Family Bonding: The Return

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This message is a bit overdue considering the promise of much more content to come attached to my last story. That story was posted some 25 months ago, near the holiday season of 2018.
It goes without saying that many of our lives have changed since that time in ways we could not have possibly foreseen. Without expounding on the obvious issues we are all currently facing, I'd like to apologize for my absence.
Writing my previous stories brought me true pleasure. Equally so, I felt privileged to experience the feedback this community left on each of those stories. Your words meant so much to me, and I only wish I had kept a more constant stream of content coming your way.
Life is now at a point where I can afford the time and attention needed to deliver several new tales of desire, despair, and depravity.
You have my word when I tell you that this will be the first of many new stories I shall author this year.
Thank you to all my long-time fans and readers, and welcome to all those who are just starting to get wrapped up in my fantasies.
As always, don't be shy and please enjoy.
Every second that ticked by on the clock pushed Brad further from reality.
Not all moments of work were this painstaking, but Brad couldn't seem to help himself when consumed in one of the strange moods; it felt to him like he was losing his mind.
The electronic images and text on the monitors before him had dissipated into a blurred mess almost a half-hour ago. His brow was sweating as his foot tapped on the ground relentlessly, his mind now a tempest of moments long passed while his heart churned hot blood into every inch of his being.
Iris was planted inside Brad's mind like a virus.
Despite today's torment, Brad once had his episodes nearly under control.
Sarah left him shortly after their last encounter at Iris' house, realizing that a normal relationship just would not be a possibility between the two after the nearly unbelievable depravity she has been a part of. Seemingly on a whim, she decided to "pursue a different life" on the other side of the United States, cutting off all communication with Brad basically overnight. Though all of this came as somewhat of a shock to Brad, he could not blame the young girl for her actions.
Iris left her mark on the lovers in ways that were both immediate and lingering.
For Brad, he found himself consumed in a whirlwind of lust and regret in the weeks that followed Sarah's departure. He knew he should have confronted his stepsister earlier and done all he could to halt her tainted perversion in its tracks. The more he wished his actions had been different, the obviousness of his own shortcomings gnawed at him. Even worse, despite all the self-loathing Iris had brought into his life, he could not break himself from envisioning her voluptuous figure whenever he became aroused.
The memories of his stepsister never ceased to tease him in his most private moments.
Even once the regret and heartache had passed, a twisted lust stalked in the recesses of his mind, always threatening to reemerge without a moments warning.
These episodes were sharp and constant at first, pouncing on the young man with no regard to his present ongoings. Flashbacks of Iris' pleasurable torment would find him while he worked, studied, dated, and even slept. For weeks, Brad thought himself cursed to forever walk the Earth with only half his sanity; his other half seemed firmly within Iris' clutches.
However, they say time heals all wounds, and this appeared to the case for Brad as weeks turned to months and months to years. Presently, it had been more than two years since that fateful night between him, Iris, and Sarah. And in that time, his flesh forgot his stepsister's touch and the electricity of her voice. There had even been recent months during which not even a hint of Iris' corruption had invaded Brad's thoughts.
But all good things must come to an end.
Brad's breaths were now a heavy rasp as each intake of oxygen flooded his mind with fresh images of his stepsister, Iris. During the past two weeks, depraved memories of the seemingly forgotten lust between him and Iris had returned with a vengeance.
The episodes were growing more vivid and consuming than ever before.
In his minds-eye, Brad could see Iris' nude, imposing figure towering over his stripped, toned frame. He imagined her reaching down and giving his engorged manhood just the slightest touch, causing his aching cock to immediately explode into a dripping, ruined mess.
"Back to reality," he screamed internally to himself and slapped himself unknowingly across the face.
Taking in a couple of controlled breaths, Brad now found himself alone at his office cubical, the workday having already passed into night. It seemed he was the last one in the office, panting and sitting in within the quiet darkness, no other soul around. It was moment's like these where Iris' memory thrived at haunting Brad like a specter.
"What is happening to me?" he naively thought, doing what he could to try and fool himself.
But he knew the answer to his question all too well; as the time grew between his last encounter with his stepsister, Brad was beginning to lose the battle of wills Iris had entangled him within those years ago. Even worse, Brad's episodes had begun to increase in intensity and frequency almost out of nowhere, becoming particularly overwhelming as short as two weeks earlier. In fact, it all seemed to grow worse the night he spent a few weeks back at home, enjoying a meal with his father and stepmother. Little did he know, that would also be the evening his stepmother would mention Iris and her new job.
As fate would have it, Iris' new job happened to be at a phone store just five minutes from Brad's office.
Since this discovery, every day at the job had been a battle for Brad against fevered thoughts oozing their way into nearly all moments of his waking life . He did what little he could day in and day out to complete his office tasks, but Iris was becoming such frequent a guest in his own mind that he found it difficult to work, eat, or even sleep.
It all led up to this fateful evening, as Brad found himself staring at a notepad in his hand.
Scribbled upon it hastily was the business and location where Iris was working.
Brad bit his lip so hard that it nearly bled.
Everything within him knew better, but still he found himself making his way from the office, into the parking garage, starting his vehicle, and barreling down the road toward that address. It all happened almost as if watching from a dream; Brad sped toward Iris indifferently, never considering whatever collision might await him with their reunion.
As the vehicle's engine came to a sudden stop minutes later, Brad worked to compose himself with the dark of night, hidden inside of his now-silent automobile.
The streetlight seemed to light the parking lot well enough, save for exactly where he had parked his car. Brad worked to slow his breathing and heart rate while memories of his stepsister washed over him; Iris had a touch like no other he had ever known. Even more, and what Brad was always afraid to admit, was her ability to control him completely. Through all of Iris' teasing and torment, Brad never wanted to admit it to himself, but his stepsisters' control over him was possibly the biggest turn-on of all.
Suddenly, a sight left Brad breathless.
From inside the clear glass panels before him, he watched Iris stride across the carpeted floor-space.
It had been more than two years, but just seeing her done up in her black work uniform nearly floored him; she was always gorgeous.
She strode around the business in a managerial fashion, ordering what few workers remained this way and that; Brad could not help but feel his pants tighten as he watched her in action. At this time of evening, the store was nearly empty aside from those unfortunate employees working till close.
Almost without realizing it, Brad has stepped from his vehicle and had his hand on the business's door.
Iris' gaze locked onto his own like a shock-wave.
For what felt like an eternity, Brad saw his sister in his mind taking him. In her depravity, she owned every part of him: his mouth, his lips, his tongue, his cock… even his ass. Then the visions turned to her luring in his old flame Sarah and owning her as well; Iris was masterful at taking exactly what she wanted.
Intermingled with Brad's shameful fantasies was a wave of dull dread washing over him; perhaps he had already come too far.
"What am I doing?!" he thought frantically to himself, his hand now shaking on the door handle.
Though the two siblings hadn't even spoken a word and yet just coming here had given Iris all the control she would need. Brad broke out into a cold sweat, knowing full well how Iris tended to abuse that control.
Iris' dark, full red lips perked up into the slightest of smiles: "Hello there, can I help you?"
Brad felt completely under her spell; he hadn't even noticed that he had stepped inside several moments ago and Iris was now standing in front of him, her smile fading into a confused look.
"Hey, little bro, you there? Earth to Brad?" she teased as the two employees she still had working looked over her way.
"Y-yes…" Brad said, clearing the fog that covered his mind.
At that same moment, someone pushed their way past him into the store with a soft "Excuse me".
"So, what is it I can help you with?" Iris asked her stepbrother as one of the two salespeople behind her started helping the new customer.
It was a question so simple, yet so inviting, that Brad found himself immediately struggling to answer. Did she mean it casually, or did it hide some sinister act behind it?
"Just be yourself," Brad thought.
"Oh, nothing much," he started, looking up a little to meet Iris' gaze and sounding as normal as he could, "I just wanted to come see my sister."
Another customer wandered in from outside and the last free salesperson almost immediately began working with him.
"Well, that's so sweet of you…" Iris responded as her smile grew wider. Suddenly, she gestured Brad towards a waist high display at a corner of the store away from her salespeople dealing with customers. It was a high display full of modern phones; it showcased all of the company's latest and greatest models.
"Have a look at this," Iris said as he motioned toward one of the store's newer phone models.
It was around this time that Brad took notice how Iris had moved them as far away from the customers as possible. From their position next to the solid, wooden display, everything below their waists seemed covered to the prying eyes still within the store.
Without warning, Iris stepped behind Brad and quickly slid both of her hands down his waistband before one of them took a firm grip on his shaft while the other found his balls.
"Oh brother…" Iris' hot breath filled Brad's ear in a hushed whisper, her strong scent hitting his nostrils. "I can't believe you're already hard," she let out as her hand squeezed his engorged shaft with a vice like grip.
"What is happening?!" Brad thought frantically to himself as he did everything he could not to make a sound. His eyes desperately darted to the other end of the store, making sure no one had noticed the two of them.
Suddenly, Iris squeezed his balls just as firm as his cock.
There was now no way Brad could contain himself, and he let out the faintest of cries. His eyes darted across the store and noted that no one had looked their way.
"Careful now, little brother," Iris' teased into her stepbrother's ear, nibbling it, "you wouldn't want to cause a scene…"
As Brad helplessly looked out at the few people left in the store, he failed to notice that Iris had undone his belt and slid his pants down in one quick motion. With his cock now free to throb into the open air, Brad blushed deeply.
Iris suddenly raised her voice, "And as you can see, our newest models support all the latest features." She continued elaborating on the phones, pretending to be enticing him into a sale, while her right hand took a powerful grip on Brad's swollen cock. Her left hand, instead of finding his balls, this time took a handful of his perky ass.
Within moments, Iris was stroking her stepbrother as her index finger circled and teased the outside of his asshole.
Brad let out another soft whimper as his rational thoughts faded away into a faraway black abyss.
Iris was back to nibbling and whispering into his ear, "Why did you lie to me before when I asked how I could help you?" Iris demanded and slipped a single finger into her brother's tight ass.
"This is why you're here… it's always why you come to me," Iris continued, her other hand now powerfully stroking Brad's cock underneath the display before them.
"You're just a pathetic…" Iris slipped another finger inside of Brad's unprepared asshole, "…miserable…" she gripped his cock firmer, stroking faster with every passing moment, "…little fucktoy!" She finally hissed into his ear.
Iris released Brad's cock in that moment just as a tiny, early dribble of cum exposed itself from the tip of his assaulted manhood. He gasped heavily as he watched it trickle down his pulsating length and drip onto his aching balls.
"Now, now, little brother…" Iris words burned into Brad's ear, "you only get to cum when I let you, understand?"
Brad was trapped in a silent stupor, overlooking the rest of the store and still halfway trying to determine whether or not anyone had noticed them.
Without warning, Iris hooked her two fingers deep up inside Brad's asshole and took a firm grip of his incredibly sensitive, dripping tip with her other hand. She squeezed the tip of Brad's cock as hard as she could, sending the man's legs quaking and almost dropping him to the floor.
"Understand?!" Iris hissed once more.
This time Brad got the message,"…u-understood."
"God, you really are a pathetic plaything," she teased as she went back to work stroking her stepbrother's now-sensitive cock. Every time she motioned her warm grip up and down the length of his aching shaft, Brad trembled. He knew it was too late now for any kind of escape; slowly his senses accepted the pleasure as his mind went into a reserved, pleased panic. His quaking lips even puckered to let out moans, but Brad had enough sense to use what little willpower he had left to keep his pleasure silent. Iris, though she would never admit it, could even feel herself getting wet underneath her black uniform, watching Brad do everything he could not to alert the few people left in her store.
"Good boy. Just sit there quietly and take it like the little bitch you are…" she teased, continuing to stroke his cock intensely as her other hand now fingered his tight asshole quickly and efficiently. At the rate she was going, Brad wouldn't last another minute without making a mess of the display before them with a fresh, forced orgasm.
Once again, just as Brad's balls started to tingle and the urge to release his seed was clawing at the surface, Iris pulled her stepbrother back to reality by releasing his cock and pulling her fingers from his loosening asshole. The sudden shock of having his pleasure cut off nearly forced a loud moan from Brad's captive lips.
"Oh, well look at that" Iris started, talking suddenly as if everything were normal, her voice audible for everyone to hear. Brad Blushed deeply as his head darted from one direction to the next. Iris looked at the floor beneath the two siblings, "let me pick that up for you."
Without Brad still blushing and his head on a swivel, Iris dropped quickly to her knees, her body covered completely behind the display in front of them. This time, Brad couldn't stop the moan from escaping his lips as he felt something warm and wet against the outside of his twitching, sensitive rear end.
One of the customers turned to face Brad, drawn by the noise he had foolishly made. Even worse, he felt further stimulation against his asshole as his eyes met with the curious customer's gaze; Iris was not letting up. She was tonging his asshole right inside the store!
"Oh god, he's going to notice I'm blushing; shit! Look normal!" Brad demanded to himself.
The next few moments seemed to stretch into a lifetime, one in which Brad dearly hoped this customer would continue working with the salesperson and ignore him. All the while, Iris' tongue buried its hot length between Brad's plump cheeks, working hard now to produce another moan out of him: it inched around the outside of his hole carefully before plunging in and fucking his sensitive flesh.
Despite Iris' best efforts, it seemed Brad was saved for the moment: the customer turned back to the salesperson and went back to his business.
Brad finally had an opportunity to look behind him, only to find Iris' thick blonde hair poking out from inside his ass, her tongue buried deep inside of him and gyrating like a starved beast at a piece of fresh meat. Remaining quiet was growing more difficult by with each passing second.
"SHIT" Brad screamed internally as the same customer from moments before turned to face him again. Even worse, this time the gentlemen headed Brad's way as the young salesman thanked the customer for his business.
Then, as if the universe was actively working against him, Brad's balls began to feel heavy, growing eager to spurt their seed freely at the encouragement of Iris' experienced tongue.
And once more, just as Brad felt his body being pushed over that pleasurable boundary, all sensation from his ass stopped. He hadn't even noticed he was panting as Iris popped up from under the display, holding an advertisement in her hand.
"I'm always so clumsy, dropped these things," she let out, playing dumb as the customer walked closer, eyeing the two siblings.
Iris took charge, "Is there anything else we can help you with sir?"
"No, thank you though." The older gentlemen replied as he finally turned his eyes toward to exit, walking straight past Brad and Iris.
From the corner of his eye, Brad now caught sight of the free salesperson heading their way. He reached down hastily to pull up his pants, but just as quickly as he moved his hands, Iris caught each of his wrists in her firm grip, holding him in place. It would only be another second before this young salesman would have a clear view of Brad exposed manhood with his pants down to his knees.
"I should have never come here… I'm so fucked…" Brad thought as he mentally accepted the humiliating fate awaiting in the next moment.
But the moment never came.
"Hey Josh?" Iris began, nodding toward the incoming employee, "Can you go to the back and sort out those shipments of new phones? We need those organized before we close; they have to go out first thing in the morning."
The employee stopped in his tracks only six feet away, the sales display of model phones doing what it could to hide Brad's aching, dripping shaft.
After a moment of thought, the employee turned and headed to the back, "Sure thing, boss."
Brad felt himself deflating like a balloon.
All the while, Iris' last salesperson was still busy with selling the remaining customer a new phone well on the other side of the sales floor.
Seeming quite pleased with how she handled the moment, a smiling Iris sent one of her hands down underneath the phone display and tightly gripped Brad's balls.
"If you make one noise this time, I'll stop," Iris threatened, hissing quietly into her stepbrother's ear.
A moment later, Iris had her other hand wrapped tightly around the tip of Brad's cock. She tapped Brad's urethra with her pointer finger, continuing to whisper into his ear, "So much precum… you only have ten seconds to cum this time, you brat."

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