Family Assignments Ch. 06

tagIncest/TabooFamily Assignments Ch. 06

NOTE: This is the sixth part of a series that depicts consensual sex between people over the age of 18, but also contains depictions of incest, dominance, submission, light BDSM, and some queer themes. It also contains a *lot* of anal, facials, and lewd pornographic activities. Caveat lector.
I would recommend reading this story after parts 1-5. Enjoy and please rate if you like it! This chapter will be from Alex's perspective. Subsequent chapters will return to the main narrator.
Alex hated having to get to school so early. Sure, he liked being on the college baseball team and loved the competitions and the sport and the camaraderie with his teammates. He even liked practice, once he got there. It was just a massive challenge to wake up at 5am every morning, get dressed, and get to campus by 6 to suit up for practice and start fielding ground balls. He grumbled on normal days. Today, however, was not a normal day.
Indeed, today was decidedly abnormal, as the night before had been the strangest and perhaps best night of his 20 years. He was still floating as he began to take batting practice, his lack of focus apparent in the weak contact he repeatedly made. Later, in a scrimmage, Alex made three errors and went hitless in 3 at bats. His coach barked at him to get his head in the game after each mistake. Alex nodded, but was unable to concentrate all the same.
After practice he showered and dressed, still in a daze. To be fair, Alex hadn't slept much, but that wasn't really the thing that was causing him to play poorly. No, it was why he had lost sleep that was crowding out all other thoughts in his mind.
He floated out of the locker room, out of the sports complex and towards the main campus. Luckily, his 9am astronomy class was not something that would require much attention. As he sat down and the lights dimmed in the large auditorium, Alex's mind flashed back to the lurid events of the night before.
He'd not only been walked in on mid-blowjob by his girlfriend's father while he was tied to the bed, but Shelly's dad wasn't even upset about any of it. Mr. Stevens had even shown Alex video of Shelly getting absolutely plowed by some older man who he didn't even know. Onscreen Shelly had egged the nameless man on to fuck her harder before he gave her a massive gooey facial. And even though this was sorta kinda cheating, Alex had found himself thoroughly enjoying the show.
Then, to complicate things further, he'd found out that his beloved girlfriend, his sweet little virginal Shelly… was not so virginal after all. She'd been fucked in all of her holes, been with girls, and taken multiple loads of cum from multiple men… including her brother AND her father. Even though this was all very shocking, Alex had to admit that it turned him on. A LOT.
Then, to top it off, he agreed to watch Mr. Stevens fuck his own daughter – Alex's girlfriend – in her ass, so that Alex could learn how to do it better. Sure, there had been a deal proposed. As part of the bargain Alex got to enjoy Vanessa, Shelly's "Mommy V", who Alex considered one of the sexiest woman he'd ever seen. Getting to lose his own anal virginity to that mature raven-haired sexpot was certainly a glorious thing to experience, but he'd expected to be put off watching Shelly with another man. He would have thought that when Mr. Stevens put his huge cock – which was easily 2 inches longer and fatter than his own – inside Shelly's impossibly tight puckered backdoor that Alex would feel… jealous? Upset? Angry? Something. After all, Alex considered Shelly to be sort of his property and here was this other man dominating her in the most intimate way. Alex expected to feel some sort of twinge of emasculation.
But he hadn't felt those negative thoughts. Instead, Alex felt pure animal lust watching the beautiful girl he loved get used like a wanton cumwhore by another man. He might've also felt a twinge of… was it pride? After all, Shelly was an 18 year old brunette nerd goddess, with ludicrous curves that made everyone's mouth water, but a demure demeanor that suggested that she was above this sort of debauchery. And she was his girlfriend! The fact that Shelly reveled in being used like a slut in multiple ways got Alex hotter than he could possibly articulate.
Alex's growing erection caused him to shift in his seat while his professor atonally lectured about constellations in the Southern sky. Brief flashes of the remainder of the night only made him stiffer. He remembered Mr. Stevens allowing Vanessa to stay in the room after he'd left his load of semen inside Alex's girlfriend's ass. He remembered taking multiple pictures of his first ever double-blowjob. He remembered the unbelievably tight feeling of pushing into Shelly's still-fucked asshole for the first time while she ate her Mommy's cunt. He remembered thinking about Mr. Stevens' cum still inside of her before blowing his hot wet cum deep inside her bowels. He remembered moments when he could barely be sure which wet inviting hole he was penetrating, whose breast he was suckling, whose tongue was licking him where.
Maybe his favorite memory from the night before was after Vanessa had left, around midnight. He had already orgasmed four or five times by then, he'd lost track. He was cuddling with his young love. They were naked and he'd felt satisfied and safe, so Alex had simply asked his girlfriend to tell him about all of the sexual things she'd done so he'd know about them. He didn't ask for prurient reasons, he just wanted to know. Still, when Shelly started getting into some of the details his cock began to swell. It wasn't long before Alex was once again balls deep in his beautiful busty girlfriend's pussy, pumping away at her, and urging her to describe in detail how it felt to get fucked by this cock or that cock or where they came on her. When Shelly told the story of how she frigged herself to orgasm while her father and another nameless man ejaculated all over her gorgeous face at the same time, covering her lips and cheeks and forehead in rope after rope of sticky semen, the mental image caused Alex to empty whatever was left in his balls inside her sopping cunt.
"Was I a good girl taking all that cum, Alex?" she'd asked as Alex withdrew himself.
"Such a good girl, Babydoll," Alex had replied. Then he'd passed out until he'd been rudely awakened by his alarm.
Alex's astronomy class ended, abruptly shaking him out of his lurid daydreams, a fresh boner making it difficult for him to stand and leave with the rest of the class. Luckily, he was sitting in the back row. Unluckily, there was a student who needed to get by him for her to leave the class. Her name was Krishna, a straight-laced but chatty and uncommonly pretty freshman from South Carolina. Alex was friendly with her, and had talked to her at some length about what it meant to be a first generation Indian immigrant who grew up in the South. Krishna wore her hair curly and long and had big brown eyes that were easy to get lost in, but never gave any hint of being interested in anything sexual. Today she was wearing a light brown sweater and a long flowing flowery skirt. She never wore anything even slightly revealing.
Krishna stood next to Alex expectantly, waiting for him to stand so she could squeeze by the theater-style seating. Alex wanted to adjust himself so that his stubborn erection would not be quite so obvious but he worried she was watching him too closely.
"Excuse me, Alex!" said Krishna politely. "Sorry, I've got another class in 10 mins across campus."
Alex sighed and rose slowly, placing his textbook over his crotch and hoping that she would be able to scoot past without seeing his erection. "Sorry, Krishna."
"No problem! Let me just squeeze by you and ooops! Sorry about that!"
Krishna's hip had accidentally knocked Alex's textbook away from his crotch when she walked by. The book tumbled a couple seats down the row. Krishna bent down to pick it up, then turned around when a small gasp escaped her lips. Her eyes – right at the level of Alex's protruding crotch – widened and her caramel cheeks reddened. Alex knew she was looking at his erection. Whereas yesterday that realization might have embarrassed him, today he felt different, more confident.
He flashed his most unabashed smile and reached out for the book. "Thanks, Krishna. Hope you make your class! And have a wonderful day."
Krishna spun around and exited quickly, stealing one last furtive glance back at Alex as she left the room.
Alex grinned, satisfied with himself. He had 40 minutes before his next class, political economics. Shelly was in that class as well. It was their custom to go back to his nearby apartment afterward to have lunch, fuck, and relax before their afternoon studies. Alex began to formulate an alternate plan for the day.
He was already in his seat when Shelly breezed into the room wearing a pink floral babydoll dress with a white cardigan hiding the swell of her cleavage from normal view. She smiled as she picked out Alex in the back row and strode over to him.
She kissed him on the lips and then sat down in the desk next to him.
"Hi Alex," she said.
"Hi Babydoll," he replied. Shelly smiled broadly when he said that. Babydoll was her father's nickname for her. He remembered him calling her that while she took his cock last night. Alex assumed that Shelly probably remembered the same.
Both young lovers took out their laptops to take notes as class began. A few minutes in, an instant message from Shelly popped up on Alex's screen.
"SHELLZ02: How was practice? I missed you this morning."
Alex wrote back
"ADOTSLAM: Practice was rough. Couldn't stop thinking about you. Hated having to wake up and leave before you woke up."
"S: MMmm I hated that too. My bed felt so empty. Last night was incredible."
"A: It was amazing. I can't believe how many times you made me cum."
"S: Well, some of those were V. Like the time you pulled out of her pussy and shot your load on her big fake titties! That was hot."
"A: UGH you're making me hard here."
"S: Sorry! I will stop."
"A: No, it's OK. I just have been so horny all day. I can't believe I watched you get fucked by your dad."
"S: You did. And you… liked it, right?"
"A: I fucking loved it. Was so erotic. Can't believe how much it turned me on to watch you get used like that and to hear about the other times. I love that you're a slut."
"S: YAY I love being a slut. It's so fun. And, um… speaking of that…"
"A: What?"
"S: Do you want to hear what happened before I left for school?"
"A: YES"
"S: Well I came down to breakfast and Daddy was waiting and he had a friend with him, and an older man in a suit. I didn't know who he was and Daddy didn't even introduce him. He just told me to bend over the table and pull my skirt up for this man. I felt a little embarrassed but I did what daddy told me to do and I let this stranger see my pussy and my asshole at the breakfast table"
Alex felt a stirring in his pants. Alex had thought it might be possible that Shelly's father might use his girlfriend again before he got he chance to fuck her but he had not considered the notion that Shelly's dad might pass her around to his friends in the meantime.
"A: Wow. Did your father say why he was telling you to show this random person your tight little holes?"
"S: He did. Don't be mad tho."
Alex was anything but mad. Mr. Stevens had told him this would happen, though he was a little surprised that it all occurred so quickly.
"A: I promise I'm not. Tell me what happened. Please. It'll turn me on."
"S: Daddy told this man to fuck me so he took out his dick and, well, he put it in my cunt and fucked me as hard as he could."
"A: Wow. Did you like getting fucked like that?"
"S: Yeah, babe, I kinda did."
"A: Was this random guy's dick bigger than mine?"
"S: babe are you sure you want to know?"
"A: I do. I want to know it all. Did you get fucked in your wet tight little twat by a cock that is bigger than mine this morning?"
"S: Alex, babe, he was bigger than you. Longer and thicker by an inch or so each way. He stretched my pussy so good and I came on his cock while my Daddy and both my Mommies watched and took pictures. I'm sorry are you mad?"
Alex did not understand quite why the fact that his girlfriend had gotten fucked this morning had turned him in so much but he was absolutely rock hard in class. He loved hearing about the details too and wished he would have been there to see it.
"A: I'm not mad at all. But… can I ask… where… um… you know…"
"S: Where did he finish? In my cunt. This random man pumped a huge creamy load in my pussy. It felt so good splashing against the walls of my vagina, like he'd been saving up for weeks. Then after he came inside me he took his dick out of my sloppy vagina, zipped up, thanked Daddy and walked out of the kitchen. Can you believe that? Didn't even thank me. Guess he thought I was just a tight wet hole to use."
Alex thought that this man DEFINITELY must have considered his sweet girlfriend just a tight wet hole to use. Because she was.
"S: is this ok for me to tell you?"
"A: of course. I love knowing how much of a whore you are. I am going to ask your father to send me those pictures "
"S: YESSSSSS you should. I'm so glad you like it and also babe you should ask him for the pictures he took of him using me after the random guy."
Alex's cock could not be harder. Not only had his beloved innocent girlfriend bent over for a nameless, faceless big-dicked friend of her father's, and not only had that large cock spilled its semen in his girlfriend's uterus… but her own father had also partaken in her charms afterward. Moreover, having seen Shelly's Dad fuck her the night before he knew that his dick was far, far larger than Alex's own. Alex didn't know why his girlfriend taking big hard cocks turned him on the way it did, but he had decided to lean into it.
"A: Did your Daddy stretch out your little twat this morning too, Babydoll?"
"S: yes he did"
"A: did your daddy also shoot his hot wet cum inside of you this morning Babydoll?"
"S:… yes he did"
"A: as you sit here in this class do have two loads of cum from two different men inside of you?"
"S: Babe. Yes I do! I am such a slut. There's so much jizz in me and it's leaking out of my pussy right now!"
Shelly shifted to spread her legs on the plastic chair in a way to show Alex that she was not lying and was also not wearing underwear. A trail of glistening wetness on the seat near her crotch corroborated her tawdry tale. It took every ounce of Alex's self control not to bend her over the desk and take her right in class. Instead, he simply reached out to caress her thigh as if to approve of her wanton actions.
"A: give me your father's email address."
Shelly did as she was instructed. Alex began typing an email to Mr. Stevens while pretending to take notes for class. The email read: "Hi Mr. Stevens. Hope you are doing well and had a nice morning. I hope you also enjoyed seeing the pictures and video we took for you last night. Shelly tells me that you have some pictures to share? If so please text them to me at XXX-XXX-XXXX"
The rest of the class was torture. Alex once again could not pay attention and busied himself by sending a few messages to buddies. For the last 15 minutes he did nothing but scroll twitter in an effort to get his mind off the trampy sexpot sitting next to him that he would have full use of for the next several hours.
Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the lecturer wrapped up.
"What do you want to do now, Alex?" Shelly asked with a furtive smile. "I'm up for anything."
"…Anything?" asked Alex.
"Anything at all, babe."
"Good girl."
A few minutes later they were waiting on a campus pathway near a small grove of trees. This was a part of campus that people rarely came to, and Alex liked to go to that grove to have some privacy outdoors from time-to-time. He checked his phone. The text said "omw". Alex smiled at Shelly. She smiled back, her deep blue eyes betraying no hint of nervousness or hesitation, only devotion and love. The last 24 hours had been a whirlwind of discovery and debauchery. He'd found out his lovely innocent-seeming girlfriend was a depraved incestuous cumslut. He'd been told that she was fucking her entire family and a few strangers as well. He'd even watched as her father stuffed his massive cock in his girlfriend's tiny asshole.
Once he got over the shock of it all, what surprised Alex most of all was how much he really LIKED it. He'd loved pounding away at Shelly's impossibly wet cunt while she told him the true tales of being used by other men and women. He'd gotten incredibly turned on when Shelly told him about how she'd been used just this morning.
Alex decided it was good that he was learning this about himself, and about Shelly. Now he was going to test this feeling, to see if there was anything he might not want to see, or if there were anything Shelly might not want to do.
He craned his neck to look to the right down the pathway where he thought the person he was waiting for might be coming. As he did so, he heard a familiar voice from his left.
"Hey Alex! How's the rest of your day been?"
It was Krishna. Alex cursed silently to himself. While he really liked talking to her, her endlessly inquisitive nature and general chattiness sometimes made it difficult to end a conversation.
"Uhhh, hi Krishna. You remember my girlfriend Shelly?"
"Oh yes, how could I forget!" exclaimed Krishna as she waived politely at Shelly. "Alex is always talking about you. Sometimes it seems like you're the only thing on his mind."
Shelly laughed and shot Alex a knowing look. "Oh, I doubt it's the only thing."
Krishna smiled, not quite catching Shelly's implication. "So what are you guys up to?"
"Just waiting for a friend," Alex replied.
"Oh. OK. What are you planning to do for the rest of the day?"
"You know, hanging out." Alex was desperately trying to end the conversation before…
"Hey Alex, hey Shelly."
…before Mike showed up. "Hey Mike."
Alex knew Mike from his freshman year dorm, he was funny, and decent, and most importantly for the purposes of this plan, he was always up for anything. Many a night two years ago Alex had rousted Mike from his bed after midnight to join in pranks, or go to parties, or even just play video games. No matter how tired or confused he was, Mike always said yes to anything. Along with his easy smile and flopsy dark brown hair, Mike's willing nature was part of his charm.
"Hey man. What's going on? Why'd you text me to meet you here?"
"Ummm, yeah, um I'd kind of like to talk to you about that in private. Krishna, sorry, we have to go over here to talk. Hope you don't mind." Alex gestured to the small secluded grove of trees adjacent to the path.
"Oh. Sure! I guess I'll just head off then? Shelly, nice to see you again. Mike, nice to… kind of meet you."
"Great, see you in astronomy next week bye, Krishna." Alex hated to be rude but didn't think he would have been able to go through with what he intended to do with her around. He watched Krishna's skirt sway with the gentle curve of her hips while she walked away and he found his mind wondering, just for a moment, what her ass looked like. It was small but surprisingly shapely. And she *was* very pretty. His gaze lingered.
"So… what's up?" said Mike.
"Come with me," replied Alex, snapping out of his momentary trance. He took Shelly's hand and walked her over to the small grove around 30 yards from the path. Mike followed. As he entered the clearing, Alex was relieved to see that it was empty. From the center of the grove, they were sheltered from anyone on the path.

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