Enjoying with cousins – 1

Hi. This is Sameer. With a new series. This series is about my three cousin sisters. They three are real sister and my cousin sisters. Let me tell u about elder ones in this story.

It happened about 2 years before in 2004. My grand mother eye operation was there. It was held in a city next to our. My mom took my grand mother for operation. It left me and my bros alone. I and my brothers where going to sleep in house. At nearly 10.00 pm my cousin elder cousin came. Her name was Sapna (name changed). She came with her 4 year old son. I asked why she came now. She said your mother have told me to sleep in ur house. As u and your brothers are alone. By hearing this words I became happy. As I was lusting her, and I think she also knew that. So my brothers went to sleep. I and Sapna watched TV and her son were slept. After some time she also went to room to sleep. I was watching TV. Suddenly I got a hard on. I taught to take a chance.

So I went to the room where she was sleeping. I went and saw her sleeping on her back. She was wearing a nighty at that time. I went and called her my her name. There was no reaction. I slowly put my hand on her fore head. Then took my hand to her lips then to her neck then slowly to her right boob. Then I slowly started to press her boobs and also at the same time kissing her other boob over her nighty. Suddenly I heard a moan from her mouth. I taught she has woke up. So I got up and was about to go. She caught my hand and said Sameer what u r doing here. I replied nothing. She said don’t be shy I know what u were doing. Saying this she got up from bed and pulled me to her and gave a kiss on my lips. I also started to enjoy and while kissing I started to press her ass.

After a long kiss Sapna said lets go to other room. Then we went to other room where no one was there. Then I again I kissed her. Then I removed her nighty. She was naked insight. She was not wearing a panty or a bra. I started to stare at her body. She said common use me. I went to her and started to suck her one boob and with other I played pinched and pressed. Then I went to her belly and sucked its button then went to her thighs and kissed it. Then I sucked her pussy and also finger fucked her. After some time she came.

Then she came and removed my lungi which I was wearing and took my cock in hand and started to suck it. After some time she said I want ur cum in ur my pussy. I went and positioned my cock to her pussy and started to enter in her pussy. She was tight. I asked u r tight like a virgin. Your hubby does not fuck u. She replied he fucks me with his small cock. His cock is small compared to urs. Fuck me and make my pussy to take ur length. I want to take it. Then a went in her and slowly started to pump. She was saying fuck me fast tear ur cousins pussy. After hearing such words I started to fuck her fast and after some time I said I am going to cum. She said yes come in my pussy I want to feel ur cum in my pussy. Then I cummed in her pussy. Then we laid in each other arms. After some time she went to my cock which was out of her pussy took it and started to suck it.

After some time it became erect. I asked her to be in doggie style. Then I fucked in her pussy in that style. While fucking I removed my cock from her pussy. She asked me what happened. I did not said any thing but took my cock and kept at her ass hole entrance. She said no. Not there. I did not listen her and pushed in her ass. She cried in pain and said plsss remove it. I did not listen her and again pushed hard. I repeated this act until my full cock was in her ass hole. Then I started to pump her and her pain had gone and she was also enjoying and thrusting her hip back side to make a rhythm. Then after some time I said I am going to cum. She said I want to taste ur cum. I want it in my mouth. So I removed from her ass hole and she took it in her mouth. With a taste of her own shit. She started to suck and after some time I came and she drank all. Then we slept and we have done sex many time

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