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Hey, I am Kabir(name changed) and this is my first sex story on this site. I hail from a city called Jabalpur. I am 18 and currently pursuing my 12th. Next week is my birthday but I think I have already received my present 10 days ago.

I come from a small city and that too from a middle-class family so it is quite obvious that I was pushed into studies since my childhood. I didn’t have much time nor money to waste on my looks, so I am very sorry to say that I am not as smart as you may think but yeah I do look quite decent.

Although I had a few relationships in the past, none of them ended in the bed, the most I had managed to get were just some passionate kisses, fondling and spooning( with clothes on). This year, it got even worse, these three subjects PCM had blessed me with a geek image. So obviously, I didn’t have any thoughts that I could lose my virginity before I turn 18 but fate had its own plans.

The incident begins right here on the night of Diwali, we had finished our puja, (by we, I mean me and my small brother) and I was appointed to help my small brother to burn his crackers. As soon as we stepped outside our house gate, she was standing right there, all set to watch us burn crackers. Her name is Khushi(name changed), her house is right beside our house, this makes her our neighbor. Besides being our neighbor and a lovely, beautiful girl, she is also one of my exes. She is two years younger than me.

My brother started burning crackers and I could clearly see the joy on Khushi’s face. Khushi’s father is a pujari(priest), this made him quite miser and conservative. He doesn’t allow her daughter to go out, chat with boys and do all kinds of stuff which can make her a defaulter as per his social stigma. When Khushi and I were together for two years, she did not even allow me to kiss her, this was the sole reason for our break up.

But that night, there was something quite unusual in her eyes like she had totally given up on her past. I was not sure because I had seen into her eyes almost after 6 months. The night advanced into something really magical. While our mothers were busy chattering and my brother along with his friends was also busy burning crackers and luckily Khushi’s father had also gone for puja, I stood beside Khushi making a video of my brother’s nuisance.

Suddenly Khushi asked me, ” how’s your life going? ”
I was quite surprised by her question. I don’t know why I reacted like that but it was something like “Good! I mean great! wait, one second? Are we still talking? We had decided not to?”
She replied with another question, “You don’t want to talk?”
Me: Wait, I want to, let’s talk, I’m so sorry!

After one hour,
“You ended our relationship, not me!!!!” her anger was at its peak, she had really lost her temper till then.
Me: Our relationship ended because you had no trust in me.
Khushi: I trusted you completely!
Me: Oh! then why didn’t you allowed me to kiss you????

With the sudden fist of anger, she pulled me and kissed me hard for proper 10 seconds.
Me: What the fuck? You’ve bitten my lips.
Khushi: Oh! so little boy got hurt?
and then laughter spread on both our faces, with that expression we both left for our respective houses.

Remember, I have told you earlier that fate had its own plans if you solely believed me then let me tell you it was not fate, it was just me, people write their own fate. Also if you are thinking that this is just a simple love story then let me add some new angles to the same incident.

The moment I saw in her eyes, I knew she still feels for me. Everything that all happened next was a part of my plan. Remember I was making a video, actually, I had never stopped making it, I had put my mobile in my shirt’s pocket with camera exposed.

Although the image was not very clear one could easily make out it was her and also whatever things she said were also recorded.
What more a person can ask for when he has love but there are people who don’t long for it, love is definitely not the thing for me.

Next morning, when our mothers were busy doing a puja together at my house, I and Khushi were busy chatting at my terrace and soon I moved my head forward to kiss her but what happened next was also to my surprise. Her mother saw us in this inappropriate position and she slapped me without uttering a single word.

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Her mother, let me tell something about her, she was a slim, cute and short-sighted lady in her late thirties. She threatened me that would tell all this to my mom. It was quite obvious on her part but what was more surprising was that Khushi acted like a complete victim.

Next moment was a complete game changer, I took my mobile out and played the video, her mom saw it and one slap was ready for Khushi too. After a few seconds of silence, she finally told me to keep away from her daughter or else she would inform my mom about this.

I replied quite mockingly “You will not tell but I will surely play this video in front of your husband, you know what will happen next.”
She grabbed her daughter’s hand and left my house.

You must be thinking that how can someone be blackmailed with a single kiss MMS but it was not simple for them. Actually a long time back, Khushi’s bua was also caught red-handed with someone and this resulted in the social exclusion of the complete family and a heart attack for Khushi’s father. That’s why they had shifted to Jabalpur 10 year’s back.

In the evening, when uncle returned to his house, I was standing right outside my house gate, I greeted uncle with namaste, meanwhile, khushi and her mother was watching me closely.
I knew they can’t afford a second heart attack.

So next day, on the occasion of Bhai dooj, when my house was flooded with relatives, Khushi called me at her house. “Okay, I will not tell anything to anyone and I am really sorry for the slap but please delete the video.” her mother said to me. “Khushi can you tell me where is the ball?” I asked with the sinister smile.

Khushi: What? ball?
Me: Well it’s in my court!

Her mother got confused. “Don’t worry, I will not show this video to your father and to anyone, also I will delete it but I want to fuck you!” I said. Her mother shouted and said all those nuisance things again. “And for slapping me, your mother would also face some punishment, she would watch me fucking you. You guys have ten minutes to think about it and then I’ll leave, your father can be here anytime.” I replied. Usually, people take wrong decisions when they are in a hurry and same happened in this case, they agreed to do it the next day.

Next day, my mother went to some distant relatives house, nobody was there at my house and so at my neighbor’s house. I went to the there house, they opened the door for me and the same melodrama started again. Please, sorry, please, sorry. but in the end, I won. Her mother sat in the middle room and I and Khushi were in the bedroom.

I removed my shirt and my belt. I could see that Khushi was not at all comfortable, I made a small attempt to excite her. I placed my hands on her neck and gave her a small kiss on her lips, this gave Khushi a little arousal, I started caressing her boobs slowly, with her top on, she started feeling something. I knew she was getting wet. I put my fingers on her pussy and started pressing it, again with her pants on.

I wanted her to remove her clothes herself because I wanted her to feel the pleasure with me. I softly bit her neck and played with her hairs. Then I pulled her close and softly whispered in her ears “common babe it’s my first time too.” I think she understood my message clearly and shed her upper layer of clothes and in a moment she was also in her pants. Her breasts were small but her nipples were perky so it was little satisfactory for me to suck it and also I had somehow managed to excite her till then. Then I started kissing her passionately.

The kissing and the smooching part went on and on for about 20 minutes, till then I was all ready to remove her pants and panty to see her pussy. Holy shit! her pussy was damn beautiful, also it had become dripping wet till then. There is something in girls which make them very attractive when they are naked, her eyes were twinkling, her voice was appealing and her each and every detail was inviting me to fuck her, even the moles on her body were looking very beautiful.

I put my fingers on it and slowly inserted it, it gave her a sudden moan, I knew she was enjoying it. I inserted it a little deep and she screamed, she had started to feel the pain too. What a scene it was, Khushi was witnessing too many feelings at a single time. There was fear, anger, pleasure, pain, disgust, hatred, love, and what not?

I was loving the situation. I brought my tongue near her pussy and started licking it, although I was not enjoying it too much but seeing Khushi moan this much gave me a sense of achievement. Her moans were making it hotter and hotter.

I then put my nose on her navel and slowly started kissing her while moving my nose forward, by the time I reached her neck, I don’t know what happened to her but she grabbed me suddenly and kissed me very hard. I was so pumped up till then that I could not wait any longer, I removed my pants and undies, I was completely naked.

I wore a condom, this part took a little time as I was a newcomer and then I put the tip of my cock on her pussy lips and tried to insert it, but the trial period stretched to about 5 minutes and nothing happened so I thought of applying cream inside her pussy. I gave my second shot and this time my cock went inside a little bit but this gave Khushi a real pain, tears started coming out from her eyes and she was shouting as hell.

“Stop! please stop! why are you doing this? I really loved you and trusted you. ” she was literally pleading me to stop.
Me: I also love you babe and that’s why I want to fuck you!
Khushi can’t think of any reply to this but she continued with her pleading part.

Then I gave a sudden push and it went inside a bit more, till then blood also started flowing out from her vagina. Then I took it out and pushed it harder this time with my full strength and I went inside her completely. She screamed and cried like hell, and to my surprise, her mother came inside the room by listening to her voice.

To be continued…

Please, guys, do comment on this story and tell me what do you feel about this incident. You can also email me at lostboyjourney.com
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