Families That Learn Together

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This is a story about incest between two families.It includes sex between men and women, women and women, anal sex, and much more.If this type of story is not of interest to you, please visit other categories.There are thousands of great stories in other categories in the Literotica web-site.I'm certain there is one that will appeal to you.As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your comments.BTW… To the "anonymous" shrinks and marriage counselors out there, this is pure fiction.It's not real nor is it realistic.It is based solely on thoughts from my twisted mind.It does not represent any real people, living or dead.No people or animals were injured in the telling of this story.NOTE: All the characters in this story are above the age of 18.
Families That Learn Together…
I walked the line of 18-wheelers looking somewhat lost. My classmate Samantha had dropped me off on her way to work. I was nervous. I had never been to this truck stop and the big trucks of all different sizes was a little intimidating. Not to mention the rough looking men who moved to and from the gas pumps and shopping area. I had heard stories of the women who frequented these truck stops and the services they provided. It gave me the willies knowing that the people who saw me probably assumed I was one of those women. I was relieved when a door opened and a handsome cowboy stepped to the ground and waved at me. He was over 6' tall and muscular. Broad shoulders covered in a western shirt with pearl snaps, a slim waist wrapped in snug fitting Wranglers, and boots made from some exotic animal. He was smoking hot. He smiled as I approached. "Hi Zoe."
"Hello Uncle Larry," I answered as I hugged him. You see, this handsome cowboy was my uncle, my mom's younger brother. "It's great to see you. Thanks for waiting for me. I can't believe I get to spend 4 whole days alone with my favorite man in this big ole truck." He smiled broadly but I wasn't sure if he understood my comment the way I intended it. Though I had never acted on it and, as far as I could tell no one else knew, I have had a secret crush on Uncle Larry forever. He was a real man's man. And a real cowboy, having spent some time in his early life on the professional rodeo circuit.
He put that career on hold to come home and run the 18-wheeler dealership his father had started when he was a kid. His father's health had deteriorated to the point he had to retire. He stowed my suitcase and back pack in the sleeper. That's the back part of the truck behind the curtain that separated it from the driving section. It's like a miniature hotel room with a bed, a mini-fridge, and a tv. I hopped in the passenger seat, excited about the upcoming journey, for more than one reason. I loved riding in big trucks. I loved road trips. I loved my uncle and knew this could be the chance I had been looking forward to for some time now.
I'm Zoe Wilson. I'm 19 and had just finished my freshman year at the University of Washington in Seattle. I learned a lot my Freshman year at college. I learned that threesomes are fun. I learned that the male to female ratio of those threesomes can be fun either way. I learned that most of my team members are either lesbian or bi. I learned that a black girls pussy is pink on the inside just like mine, and this particular one tasted fantastic. And…last but not least, I learned that I love anal sex. So…all in all, I would say I have learned a lot my Freshman year. Who knew college could be so educational?
Seattle is a world away from my home in Birmingham, Alabama but I was there on a volleyball scholarship so I was ok with being so far from my family. I was headed home for summer break. Knowing I would be back in the fall, I put everything from my dorm in storage and just stuffed what I needed in my suitcase. Normally I would have flown home but Uncle Larry had to come to Seattle to pick up a truck he had bought. The gods had smiled on me, giving me 4 glorious days with the man who could cause a wet spot in my panties by just smiling at me. The trip would normally take 2 or 3 days but Uncle Larry had agreed to add a day so we could do a little site-seeing on the way home. The plan was to drive to Bozeman, Montana the first day and take in Yellowstone the next day.
I live with my parents, Scott and Sue Wilson, and older brother, Sean. We live out in the country just down the road from Uncle Larry and Aunt Michelle Davidson. They have two sons, Josh and Morgan. The truck dealership is pretty much a family business. Uncle Larry runs it and Aunt Michelle is the office manager. Josh is the service manager and my dad is the sales manager. Josh, is 27 and married to his high school sweetheart, Amber. Morgan and my brother are 21 and are roommates at UAB. They just finished their junior year. My mom is a nursing supervisor at one of the local hospitals.
Living in the country means lots of outdoor activities. Between the 4-wheelers, horses, and boats our families spend a lot of time together outdoors. My two cousins are almost like brothers to me. Being the only girl, I had no choice but to grow up a tom-boy. I can hold my own when it comes to riding 4-wheelers or horses. I'm sure the guys would disagree, but I think I'm a better water skier than any of them.
My parents are both 54. To me, my parents look young for their age. I think being outdoors a lot gives them a youthful, healthy appearance. My dad is 6'4" and my mom in 5'9" so I come by my 5'11" height honestly. My brother is 6'1" so we are almost eye-to-eye. My hair is dark brown like my mom's but I'm not sure where my green eyes came from. Mom, dad, and Sean all have light brown eyes. I always tease my mom about the postman having green eyes. It's not true, of course, but it gives me something to joke with her about.
Uncle Larry is 52 and Aunt Michelle is 50. Aunt Michelle is absolutely gorgeous. She is probably 5'6" at most. Blonde hair and the clearest blue eyes you can imagine. And a body every woman in Birmingham envies. Yes, including me. I think I'm above average in looks. A nice figure kept slim by athletics and family activities. I would be considered almost a bean-pole were it not for 34D breasts that look bigger because of my slim body. I have gotten my share of compliments concerning my appearance. But Aunt Michelle, OMG…sexuality just exudes from her body. She is the most unassuming, friendliest person you could meet so she doesn't flaunt her looks. But she doesn't have to. The sex appeal just flows out of every pore of her being.
Uncle Larry is maybe an inch shorter than my dad but has a more muscular upper body. He was a star athlete in high school. He played football and was on the high school rodeo team. Have I told you he was hot? Oh yeah, I guess I did. Like I said, he was a real cowboy and dresses the part. Because I'm a cowgirl at heart and because I admire my uncle so much, I also dress the part. I live in boots and jeans and the female version of the pearl snap western shirts. I will admit that I kinda stood out dressing like that in the Great Northwest. I did however, find a few guys who appreciated a girl in tight jeans and boots who could manage to somewhat dance to country music.
So that is how I was dressed when I hopped into the passenger seat and buckled in. Uncle Larry wrestled the big truck out of the parking lot and onto the interstate. We cranked the windows down, I cranked up some country music on the radio and we headed for Alabama. I was in heaven. I couldn't get the smile off my face. Uncle Larry seemed to be in a good mood also. We laughed and sang, mostly off-key, to every song. That wet spot I mentioned earlier was back. I couldn't help myself. My uncle just did it for me. I had fought it for years but felt like I was losing the battle.
As we blasted down I-90, windows down, music blaring, I told Uncle Larry I was going to change into something more comfortable. I crawled into the sleeper and changed into shorts and a tee shirt but left off the bra. Feeling the cotton against my breasts always caused my sensitive nipples to harden. On my way back into the passenger seat I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Trying to make it look accidental, I rubbed one of my breasts across his arm, hopping he could feel the enlarged nipple. The wet spot was back. I thought I detected a faint smile but couldn't be sure.
For the next several hours we rode and talked. I asked how Michelle and the boys were doing. "They are all doing good. Morgan and Sean should be home for the summer by the time we get home. They said to tell you they can't wait to see you. They are looking forward to hanging with the family this summer." I felt the wet spot again at the mention of Morgan. Speaking of hanging, I thought to myself, 'I can't wait to see that nice cock hanging between Morgan's legs.' You see, my cousin Morgan had been my secret fuck buddy all last summer. We fucked the first time the night of my 19th birthday party this past June. My family had thrown a big bash at our house. We snuck off after the party and did the nasty in the bed of his pickup truck. We managed to get together several times that summer before I left for college. A groan escaped my lips. My uncle must have heard it. He asked if I was ok. I assured him I was, thinking how much I would like it if he would take his son's place in my pussy
He asked about college and the volleyball team. I told him school was going ok and that our team had a successful season but missed the conference playoffs. I told him I had several good friends on the team. Then he surprised me with his next question. "So…is it true that most female college athletes are lesbians?"
We had always been able to talk candidly with each other so I didn't hesitate to answer. "I wouldn't say most but a good percentage are either lesbian or bi."
The next question is the one that shocked me. "Are you? Gay or bi, I mean?"
My head was spinning. That one really caught me off guard. I knew I couldn't lie to him and I didn't want to. Never the less, I was worried that I was about to tarnish his opinion of me. That is the very last thing I wanted to do. After a very long pause, I answered in a whisper, "Bi." Then I couldn't look at him.
I could sense more than see him looking at me. Then he spoke, "Zoe, look at me." I did reluctantly. "Zoe, you are a beautiful, vibrant young woman. You should never be ashamed of who you are. I know some lifestyle choices are frowned on where we live but that shouldn't stop you from living your life the way you choose. We all have secrets. I love you and I appreciate the fact that you trust me enough to be open and honest with me."
I slid across the space between us and wrapped my arms around his so hard I felt the truck swerve momentarily. Pressing my body into his shoulder I kissed him hard on the cheek before slipping back in my seat. "Thanks Uncle Larry. I love you, too. Thank you for not judging me. I feel like I can talk to you about anything."
Smiling he prodded, "So…then tell me about the guys at college. How do they measure up against those good-looking Alabama boys?"
I laughed out loud and then, before I snapped that I was talking to my uncle and not one of my teammates I said, "They can't two-step as well and their dicks are smaller." I instantly buried my face in my hands, realizing what I had said and who I had said it to. He roared in laughter.
After a while, he looked at me with a serious tone to his face. "You know I told you we all have secrets? We do, you know. Did you know Aunt Michelle had a few girl-on-girl experiences in college?" My jaw hit the dash. Aunt Michelle? My drop-dead gorgeous Aunt Michelle? The wife of my favorite uncle and the mother to my cousins had eaten another girl's pussy? My head was spinning. I didn't know what to say. After a long pause he dropped the atom bomb. "She still does sometimes." Oh…My…God…I suddenly couldn't breathe. Did I hear him right? And then something else slipped unwanted into the back of my brain. I had a vision of me and my aunt entwined in each other's arms as we kissed the kiss of lovers. He looked at me and grinned at the loud moan that escaped my lips as an orgasmic shudder coursed thru my body. I turned my head to look out the window, trying to hide my embarrassment.
Uncle Larry had gotten us rooms just out of Bozeman, Montana. He got us checked in and helped me carry my stuff to my room. He went to his room and showered while I did the same in my room. We walked across the street and had dinner at Cracker Barrel. We were mostly quite during dinner. I was still uncomfortable about my uncle having witnessed my reaction to the revelation about Aunt Michelle. Back at the hotel, he stopped me at the door to my room. "You love your Aunt Michelle, don't you?" Too ashamed to look at him, I nodded without lifting my head. His finger under my chin, he raised my eyes to his. "She loves you too, Zoe. I understand what happened back there in the truck and I understand why. Your aunt is a beautiful, sensual woman. I know. I have had the privilege of enjoying that sensuality for all these years. It's exciting seeing her with another woman. I know. I've seen it. So…please don't feel bad about reacting to the same vision I'm sure I was sharing with you. I love you." He hugged me, and then he was gone.
Wow…not only had Aunt Michelle been with other women, Uncle Larry had watched it and was ok with it. The orgasms that night were not brought on by the visions of me and Uncle Larry I had imagined earlier. They were the by-product of visions of me and my aunt floating in a cloud of unbridled passion. I woke the next morning rested and at ease with what had happened the day before. The eye-opening conversation yesterday just added fuel to the fire already burning in me. In addition to the life-long crush I have had on my uncle, I had always admired Aunt Michelle. Somewhere deep inside, that admiration was mixed with desire
I started the day dressed similar to the day before. Boots, jeans, and another shirt with those famous pearl snaps. I had no intentions of ending the day dressed the same way. Full of bacon, eggs, and coffee, we set out for Yellowstone. The drive thru the park was breathtaking. The mountains and the wildlife were like something right out of a magazine. We even made a quick stop to watch Old Faithful do her thing. The steam and hot water blasting into the air made me think of a different kind of eruption. Our destination today was Denver, Colorado. From Yellowstone, we would drive thru Jackson Hole, then across southern Wyoming, and then down to Denver. Yellowstone down to Jackson Hole was beautiful but once we left Jackson Hole the terrain of southern Wyoming flattened out and was pretty much void of scenery. I decided it was time to create some scenery of my own.
I once again disappeared behind the curtain to change. I unsnapped my shirt, took it off and removed my bra. I slipped my shirt back on but, instead of snapping it back up, I tied it under by breasts. It covered my nipples but not much more. I pulled my jeans off and traded them for a pair of denim shorts, sans panties. Most of the front pockets stuck out the legs of my shorts. You get the idea. I slipped my boots back on because it was the right thing to do. I looked like a Coyote Ugly dancer when I slipped back into the passenger seat. I gave my uncle a quick kiss on the cheek on the way by.
His eyes took it all in with a sideways glance. He was trying really hard to be my uncle. We rode that way in silence for several miles. I felt his eyes on me often when he thought I wasn't watching. Blaming it on the blinding sun, he slipped his sunshades on. The move didn't fool either one of us but it made his staring more civil. To counter his move, leaning back against the door, I turned to face him and pulled my left leg up and placed it against my butt on the seat. With that leg bent and my right leg straight out on the floor and slightly spread, had Uncle Larry looked, it would have been glaringly obvious that I shaved my pussy. And…I'm pretty sure he did look, more than once. I laid my head back and let the wind whip my hair out the open window and closed my eyes.
The slowing of the truck woke me. I must have dozed off. Uncle Larry said he needed to refuel. He pulled into a truck stop and fueled up. I told him I was going to get us some water and snacks. He told me it would be better if I waited and let him go with me. Backing the truck into an opening with the myriad of other 18-wheelers after refueling, he locked up. I slipped my arm thru his as we entered the store. My tits felt awesome as they swayed inside my shirt. My nipples were hard before we made it to the door. Uncle Larry just shook his head and smiled when he realized I was really going inside dressed like I was
We ignored the gawkers and picked up our supplies. My uncle didn't say anything until we were back on the interstate. "Oh my god, girl. You are incorrigible. What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack? And…do you realize how much trouble I would be in with Scott and sis if they knew I let you dress like that around me, not to mention parading around almost naked in front of a bunch of horny truckers?"
A broad smile covered my face. "I know Uncle Larry, that so fucking awesome wasn't it. I think I flashed one of those truckers a little nipple when I bent over to get the chips. I bet those guys thought you had picked me up at the last truck stop. Do I look like those women that hang around those truck stops?" I could feel my tits giggle when I laughed.
I could tell he wanted to scold me but was fun loving enough to understand. "No, trust me Zoe. You look nothing like the women that hang out at truck stops. You are much prettier and sexi…I…I mean younger than any of the women I have seen at any truck stop." It was his turn to blush.
Busted! "Aw…Uncle Larry, you almost called me sexy didn't you. Do you really think I'm sexy Uncle Larry?"
"I…yes…I mean no…I mean yes…I mean I don't know. I do but I'm not supposed to think about you like that. I'm your uncle for Pete's sake."
"You said we all have secrets. I can keep a secret, too. So…do you, Uncle Larry? Do you think I'm sexy? I think you are sexy. Did you know I sometimes masturbate thinking about you and me together?"
"I could see beads of sweat forming across his forehead. He eyes were locked straight ahead. I could tell he was struggling with how to answer.
Finally, without looking at me he answered. "Yes, Zoe. I consider you an attractive young woman. I don't know a single red-blooded man who wouldn't think that about you. You are young, smart, and have a great personality."
His answer sounded like a high school counselor discussing my future in college, not my big sexy uncle. It was time to turn up the heat. I untied my shirt and freed my breasts as I replied, "Aw come on Uncle Larry. You tell girls with pimples and glasses that they have a great personality. I don't want you to think I have a great personality. I want you to think I'm sexy. Does this help you think of me as sexy?" Cupping my tits in my hands, the nipples already standing proud, I held them out for him to see.
He finally looked. I heard rocks and debris kicking up off the tires as he swerved off and then back onto the interstate. He was forced to re-focus on the road as he brought the truck back under control. Then he looked again, a split-second longer this time, and quickly whipped his eyes back forward. "Oh, my lord, Zoe. What are you doing? You can't do that. This is so wrong. You can't…you're not supposed do that and you certainly aren't supposed to have those kinds of thoughts about me." He looked again. His breathing became difficult and he suddenly developed a bulge behind the zipper of those starched Wranglers.

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