Enjoying With Friend’s Lover

Hi.. I am Bagath, 23years old. I am doing my post-graduation in Hyderabad. This is my unexpected experience with my friend’s lover. She is Deepthi.She has a beautiful face with cute little eyes and pretty smile. Even she has a normal physic almost every boy in my college stood on her back in flattering. My friend is one of them. She hasn’t accepted any. As she is computers department I never had a chance to talk to her. Just before end exams she started to talk with my friend. We completed our graduation and placed in one of the best IT company in India. But I chose to go for post graduation. As I have my own house in Hyderabad my friend stayed 2months with me, waiting for his call-letter. 
They used to talk throughout the night. I never had an interest on them as i am busy with my admissions. But I understood that he had proposed her several times but refused. I talked to her once a two minutes as they got misunderstandings between. Finally my friend got his call-letter and posted in Banglore. I forgot his love and her. I got my admission and everything going on normally until my birthday. The day I got a wishing message from an unknown number. I replied back  ‘Thank u… But who r u?’ and got reply ‘Deepthi’. We chatted almost 3 hours. I understood that she joined in a software consultancy to learn a software. my friend called me and said that he given my number to her.
We started talking daily. I never had a sexual idea on her. I known that she refused my friend again. We started to meat regularly. She used to visit my campus almost daily after her classes also we started going for movies and shopping. But a phone call from my friend brought a drastic change on my life. One day he called me before sleep and told me there is her birthday in a couple of days. He asked me to surprise her with a treat and tell her about his love on her. I have no experience in these tasks actually. But he told me that this is his final chance and I said ok. I called her and said I am going to have a treat for her also there is very important thing that has to be decided. She forced me to tell but I said no.
The day we went IMAX. We sat in Baristha and ordered cappuccino. She ware a light pink sari, and she is damn pretty. For the first time I had a taught of kissing her. She asked me ‘Tell me… you have something to talk and decide.’ I wished her and started. ‘Just pay attention…’ i told her as she is looking into her mobile. ‘This is very important for you. I have a proposal for you But, listen… I don’t want to loose you because of this.’ i looked into her eyes. They are glowing like anything. ‘This is about love. You have to love…’ i supposed to mention(my friend) but interrupted by her. She looked so happy and said ‘I am dying to tell this to you. I afraid that you may misunderstand me if I tell you first.’ Her voice was so sweet than ever. She grabbed my collar, pulled me and kissed. I didn’t understand what has happened. Everyone around watching us. We went out and walking by. She hugged my hand tightly and walking beside me. After ten minutes I looked at her. Suddenly I felt like I am the luckiest. i kissed her again and we went to my house.
She hugged me and kissing on my lips. My fingers dancing on her waist. We almost kissed 20minutes. Then I lift her and went into my bedroom. She is looking into my eyes. They made me hornier. I never taught of sex with her. I took out the pallu on her. The light pink transparent blouse showing the bra inside. I stunned looking those boobs. I am thinking that I am at the final stage of a treasure hunt. She grab my head and pulled over her chest. I slowly grabbed them in my hands. I started to squeeze them. Her moaning tempting me alot. I unhooked her blouse and bra. Those nacked boobs were so soft. I kissed them. She put her head against my broad chest and murmured, ‘I have not been with a man before. I am scared. Do you ever had sex?’ I hugged her and said, ‘There’s nothing to be scared of. You are the one i looked her.’ Seeing her boobs I got more exited and started to kiss those breasts more vigorously. I felt her breasts getting warmer under my palm and her nipples hardened. I undressed her completely. I took off my clothes but an underwear.  Later I kissed her vagina and it smelled like heaven! I started fingering her vagina, it was tight and wet. She was moaning so loudly.
I inserted my cock slowly inside her vagina. It was damn tight but the feel of vagina was marvelous, we started fucking in missionary position and then doggy. I was very hard on her. I told her and I am about to cum. She said dont stop so I did not stop and ejaculated inside her vagina. I lost my erection so I told her that I will take care of her now, I started licking and finger her pussy after a while she started shouting.I am coming, I’m coming” and her vagina became tighter and the liquid from her vagina was on my face. Then I told her to give me a hand hob so my penis will become erect. I told her that I interested to have sex on the roof. She said ok. We went there as we have an independent house without any apartments around we never thought of anyone. In moonlight we started again. She id moaning more loudly. I pressed my hand against her mouth and fucked her for another 10 mins again I came inside her. She got the phone from my friend. She lift the call and told him what happened in morning ‘I won’t forget the way he proposed. He is such a nice person. You are really lucky to having him..’ the call disconnected. She looked at me and said ‘I think bad signal may be’. I understood I may never gat a call from my friend again.She kept her phone away. ‘You never said yes for anyone but me. What would you do if i left after this?’ I asked her. She smiled at me and moved her head near my rightear and said ‘Try then.’ She laid on me.  We didnt care to clean our selves, we slept full  night together, naked. Early in the morning when i woke up she was not besides me, I went out of the room so look for her. She was in the kitchen, all cleaned bathed preparing breakfast. ‘I am starving. Won’t you?’ she asked me. ‘Of course I am’ i said and hugged her and said ‘you were amazing last night’. She told me to have a quick bath and then breakfast.