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I’m married and have 3 children; my wife is great, and we have a great relationship. We’re well off and I run my businesses and my wife is my lover and also got me an extra lover, as she had to have surgery and wouldn’t be able to provide me with sex for months. The lover was her aunt her deceased mother’s sister and is single not in any relationships. A self-described spinster, at 47 only 9 years older than my wife. Her reasons for getting her aunt to provide with sex were two-fold, one she wanted me to have regular sex while was recovering and two her aunt had expressed her regrets at never been fucked or in a relationship to her. She saw my fucking her aunt as a win-win type of arrangement, and it also got her aunt to live with us while she recovered and had someone to look after our children. At first, I wasn’t all onboard as they say. But with my wife sleeping with her aunt and me before her surgery, made it easy for when she was in hospital. Now some 12 months after her surgery, her aunt still lives with us and shares our bed regularly. My wife cannot have any more children due to the surgery and so no precautions are needed. Threesomes are great and I’m very happy with the arrangement and my wife had asked her aunt to stay with us, after her recovery.

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