader of n8story The stories here have inspired me to write my own experience as well. I am Rahul from Jaipur, 23 years old. This is a true incident since my young age I have seen many romantic scenes of my Uncle and Aunt. I was so amused to see all these acts and tried to watch it secretly. This gave me some special feelings towards my Aunt.
She was around 30 years now. She is fair and just average in her beauty but she got a very nice and soft skin and attractive figure. She always maintained her figure, never got overweight. She was very free and easy lady, with not much caring of her outlook. The way she walks freely is really very sexy and for me it’s appealing. I still get on even if I start thinking about her and when she got married to my uncle.
I was only 18 years at that time itself and I’ve got the chance to sleep with her in the day time, by hugging her. No one felt anything wrong in this but I was having some pleasure. I pretended to sleep beside her and but never slept. These were the things which attracted towards her. I liked her smell and loved it. This incident happened when I was 19.
I had little grown up by now with some hair in my legs and my chest. My sound was also changing. I tried to shave everyday to have good mustache. I too tried to shave in my private parts, where it was more hairy compared to other parts. These all are the things which most of the guys do, on seeing the changes in their body at this age. She was now 26 years.
My uncle was working overseas and came once in a year. It was during the big college vacation. I went to my Uncle’s house as usual for a long stay over there my grandmother, aunty, uncle’s small kids and a mail only stayed. In the night, my Aunty arranged bed for all of us to sleep on the floor (except grandmother) I was asked to sleep near her.
I had no intentions at all to do anything but I was happy that I can sleep very near to her and can have her sexy smell. She always takes bath before sleep and she applies some nice oil in her hair. I just love that smell. It was so sexy; even no other foreign perfumes will come near to that. She makes her fresh always before sleep I put on fresh clothes and that freshness is the more attraction towards her.
I still can feel her wonderful sexy smell. We normally sleep at 9 pm without any other thoughts, I felt asleep and was in my world during my sleep, I felt something and got up. I saw her bare legs on my body. This sight made my thing to get hard. I was having a pleasant feeling. She was now very near to me and I can even feel the warmth of her breath without any hesitation.
I hugged her in a very normal way as if I was doing it in my sleep and we were soo close now. Her face was only millimeters away from me. This was giving me a nice feeling. At this age, I don’t know how to initiate to have sex or to be frank, I don’t know how to fuck also. The knowledge about sex was very limited for me. I have only seen some scenes from porn movies.
That thing was nothing and some information from friends also but it was not much to make a courageous move. I used to masturbate with at very young age and I used to do it on every day since I learned how to masturbate as usual she was my Goddess of love to make me ejaculate during my masturbation. I have fantasized her always but during fatasising I haven’t fantasized of having sex with her.
I do not remember exactly what I dreamt about her that time, but, she was my Lady of Sex from those days and she made me cum during my own pleasure making sessions after lying in that position for somemore time, she just turned and slept straight. I moved more closely and put my hands and leg on her body with closer hug. There were no signs of rejection or anything from her side.
This gives me more courage. I wanted to see her thighs now snd for this, tried to pull the saree up with my legs. I move my leg slowly and slowly. She was not moving at all by doing this I tried to move her saree till I can see her panties. She was wearing a black color panty. My knees were now resting or her small mountain. I could feel the softness of her vagina through my knees.
I slowly pressed there with my knees but she did not respond. Then, I moved the saree little more up. I can now see her whole bottom and her milky white thighs, soft and smooth. The triangular portion and her beautiful feet and I rubbed my legs on her thighs. It was very cold and soft. I wanted to touch her thighs with my hands, but I was afraid to do that. My thing was at its full size and i had the big urge to make it cum but her silence and no response, made me to take more advanced steps.
Now, I put my hand on her boobs and slowly tried to press from top of the jacket. Still I took much patience and tried to do all these as if I was doing it in my sleep. I keep on pressing slowly both of her boobs one by one and with my knees I was also rubbing her vagina slowly. I felt something wet in her panties. I thought she was peeing in her sleep but it was only slight wetness and gluey type fluid.
She was just laying straight without moving or not even responding to my activities. I moved closer to her now and kept my face so close, that my lips can touch her neck. She gave a deep breath on this. But I still thought that she didn’t know my intensions. Now I was trying to move my hands inside her jacket, to touch her boobs. It was little bit tight jacket and it was not easy to get my hands into it.
I still tried with my all patience to get into it slowly. My little master could not wait for my slow actions and really it wanted to explode. She was now breathing fast. I could feel all these, since my face was very close to her. It was a big silence over there. I can hear my heart beating faster now. Those days, there was no electricity in that area and there were no sound of fan or other things.
The only light came in that room was from the moon and from the kerosene lamp, which was lit to have a small light in that room. All of the other members were in deep sleep, only I was awake with my body and soul urging hard to feel my aunty. Since this was very adventurous, my body was very hot by now. Suddenly, I saw her hand moving towards my hand, which was pressing her breasts.
I never expected this. I thought that I am caught and going to loose my face. All my courage was draining out now. She caught my hand. I was in a terrible shock by knowing that I am caught. I had all my courage drained out. But I didn’t pull back my hand or anything, I still pretended as sleeping. She opened her eyes and looked at me, i was seeing this through my half closed eyes.
She had a naughty smile in her face and came closer to my ears and asked me are you afraid? I did not answer. She kissed on my cheeks and told “come on Rahul, do not be afraid. Now I opened my eyes and looked at her. She took my face in her hand and in a very passionate way, kissed on my lips. My lips got wet, since she pulled my lower lips into her. I felt the taste of her saliva. I was feeling nice by doing that. I too tried to suck her lips into my mouth.
She was breathing hard at this time and as you all know, my heart was pounding very hard as if I am doing something big wrong but the feeling of kissing was taking me to another world. Her lips were very soft and tender. She then tried to put her tongue into my mouth, I accepted it and sucked it. It was having a very nice taste. I was enjoying those moments very much.
She started to hug me now and started to pull me more closely. I came to know that she was getting wild now. Her sleeping desires were on now and wanted something, something from me. I never expected such a approach from her. I too tried to insert my tongue into her mouth and she was sucking it as if to take some juice from that. We were now eating, sucking and chewing eachothers lips, tongue and saliva.
My little master was in full erection inside my lungi and was poking her thighs. I was feeling shame, whether she may feel bad of that but I couldn’t control all these. I tried to press him harder in her body. This was giving me nice pleasure. All others in the room were in deep sleep. I and my aunty were now in a different world of ours. We had forgot that some one else were sleeping nearby also.
She moved closer to me and was trying to hug me more tightly. I can hear the sound of our heavy breaths and the sound of kissing and sucking only. I could feel my nerves getting tight all over my body and some special feeling, which I cannot describe in me. It was very wonderful. All these days I was just fantasizing about her and masturbating but the pleasure which I was getting now was totally different from that after this long kiss.
I really wanted to jerk off my thing and cum out but if I do that now, then the entire mood will go. She was looking terrible in that dim light, with all her hair spoiled and I could feel her desire in her face. She was breathing fast now with a plesant smile on her face. She asked me in a whispering tone have you ever done this before? I said No, it’s my first time Rahul, do you like me?
She whispered again yes, I like you very much; I always wanted to be with you. Rahul, there is nothing wrong in this. She tried to console me do not be afraid. I will not tell this to anyone. This gives me more courage now. She kissed me again. She was looking gorgeous in this night with the soft whispering talk and the sexy smile on her face. I had only dreamt of having this kind of relation ship with her but I never expected that this will come true.
The woman of my dreams is in front of me and encouraging me to do all these things. I was now in a different world. All this this she was holding me tight and I too started to pull her towards me and tried to press all of my body into her. My little master was now in between her thighs and enjoying those moments, which he was longing for. It was a full moon day and the bright moon light was coming into the room through the open window.
I can also hear the sound of leaves due to the breeze and it was little cold also but I started sweating since both of us were now too hot and the hug was too tight that there was no gap to pass any air to cool down our body. Suddenly we heard a noise in grandmother’s room and we parted immediately. She whispered in my ears again hey dont’ worry it’s not over yet don’t sleep now she smiled in a sexy way.
My grandmother wake up and she went to the bathroom. My aunty was holding me tight and turned towards me with a naughty and sexy smile on her face. My little master was upset now due to this break and he lost erection and became soft. I kept my eyes closed but little afraid, I was worried whether my grandmother had heard some sound of kissing. My heart was beating fast now.
I was very new to this kind of incident and too much excited to have a relation with my dream lady. I was feeling very happy with her positive response and the encouragement to me to explore her more. Now we both were waiting for grandmother to go back to bed. She released the grip in my hand then slowly started to move her hand in my body when her hand moved through my body.
I get getting some sort of electric waves in my body. She keep on moving it from face, then came to my lips then down to neck and in my chest. She was now playing with my soft hair in my chest and then she moved her hands towards my nipples. Then I started to play with my nipples. The feeling was terrible, no one have ever touched those areas in my body even I haven’t tried that way.
She was doing magic in my body now as usual; my little master woke up and built his tent in my lungi. He was now in a great mood to be pumped and vomit. I was shy to hold my thing with my hand now, but I really wanted to comfort him. Her hand now started moving down. I was now very anxious and excited and she was a master in this and the woman of dreams was taking to me this new world of Sex.
She was facing towards me with her eyes half open; I could feel something from her looks. She had that thirst and a great desire for Sex. She wanted me badly now. I was her destiny now. My grandmother went back to her bed now. The room became silent again, with two eager souls waiting to mate for me it was my first night and the thrill to mate my Aunty was uring, the dream lady.
My sexy aunt is waiting to mate with me. Cool breeze was flowing in through the window. It gave me some sort of comfort to cool my body and to get relieved from my tension. I was now waiting to make the move. I moved closer to her and started to hug her. She stopped me say “Rahul, wait and she may not be slept, have patience” she whispered it. Her sound itself was very sexy now.
My tool was ready now and he wanted to touch her very badly for my surprise, her hand moved down towards him and she now caught him from top of my lungi. I can see her naughty smile in her face. I got an electric shock like feeling when she touched my tool. “He is not young like you and she whispered. She pressed him through my lungi. He really wanted to explode now and she now inserted her hand into my lungi.
It’s good that you dont wear underwear at night” she laughed quietly. Now she started to play with him with her hand. I was booming towards my pleasure and I was now loosing my control of my tool. She touched the tip of him with her thumb and started to move her grip up and down, slowly. I was having a great pleasure now, my dream lady playing with my tool, I’m dreaming?
I wanted to make some sound to show my ecstasy I was breathing faster now. Sometimes she touched my balls while massaging my tool also, I could control all these without her permission, and I hugged her and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her the way she kissed me before. She too responded me with her soft lips and tongue. Her hand was still busy massaging my tool but she didn’t make a fast movement on the massage to make him shoot out.
She was doing magic in me. I came to know, that she was just waiting for my initiation to do this. I kissed down towards her neck and her ears. She was moaning lightly Rahul moans. I love you my lips moved down towards her breast and wanted to suck her nipples but she stopped me Rahul wait, I will give you my entire dear.
It’s all for you but I want to make love with you this whole night and I want you to enjoy each and every moment slowly. Do not be in a hurry now I was loosing my patience her hands were still playing with my tool. To be continued readers I hope you all will enjoy this story. Please comment back to me with your great suggestions.