Eve’s Seduction of Adam

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Author's Note: This is a story of a blended family and the various combinations that may arise when love and sex arise among the family members. Although I am no legal expert, I believe the story's outcome is entirely plausible. Be warned that the plot takes a while to develop but I hope you feel that it was worth it in the end. Enjoy the telling.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My name is Adam and this is my tale of incest within my Brady-like family. Let me start out by saying that I am a well-established agent for a major full-service insurance company. For years, I have satisfied my clientele by processing their automobile and homeowner claims promptly and insuring their various concerns.
However, all this changed when my high school sweetheart whom I married while in college, died tragically in an automobile accident. Besides dealing with my grief, I was left to care for our ten-year-old son, Peter, whom my wife and I had right after graduating. While my son struggled with the loss of his loving mother, he was old enough to accept his loss and tough it out. Fortunately, his friends, schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and sports kept him busy so that he wouldn't dwell on her passing. Still, to help Peter, I rearranged my work hours to be there for him and we developed a close father-son relationship.
As for me, I struggled with my own grief and suddenly having to become a single-parent. Simple things such as shopping, cooking, and washing that were second nature to my wife were challenging to me. As the years passed, I noticed that despite being there for him, there were times when Peter needed the gentle feminine touch of a mother, something that I couldn't provide. On top of that, because I was stretched thin with Peter and the house, my insurance business started to suffer from a steadily growing backlog of new accounts and claims. After three years of trying, I finally had to admit that I needed help in my business and placed an advertisement for a receptionist/accounts clerk.
After numerous dismal applicants, I interviewed Debby, a divorcee and mother of two girls, who had just relocated to our town. My first impression of Debby was 'boobs' – bodacious tatas – that preceded her curvaceous five-foot body. Bubbly and engaging, my interviewee was intriguing and downright sexy. A platinum blond with sparkling blue eyes, Debby was an attractive thirty-year-old woman with a great pair of tits (eye-magnets), a trim waist, nice hips, a rounded booty, and shapely legs. Simply put, I was stunned as Debby took my breath away.
"Look, Adam, I'll be straight with you," said Debby with a slight southern accent. "I desperately need a job. My ex-husband was a damn nasty son-of-a-bitch particularly when drunk. He mentally, physically, and sexually molested me…and sadly to say, was physically abusive to my daughters… especially my youngest, Eve. When he was finally convicted of domestic violence and child abuse, I divorced him, and the girls and I relocated to start a new identity and life. I need a job and its benefits for my daughters and me. I believe I have the experience you're looking for – so, what do I have to do to get hired?"
The look and tone that Debby gave me were highly suggestive, and I willingly admitted that a flurry of grossly obscene thoughts flashed through my mind. However, reeling in my perverted urges with a woman I had just met (even though I had to admit that I was definitely attracted to Debby), I sat back and said, "All you have to do is to sign your contract, Debby. You're hired! When can you start?"
With a squeal of utter delight, Debby flung herself out of her chair to crush her large spongy breasts into my face. "You won't regret this, Adam! I'll be more than you ever could imagine! I promise you!"
Deciding to do a "pay forward" with my new employee, I took out my checkbook and promptly wrote her a check for a thousand dollars. "This is a loan to help you and your girls settle down. Take it to the bank down the street and they will cash it for you. If they question you, have them call me."
This brought another shriek of joy and another squashing of her swollen boobs into my chest, followed immediately by a quick kiss on my lips. "Ooh, God, what did I do to deserve a man like you?" That sentiment was finalized with another cock-hardening kiss… something that told me that I had somehow made the right choice.
In the month to follow, Debby proved worth her weight in gold. Her cheerful and personable southern approach to our customers and potential clients did a lot to sell our services, soothe upset feelings, and clarify any confusion. She also proved highly efficient in managing the accounts and before long had eliminated any backlogged issues.
When Peter stopped by the office, Debby utterly and completely charmed him, flattering him as an older attractive woman could while caring for him as if he were her own. My teenage son began dropping by quite often and was thrilled when Debby promised to cheer for him as the junior varsity football halfback or as the starting forward of the JV basketball team.
Debby's girls, Jan and Eve, also stopped by to meet me. Her oldest, Jan, was literally a clone of her mother – attractive, well-developed for her age, and extremely outward-going. She immediately tried to flirt with me, an older man, and could not seem to accept that her efforts were unrequited.
Eve, on the other hand, was friendly but only to the point of what was necessary to be polite. There was something about the way she looked at me at the time that I couldn't quite put my finger on. There was a certain sense of wariness mixed with a hidden assessment of me…a bit unnerving to say the least from one so young.
As enchanting as her girls were, Debby was an unexpected personal delight to me. I didn't realize how much I missed having a special woman in my life until one Saturday when Debby locked the door and put the "Closed" sign in the window so that we could have what was supposed to be an undisturbed lunch.
"Wow, Adam, I give you credit. I don't know many men who could be single-handed raise a young boy, manage a house, and maintain a thriving insurance business. Hmmm, at thirty-six, you'll make some lucky woman a good catch. And to raise all by yourself such a handsome young man as Peter…he'll be a heart-throb to many girls. Here, have another cookie…and don't worry there is enough for you to take home to Peter.
"How old is Peter? Thirteen? How do you like that? He's the same age as my oldest daughter, Jan. I guess they'll be classmates when the school year starts and I hope he will look after her. How old is my other girl? Eve is a year younger than Jan… twelve-years-old."
Having previously told Debby about myself and my son, I asked, "So, tell me about yourself and your girls, Debby?"
"Well, I was raised in a rural broken home and often neglected. I was what you might call an 'early bloomer' and my breasts literally and figuratively stood out. I quickly discovered boys, fooled around, and eventually ended up pregnant at a much too young age. Fortunately, I had the wherewithal to get my GED and then an accounting certificate from a business school while raising my girls. This enabled me to get a clerking job and support my babies.
"Jan is well-developed for her age and pretty. She knows this and quite extroverted, having no qualms flaunting what she has. This is particularly worrisome since when I was her age, I did the same darn thing and look what it got me.
"My baby, Eve, grew up in the shadow of her older sister and is a shy and quiet girl. As you might have noticed, she is cute in her own way but downplays it by not saying much or being very outgoing. However, there's a side of Eve that can quite unsettling. She won't tell me everything that happened between her and my ex-husband and now tends to be more cautious. Eve thinks things out be for acting…the complete opposite of her older sister.
"As for my ex-husband, he was a good-looking smoother talker, but lazy and good for nothing. He had a hidden mean-streak in him and when things weren't going his way or when he was drunk, he was abusive…first verbally…then physically…and finally sexually. He enjoyed slapping me around and towards the end of our relationship, he would get real nasty and rape me right in front of our daughters to hurt and embarrass me.
"I was so busy trying to support my girls and shit-ass husband, that I wasn't aware that he was abusing them while I was at work. It was only when Eve came crying to me that I discovered what was happening. When I confronted him, I was beaten pretty badly," sobbed Debby. "But I got him good when I called the cops who took one look at me and promptly arrested him. When what he did to my girls came out, it was like putting the nail in his coffin and he'll be in prison for a long time. After divorcing him, I packed up the girls and went in search of a new life…and bless my lucky stars, met you, Adam."
I put an arm around Debby to comfort her and she folded into my embrace. Before I knew it, we were kissing, tenderly at first and then passionately. "Debby, we shouldn't be doing this," I gasped as I became aware of what was happening. "I'm your boss… and…"
I never got a chance to complete my half-hearted sentiment for Debby kissed me harder, pressing her big boobs into my chest while her small hand casually drifted to the bulge in the crotch of my pants. "Adam, will you shut up?" purred Debby. "There's no law against me repaying you for your loan in an 'in-kind' way.'"
With that, Debby slipped off her chair to kneel between my legs. Quickly undoing my belt and then unzipping my trouser, she released my raging hard-on with a downward jerk of my pants and boxers. "Ooh, I'm mighty glad to see that I turn you on and extremely pleased with what I see. Here's the first installment for that advance that you gave me." With that said, Debby swallowed my erection and eagerly proceeded to suck me off. Having gone without sex for such a long time, I soon was spewing ropes of semen down her gulping throat.
"Ooh, yummy, that was delicious! What a lunch!" sighed Debby as she sucked and licked me clean. "It's a good thing that sperm isn't fattening. Hmmm…"
"I've got…to see your magnificent boobs," I managed to croak as Debby continued her wonderful oral ministrations. "Can I…please?"
With a sassy smile on her lip, Eve drawled seductively, "Oooh, why Adam, I never thought you'd ask…" Debby stood and unbuckled and dropped her broad belt. She then teasingly unbuttoned her short dress, shrugging it off to let it slide off her shoulders and slip to the ground. Then reaching behind her, Debby undid her industrial-strength bra which when shucked, released a flood of jiggling creamy tit-flesh. Each humungous boob was capped with a pink silver-dollar-size areola from which a meaty stub of a nipple projected.
"Do you like my 32DD boobies?" giggled Debby before she smashed her mammary delights into my face, massaging me in her pillowy valley. "Isn't this far better than just looking?" giggled my sexy pixie. "Ooh, yeah, baby, massage my boobies…ummm, yeah…suck on my little nippies."
But I had other things that I wanted to suck on. My hands shot out to firmly grip and squeeze Debby's rounded buns, causing her to shriek in surprise. Not giving her a chance to react, I stood and lifted her to the nearby worktable, laying her down, yanking off her panties, and spreading those shapely legs of hers.
"Oh my god!" cried out Debby as I plunged my face between her inner thighs to devour her juicy sweet pussy with relish. My lips latched on to and suck her thick cunt lips thoroughly before my tongue feverishly swirled around her jutting stiff clitoris. She squealed and lurched when I crammed one and then two hard fingers up her gushing twat, "Oh, fuck!" screamed Debby as I furiously frigged her sopping wet twat, causing her hips to jerk and twist. "I'm going to cum…shit, yeah…cumming soon…don't stop…don't you dare stop…oh, fuck…I'm cumming…arrgghh…arrrggghhh!"
As we later recovered moments in each other's embrace, Debby purred contently, "Well, that was unexpected but very welcomed. I don't know about you, but I needed that. Only a good fuck might beat it…hmmm, maybe next time."
"Next time? Honey-child, don't bother to put your bra or panties back on because as soon as we close today, I'm going to take a certain vivacious vixen, bend her over my desk, flip up her dress, and hump her sweet juicy pussy for all that I'm worth. That, my dear you can count on."
"Oooh, I can't wait! It's been a while since my poor pussy has been filled with hot sticky spunk. What an unexpected bonus."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
After that special Saturday, Debby and I admitted that we had found the person that was missing in our lives. We had to limit our unexpected sexual trysts to after-hours so as not to be caught by our customers or our kids doing the dirty deed. Yet, there were just so many "had to work late" excuses that we could use before our children began to suspect that our working relationship had far more intimate.
Finally, we decide to inform our children of our newly discovered relationship and desire to take it to the next level – marriage and living together as a blended family. While initially shocked that I would replace his mother with another woman, Peter eventually accepted that I needed to carry on with my life. It didn't hurt that he liked (and possibly was enamored with) Debby and the thought of living with her was something to look forward to.
Jan was obviously deflated that her 'older man' had somehow evaded her charms and of all things, had fled to the open arms of her mother. Stung by this setback, she pouted for a while but eventually acquiesced (especially since she had no say in the matter) to her mother's impending wedding to 'her' older man of interest.
Eve, however, was a total enigma. Outwardly, she seemed to placidly accept that I would become her step-father. Yet, there was something else going on within her young mind that I couldn't figure out at the time. I had always felt that I was under her microscope…being studied…but for some strange reason, the focus of such scrutiny had changed.
Whatever the case, Debby and I were soon married and like it or not, our respective children were swept up into a Brady-bunch-like family. Peter begrudgingly gave up his larger bedroom to Jan and Eve to share and moved into my study which was relegated to a corner of the living room. Debby, however, was instrumental in soothing upset adolescent feelings and binding us into a blended family.
For nearly five years, we lived an evolving family life. Jan easily became a cheerleader and cheered for Peter on the football field and basketball court. Although they were step-brother and step-sister, she refocused her interest on my son who had grown into a teenage hunky athlete. Sad to say, for all his ripped muscles and height, Peter never stood a chance against his smaller buxom stepsister.
Jan and Peter might have set our house on fire with her flirting with an eager (horny) stepbrother if it were not for Debby (and discretely Eve) regularly dousing and tamping down Jan's adolescent sexuality and urges. When Debby's rather loud 'cussing-out' sessions with her oldest daughter started including 'slut,' 'bitch-in-heat,' 'tramp,' and 'incest,' Peter, Jan, and I took a leisurely walk around the block until tempers had cool at home.
In stark contrast to her older sister, Eve developed into a young slender teenager with a quiet demeanor that made many think that she was introverted, serious, and studious. While she lacked the voluptuous figure of her mother and Jan, she had nice-sized breasts, a trim waist, narrow hips, tight buns, and long shapely legs. If it wasn't for Jan's male-magnet presence, Eve would have attracted more masculine interest – something that she consciously downplayed, preferring to remain in the shadow of her older sister and cloaked in her 'smart but shy girl' persona.
Just when I thought things were going well, my beloved Debby was unexpectedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told me that she had three to four months to live. The news was devastating to our close-knit composite family. Fortunately, Debby had the wherewithal to ask me in our family meeting, "Adam, will you please serve as guardian to Jan and Eve, and protect, provide for, and love them as you did me?"
When I said that I would assume that responsibility and provide for them until they were twenty-one, Debby sighed in relief and said, "Thank you. I check with the court clerk and found that you becoming their guardian would be a faster route than adoption. Given my terminal condition and the fact that their biological father is serving time for having abused them, I was assured that the judge would sign our petition quickly.
"Girls, I am sorry that I didn't have a chance to discuss this guardianship with you, but it is necessary. Without it, Adam cannot legally do anything for you…like medical decisions or any legal actions. Other than Adam and Peter, you have no family or anyone to turn to. Adam agreed a long time ago to put the two of you through college, and I hope you show him the proper gratitude."
Then turning to Peter, Debby smiled before saying, "Peter, you're such a fine young man…a regular chip off the old block. If I ever had a son, I would hope that he would be like you. Help your father by being strong and not giving him unnecessary stress.
"Jan, that means you, young lady. Now listen here. I have spoken numerous times about curbing your youthful hormones if you don't want to end up pregnant at a young age like I was with you. I know that you and Peter have this 'thing' but while you're under the roof of this house, don't do anything to stress out Adam or mess with Peter."
While Jan was shocked and upset at her mother's instructions and insinuations, but fortunately, she didn't argue. With lowered eyes, Jan dutifully muttered a soft, "Yes, mama."
"Eve, baby-girl, I know that you will be strong but ask that you take care of Adam. You're smart and if you can, help him with our insurance office. You're pretty and I have no doubt that you will find your man soon. He will bless the day that you became his."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When Debby finally succumbed to her cancer and was laid to rest, her family grieved in their own unique way. Jan and Peter turn to each other for solace (and more). Eve who had just turned seventeen, was my pillar in this time of emotional upheaval as I was hers.
I focused on the office since I was determined not to let it slide since my business paid our family's expense. The kids split the domestic chores with Peter taking care of the outside of the house, manual labor tasks, and general vacuuming. While Jan tried to help out around the house, she was eventually consigned to the washing, ironing, and bathroom cleaning.
It was Eve, however, who stepped into Debby's shoes by doing the grocery shopping, cooking dinner, ensuring that bills were paid, and making medical, dental, and other appointments for everyone. After school or during breaks, she would stop by the office with a batch of Debby's cookies to help me out and just chat. As we did, Eve blossomed like a flower, opening up and letting her inner sweetness and beauty out.
"Eve, I told you that you don't need to call me "Dad." With your Mom gone, you're no longer my stepdaughter. I'm your guardian."
"I know I could call you 'Adam' but I prefer to call you 'Dad,' if you don't mind. You see, my biological father…well…he was mean and abusive…and did things to me that I couldn't even tell Momma. You, on the other hand, are what a man should be…a father whom I never have had until Momma married you. You're the father I've always wanted."

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