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By Deadhead No, not a gay story. Rather a story about Fabio and I got to fuck at lot of girls whilst working in Monaco.

I met Fabio on my first shift working as a barman at a major hotel in Monaco. He was a waiter and he and I shared a room in the staff quarters. Mostly we worked similar shifts, although the bar closed a little later than the restaurant.

Fabio grew up in Monaco, which didn’t mean his family were rich, quite the contrary. I am from good old Scotland, Glasgow to be exact.

We hit it off right away. Similar sense of humour and interests in football (soccer for you yanks). We also had similar taste in girls but for different reasons. I am most definitely a Tit man and he is an ass man.

We began playing a game of rating the girls and women that were staying at the hotel. He would find out their room numbers when they turned up for breakfast and he would identify the girls by those numbers. We would assign points for face, hair, tits, ass, legs and clothes. Tattoo’s or piercings would attract negative points.

If there was more than one female in a room, we would add an “a” and “b” to the room number to distinguish.

It was surprising how much we agreed on total score, but the category allocation score’s differed.

Any woman over 50 or under 12 were disqualified, although Fabio didn’t really favour the younger teens. I just scored them as I saw them, if they were fit, they were fit, end of.

Things started to change after shift one night when we were comparing notes. There was a gorgeous blond German girl, about 18 or 19 yo with a killer body that we had both given maximum points in all categories. Fabio was smitten and started to bemoan the fact that he would really like to fuck her, but we was far too high class for the likes of us, she barely even looked at either of us when we were serving her.

I asked Fabio, as a thought experiment, how we could go about fucking her, just in theory. We talked about one of us mugging by stealing her handbag and the other running to the rescue. Nah, too corny and no guarantee of success. We thought about pretending to be a rich hot shot from the states to see if that got her attention, but we really didn’t have the funds to pull it off.

We could jump her and rape her I suggested jokingly. Fabio shook his head. There are too many variables that we can’t control, he said, and we might get caught. Prisons in Monaco are grim, you dont want to be sent there.

So how could you get away with fucking her without her consent and without ending up in jail, i pondered.

Well, said Fabio, we would have to find a place where there was no one else around.

What about her room I suggested.

How do we get in, he asked.

We clone her key card, if we have her room number and access to the keycard machine it would be a piece of piss, I said.

He smiled, OK that might work. Do we wear masks so she can’t see our faces, he said.

I think there are risks to masks. Someone might see us putting them on, or she might pull them off fighting back. It would be better if there was no chance of her seeing our faces and no chance of fighting back. I said.

We could drug her, Fabio shouted.

With what and how, I enquired.

My brother works at a Pharmacy in town, I’m sure he could get his hands on something, he said smiling.

Really? I asked. What kind of something?

I don’t know, Fabio said, maybe some sort of slow acting sedative, I’ll ask him and see what he says.

No, don’t go asking him, I said, this is all just theoretical and anyway, how would you administer the sedative.

I don’t, he said, you do. It depends on her having a drink at your bar after dinner. That’s when you would have the opportunity to spike her drink.

It’s all academic anyway, we are just going to have to accept that neither of us is getting his dick in such high class pussy.

We changed the subject to Football and cracked a couple of beers before retiring to bed.

About a week later during our shift, Fabio popped out of the restaurant and, as he was passing the bar where I was hard at work serving a bar full, he caught my eye and slyly drew a bottle containing clear liquid out of his pocket, waggled it in my direction, gave me a shit-eating grin, and disappeared towards the restrooms. I had no idea what was in the bottle or why Fabio was so pleased with himself.

Back in our room after our shifts had ended he pulled out the bottle again and asked me “what do you think?”

“Think about what?” I asked puzzled.

“About this” he said with exasperation, shaking the bottle at me.

“Fabio mate, I don’t know what it is” I said equally exasperated.

“It’s, how you Scott’s say, a Mickey Finn” he said grinning all over his stupid face.”My bother came through and even it the directions on how much to use”

“Fucking Hell Fabio”, I said, “I thought we agreed you wouldn’t ask your brother and it was all just theoretical”

“Theoretical my arse”, he said. He was picking up my saying ridiculously quick. He even said them in a mock Scottish accent, which made me laugh. “I’m going for fuck that piece of German ass, with or without you” he went on.

“Come on Fabio, it’s too dangerous, you are going to get us both caught” I told him.

“DH” which is what he called me, “DH, the plan we came up with will work, we won’t get caught, no way. We’ll be in and out (he giggled) and no one will ever know we were there.

“Fabio, there are lots of ways we could get caught, like Fingerprints for example” I said.

“Gloves”, he said, “except when we are roughing her skin, I don’t think the cops can get fingerprints off skin”.

“Well I don’t know about that” I said, “What about DNA, if we go jizzing inside her then the cops wont have too hard a job finding us” I said.

“Condom” he said, “Wear a fucking condom or clean up after you. If there is no evidence of jizz then she won’t know she has been fucked” he said confidently.

“It’s not just jizz” I said, its pubes or hair off your head that they can use to get DNA to trace you”.

“Wear a hairnet and shave your balls: he said, seriously “Look DH, I’m going to do this and I’m not going to get caught. Are you in or out”.

“You are really serious aren’t you” I asked.

“Yes I fucking am, are you in or out” he demanded.

I thought long and hard with a lead weight forming in my stomach and feeling quite sick, I finally agreed that I was in.

“When” I asked.

“We will do it tomorrow so neither of us has time to bottle out” he said using another one of my phrases.

I felt pretty sick throughout my shift, especially when the girl came out of the restaurant, sat at my bar and ordered a gin and tonic in heavily accented English. Her voice seemed slightly slurred already suggesting she had either been drinking during the day or had quite a few with dinner.

I had hoped that she would go straight to bed so I could tell Fabio it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t spike her drink. With a shaking hand I pour the gin and tonic and added a few drops of the sedative from Fabio’s little bottle. I stirred it with a swizzle stick and handed it over.

“Put it on room 302” she said taking a large swig.

I held my breath. What if she could taste the drug? I didn’t have to worry, she seemed content with her G&T because she downed the lot and headed for the lifts.

At the end of our shifts we met back in our room and Fabio produced a black keycard. “Tada!” He said grinning. “I did it, I have a key to get us into her room”

“Jesus Fabio, are we really going to do this?” I asked.

“Oh yes, my fucking balls are going blue it’s been so long since I had a shag” he said with a pretty good Scottish accent. “Give her until about 2 am, when the place is pretty quiet, and we’ll do it then” he said smiling from ear to ear.

I could tell Fabio wanted this badly, he had swiped hairnets and latex gloves from the kitchen stores and condoms from the supply cupboard. Sneaky bastard.

Just before 2 am we kept out of our room and quietly descended the service stairwell down onto floor three. Having put on the gloves before leaving the our room I opened the door leading to the corridor and peered round. It was deserted.

Room 302 was almost in front of us.

We put on the hairnets and listened at the door. There was no sound from inside.
Fabio slipped the key into the slot and the red light turned green. He slowly and gently pushed down the door handle hand opened the door.

I jumped out of my skin at the loud click that the door gave when opening. We both froze and listened but there was no sound from inside.

We crept in and closed the door behind us avoiding any further clicks.

As we shuffled down the short corridor and past the bathroom, we could hear the gentle breathing of someone sleeping.

Fabio carefully peered round the edge of the corridor and into the bedroom proper. He turned to me , grinned like a Cheshire Cat and gave me the ‘thumbs up’ signal before walking into the room.

The girl was lying on top of the quilt in her night clothes. By the light coming through the slightly ajar curtains, she seemed to be wearing a pink silk vest top and pink silk shorts. She also appeared to have one of those night masks on to shut of the light.

Fabio turned to me and said “I’m going to shake her, get ready to run if she wakes up”.

My nerves were frayed and the last thing I needed was for him to do that, but before I could stop him he had taken her shoulder and shaken it quite hard”.

He laughed saying “She is sparko pal”, taking the piss again and lifted her arm in the air and dropped it again a couple of times.

Needing no further encouragement he switched on the light to reveal her in all her teutonic glory. He gave her ass a slap saying “Ooh la la, look at zat derrier” hamming up his French accent. Just like that he whipped her shorts off her legs and we both started at her gorgeous bottom. Flawless except for the narrow band of white flesh that ran slightly either side of her ass crack, contrasting with the tanned fresh of the rest of her buttocks.

Fabio parted her buttocks to show her little puckered anus and her labia.

Fabio removed his trousers and gloves, he wore no underwear and he had shaved is genital areas, as smooth as a new born. His looked as silly as mine.

He put on his condom and lubricated his cock slightly with some gel he produced out of his packet. With her still face down on the bed, he forced he cock into her pussy.

The look on his face was priceless. “Mon Dieu” he said, this time in his normal voice, “this is great”.

He was thrusting hard causing the bed to creak a bit. “Keep it down Fabio, there are people in the next rooms” I said in an annoyed whisper.

He reduced his thrusts a little bit but not a whole lot really.

Her ass cheeks squished up as he thrust deep and then wobbled attractively when he pulled out slightly.

He tentatively turned her on her back. Her pussy was exquisite. Her hole was gapping from Fabio’s rear intrusion and her pussy lips were all over the place. She had wispy bond hair covering her cunt. Mmm, a natural blond I confirmed.

Fabio was back in her, humping her like a jack rabbit.

I lifted her silk night vest to see her magnificent tits. I’ve no idea what chest or cup size she had, but I’d class them as large.

“Sit up a bit whilst you are fucking her Fabio, let me at her tits: I told him.

I stepped out of one leg of my pants and climbed aboard of her tummy. I put on the condom and slid my cock between her tits. The flesh was soft, smooth and cool. The sensation was amazing even with a condom. I looked down on this young girl, her blond hair spread on the pillow, a gentle breathing coming from her full lips, her devine breasts in my hands pressed together and my cock trusting between them. Heaven.

I was extremely over stimulated and it wasn’t long before my load wanted out. I held her tits pressed tight together, covering my cock and balls, whilst I pumped jizz safely into the condom. It was possible one of the best orgasms I could remember.

I climbed off and pulled down her vest to cover her tits.

Fabio was still banging away but he had lost his battle to keep his orgasm back too. His face was red and pretty unpleasant as he unloaded into the condom inside her.

“Fucking Hell DH, wasn’t it worth the risk” he asked.

“I don’t know mate, we could still get caught, now is the time we have to take the most care”.

I tucked my cock back into my pants with the condom still on, and helped Fabio get her shorts back on and turn her onto her face, exactly as we had found her.

We checked around to make sure we had left nothing behind and put the gloves back on.

We turned off the light and escaped the room returning to our own place. No one saw us.

We disposed of the condoms down the toilet and the gloves and hairnets into the kitchen trash the next day.

We waited all shift hoping that no alarm was raised.

I held my breath when I saw her going into the restaurant later that day. I bet Fabio had a fucking duck egg.

She came out later, with no fuss, ordered a G&T just like the night before, downed it and headed off to her room.

Fucking Hell, we had gotten away with it.

Knowing Fabio, this success would just encouraging to do it again with a different girl or girls.

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