Family Christmas Gift Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooFamily Christmas Gift Ch. 02

"So what does it feel like when you put your cock in your mother's cunt?" I jumped a mile as my father appeared from behind me.
"I…I…I thought you were with Tess." I stammered.
"She's currently resting," my father laughed, "as they say in theatrical circles."
"Worn her out have you?" I chuckled. "I'm surprised you lasted this long."
"You'd be surprised how long and how often your mother and I fuck each other; she does love to a cock between her legs. I thought the two of you looked as though you were meant to fuck each other. I would have been in there like a shot but, with this overpowering urge for sex I have, your sister was too much to pass up on. She's quite a little sex goddess and once we started she became insatiable for my cock. I think you'd both enjoy yourselves, incestuously fucking each other. Happy Christmas, Son." And with that Dad walked passed me and casually pushed the head of his hard cock into Mum's eagerly waiting pussy.
Mum gasped as Dad's prick penetrated her soaking wet crack. "Oh Ben, that's fantastic." She shrieked.
"Think again honey." Dad gave a dirty laugh as he reached his full depth.
"Oh Dave, I was expecting our son's cock." She groaned as Dad began to thrust in and out of her eager body. "Oh god, what the hell; a cock is a cock and I need to cum again; fuck mmmeeeeeeee!"
I stood and watched open mouthed as I saw my parents copulating wildly for the first time in my life, most of me wishing that my cock was the one to make my mother ass gyrate so frenziedly; another part of my mind was pumping blood into my prick and making me hornier that before. Unable to stand the sight of my parents in full lustful intercourse any longer without jerking off, I turned and almost ran to my parent's bedroom.
Tess was stark naked on Mum and Dad's big bed, her legs wide open and her pussy dribbling with Dad's last ejaculation. She was rubbing her fingers between her pussy lips and then licking them clean with low moans of pleasure, swallowing our father's sperm with obvious relish.
"Got room for any more in there?" I chuckled. "Or has Dad filled his little girl's pussy to overflowing?"
Tess jumped, startled by my voice, her eyes opened and her gaze went straight to my groin and my throbbing erection. "Oh sweetie, I've got room for plenty more, but Daddy seems to have left me." Her voice was husky with hunger for more cock.
I walked over to the side of the bed and sat down, my hands reaching for her exciting breasts. "He came to see how Mum and I were getting it on and then couldn't resist Mum's cunt when she displayed it so wantonly. He pushed me out of the way and stuck his cock in before I had a chance of another repeat performance. They're at it like rabbits in my bed right now."
"So, are you going to fuck me now?" She playfully slapped my hand away. "You look prepared with your erection already so hard." She caught hold of my firm dick and began to run her hand along the full eight inches, gradually going lower until her hand was able to cup and hold my scrotum with its heavy balls, full again with my semen and ready to discharge into a suitable vessel, given the right stimulus.
My sister was providing me with just such a stimulus; she had raised herself on her elbows and was leaning into my lap and avidly sucking the head of my cock with loud vocal accompaniment. I watched the back of her bobbing head for a few minutes, before I put my hand under her chin and stopped her. "You're about to get a load of cum Sis," I whispered, "Do you want me to cum in your mouth or your pussy?"
"Oh," she lifted her head up, "Cum in my pussy. Daddy has left enough room even after cumming three times in my cunt!"
I spun round and quickly lay between her parted thighs; moving up until the saliva covered cock head was pushing against the engorged lips of her labia. I slowly entered her slippery tunnel, pressing further forward and deeper into her hot wet depths. "You can go faster, baby." Tess said softly, "I won't break and I do love a fast fuck. I want to feel your spunk exploding into my womb; wet and thick and hot!"
My sister was no longer the sullen antagonistic twin I had become used to before this day; she was now a fully-fledged cum-slut eager to take her father's and brother's cum in an orgy of incestuous fucking. "Then get ready darling," I grunted as I increased the speed of my thrusts, feeling her tight cunt gripping me firmly along the whole of my dick, squeezing me with the determined intent of making me explode my load of semen into her.
It worked. I shot a massive load of semen deep into my sister's impassioned body as she arched her back up off the bed and reached the first of three orgasms, matching the three jets of spunk I deposited deep inside her. I smiled as I thought of my millions of sperm fighting to impregnate her fertile eggs; she would look totally gorgeous when she was pregnant.
We slumped back onto the bed, our bodies exhausted by our emotional sexual arousal and the highs of our mutual climaxes. Tess held me snugly in her arms and kissed my cheek. "That was a million times better than I ever expected." She giggled. "I feel as though you could have just made me pregnant; I feel wonderful with your cock in me."
"So why did you always treat me like a leper then?" I didn't want to break the spell, but I needed to know. "I thought you really hated me."
"I didn't hate you sweetie," She purred, "I was actually so frustrated because I loved you and found you so attractive I just wanted to jump into bed with you and get you to fuck me. I didn't know how you would react if I came onto you and told you exactly how I felt, so I thought the best thing was to keep you at a distance."
"Oh god, so much time wasted." I moaned. "I love you Sis. I've wanted to tell you for ages, but I thought you found me abhorrent."
"Oh no, I won't let you go again. This is the best Christmas present I could have wished for; my own family fuck machine." She was crying softly as I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. "I just love you inside me, your prick felt enormous when you pushed it in me; I don't want you to take it out of me, ever."
"I hope I'll be able to cope with your nymphomaniac tendencies; a fuck machine is for life, not just for Christmas." Misquoting the popular saying made her giggle.
"Well life is still going on, and you're still hard, so I'd love you to get this fuck machine working again." Tess squeezed her cunt walls around my cock and sent shivers all along my stiff dick. In answer to her request I lifted my hips up, letting my cock slide almost out of her pussy, before I slammed it back up into her eager body; my pelvis pressed hard against hers to ensure that I was fully embedded in her luscious body. As I bottomed out in her cunt she arched her back and her eyes were wide from the shock; "Fuuuuuuck," she screamed.
Each subsequent thrust ended the same way and she gasped with delight at every total invasion of her juicy tight channel. We continued to fuck for longer the second time before we both climaxed, screaming in unison, and collapsed in a sweaty heap of intertwined limbs. "I hope the fuck machine was adequate?" I gasped as I inert on her luscious sweaty body.
"Mind blowing," Tess murmured softly, "Abso…fuckingly…lutely." She closed her eyes and almost immediately slipped into a light sleep, drained emotionally by her massive orgasms.
Tess was still half asleep and holding me tightly when Mum walked into her bedroom. "Okay, lovebirds, time to let Mummy in on the action." I opened my eyes to find Mum standing by the side of the bed, still wearing her thigh-high stockings and high heels, although she now had several trickles of either Dad's or my semen (maybe both) running from her red swollen pussy lips down the inside of both thighs to add to her wanton look.
"Where's Dad?" I asked sleepily.
"Your father is out cold on your bed. He's just had two more orgasms and passed out. You know it must be the Christmas spirit but he hasn't been so attentive to my needs for ages." She lay down beside me and simply started to stroke Tess's and my bodies without thinking. Tess moaned as Mum played with her, caressing her pussy lips and rubbing her fingers in Tess's juices that were now intermingled with my copious deposits of semen. She put her fingers in her mouth and lewdly licked them clean. "My god, but you taste good together. I always knew, despite your mutual antipathy, that you'd finish up screwing each other." She resumed her teasing and when her fingers were totally coated again she offered them to her daughter. "There, darling, suck Mummy's fingers and see how good your brother's spunk tastes when it's mixed with your cum."
Tess avidly swallowed all the cum mixture Mum fed her; then lay back on the bed with a contented sigh. "Mummy, I wanted Ben to give me a baby, but Daddy was the first to put his dick in me and he never pulled out before he shot his load; you don't mind do you?"
"Of course not sweetie," Mum smiled, "But don't worry about Daddy, he had a vasectomy five years ago, so he goes bareback with every woman he fucks; Ben's is the first potent seed that's been deposited in your womb, so if you get pregnant it will be his. I'm hoping Ben's already impregnated me when he pumped me full with his seed earlier in the lounge. If we're right and he has knocked us up we can bring our babies up as twins!" She smiled at both of us, "God, I love fucking and now I've got a young stud who needs a mummy-slut to take his cum."
"Well if you're his mummy-slut, what the hell am I?"
I laughed, "You're my baby sister-slut that I want full of my semen every day."
"Every day?" Tess's eyes lit up. "I hope you can keep that promise."
"Oh believe me he can." Mum breathed softly. "After his performances earlier I can testify to his stamina."
"Show me!" My sister commanded, holding her arms up in an invitation that I was only too happy to accept. I leaned down as I joined Tess, kissing her breasts and sucking on her pink nipples. She wasted no time in welcoming me into her luscious body; my cock head sliding easily between the engorged lips of her wet cunt as she wrapped her firm thighs round my waist.
"Ooooh fuuuuuck!" She screamed as I slid the full length into her in one swift movement. "Muuuuuumy, heeee'sss soooo fucking biiiiiiig! I love it in meeee."
"I know honey," Mum chuckled, "your brother is like sex on legs. It seems that he keeps going indefinitely. I love what he does to me." She ran her fingers along my spine as I continued to plunge in and out of Tess's hot body, driving my cock head as far up my sister's cunt as I could until my groin was pressing against her mound.
I was still pistoning in and out of Tess as hard as I could when I suddenly heard the phone ringing (Dad had installed an extension in the bedroom). Mum jumped to her feet. "Don't worry baby, Mummy's got this." I really didn't pay any attention to the subsequent conversation and just got on with bringing my sister to yet another orgasm as I unloaded yet more deposits of my cum into her pulsating vagina. She was screaming incomprehensibly as wave after wave of hot semen was discharged into her animated body. She was bucking and jerking so uncontrollably that she nearly threw me off her body twice, but luckily I was buried so deeply in her wet cunt that I didn't lose my rhythm and kept pumping.
We finally slumped back on top of the sheets, totally drained and gasping for breath. Neither of us spoke for several minutes as we tried to gather our wits and understand what had just happened.
"Wh…wha…t did you ju…st do to me baby?" My sister sobbed beneath me. "That was better than anything I've ever experienced before."
"So you'll want it again then?" I chuckled as I kissed and nuzzled her neck, tasting the salty wetness of her sweat.
"Over and over again, sweetie." Tess whispered. "Now I know what it really feels like to be your sister-slut I'm going to available for your cum deposits anytime you need to unload." She kissed me back and we snuggled together as I rolled off to lie beside her, holding each other tightly whilst we slowly relaxed and recovered.
Mum came back to lie with us on her bed, having just checked on Dad. "Your father's still sleeping." She smiled. "I think that Tess and I have tired him out between us." She reached across me and held us both in her maternal embrace.
"So who was on the phone?" I asked Mum.
"That was your Auntie Penny; she rang to see how were coping with all the snow."
"What did you tell her?" I chuckled. "I bet you didn't mention the copulation."
"I didn't need to darling. Your Aunt heard Tess screaming so I had to explain that you were both in the throes of screwing each other's brains out." Mum was giggling hysterically. "She didn't believe me at first, but Tess's last orgasmic outburst was enough to convince her."
"Oh," I wondered how long it would be before the shit really hit the fan now my aunt knew our incestuous secret. "So we're really screwed now? She's bound to spill everything she heard to gran and grandad. They're not going to be amused."
"I don't think she'll give us away." Mum said softly. "She's got a few secrets that I'm privy to that she won't want to be exposed. She'll keep quiet or else." The last part was spoked quietly but fiercely.
My Aunt Penny worked in the family hotel business. She was Dad's younger sister and employed as the Operations Director of the family owned Hotel Group; my father was the Managing Director and my Grandfather was the Chairman. Both Tess and I reported to her when we worked at the local hotel in our vacations. She was 36 years old, recently divorced and the mother of the one daughter from her marriage, our cousin Francesca. Fran was 18 and in her last year at grammar school; she was intending to follow Tess and me to university, studying Advertising and Marketing. Aunt Penny was a slim 5' 10" raven haired schoolboy's wet dream, although at work she was always dressed in her prim and proper business suit with a high necked blouse and 2" heels. Business efficiency personified and sharp with it! She and Fran occupy a flat in the Hotel that we use as the Group Headquarters, but are frequent visitors at weekends to our house, being just a thirty minute drive away.
So I was wondering what the hell my mother knew about her sister-in-law that gave her such a hold over her.
"Did she mention the hotel? How's the Christmas Festive Special going?" We put one on every year for our regular guests.
"Apparently very well, only 1 cancellation and the kitchen staff all made it in so tonight's dinner will be OK. She did say the Cotswold Retreat was suffering somewhat, but being up in the hills I suppose the roads could be even worse there." Mum's eyes were fixed on my expanding cock as she repeated Aunt Penny's summary of our business, and she was licking her lips in anticipation of another bout of intense sexual pleasure riding my dick. "Anyway, she we're not worry, she has everything under control and she'll see us all as soon as the roads improve. So, how about a little more amorous family loving?"
"Sounds like a plan." I laughed. "We might as well get as much in as we can while the isolation lasts."
"You don't think I'm going to stop lusting after sex with you when the snow goes do you?" Mum scrambled to her knees and moved over Tess's inert body, "We've unlocked a monster and there's no putting it back in the bottle. The only place that your monster is going back is in my pussy; and that's happening right now!" Saying which she straddled my hips and pressed her mound down onto my hard erection, sliding her body up and down, lubricating my shaft with her drenched slit.
I reached up with my hands and cupped her lovely heavy breasts as they swung sexily over my face. Her nipples were thrusting about half an inch out from her dark areolas and hard as buttons, begging me to kiss them. I lifted my head up off the pillow and did just that, suckling them like I did as a baby, even while I continued to try and fuck a baby into her fertile womb.
"Oooh, yes baby that feels so lovely; fucking mummy with your big hard cock and sucking her tits." She was a totally different woman from the business woman who had just been talking with her sister-in-law; now the only business was having a lot of incestuous depravity with her only son. Her cunt was begging for more cum and I found that my cock was very willing to accede to her demands. Five minutes of frantic sliding up and down on my pulsating cock brought us both to another colossal combined orgasm, my seed shooting up into her demanding cunt and heading to join the previous deposited swimmers all heading for her egg waiting to be fertilised.
My brain was whirling as Mum slumped semi-conscious on my heaving chest. I could feel her cunt still contracting around my hard flesh as we allowed our lust to slowly fade away. She nestled her head between my neck and shoulder, purring softly with total satisfaction at the strength of her last orgasm and the flood of semen ejected inside her. "Baby, that was fucking incredible." She whispered. "Where the hell have you been hiding your talent? You've spoilt me for any other cock; you own my pussy completely."
"What about Dad?" I asked. "He is your legal husband after all."
"I know that silly boy, but while he's good in bed you touch every nerve in my body and sex with you is beyond good. I love the feeling of all the loads of your cum sloshing around inside me and I intend to still have you fucking me when I'm eight months pregnant with our baby."
"I intend to own your body totally, not just your pussy, delightful as it is." I smiled up at the ceiling as she nuzzled my neck, her lips kissing my skin and licking my ear. "And if you keep doing that to me I'll be ready to start on the rest of you in minutes, not hours." I chuckled.
"Ben darling, this will not be the last time you fuck me. This feels soooo, soooo…good…I need to feel you deep inside me…again…and again…and again; I want you unloading your balls into me and fulfilling all my darkest filthiest cravings." Mum giggled. "And I have some very filthy appetites I want satisfied."
"Sounds interesting Mum." I whispered in her ear. "When do we start trying to satisfy you?"
"You're a real eager beaver, baby; Mummy likes that." She was still giggling. "And by the way as we're going to be a great deal more intimate than before you'd better call me Nancy, not Mummy."
We were both laughing and giggling when Tess roused and looked strangely at the pair of us. "You're both crazy," she said, "the three of us are lying in Mummy's bed having sex and you two are just laughing about it." She rolled over onto her back and held her arms up, "Why don't you just climb on board and ravish me again? Or would you rather Daddy came back and fucked his little baby girl again?"
"I've got a better idea, baby." Nancy (as I now thought of her) grinned, lasciviously licking her lips, "Why don't you sit on Ben's face and let him eat your pussy while I suck his big dick again. I love the taste of his cum in my mouth."
"Is that one of your cravings?"
"Could be. I love a man's cum in my mouth; I don't like having it pumped straight down my throat, I like to have in my mouth so that I can savour it on my tongue first. Your brother's cum is totally scrumptious." Nancy smiled provocatively. "Do you both want to try it?"
"Ooohh yes please. Pretty please." Tess was sitting up and getting to her knees as she spoke, her voice was eager, "I've never had my pussy eaten before."
"Believe me, it's a fantastic way to get an orgasm." Nancy smiled. "Are you ready to experiment with us Ben?"
"You bet." I replied hurriedly lying back. Tess straddled my face immediately; her mound pressing against my nose and mouth and her musky aroma filling my olfactory senses. She was soaking wet from her growing arousal and my tongue lapped up her juices and caressed her engorged labia as she whimpered with suppressed sexual hunger. She effectively blocked my view of my lower body and I was unprepared for the wet warmth that engulfed my cock as I attacked Tess's insatiable cunt. I could hear nothing either as both Tess's thighs were gripping my head, closing my ears to any sound. It meant that I concentrated on my sister's delicious dripping pussy whilst still feeling my cock being devoured by my mother's ardent mouth.

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