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Forced by a Stranger

The following is not real but, in my mind, sometimes I wish it were:

I’ve always been an exhibitionist; I just enjoy being naked in the great outdoors. I am a well built man and have always been a little by-curious. To try to stay healthy I try to take hour long walks every morning and sometimes again in the evenings.

One day as I was walking down the road, I noticed a patch of tall grass on the side of the road. It came to me that I could lie down in the grass naked and listen to the cars pass down the road without being noticed. I thought that I’d give it a try, so I waited until there wasn’t any traffic around and walked over and laid down in the tall grass and waited for a car to pass. After a couple of cars passed, I was convinced that they couldn’t see me, so I pulled my shirt, shorts and underwear off and laid back enjoying the sun on my body.

I must have briefly drifted off to sleep because when I opened my eyes there was a man that looked to be in his mid-thirties standing there with his phone out taking pictures of me. I scrambled and put my clothes back on. Too late he said. I said what do you mean. He said I’ve got your pictures and I’m going to send them to the police for indecent exposure. You can expect to spend a couple of days in jail waiting for your very public court appearance. I begged him not to as I didn’t want my family to find out, but he said too late and raised his phone as if he was getting ready to send a picture and message. I said wait, I’ll do anything but please don’t send it.

He stood there and thought for a minute and then said to follow him. I followed him to his house which was just down the road, but we didn’t go into the house. Instead he led me to a building behind the house and went in. I followed not knowing what I was getting myself into. After I got inside, he turned to me and said to take my clothes off and hang them up on some hooks on the wall that he pointed to. I started to resist but he held up his phone and said ok then I’ll send the picture to the police. I said no and took my clothes off and hung them up as he ordered. He said ok, turn around and put your hands behind your back, I did as I was told. He then put some handcuffs on my wrist so I was now totally at his mercy. He tied a rope around the handcuffs and put the other end through a hook on the ceiling and then over to another hook on the wall where he pulled the rope until it pulled the handcuffs and my wrist up until I had no choice but to bend over. He then tied the rope on the wall hook to keep me there.

He left the room for a short time but then came back pushing a cushioned sawhorse. After sliding it under my belly he proceeded to cuff my ankles to the sawhorse legs so my legs were spread open. Then he put a collar with a O ring around my neck after which he took out a cord and tied it around my testicles and up to the O ring and tied it so there was a lot of pressure on my testicle to make it hurt if I moved my head. After that he blindfolded me and put a gag tightly in my mouth. I was now naked, blindfolded, gaged and bent over a sawhorse with my ass exposed and I couldn’t move without hurting my testicles.

Everything was then quiet for a little while with the exception that I could hear him going through some cabinets. After a little while though everything changed as he started to spank me with some sort of a paddle. It wasn’t very hard at first, but it got progressively more intense. I could feel the sting of the paddle and knew from the heat that my bottom was getting red but there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was completely at his mercy. I’m not one for crying but the tears began to fall with every swat he gave me. It seemed like hours but was probably only about 20 minutes and then he stopped and I thought it was over but no.

After a short time he smeared some lubricant around my asshole and pushed some inside, I knew I was in trouble. I could feel something which turned out to be a butt plug being slowly pushed inside me. After it was in the spankings started up again for another 10 minutes before he stopped and switched to a larger butt plug. I was hurting so bad that I didn’t think I could take it anymore but the spankings started again for another 10 minutes and I still couldn’t move. I thought I would be all cried out by now but the tears just wouldn’t stop.

I felt him untie the mouth gag and thought maybe he was starting to let up but I was wrong again. Instead he then pulled up on my forehead forcing my mouth open and pushed his very large erect penis into my mouth and down my throat so I could hardly breath. I gagged over and over but again he didn’t care. After he mouth fucked me for 15 minutes he pulled out and put the gag back in. I knew what was coming next as he went behind me and very roughly pulled out the second butt plug.

I could feel the head of his erect cock trying to force it’s way into my asshole but his cock was huge. I wasn’t sure if it was going to make it in but then with a big push and a lot of pain on my part it was in. It burned like crazy but he showed no mercy pushing in and pulling out like a jackhammer. I couldn’t believe how long he lasted but finally after another 15 minutes I could feel him explode inside of me and then fall onto me in exhaustion causing me to move causing extreme pain in my testicles.

He now seemed satisfied with my punishment and proceeded to untie me. I was so sore I could hardly move but managed to put my clothes back on. As I went to leave, he said I’ll see you here again on Tuesday morning at 10am sharp. I started to object but he held up the camera and said I still have these pictures plus I took a lot of new pictures that I can send to your house if I need to. I was screwed, literally.

My first story, be gentle! :), but I would like some feedback.

Exhibition punished by stranger