Explored By Guy Next Door

Hello Boys & Girls let me introduce myself to you. My name is Natasha (Not Real name).I am very fair. My friends say that I am very good looking. My father is in Navy. It’s a lovely place with almost everyone familiar with each other.
There used to be a boy named Sujit living in the flat next to ours .He was very good- looking and very smart. He used to watch me while going to my college in morning and at coming back from there. He also keep an eye on me from his room’s window which was on second floor. I took notice of that and from then onwards intentionally I kept the windows of my room open with all lights on. One night of November, at about 11 pm I was reading a romantic novel. To be honest I wanted someone to be with me and give me pleasure but I was unaware of it. Anyways I heard a noise as if someone has thrown something on my window I got out of the bed and went near to my window to have a look and to my surprise that boy was standing on the top of his flat holding a torch in his hand. He waved at me and I replied with a smile. He could see me because my room lights were on. He gave me a signal saying that “call me on the phone”. He threw a paper rapped on a little stone and his number there and also written “my parents are out of city so please call me now”. I closed the window and started thinking that what should I do, then finally deciding that this could be the boy I was looking for, I picked the phone from the lounge and brought it in my room. 
I dialed the given number and on the very first bell the phone was picked up. He himself was on the line as he said “mujhay pata tha kah app mujhay zaroor phone kerain gee?. I said “mager app mujh say phone per kia kahna chahatay thay”. He said, “main app ko aik month say flat key chaat say daikh raha hoon, app bohat khubsorat hain, main app say doosti kerna chahata hoon”. He said a lot and every single word was doing magic on me. I agreed to be his friend .We chatted a lot .He asked me if I had a boy friend before, I said no. He told me that he too had no girl friend. To my surprise he asked me that if had sex ever in my life, I was red but got control on my self and said no I never had. He told me that he is a virgin but want to experience this. He asked if I was interested. I hesitated for a moment but then thought that this is gonna be pleasure experience so I agreed .He told me that his parents are gone out of the city for 3 days and he is all alone in his house, he said that I should visit his house the next day at 3 pm after coming back from college. I said ok and then we put down the phones.

The next day after coming back from college I waited for everyone in the house to sleep as all of my family members rest in the afternoon. I went to his house .He opened the door with a polite smile on his face. He told me to come in and feel at home. He went to the kitchen and brought me coffee. He said after I was finished with my coffee that  if I remember what he said last night. I said I do. He said then please come to my room .He took me in his room. Suddenly he dragged me closer to him and started kissing me saying”OH jan! main kab say tumharay galoon ko chomna chahata tha”. I Said, “please Sujit mujh say khelna band keroo aur mairay kepray khud jaldi say uttar do. He obeyed me and started undressing me. 

He took my shirt off and my bra in a hurry, he got mad and started sucking my boobs. His hands went down to take my shalwar off but I just took a step back. He said ?Jan kia hoa?” I said “main nay apni pussy ko shave nahin kia hoa,uss per bohat saray baal hain” he told me that he too is unshaved…He took off his clothes and for the first time in my life I saw a dick and it was very big, it was almost 8ïnch long. I was looking at his dick when he held me in his arms and started kissing me again, with his fingers rubbing my nipples.
 I was moaning”AHHHHHHHH ,oHHHHH, Sujit maire jaan tum kitnay achay ho AAHHHHHHHH ,mmmmmmmm . He then took his mouth to my nipples and started sucking, that gave me a little pain as he was biting me as well, I said “plzzzzzzzzz Sujit ahista chosoo maira mammo ko dard hota hai, plz aram say, main tumhare hoon, maira sara jisam tumhara hai. He told me to hold his dick .I held his hot rod with my both hands. He told me to rub it and I did what he asked. It was pleasure rubbing his dick as I was thinking that what it would feel when I would be having this whole thing in my little pussy. He then asked me “kia main tumhare shalwar uttar sakta hoon?” and with out even having my reply he put his hands on my shalwar and took it away from my fair body leaving only my panties on
He then asked me to lie on the bed. I did so.  He jumped on to the bed and tore my panties off. I liked the aggression. Now my virgin cunt was in front of him. I could see wild glow in his eyes”plz Sujit maire choot ko chatoo” he started flicking his tongue in my cunt. I felt if I was in heaven, I was moaning “naeeaeeeeem aaaaaaaahhhhh plzzzzzz aaaaaaaahhhhh aur zoor say, pori zaban maire choot main dal do  plzzzz ahhhhhh” äur chatoo han maire yeah phudi tumharay liay he bani ha I ?these words made him wild and he started moving his tongue in and out. He then said “abb tum mairay lun ko chosoo” We got in 69 position and I took his big tool in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob. He asked me if he can cum in my mouth, I said that I did not like so plz cum out side, he cummed all over my body. I already had cummed but to my surprise he drank all my sweet juices. Now it was enough so I asked him” Sujit please abb aur bardasht nahin ho raha, maire phudi ko tumharay lun ki bohat zarorat hai iss liay mujhay chodo” He got over me and asked me to lift my legs as it was my first time so it will be easy in this way. I raised my legs and he put his dick on the opening of my cunt, he applied some pressure but I felt like if someone has put a knife in it, I screamed loudly, he stopped and asked what happened, I told him that it was giving me pain. 
He got up and went out of room. He returned with honey bottle in his hand. he took some of it out and applied it on his dick then put that on his finger and put his finger in my cunt, wow that was good. he then placed his dick on my opening and this time not with big pain he was able to push his dick in side my little valley .I started screaming again as he slid it all  in”aaaaahhh, oye maa maar gaee aaaaaaaa maire choot phat rahe hai, ahista keroo na dard hota hai aaaaaa” H  never listened to me and kept on doing his job .He kept on stroking me and I kept on screaming. I cummed again and again. He cummed after some time but not in my choot coz he didn’t wanted to be a father .We were dead tired from this exercise so lay on the bed and rested to get ready for another fuck. He fucked me 4 times that day and it was all fun. It took us 2 hours but then we were tired enough and also I had to go back to my house. I got dressed up and during all that time he kept on kissing me.