Erotic Bus Ride

Hi am Shambu (name changed) from Bangalore,  35yrs,  athletic body type and fair.   Married.  
I am a very frequent   visitor of this site and like the sex stories very much.  Though I have a too much inclanation to sex   since my high school days,  I had a cousin about 5yrs older who used to keep my hand at her boobs and pussy   when I was quite young,  when sleeping beside her whenever we met in festival and other functions of   relatives
My first   wet dream started when I was in 10std as most men do.  First time a girl proposed me when I   was in 1st PU and that was when I really had the first sexperience.  And it just ended there.  Will   tell about it later on.  Unfortunately after that,  I was deceived of sex for a long time.  When I grew   up I used to be very hesitant and often repent of having missed several chances.  Here I am going to   narrate story that happened a few months back.  
I was traveling back from a hill top temple in a bus   I sat in the last but one seat on one edge away from window.  It was in the night 10pm.  And by the   time bus started there were several people standing in the bus.  Among them several young people also   got in and among them was this female of about 23-25yrs who stood just beside me.  As she approached   towards me she saw me and I too looked in her eyes.  
When the bus started,  after conductor issued   tickets,  lights was switched off.  And people around started dosing off.  The female stood turning   towards me,  holding bar of the seat at my head and with other hand holding bar of my front seat.    After a while,  I felt someone touching my shoulder I just ignored thinking it was due to the bus   turning as it descended the hill.  But when I felt the same way again and again,  I guessed it and   looked at her.  She smiled at me.  I never thought it in that way,  confused looked away.  But then   something went through my mind,  I looked at her again she was still staring at me.  I smiled.  She did   respond with her smile.  I stared back in her eyes for a few seconds and gave a naughty smile.  She   responded the same way naughtily biting her lower lips.  
I first hold the front seat bar,  just beside   where she kept her hand.  And slowly hold her hand.  She did not move her hand,  accepting my gestures.    I caressed her hand.  She purposefully fell on me and pressed her thighs to my shoulder and side of   face.  I turned towards her thighs she was still pressing.  I could feel a nice fragrance.  Then slowly   she took her other hand and caressed by neck and pressed to the middle of her thighs for a few seconds   softly and left the hand.  
I put my hand between her thighs and caressed both her thighs and then in   per pussy from outside.  She was wearing chudidar.  I moved my hand over her bare navel,  she was   feeling good.  I was moving my hand like that from thighs to navel and back from navel to thighs.  And   took my hand back side and hold her buttocks,  Wow! She had a nice buttocks as good as her wonderful   boobs.  She had purposefully moved her wale upwards to the neck.  So I could see her boobs from bottom.    I pressed her buttocks a few times.  And moved over her lower back and then again front between thighs   and pussy from outside.  And then her bare navel.  
She immediately hold my hand and put it inside her   pant.  And lowered her pant.  I was looking at her.  She was feeling very hot.  As she put my hand inside   her elastic chudi pants,  my hand was moving over her panty,  at the pussy and I could feel the wet.  I   caressed her pussy for a few seconds.  But she forcefully again lifted my hand and put it inside her   panty.  She was too hot.  She spread her legs so I could reach her most sensitive part.  When I touched   her pussy she seemed to feel like electric shock and trembled.  She put her hands round my neck and   caressed my cheeks.  I licked her fingers.  Since I knew where to handle the pussy,  I started gently   rubbing the top end of the vagina.  She started to press my cheeks with her hand controlling her   moaning.  In between I used to put my hand inside her vagina.  
She asked me to put two fingers inside.    I obeyed her.  After a while she seemed nearing orgasm she bent to me and whispered to put my two   fingers deep inside and I pressed my finger deep inside and take out and repeat it again and again,    she asked me to do it faster.  She started to move her pussy front and back slightly against my finger   movement . . . .  And finally cummed! I understood she felt very tired.  She leaned completely on me.  I   took my hand out and put my hand around her thighs from back and supported her to stand.  She   corrected her pants and she bent as if to pick something from down and kissed my cheeks.  
After a   while,  I observed that we were entering a village area where we could see the street lights.  The one   beside me woke up looking around and when stopped arrived,  To my surprise,  he along with few others   in the front got down.  What else would both of us – me and the female needed! She sat beside me with   a nice smile – Both of us were soooo happy.  Her companions had also sat in some front seats.  By that   time we felt as if we knew each other a long time.  She just took my hand with hers and put her head   on my shoulders even before the lights were switched off.  🙂 When the light went off,  I caressed her   cheeks and kissed her cheeks.  Immediately she gave a deep french kiss.  And it lasted for a few mins.    
As we kissed this way,  I put my hands on her breast softly.  She ensured her wale was covering.  I put   my hands inside her chudi above her soft bra.  Moved over the nipple.  I then felt her cleveage.  She   then removed her bra buttons.  I hold her breast in my hand and pressed it softly and then pressed the   nipple.  She moaned slightly.  As I continued this way,  we both repeated french kisses several times   for long times.  I put her hand on my dick.  She started pressing.  I opened zip.  She immediately put   her hands inside,  lowered by underwear and took out my penis.  
Looked at me with lots of joy.  She   started rubbing.  And then bent herself as if she is sleeping on my thighs and put my dick inside her   mouth.  Wow! What a wonderful blow job! After a while I told her I want to cum,  she said cum in her   mouth itself I cummed and she drank it all.  Both of us corrected our cloths and She slept on my thighs sometimes and some other times on my shoulders for rest of the journey.  
We exchanged our nos.  When stop came,  with a heavy heart we departed.       Females,  if you like my story please send me feedback.  Email me   I am quite eager to meet new girls.  I don’t want to miss opportunities anymore! 🙂 happy sexing.