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I went out to a concert, a rock band on a revival tour. I needed something to take my mind off the bisexual threesomes that I was obsessing about.
While waiting in line to enter, I started a conversation with a woman in front of me. I told her I was out trying to relive some memories, she was too. She was by herself.
I guessed she was about as old as me. Dressed up in full regalia, she had a torn t-shirt from a previous concert tour, spiked hair, high heel boots and fingerless gloves.
She was rocking the obligatory torn fishnet stockings. I loved how her legs made an ass out of themselves.
She tugged down a tight leather miniskirt. She was not dressing her age.
She had olive skin, a pretty face, a nice smile. Black eye shadow framed bedroom eyes.
My hopes dropped seeing a ring on her finger, but only a little.
We had a nice conversation, there was a lot in common. She had seen this band many times in the old days. Our memories connected on a concert that we had both gone to.
"Meet me afterwards! I'll be down by the stage exit!" she yelled over the warmup music on the PA system.
The crowd roared with each song from the old days. One song reminded me of a back seat grope session in high school. Another reminded me of dorm room anatomy studies.
The crowd audibly groaned when the lead singer yelled out, "Here's one from our new album!"
The band had cultivated a mystery about their sexual orientation, typical for their time. I wondered to myself about the origin of my bisexual feelings.
Cell phones replaced lighters as everyone chanted for one after another encore. I picked cotton from my ears as the last power chord sustained.
After the concert I wandered down to the exit. I didn't need to see the band, maybe she wanted an autograph. A number of fans clustered around, women and men. I managed to spot her through a sea of spiked hair.
Fellow rockers jostled for position, a roadie wrestled them away from the door. I grabbed her arm. A smile told me she didn't mind.
A manager type opened the door. Everyone started yelling and raising their hands, including her. Her breast brushed against me as she bounced trying to get his attention. A smile told her I didn't mind.
The manager scanned the crowd. He pointed to her, two fingers. He wanted both of us.
She shrieked out with joy, "Let's Go!"
I hesitated.
I remembered hearing about bands picking out groupies at each tour stop. I had fantasized about being a rock star, with after-concert orgies every night. Sex and drugs and rock and roll.
"Come on!" she hollered, tugging my arm. "Once in a lifetime!"
That got me.
The manager led us through some hallways under the arena to what I think they call a 'Green Room.' I looked around.
Bowls of coke? No.
Bowls of M&Ms? No.
Wild orgies? No.
The band members were all there with their families, wives chatting, kids running around. Healthy food was arrayed on one table; granola, carrots, dried seaweed flakes. Not at all like the stories.
We were introduced one at a time to the band. I didn't know what to say beyond 'I'm your biggest fan.' The woman was truly enjoying it all.
One by one the families left. All that was left was the rhythm guitarist, splayed out on the couch. It wasn't the original guitarist from the old days. They had rotated in a new one for each revival tour.
He straightened up and greeted us, "Hello! You know that British accent I have on stage? I am actually from London, Ontario." We laughed, then exchanged pleasantries.
The manager interrupted us to say there was a car waiting and motioned for the three of us to follow him out. The woman pulled on my arm and gave me a pleading look. I relented.
I followed behind. She gave another tug down on her skirt as we walked. She knew how to walk in high heel boots.
They took us out another exit, through a knot of clambering fans. She deftly kept her knees together crawling into the limo.
I have porn searched upskirt before. Lots of starlets climbing into and out of cars. Keep in mind that all you might get is a millisecond long glimpse of a millimeter of unmentionables.
She climbed in next to him, with me sitting across. It was dark in the back of the limo. My eyes jumped down every time she moved her legs. One of the times she noticed and smiled.
He started in. "So, the manager told us to keep our sexual mystique thing going. It apparently sells more concert tickets if we look like we are AC/DC," he said, adding, "No, not the band, I mean if we look androgynous. Gotta keep up appearances."
"I'm pretty normal myself. I get lonely out on tour and was wondering if you would like to come back with me to my hotel, you know, just to talk."
My mind went to high end hotel rooms being trashed by drunken rock stars, after the orgies, of course.
"You must have looked like a swinging couple to our manager, you know, for appearances," he added.
"We're not…" I started. "Cool with us," she interrupted.
It wasn't a hotel, it was a motel, a cheap one. The band must not be pulling in big numbers like the old days. I followed her up the stairs to his room. She frustrated me with another tug down on the skirt.
We watched as he pulled off a mullet wig revealing a receding hairline, then laughed when he reached into his spandex pants, bringing out a rolled up sock. His leather vest was tossed and he pulled on a concert tour t-shirt. He stepped into the bathroom, coming back with shorts replacing the spandex.
He was just another middle-age guy, like me.
The room had a couch and chair in addition to the bed. The coffee table was littered with empty beer cans. A baggie with weed and some rolling papers completed the picture. He straightened things up a bit and welcomed us to sit down.
"Drinks anyone?" he asked in a British accent as he rummaged through the mini-bar. Glad it was his room charge.
"I'll get some ice," I volunteered. I had noticed an ice machine humming down the hallway.
She found some plastic cups and we sat down on the couch, clicking a toast to the 'Good Old Days.'
"I've been in a few bands over the years," he said, listing a few, some we had heard of before, mostly not. We cajoled him into telling a few stories.
He reeled off some tales about jam sessions, concert tours, bar fights, and yes, bowls of coke. He had been in a few after-concert romps with groupies.
She hooked his arm and snuggled next to him on the couch.
He related more of his back story. He had also been a session musician, playing with some of the big names in rock. He grabbed a guitar and challenged us to name a song he couldn't play. He knew them all.
He put away the guitar and she turned on the clock radio, tuning in an oldies station. Some of the songs were from our era. We sang along with a few then resumed our conversation.
She started in, saying she had been a groupie off and on back then. She told us stories about wild parties with other fans. She said she had been in the cluster of fans that congregate after concerts but had never been selected.
"I have something to tell you," she said holding up the ring I had noticed earlier. "I am, uh, married."
My hopes for a romp dimmed, but only a little.
"But," she said with a smile, "My husband gave me a 'Hall Pass' to be with anyone in the band." She continued, "I was going to tell him a story for him about having an orgy, but now I don't have to make it up, I want it to be real."
"Jolly Good!" from him, that got us all chuckling.
She turned to me with a sly look and asked, "Are you in?"
"Tally Ho!" I replied, which had us all laughing out loud.
He dropped the accent and said, "You know, I don't think I have done, like, the thing with two guys before. There were a lot of drugs involved so maybe I did, maybe I didn't."
He added, "So, like, are we going to be on opposite corners of the bed?"
"Let me tell you a story," I said and related my last bisexual MMF threesome experience in exquisite detail. There was lots of squirming and shocked expressions as I embellished.
When I finished they both yelled out, "Let's do this!"
"Can I get you guys started?" she asked. We looked at each other, then back at her. Four raised eyebrows gave her the answer.
She tuned the clock radio to a rock station. A Santana song wafted from the crappy little speaker.
She started in on a strip tease, peeling her fingerless gloves off slowly. She did that Flashdance thing where she pulled her bra off under her t-shirt, a lacy red thing. She twirled it into to the pile with the spandex, vest and sock. She tugged the shirt in different directions, giving us little flashes through the torn spots.
She had been paying attention to my story as she made a good show of turning away from us and wriggling down her leather skirt.
Granny panties! White cotton with a pink flower pattern. She rolled her eyes when she saw us smiling at them.
She tried to be sexy unfastening her garters. We chuckled when she struggled pulling the fishnets down. She glared at us, then gave up and sat on the bed to remove them.
She turned facing away from us and pulled off the shirt, flinging it into the pile. She teased us some more as we leaned to get more than just side boob. She looked over her shoulder to watch us as she pulled down a corner of her panties.
Our eyes followed the panties wiggling the few steps to the bathroom. They flew out as she closed the door.
We turned to each other and raised our eyebrows again when we heard the shower turn on.
We took turns in the small motel shower. The small motel towel barely covered her good parts.
We all reeked like perfumed motel soap. God I hate that. I want to wash the stink off. The last thing I need is to smell like a Tijuana whorehouse. That's another story.
The radio started playing Guns N' Roses. We all lurched to turn the dial. She got there first and switched it to a soul station. Al Green.
We were sitting on the couch. She started with a slow sexy dance, she knew how to tantalize. She put her thumb underneath a corner of the towel. She hesitated for a moment, then with a twist of her wrist it dropped to the floor.
Like I said, she had olive skin, she must have had Italian heritage, with dark brown nipples and a dark brown bush that was neatly trimmed. She had nice natural tits and wide hips, traced by faint tan lines from a modest one piece swimsuit. Mamma Mia.
Now, I have been known to use the porn search term 'Italian' a time or two. There is just something alluring about that look, but it was something I had only admired from afar, or on a laptop screen.
She started with a few shy poses, coyly trying to hide her charms, Then she started flaunting it, leaning over and giving her jugs a jiggle, then turning around for another ankle grab.
We had tents in our towels.
She kneeled down in front of him, pushed his knees apart and pulled herself in between his legs. She teased him with a few light kisses on the lips, then dove into his mouth with her tongue. I felt a strong surge in my bone watching her breasts rub against his bare chest. She pulled back and started massaging his legs, first his calves, then up over his knees to his thighs. Her hands teased under the towel a few times, then went all the way up to his hips. He moaned when she brushed her jugs against his tent.
She slowly peeled away his towel, revealing a pulsing boner. He was smaller, definitely needed the sock. He had a pained look on his face when she stopped working on him and came over to me, I was smiling.
She climbed up straddling me, her mound rubbing on my tent. She had her jugs in my face, slapping me lightly on my cheeks, then pushing down, burying my face between them. Next, she grabbed one tit and stuffed the nipple into my mouth. I responded with a tongue swirl and light sucking.
She climbed down, breasts brushing my chest on the way, and started playing with my tent. She was batting it and rubbing it, I moaned with each touch. She ripped my towel away.
There were two boners pulsing with anticipation.
I got the pained look when she went back over to him, pulled in between his legs, and started with a teasing lick on the tip of his member. Then she started furiously licking all over, up and down the shaft, around the tip, then up and down again. She hesitated for a moment, looking up to see the smile on his face, then took it all in her mouth. He groaned as she pitched in with her hand.
She stopped and crawled over to me.
I ached to be in her mouth but she wanted to tease me too. A lick to get the dribble, a few more light licks, my member straining with each touch. She put her lips on my tip, then ever so slowly pushed down until I was all the way in. My groans let her know that her lips sliding over my head gave the most pleasure. Then she stopped.
There were two beckoning fingers. She wanted us to come over to the bed.
We pulled the bedspread off. Those things are nasty.
She sat down on the edge of the bed and we stepped in front of her. She sucked on me, then him. She reached around and sunk her fingernails into our butt cheeks, pulling us closer. He resisted, she dug harder. "Oh Bloody Hell!" he bellowed as he relented, letting our tips touch as she devoured us both.
I pulled out and sat down on the bed beside her, starting in on him with my mouth. We took turns licking and sucking him, then did that thing where we both ran our lips up and down the shaft. He liked that.
I got up and he sat on the bed. They kissed each other ravenously around my manhood. She liked that.
She stopped and scooted onto the bed. Laying on her back, she slowly pulled her knees up to her chest. Just a hint of labia showed between her thighs. Just as slowly, she pulled her legs apart. Four eyes were locked on her entertainment center. Her dark brown folds parted to reveal glistening pink. An oversize clit peeked through at the top.
We both looked at each other, then dove in face first. We had two tongues exploring every nook and cranny.
Then I went high, trying to fit as much of a breast into my mouth as I could. I went up to kiss her on the mouth stifling her moans with my tongue as he worked her over down there.
He climbed down between her legs and she pulled her knees farther back. He buried his face in there. She squirmed as his tongue wrestled with her clit. He stopped and brought his glistening face up to join me kissing her.
Then I took my time working my way down her tummy. I swirled my tongue around her belly button and teased down lower a few times. She must not have been able to take any more teasing because she pushed my head down on the sweet spot. I started in, splitting her labia with my tongue. He stifled her moaning with his kisses. I focused on spots that produced the deepest moaning.
I pushed her legs back as far as I could as my tongue explored lower. She flinched when my tongue hit her taint. My tongue swirled around her fleshy brown butthole. She was squeaky clean. She gave out a yelp when my tongue dipped in. She squirmed and thrashed as I flicked my tongue. "It tickles!" she squealed as I buried it as far in as I could.
I laid down beside her as he moved between her legs, guiding his member home. He pushed his tip up against her. Her mouth opened wide, letting out a gasp as he entered.
He started slowly, kissing her lightly as he slid in and out. Then he pinned her arms against the bed and started kissing her ravenously while he began to pound. She responded with a stifled moan. I moved in with my hand, rubbing her in rhythm with his thrusts.
A flip and she was on top, pinning his arms and kissing him roughly, while sliding her sloppy wet labia against his rock hard manhood.
She climbed off and turned around, reverse cowgirl. When she leaned back I knew it was my turn to join in. I went down between their legs and admired the action for a moment, then I went in tongue first.
I ran my tongue up and down from his balls to her clit a few times. I did a lip lock on his shaft in rhythm with her, that got him moaning. I licked up a ring of cream at the base of his shaft. I worked my way back up to her clit, she was moving slowly so it was easy to follow along.
His member slipped out and into my mouth. He face fucked me, yelling out "Oh Yeah!" a few times as I sucked. I pushed him back into her with my tongue.
My tongue did a drum solo on her clit. I saw her tense up, she grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed down hard. She yelled out "Oh God Yes!" as she let go, thrashing around as I finished her off. She pushed my head away and moaned as her spasms subsided.
She climbed off of him and pushed me onto my back, then climbed on top of me, reaching down to push me inside her. She was very slippery as she slowly started to slide up and down on my unit. Every time her breasts rubbed against my chest I felt myself getting closer to the edge. I pulled her in close for an intimate kiss.
He moved around behind her. I could tell from the expression on her face that he was probing the butthole that I had lubed up with saliva. "Do it!" she cried out. A grimace and growling moan meant he had pushed in. I could feel his member inside her with mine. She was breathing hard through her teeth as he picked up the pace. It was too much. She held her hand up and yelled out "Stop!" prompting him to pull out.
I moved around under her into sixtynine position. That was his cue to move back in while I moved into position to work on her from below.
He started with a slow pace, pushing all the way into her sex, then pulling all the way out. He picked up the tempo until he was really pounding her, slapping his hips against her bottom with a 'whop, whop' sound.
He was grunting and moaning as I started in on both of them with my tongue.
She was holding her head steady while I humped her face, her moans with her mouth wrapped around me got me closer. I started thrusting my hips harder.
Her moans reached a crescendo and her body tensed as I bore down.
"Mmmmmmfffff!" was all she could manage as she let go. I held her body tightly against mine, feeling every muscle tremble and quiver as the wave of pleasure peaked and crashed.
His pace slowed and he hollered, "I'm going to come!"
That was it for me too. The feeling started deep down in my soul, the warmth spread over my entire body. My body spasmed as the wave peaked, my pulsating member shooting an evenings worth of anticipation down the back of her throat. She kept her mouth on me, I could feel her swallow, once, then twice.
I saw his sphincter clenching and felt his shaft pulsing with my tongue as he yelled out "Aaaaaarghhh!" I felt her flexing her Kegel muscle with my tongue which prompted a loud moan as he emptied himself deep inside her.
A few last spasmodic thrusts made some stuff leak out. I licked them up. He slowed to a stop and pulled out, flopping back on the bed.
There was a creamy glop of stuff on her dark brown labia. I reached up with my tongue to lick it up. He said "Blimey!" which made her chuckle, pushing a glop out that landed in my open mouth. There were a couple more drips, then another glop.
I said, "Do it." She hesitated for a moment, then understood. She planted that thing on my face, grinding away, getting her stuff and his stuff all over my face. I licked her clean.
She climbed off and came over to give me a kiss, some of my stuff was dripping from her chin, I licked that up too.
She flopped back onto the bed and the three of us laid there with chests heaving.
A Marvin Gaye song played on the radio.
We pulled our clothes back on and asked if he was going to be back in town again. He didn't know.
She said she was going to use this story to get herself and her husband going for years to come. I imagined he was going to be a very happy man.

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