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Crosswitch Sisters
In the world of Goodhold the people had lived in relative peace for a thousand years. The halfkin, beings of supernatural power had been vanquished long ago through the sacrifices of the Starwall Saints, the holy deities of light, goodness, and chastity. But all species of celestial had been reduced in numbers in these ancient wars, leaving the control of Goodhold to the lower factions. Among these were the new breeds, humans touched by magic and the mysterious cosmic powers, and monsters forged from the remnants of the good and evil deities who were destroyed in the last great war. Both sides were growing in numbers and strength as the new millennia began.
My name is Lu Lamb, and I was born on Goodhold where I lived with my three sisters and mother in a village called Tone.
It was my eighteenth year on Goodhold, and I had been depressed for months because my new girlfriend Tara had been taken by the evil halfkin. In my desperate state I had come to the decision that I must do something to help in the fight against the rise of the halfkin, even if it meant doing something, I never thought I would find the courage to attempt.
My three older sisters were crosswitches, a class of the new celestials who fought to protect Tone and all of Goodhold. I had gone to my youngest sister Dara for the ten-dozenth time to ask if I could help. They weren't able to save Tara, but my sisters arrived in time to save me from being taken into the underworld. I went to her one last time to ask if I could join them in the fight against the forces of darkness. I was ready to do whatever was required of me.
"You can't, Lu," said Dara, smacking my hand where I grabbed her bustier to let her know I was serious.
"Ouch, that hurt," I said, snatching my hand away. "Did you use your powers just then to hurt me?"
"No, Lu, that was a standard old slap from a crosswitch. We're stronger than normal people, don't you remember? And that should give you an idea of what you would be up against if you tried to fight a halfkin. Men like you don't have what it takes to face these demonic forces in battle. I'd have to turn you into a girl to make you a crosswitch, and I don't think Mom would like that. You just became a man last month."
I was ready for her this time. I pulled a silver neckband from my trousers.
"Is that what I think it is, Lu?" she asked, poking a finger to my nose. "That doesn't come off until its oath is fulfilled, you know? You've really crossed a line this time."
"If you won't make me a crosswitch, I'll become a soultapped. You know I will. Then you'll have to let me help you."
"Give me that neckband," she said, holding out her hand.
I clipped it around my neck.
"I told you, Dara, I'm committed to avenging Tara and the other villagers who the halfkin have taken from us. You need my help. I said if you wouldn't let me help you, that I'd go to the Circle of Gray."
"That's a soultap collar. You have no idea how that even works," she fumed. "You think being a crosswitch is all about fighting and casting spells. But being turned into a girl with a soultap collar doesn't mean you get to join the warrior class."
"Well, the witches in the Circle of Gray let me take it home to think about it. Now that I have it on, it won't come off until I go through the ceremony of conversion. So, either you can convert me, or I can go to the Circle and join a different team."
Dara slapped herself on the forehead nearly knocking off her black and gold pointed witch hat. She took me into the common room of the house, so everyone could see what I'd done.
"It turns you into a reservoir for channeling cosmic energy to be used by warrior crosswitches you pledge yourself to. It doesn't make you a crosswitch!"
"Yeah, well, if you won't use me as a power source to fight the halfkin, then I know there are other witches who will gladly use me to conquer evil."
Etta, my oldest sister and Rain my second oldest sister came into the room where we were arguing.
"Well, he does have a point," said Etta. "If Lu is willing to be transformed into a soultap, it would give us an edge."
"Ha!" I said, nodding to Etta. "See, I knew you would see reason when I showed you how serious I was."
Rana was sucking on a gamma root. She popped it out of her mouth and waved it in the air. "Incest magic, Dara. I mean, he's going to get picked now that he put the neckband on. Won't come off until he picks a crosswitch clan. And seeing as how we could use the extra boost, let's not waste his stupidity."
"Hey, I'm not being stupid," I said, "I'm being vengeful and brave. They took Tara. I'll never see her again. They almost got me."
"Yeah, but you'll never be a guy again ever either. The soultap is a commitment for life."
Dara slapped me in the back of the head. "Yeah, and you know how we crosswitches get our powers, don't you?"
"Through sex, right?" I answered. "I see how you all dress in those costumes that don't cover you very well. I'm not completely clueless about the soultap ceremony and what the soultapped are required to do."
All crosswitches wore some pretty revealing and tight costumes that showed more flesh than seemed reasonable for a girl who was fighting evil monsters. They had to be magic!
"That's not the whole story," said Mother May. She came in from the kitchen to join in the discussion. "I was surprised when you first told me you were willing to become a girl and have sex with men to help your sisters. But I never thought you would go through with it. And now you just put on a neckband like that. I knew you could be stubborn, son, but this?"
"I'm tired of seeing people disappear, Mother May," I said. "I have to help. What else can I do? I'm not a powerful wizard or a hulking warrior. I'm just skinny Lu."
Etta grabbed my shoulders. She was the oldest and the bossiest of the bunch.
"Look, Lu, we protected you all of these years from knowing about this, but now you're going to get a crash course, and I don't think you're going to enjoy it as much as we are."
"You're going to be fucked," said Rain, popping the gamma root out of her mouth again with a loud slurp. "Dummy."
"Wow, Mother May lets you use that language around her?" I said, sticking out my tongue.
"You're grown up now, Lu," said mother, patting me on my head. "You're going to hear lots of adult language from now on. You knew what this collar meant, didn't you?"
"Wait? Do I have to have sex with you three to make the bond?" I asked. "But you're my sisters."
"Yeah, and the semen of kin makes the soultap bond incestuous," said Etta. "We'll get twice the cosmic energy from you that we'd get from regular guys and girls we aren't related to."
My sisters were born crosswitches. They were two hands taller than me by nature. They circled around me and pushed me down to my knees.
"We need to be quick," said Rain. "The other witches will have sensed the soultap offering now that he put on the collar. Either we get him now, or we lose this golden opportunity to get the edge we need."
"Why am I on my knees?" I asked.
"We're not eating your semen, Lu," said Dara. "You're eating ours. That's how you bond. That causes the change."
Etta pulled off her short skirt, revealing her tiny panties underneath. "I'll be quick, Lu. But if you don't eat our semen, then you're going to be at the mercy of another clan of crosswitches. And they probably won't treat you as well as we will."
I was pulling on the neckband. It wasn't coming off.
"No going back," said Mother May. "Don't act like you didn't see this coming. You'll be thankful later that your sisters acted so quickly."
Etta pulled her little flap of pantie away from her pussy, except there wasn't a pussy underneath. It was a magical piece of underwear which concealed a long slab of girl meat. "I need you to suck on my tip, Lu. You only get to bond with three crosswitches. When I come, you need to eat it all. This will start your transformation. If you don't swallow it, the other crosswitches might get to you. We want you on our team, so you need to be brave."
"Really? You have a penis?"
"Crosswitches," said Mother. "Are you really surprised?"
"No," I said. "I just thought I would be transformed into a girl first by some other means. And you never showed them to me. It's not my fault."
"I think he may need some help," said Rain. She opened a potion bottle and poured it on my head. The fluid evaporated in a cloud of purple dust that flowed into my nose and mouth.
Suddenly, Etta's penis looked a lot more appetizing.
"It's fey dust," said Dara. "Don't hold back. We know you want to suck on Etta now. Not that you really needed the dust. We know how much of a pervert you are. You just hide it."
There was already fluid dripping from Etta's tip. I wrapped my lips around it, and she shoved it in my mouth. It only took a short turn for her to reach climax, and her semen was gushing into my mouth.
"Swallow it all," said Rain, pinching my nose. "It's got to go down your throat."
Her semen had a strong taste to it. It was bitter and the pressure of the flow made my eyes water.
There was a knock at the door to our house.
"Swallow Lu," said Dara. "It's them!"
I forced it down, and then took Rain's cock in my mouth. It wasn't as big as Etta's, but it was still a lot bigger than mine was. The smaller size meant she could get it in deeper though, and she nearly gagged me with it she was going so fast.
"Swallow Lu," said Etta from the front of the house. "I'm trying to delay them. But you won't have long."
Rain's load wasn't any easier to swallow.
"I wasn't expecting this to happen," I said, when she pulled out.
"Well, it's us or them, Lu," said Dara. "Family first, right?" Her member was a little smaller than Rain's, but it was still twice as big as mine was.
"You all have big cocks?" I asked.
Dara shoved her tip between my lips. "Yes, it's pretty common for crosswitches. Didn't you know?"
She thrust back and forth while holding my head still.
"Hurry," said Etta from the front of the house. "There's a whole mob out here."
"She's face fucking him now," said Rain.
"I think half the council is out there," said Etta. "Make it quick!"
"Drink up, bro," said Dara as her semen spilled into my mouth. Some of it shot out of my nose there was so much fluid.
I fell back on my butt. I heard the front door opening and someone coming inside. Etta was welcoming them in.
I looked up worried that I was going to have to suck off a bunch of new arrivals, but the person at the door wasn't a witch.
"Soma?" I gasped. "You guys tricked me!"
"Oh, you turned Lu into a Lulu," said Soma when she saw me. Soma was a friend of my sisters.
I looked down and saw what she meant. My body had changed. I was taller than I was before too by the looks of my legs coming out of the cuffs of my trousers. My hips were rounded out, stretching the seams of my pants to near bursting. And I had a pair of breasts that were each as large as a grapefruit.
"Well, didn't she turn out pretty," said Mom.
I fainted from all of the stress.
Dressed Up
That evening they were washing me up and dressing me for my new duties in the backroom of the house.
"Does he have to dress like a slut?" Soma asked.
"Lu is a she now, Soma," said Mother May. "Call her Lulu."
"Okay, so, does Lulu have to dress like a slut?"
"Do you see any of the other soultapped girls out there dressed like the chaste?" Etta answered.
"And Lu wanted to become one of the soultapped?" Soma was one to ask a lot of questions.
"I just wanted to help," I said.
"Wow, I knew Lu was a pervert, but, sucking down semen for the Circle. Why didn't you ask some guys to try it out first to make sure you liked it before committing?"
Mother May dismissed Soma. "Lulu's being a brave daughter."
"Thank you for coming by, Soma," said Dara. "We'll need some family time. Lulu is having a moment."
It occurred to me then that my mother and sisters might have known about my plans to put on the neckband all along.
"So, you planted Soma at the door?" I asked.
"Well, we are a part of the Circle of Gray," said Etta. "We kinda knew what you were up to. We didn't want you teaming up with someone else."
"You could have asked me."
"It's for the best," said Mother May. "It was awkward. And you were going to put it on anyway. We just wanted to make certain you did it the best way."
"Well, I didn't think incest was going to be a factor," I said. "And you all are okay with it?"
"We're crosswitches, Lulu, not brightwards," said Rain. "How holy did you think we were?"
Crosswitches drew their power primarily from dark magic, while brightwards drew their power primarily from light magic. However, just because you were a crosswitch or a brightward it didn't mean you were fighting for good or evil. The Circle of Gray fought for good, but they used dark magic mostly.
The silver neckband was gone from my neck. It had disappeared. When I was turned by my sisters, the band returned to the Circle of Gray to let them know I'd been converted. A light blue tattoo was left in its place on the side of my neck. It looked like a sun with five rays drawn out from a circle like beams of light.
I was touching the mark on my neck.
"That's not a sun," said Etta. "It's the sign of a soultap. It means that any cumm you can get in your body will feed our powers."
"Well, I kind of knew that," I said. "Wait, is it a hole?"
Rain put her arm around my shoulder.
"Yes it's a hole. It represents your holes. Think about it."
Etta had put her clothes back on. She wore a black skirt and a leather bra that covered some of the flesh on her breasts. Her ivory white skin looked all the paler against her black stockings and long ebony hair. She wore a black neck band, but it was a magical artifact that enhanced her strength. "You absorb power from other crosswitches if they fuck you, Lulu, but we get more when you get it from men. And then there are the other half-girl breeds you'll run into. That you are our kin and our brother-turned-female makes your bond especially strong with us. When you eat our semen, we all gain the most from it."
"And you have all kinds of other breeds you can consume from," said Rain. "Now think about that."
"I don't think I've ever seen any half-girl's before," I said. "I mean, known for certain. How can you tell?"
"They don't go swinging their meat around," said Etta. "But you'll start seeing more of it now that you have that mark on your neck. They'll know what you are."
"Of course, it'll also make you a target for the halfkin," said Dara. She was lacing up her black bustier. Her stockings were striped with wide bands of gold and black as where her fingerless gloves. With her dark, red hair and lipstick she was very stunning. "But we'll protect you."
"So, I still go around having sex to keep you all fueled up for battle, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, dummy," said Dara. "And if you don't help us, the Circle of Grey will put you in a service setting, where they'll make you eat it in a less exciting way. Even though you're bonded to us, our magic is all connected. So you're not just helping us. You're helping all of us, as some of your stored power will flow to them. Especially in a time of crisis."
"They'll force me to drink cumm?"
"Well, you volunteered," said Etta, coming to straighten my silk top. "They prefer that you do it willingly. The more willing you are, the more power you draw when you engage in intercourse. If you resist, it starts to make things less fruitful. And you can take it in whatever hole you like too, so try to be available."
"I know I'm supposed to enjoy it," I said. "I just didn't realize I was going to be that busy and technical."
"Yes, well, crosswitches do fight," said Dara. "It's not all fun and romance. You'll need to perform for us here at Tone, so we can do our best in the field."
"And we'll be calling you sister from now on," said Rain. You're not a guy anymore, Lu. So, don't argue with us."
Etta put me in front of a full length mirror to let me see myself.
"These long, thigh high boots will help accentuate your curves and show off your long legs. You're going to really catch the eyes of the guys at the temple. I mean, half-girls like them too, so don't be surprised."
"Did you put panties on her?" asked Rain. "Really, we should just keep her panties here. She'll end up losing them. That skirt will cover her up so she's decent enough. Soultapped don't need much in the way of clothes if the weather is nice."
"So you won't feel naked," said Dara, putting a pair of long bands around my forearms that looked like something a hero would wear. "They're just for looks. The men like to see you in costume pieces like these. We'll get you some more soultap specific garments too now that we have you on our team. Should be easier to complete missions with this incest edge you've given us."
Mother came in to encourage me. "I tried to warn you," she said. "Now you get to guzzle cumm for your sisters. It's a lucky bonus for the family though. Your sisters will move up in the Circle of Gray most likely."
"So, you all sort of tricked me," I said, "but that's okay. I guess the truth is out. I was looking forward to the sex stuff as a girl."
"We knew that, Lulu. So, now you need to make a choice each day," said Mother. "You can go down to the temple and start learning about how you can collect semen for your sisters there, or you can stay in and I can invite people over. And you should always be ready to let your sisters restore themselves right here in the house with their special sister cumm. Whatever you do, you'll need to start going to the temple or do something on a regular basis, or the Circle will come for you. They don't take these oaths lightly."
"Sister cumm?" I asked.
"Yeah, the more you eat our cumm, the easier it will get," said Dara. "You'll kind of get addicted to it after a while. But don't worry. It's not really that permanent."
"So, what do you get from the men who come to the temple to support the Circle of Grey?" I asked.
"You thought we were the ones having sex with them?" said Rain.
"No, that's just for the soultapped," said Dara. "They pledge themselves with the collars. The soultapped have sex with the men who want to contribute to our cause."
"We can have sex with whoever we want," said Rain.
"And remember, the more cumm you take in, the more power your sisters will receive," said Mother. "And each collar can only be tapped by three witches. So, yours is full. "
I looked at myself in the mirror. "One, two, three," I said counting my sisters reflections. "At least I'm pretty."
"And taller than before," said Dara, "with long blond hair. You look like a princess." The soultapped were always made beautiful by the bond.
"Wait, did you three chose what I would look like?"
"It's easy to think it's going to be romantic," said Mother. "You shouldn't be upset if they picked this look for you Lulu."
"I just figured I'd be having sex for a good cause."
My sisters all stopped what they were doing at once. "Really?" they asked in unison.
Mother May shushed them with a wave of her fingers. "Oh, our new daughter is going to make a great addition in our fight against the halfkin," she said. "Men are going to love putting their semen in her. Let's all support her now and stop poking holes in her story."
I rolled my eyes.
"Let's go into the gathering room," said Dara, taking my hand. "That way we don't make a mess in our room."
"And I can watch you all fuck her while I knit," said Mother May happily, following behind. "Let's keep it fun and light, okay? It's Lulu's first day as a woman."
"You're all going to watch?" I asked.

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