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After leaving to go to university I was able to get my own place near the campus. I’m not a great people person, prefer to being alone than in a group of people. Luckily, I come from well to do family and had a trust fund and got my own place. In my second year at university, I ran into my old science teacher 54 now divorced and having a hard time it turned out. She had lost her job after her divorce as her ex was principle at the high school. Anyway, she was out of work and lose her home as she couldn’t afford her rent. I had always liked her, and I offered a spare room at my home. She moved in and we got on well, she kept looking for work and only got temporary work a few days here or there. She already knew I was a loner and so my not dating wasn’t a surprise. But she decided I needed training, and she wanted fucking as she would tell me later, she wasn’t a nun. She joined me in the shower and took me in hand so to speak. That Friday night I lost my virginity, and she continues to train me still a year later.

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