Erotic Chat Became One Night Stand

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Hi readers, I am 28 working in Chennai with a reputed organization and the beautiful wild horse of the story, Kaya (name changed) is 28 with 36 – 30 – 36 figure and fair complexion. Our wild sex happened in September 2019. I saw Kaya in dating app and sent “One Night Stand” message, no response from her. I sent a few more messages like “Safety-Secrecy-Satisfaction” to make her free to chat with me and to gain her trust. After 2 days she replied with a smiley. Exchanged our Facebook IDs and had good erotic chat for 4 hours that night. Initially I made her arouse with sexy gifs and pics to which she responded with her sweet voice messages. At the end of 4 hours erotic chat, we decided to meet on Saturday evening. Then she shared her mobile number for hassle free communication.
We both agreed to meet at a good 4 star hotel room to maintain safety & secrecy and shared details. Saturday afternoon, I rang her and asked her to come to Coffee Day. She came in a blue color chudi (low neck) and looking gorgeous. we both had coffee and started naughty erotic conversation. I started praising her beautiful cheeks, saucy lips, eyes, neck. I am about to praise her horny 36 boobs, she squeezed my thigh under the table and told “Time Is Precious”. I booked a cab from there to hotel and reached hotel within 15 mins and checked into a spacious 180 Sq.ft luxury room. She was surprised, excited and planted lip-lock for a minute.
I inquired whether Kaya will drink a beer. She told Tuborg and ordered 4 mugs for both of us. We continued our conversation left at Coffee Day, started praising her boobs, curves and started squeezing and pressing softly. Within 45 mins she finished 2 mugs and I took 1 mug of Tuborg. I took her face into my hand and started kissing her lips, she responded quite well and had a superb kiss. Sucked each others tongue and lips. After 3 mins, we both separated, she hugged me tightly and started kissing my chest. Simultaneously, I squeezed her butts, hip and ran my finger on her ass crack to which she made a soft moan and separated from me.

Now, both of us changed our clothes. I came onto shorts and T-shirt and she just dressed herself to shorts and bra. She is looking damn sexy in light brown color bra almost matching to her complexion. Her milky thighs are cuddling my thighs and we both started a deep tongue sucking and kissing. This time I broke the kiss just after a few seconds (20 -25) and told to play a small game. We have to take deep kissing and sucking without using our hands (No hugging or taking each other closely with hands). She readily agreed and our lips started. Soon it triggered to competition and started kissing vigorously by pushing our selves close to each other. In the process she used her full energy to suck my tongue completely and fell over me (both are on bed). I broke the rule and hugged her tightly and sucking her’s for 5 mins. After 5 mins she told that she was winner as I broke the rule and she brought a new rule that looser has to make a wish and winner has to fulfill it. That surprised and made me more romantic. I took her on to me and whispered in her ears that “Winner has to take command in bed and I am yours” and kissed her ears and neck.
Kaya turned completely aroused, sat on me and removed my T-shirt. Meanwhile I stretched my hand to remove her bra, she slapped me and said “you will only do what I ask you to do”. For a moment I was shocked, later nodded my head as acceptance. She kissed my forehead, eyes, cheeks and neck by saying GOOD BOY. I really loved her sweet kisses and dominance. She blind folded my eyes.

Sweet Sex:
Kaya started kissing my hands, chest, stomach. She licked and bit my nipples, licked my stomach, played with me for 10 mins by kissing and licking at different places on my upper body. After sometime she stopped doing. Suddenly her hands went on my shorts and she removed my shorts. I realised that she removed her clothes in the gap. I am above to remove the cloth to see her beauty. But, she again commanded me not to remove the cloth. Now, she started kissing and licking my thighs and gave a wonderful blowjob for 15 mins. She played with my testicles, sucked, stroked my penis. I am sensing the warmthness as she took it deep into her mouth. I am uncontrollable, I removed the cloth and I am above to sit. But, she didn’t allowed my to do so and intensified sucking and finally I cummed out. She came on top, had a nice smooch for 5 mins and at the end she said “It’s too hard, big and long lasting”.
Now, she came under me and asked to fuck her to which I denied. I went down to her and started kissing her from bottom to up. I started with feet, ankle, knees. she was shivering and moaning slightly. I extended my kissing and licking on to thighs (outside and inside). While licking her inner thighs she asked me to fuck. But, I continued licking inner thighs (both). She is moaning a little loud. To my surprise, I heard different words “Please fuck me, I beg you..I beg you”. I held her thighs firmly and kissed her vagina. She closed her thighs, pressed and held my head to her vagina for 7-10 mins. I kissed, licked, sucked and fucked with tongue. Next, I surprised her by inserting two fingers in her juicy pussy and started fingering her juicy vagina for 10 – 15 mins with 1 finger, 2 fingers and 3 fingers. I touched (rubbed) her inside upper part of vagina (Clitoris), she moaned heavily and started shouting “Fuck me…Fuck me…”. THANKS TO SOUND PROOF ROOMS, no complaints from neighbour rooms. To control her emotions, I kept my 2 left hand fingers into her mouth and continued fingering. Aaahhh… she is an amazing sucker. She increased her pace of sucking my fingers, the way how I am sucking and fingering her sweet juicy pussy. After sometime, she asked to come up and had a long smooching. We both separated, I started pressing and squeezing her big melons. I simultaneously sucked, squeezed and pinched her niples. She asked me “Are You My Niple?” to which I said “YES” and squeezed them.

Wild Sex – Beginning:
We both of us are completely aroused and in full mood. I started rubbing my rock hardened penis to her vagina lips, which made her even more horny and Kaya lifting her vagina. I inserted my big cock into her juicy vagina and it smoothly went inside. I am giving small jerks (pushing slowly), she closed her eyes and enjoying it and moaning slightly. Which made me more horny and fucked her hard. Trust me, with our intense and passionate sex, KING SIZE bed moved away from its position. She too responded equally and took my hard jerks with loud moaning. After 8 mins she shouted, “I am cumming…cumming”. But, I continued for another 2-3 mins to which she cooperated and now it’s my turn to spread my sperms. Both separated, and kissed passionately for 5-10 mins.

Hot Romance:
Both of us are tired and drank a little water and Coke from the fridge. I started playing with Kaya by placing chilled coke can on her bear stomach. She was responding remantically to the tickleness. Later, I poured some coke in her bellybutton and licked and sucked her stomach with tongue. Then poured a little on her boobs, sucked her nipples for 10 mins. Kavya told “You are my baby – Suck them”. I surprised her by going down, spread her legs, poured coke in her juicy vagina and started licking and tongue fucking. Ummmm… it’s really very sweet. I poured a little more and licked, sucked, drank and chewed softly for 15 mins. She too came on to me poured on my and penis and gave the BEST BLOW JOB. Again she turned on to the WILD MODE.

Wild Sex – Ending:
Kaya came on my top and giving hard fuck with loud moans. To control her emotions, I am squeezing her boobs with my right hand and my left hand fingers are in her mouth. She is sucking them like blow job. Room is reverbrating with AAhhh… UUmmm sounds. After 15 mins, she shouted ” I am SQUIRTING.. SQUIRTING”.
I am almost done and want to relax. We both had passionate kiss for 5 mins. I kissed her neck, ears, back, boobs and almost her upper part. Surprisingly, again she turned on into WILD MODE and giving jerks. I am spanking her buttocks and she is riding on me like riding on a wild horse. After 10 mins I am done, but continued for another 5 mins and I am helpless. Finally, she Squirted with very loud moans. I took her in my control and wispered relax…relax… She was satisfied and exhausted so much that she slept on my shoulder. I enjoyed that moment and didn’t moved for 3o mins.
Finally, we both slept.

Next day morning again kissed for 30 mins had deliceous breakfast and by noon dropped her at her place.