Family adventures at the lake | incest story from G.F.

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It was a shock to say the least. I hadn’t dreamed that my adopted father was coming out of the closet. I spoke with both of them alone for the first time. I sat at the table and started confessing about how my uncle had been doing stuff with me and my brother at 11 on the reservation in 1984. I couldn’t understand what was happening. My mom came up and cuddled me and asked if I was okay. I saw the look in my adopted father’s eyes as he looked different. Not that disgusted look. No he had a funny look of some form of lust.

I told my mom that I was so confused about it. I questioned my feelings over the years. I explained that my uncle would stick his cock into my bum after putting on some stuff. He then slid it up my bum and began pumping me. He would grab my cock and start stroking it. I then said I didn’t want to get pregnant. He laughed and said guys can’t get pregnant. He pumped up my bum with built up speed. I remember feeling a warning sensation as he was moaning and then it felt like he was peeing in my ass hole. No. He was cumming he said. He then asked me to try do that on him. Take turns. I told my mom that my uncle had got on all 4s and grabbed my cock and slowly put on the same stuff he put on his cock before entering me in the rear. I then surprisingly had an erection and began pumping his big firm bum. As I was telling my mom and dad this, my dad asked me if I was enjoying it. I told him that his brother would get me and my brother to do threesome action with each other. These were all the times that they took us to his mother’s place on the reservation. I said I would have sex with my brother downstairs sometimes. I never really got involved with men other than fooling around with my brother. I didn’t lust after men. I didn’t want to get caught as it was considered gross and I didn’t want to be considered gay.

My mom then confessed to my dad that me and her had been fucking each other for some time. Now with no one around for a mile or two, I remember watching my dad get up and had a bulge in his pants. I don’t know what came over me but I got away my mom’s embracing cuddle and as my dad approached us, I went for his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. There was close to 5.8 inches hard. He was not circumcised so I pulled his skin back to reveal the head of his pink cock helmet and put it in my mouth and started sucking my adopted dad off while my mom watched. She began fingering herself as I then proceeded to give him my specialty of milking his prostate. It must have lasted about 30 minutes before I felt and tasted warm pineapple jizz coming out. His eyes were rolled back.

Immediately after my mom had began to get naked and came over to start sucking me off. It was wierd because my dad and I started kissing each other and man he was a fucking good kisser for a old guy. He was born in 49, my mom in 44 and me in 72. So I am basically fucking an elderly couple in an incestous threesome action. I never knew my dad had come out like that. We fucked all weekend. My fucking me in me in the ass and vice versa. I finally got him to give my mom her first orgasm with him. He watched me fuck my mom as he jacked off to the site of my muscular Ojibwa bum pumping wildly into his wife of 50 years. All the years of hatred and resentment I had towards him vanished that weekend. We took turns all weekend fucking solo, fucking three-way.

They had neighbours close by and on the last night before we headed back to the city, we invited them over and man did I ever get a shock. Turned out that my dad had gone bisexual 3 years ago. I watched him fuck the neighbor’s husband while me and my mom fucked the wife. Her jujuz were small like my mom’s used to be. I love small jujuz anyway and wished my mom kept hers at 34B. As soon as my dad and the the other guy were done, they came over to join us. I sucked off the the other dude until he came in my mouth all the while riding my dad’s cock up and down. I then turned around and started kissing him as I was riding him until we both came.

I felt I had died and gone to heaven. I hope it’s as good as this. After I got off my dad’s cock, the other guy mounted me and fucked me the same way all the while kissing me more gently and French kissing me too. I saw as my dad we fucking the other two gals, my mom and the wife of the dude who was currently riding my cock and slowly kissing me. I came so powerfully that my whole body shakes and jerked. I felt very well spent. All 5 of us just slept completely naked all night.

The following day my dad said he would like to take me to try the Aquarius Co-Ed Bathhouse in Winnipeg. We started fucking each other on a regular basis after that and with my mom now too. Soon my biological daughter turned 18 and she joined us. Since I had my vesectomy done, I was able to blow my load inside my daughter’s warm tight cunt. She has a nice big bubble bum and actually her jujuz were big like her mom’s who killed herself last year on Mother’s Day. A nice blossom of 36D Cup. Since my adopted mom and dad adopted her, I immensely turned on when I watched both my parents and daughter fuck each other. Apparently they had been doing so since she was in her late years at 16. I was shocked but I wasn’t angry. She turned out to be a good little cock sucker too as she did on me.

I will say this piece of advice to anyone who reads this. Don’t be ashamed of the stigma associated with incest sex. Sometimes keeping it in the family may be way safer than meeting strangers online or at a club. Just be Quiet about it and use this platform here to write about it anonymously. Some parts of Canada, this is a lot more frequent than you think. Heck I fucked my sister both the late one of 99 and my adopted one. An auntie and some of my cousins both male and female on my reservation. I knew they were clean. It’s better that way.

Besides I will marry eventually but my future wife also has to have done something similar so I can expand my sex partners both male and female in-laws.