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You know, I can't remember the last time I didn't wake up without a family member's lips around my cock.
This all started about five years ago, just after I turned 21. No, I tell a lie, it was my 21st birthday. My birthday present.
I'm the oldest of three siblings. The elder of my sisters, Sarah, is 18 months younger than me. She's only about three inches shorter than me, got great legs, a tight little arse, and gorgeous D-cup breasts. I expended quite a bit of effort trying to peek on her, with varying degrees of success.
So, anyway, my 21st birthday. It was the afternoon, I was in my room relaxing, wondering how much I could afford to get drunk that evening, when Sarah texts me, "Come get your present". I perked up, remembering last year's present – she gave me a set of postcards of glamorous holiday destinations, and she'd photoshopped herself into each image, with a different skimpy swimsuit and sexy pose in each one. I was hella worried that our parents would see what they were, so hid them with a lame smile and a, "very nice." When I found a moment to ask her about it later, she whispered in my ear, "I know you like looking at me – just ask." Sarah's exhibitionist streak was well-known across our various social groups, but this was the first clue I'd had she was okay with me being one of the ones who looked. After that – well, let's just say I no longer had to hide under her bed to watch her get dressed.
Anyway, I went to my sister's room and knocked – she insisted that I knock whenever I visited her. "Come in," her voice drifted out, and I did. She was wearing a long towelling bathrobe, and had her hair done up. "Mum's still out, yeah?" she asked. I nodded. "And dad's at work?"
"You know he is, on Saturdays."
"And Lisa's still over at her friend's place?"
"Yeah," I told her.
"Good. Sit down," she pointed to her bed, so I went and sat on it. She didn't turn away from the door to follow me, so I was looking at her rear three-quarters. "I've got a job," she said, looking over her shoulder at me. "Not many hours, but it pays well, and I wanted your approval on my outfit."
"Your outfit?" It didn't look like she had on any sort of suit under her robe, so I was a bit puzzled.
"Uh-huh." She nodded and began loosening the robe's belt. It came open, and she shrugged the robe off.
"Holy shit," I whispered. She looked stunning. She was wearing stockings, a thong, garter belt, and a bustier, all in black lace. The gentle curves of her legs gave way to the damn-near perfect hemispheres of her bum, split right down the middle by the thong, sharply defined above and below by the stockings and garter belt. Her slender waist rose to where her chest swelled outwards to accommodate her breasts, the curves highlighted by red trim on her bustier, the bare expanse of her upper back above. "A job?" I managed, as she turned ever so slightly towards me.
"At the Silver Balloon." That was the town's strip club. "My first show's tonight. Why don't you come down and watch?" Her left hand came up to caress the underside of her right breast that I could only see in profile.
"I'm off out with the lads, they'd think I was weird, wanting to watch you …"
I trailed off as her hand crept up to her shoulder and flicked the strap off.
"Then I guess I'd better give you the show now."
And she did, teasing me all the way. She came up onto the toes of her right foot, and swivelled to face the other way, swapping her weight halfway through so that her left foot was on tiptoe. Her hand flicked her other strap from its' shoulder. She swivelled back, and half bent over, teasing the dangling strap on that side down to her wrist and letting me see her cleavage. Back the other way, the same. She turned to face me, and I saw the bustier was laced up the front, loose enough to leave a gap between the two halves, but tight enough to push her breasts up a little. She bent forward again, and pulled the straps completely clear, then slowly straightened up, slowly swaying her firm perky breasts side to side. She moved closer – hella close – her feet moving slowly and stepping high, so I could get plenty of time to appreciate her legs. She pulled the bow in her cleavage, loosening her top, then bent forward again. Her hand shot out to lift my chin just enough so she could kiss me, then let me go so I could go back to looking at her cleavage. She straightened up and put her hands behind her head, then bent her knees, sinking down in front of me, swaying her breasts from side to side. When she reached the bottom, her hands snaked out to my crotch, undid my flies, and pulled out my hardening cock. She stroked it slowly for a few seconds, then smiled up at me.
"Feel free to play – but don't you dare cum yet."
So I started stroking my cock. She straightened up and turned around, and slowly lowered her arse down. I cupped her right cheek with my hand as her left pressed itself against my cock.
"They don't allow this at the Balloon, do they?" I said. "Is this the VIP treatment?"
"Special, off-the-menu, VIP, platinum special," she confirmed. "Just for you."
She stood up again and turned. She ran her hands from her thighs, up her flanks, to her breasts. Squeezing them, she moved them in to the ties down her middle. As she slowly pulled them loose, she started sinking down again. She pulled the bustier off over her head then lifted her breasts for my inspection.
"Fuck, sis." Ever since the postcards, I'd seen her naked maybe fifty times, but she'd never been deliberately sexy about getting undressed for me. She usually wore underwear – this time, she wore lingerie. Previously, she just undressed – now, she was stripping. She'd always ignored me before, as though I was nothing more than another bit of the wall – now, she was showing off her body, and flirting.
She smiled up at me and licked her lips. Then she stood and turned on one foot, planting her perfect arse in my face. My hands reached up, she caught them, guided them to her thighs, up over her hips, to her waist, then back down, slowly, angled steeply. My fingers caught under her thong and slowly started pulling it down. As our hands passed her crotch, she let go and moved hers inwards, to start stroking her inner thighs, and slowly work her way up. I pulled her thong down to the floor, then started stroking back up her legs.
She stepped out of the thong and turned around, bending down just enough that her cleavage was at my eyeline. My hands found her thighs, hers found my cock. She straightened just enough that her nipples rested on my lips. Well, I could hardly refuse such an invitation, could I? I captured one and started sucking, as her hand began stroking.
"The off-the-menu platinum special includes a fuck," she murmured just loud enough for me to hear. "Do you wanna?"
"Oh, fuck, yeah!"
She stood, turned, and sat down on my left leg. "Make me nice and wet, then," she told me, as her hand found my cock and continued what it had been doing seconds before. Both my hands reached round in front of her, my left finding a breast and my right her inner thigh. I slid my right hand up slowly, and with two fingers, began gently rubbing. She turned her head and grabbed mine with her free hand. "Inside!" she ordered, then pulled me into a kiss. This wasn't like the brief one before, this was a proper deep kiss, full tongue action. Bit of a surprise, really, but then the movement of her hips brought me back on-task. I ran my fingers gently down her slit, found what I was looking for, and plunged my middle finger inside her. She gave a small yelp, that turned into a moan as my palm pressed against her clitoris, then I started pumping in and out of her. When I first put my finger in, she was already pretty wet, and I didn't need to feel the gyrations of her hips or her rock-hard nipple to know that she was getting very much wetter.
She pulled away from the kiss. We were both gasping. "Lie down." I lay back on the bed and shuffled my way a bit further on to it. She stood, turned, climbed onto the bed straddling me, grabbed the tip of my cock, lowered herself down, and …
"Oh, fuck!"
My sister was riding me. My gorgeous, sexy, busty, stripper sister was riding me. Balls deep from the first stroke. I wasn't exactly very experienced back then – not totally inexperienced, but this was only about the third time I'd had sex. I couldn't decide whether to cup her breasts or grab her hips. I settled on one each, watching her free breast bounce with her movement. I didn't have long. She leaned forward slightly and grabbed it, then pushed her other hand slowly down her body to her crotch, where she started rubbing her clit. That was so hot. I started thrusting up into her, her moans became yelps, I clamped both hands onto her hips, thrust again, and came hard. My hips were arched up off the bed as I pumped inside her, she drove herself down onto me, and, with a scream, came herself.
So, yeah, that was the first time I fucked Sarah. Her job was stripping at the Silver Balloon every Friday and Saturday night. She'd text me a pic of herself in costume right before her every performance, and when she got off shift at 2am, she'd get a taxi back home, sneak into my room, and we'd usually fuck. If we didn't fuck then, we'd do it in the morning. The blow-jobs started after a couple of months or so, when my morning wood woke her up. After that, every few days during the week, she'd sneak into my room early and wake me up with a blow-job.
Now, my other sister, Lisa, is a year younger than Sarah. She's short, she's chubby, and she's got huge tits. She used to be insecure and body-conscious, but getting involved with me sorted that out.
About six months after Sarah and I started fucking, it was Lisa's 19th birthday. It was just a few days from Valentine's Day, and she never really felt comfortable around that time of year, mainly because all the lovey-dovey commercial crap that's in the stores from mid-January depicts slim and slender women, not curvy women with huge racks (she's actually the same cup size as Sarah, but because her body's bigger – 34 vs 40 – so are her tits). Also, guys her age only ever wanted to date slim girls, so no one ever paid her much romantic attention.
Anyway, day after her birthday (Sunday), she came into my bedroom, sat on my bed and announced that she was bored. I'd managed to alt-tab out of PornHub when she came in, but I still had a raging boner going on, and couldn't exactly turn around to talk to her properly. But still, standing orders from our parents were to make sure that Lisa never felt left out or excluded around her birthday, so I looked over my shoulder to talk.
"You wanna go bowling?" She was actually pretty damn good at bowling, the best in the family, so a quick game in town ought to cheer her up a bit. I was about to tell her to give me a minute and I'd be down, but she interrupted me.
"No, the whole place'll be full of teens." She meant fifteen- to seventeen-year-olds on dates. I'd forgotten that. "What are you doing?"
I turned back to my laptop to check. Wikipedia. "Just, y'know, browsing."
"You bored as well?" she asked getting up and approaching.
My flies were open, so I tried to stop her from seeing the evidence. "No! Stay there! Just some research, got distracted."
She ignored my outstretched hand and came closer. "Researching what?" She noticed my cock. "Ohh, right. Researching sex. Sorry, bro, I'll leave you to it," and she turned away with an arched eyebrow.
She must have got her foot caught round the leg of my bed or something, because she went flying, landed face down on the floor. Without thinking, I got up to help her up. This put my still pretty hard cock right in her eyeline.
We both froze, and she went a little red. "Sorry, I'll-" I began, trying to stuff myself back in one-handed.
"No!" she said. She went redder and looked up at me. "It's alright, I …" She looked around, as if checking no one was watching. No one could see in my window, and the door was pretty much closed. "Can I … touch it?"
"You've not touched one before?" I asked, unthinkingly.
"Never seen one before – a real one, anyway."
"Oh. Yeah, okay," I shrugged. If I was fucking one of my sisters, what did it matter if I was fooling around with the other?
Getting up onto her knees before me, she gently took hold and began stroking.
"Oh, that's nice."
She smiled up at me. Then she bobbed her head forward and took the tip into her mouth and started sucking.
She pulled back. "What?" she asked. "Did I do something wrong?"
"Uh, no, just unexpected."
"Good." She smiled up at me again, and this time I couldn't mistake the salacious expression on her face, then started sucking again.
After a minute or so, I had to complement her. "Fuck, Lisa, you're good at this! Are you sure you've never done this before?"
"Well, I've watched porn, a bit," she said. "Probably not as much as you …"
"Oh yeah?" While, intellectually, I should have known that, it was still a bit unexpected to hear it from her own mouth. "How often do you get yourself off?"
She released my cock and stood up, pressing herself up against me – her breasts felt wonderful. Then she answered. "Every time I hear you fucking your girlfriend through the wall."
"Oh. Shit, sorry, I thought we were being quiet."
"Well, you are, mostly. Your girlfriend isn't."
"So, you get turned on listening to my girlfriend's sex noises?"
"Yeah." She stepped back a bit. "Though, its' funny, you never seem to go out late enough to bring someone back, and they never seem to stick around for breakfast."
Oh shit. Now, neither of my sisters are thick, they're both bright women, and the only reason Lisa was the first one looking to go to college was that our family had not been able to afford to send one of us until now. Lisa would be able to put together the clues and the discrepancies and come up with an answer that would probably freak her out. This would take careful handling. Step one – distract her so I can get a chance to work out how to explain things.
I stepped up close to her again and put my arms around her, resting my hands on her very squeezable bum. "Arrangements are made," I told her. "So, what sort of porn do you like?" And my hands began to gently squeeze.
Her hands found their way to my bum and started squeezing too. "Threesomes. Ones with two women, not the other way around."
"I like your taste. Wanna watch some?"
"I'm okay here for a bit," she said. I started squeezing a bit harder, adding in a bit of massage as well.
"Yeah, this does feel good. Although …" I deliberately tailed off.
"Well, some people would find it weird, that you get off on listening to your brother having sex, and that you're okay with being groped by him."
She moved one hand from my bum, grabbed my hand, moved it to her breast, then returned her hand to my bum. "Now you're groping me," she whispered.
"Yes, I am. And some people would find it weird."
"Are you not a breast-man?"
"I am very much a breast-man."
"And you are also enjoying groping my bum."
"I am indeed. Are you?"
"Oh, yes. And I like the feel of your dick rubbing against my body." She's short enough that the tip of my cock must have been just below her boobs.
"And it doesn't weird you out or anything? That we're brother and sister and we're groping each other?"
"It feels a bit odd, but that's probably just because this is the first time I've ever done this with anyone."
"You wanna stop?"
"Only if I can watch porn with you."
We split and I headed for my laptop. Lisa pulled down her trousers and got on the bed. I stopped.
"What?" she asked. "Oh come on, if we're going to watch porn together, we need to be able masturbate, right?"
"Right," I agreed. I brought my laptop over to the bed and lay next to her. I restored PornHub and started typing in the search bar. Lisa stilled my hand.
"She looks nice." 'She' was a tall busty MILF dildoing herself in the shower.
"You like threesomes, right?"
"Yeah." I typed in busty threesome ffm and hit search. "That one," Lisa pointed to one of them. I clicked on it, hit play, and full-screened it before balancing the laptop across both our legs. As the video got going, Lisa took hold of my cock and started stroking it, so I returned the favour and started rubbing her pussy.
As the video got hotter, our arm movements got faster. Lisa was breathing quite heavily when she started asking questions. "You like threesomes with two women?"
"Yeah. Busty women."
"You like busty women?"
"Oh yes. I like them a lot."
"The bigger the better?"
"Pretty much, yeah."
"What about me?"
"Am I busty? Do I have big tits?"
"You have huge tits!"
"Are they bigger than Sarah's?"
Without thinking, I used my free hand to check. "Yes."
"Sarah's busty too, right?"
"Yeah." There should have been warning lights and sirens going off in my head about now, but damn, she was good with her hands.
"And you like fucking her?"
"What?" My hand froze in surprise, her hand froze and started to squeeze.
"You like fucking our sister? Our stripper sister?"
"You worked it out, huh?"
"Yeah. You like fucking her?"
She started wanking me again. "Do you wanna fuck me?"
"You're not bothered that I'm fucking our sister?"
"I've been getting off on listening to you two fuck for six months. I've got bigger boobs than her, you like fucking her, you like big boobs, do you want to fuck me?"
"I would love to," I told her, and resumed finger-fucking her.
"After this video," she told me. Then, "what about a threesome?"
"Would you like to fuck both your sisters at once?"
"Oh yeah. I would. I so would."
"Good. Fuck me now, fuck us both tonight."
"Oh, fuck, yes! Come here!"
"Video's not done!"
"Nearly is."
"Yeah." Several seconds later, the video reached its' climax. I rolled over to deposit the laptop on the floor, as Lisa pulled off her clothes. "I can hardly wait to fingerbang Sarah as you pound me doggy," she said. "God, just watching her boobs bounce as my hand slams into her, that would be so hot!"
"Are you bi, Lisa?" I asked as I climbed back onto the bed, naked.
"Yeah, a bit. Why do think I like threesomes so much?" She lay on her back, spread her legs, and pulled her knees up with her arms. Her breasts were pressed together, and she just looked so sexy and slutty that I nearly came right there.
"Oh, fuck, you're gorgeous." I mounted her, and gently pushed myself inside her. She was dripping wet, there wasn't much more resistance than there had been with Sarah the first time.
"Fuck me," she whispered to me. "Fuck me good and proper." I pushed in and waited, letting her get accustomed to me for a few seconds. "Oh, I hope you fuck Sarah better than this, she deserves a better fuck than this." I assumed this meant she was ready, and started thrusting.
"Oh yes, I fuck Sarah good and proper, and now I'm going to fuck you good and proper."
"Oh, thank God! Oh, I've needed this. I've wanted this for so long."
"Wanted what?" I asked, leaning forward to press myself against her gorgeous curves. "For your brother to fuck you?"
"For anyone to fuck me," she said. "This means I'm sexy right? That I'm desirable?"
"Hell, yeah, you're sexy! God, your massive tits alone should mean guys are drooling all over you."
"But they don't. You're the only one who's ever paid me attention."
"Then everyone in town's blind!" I scrunched up and started kissing her breasts – not easy when they were rippling back and forth in time to my thrusts.
"So you just want me for my tits?" she asked, between ecstatic little moans.

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